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March 25, 1909 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1909-03-25

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The 1"ichiAt an Dail
\\ \lZiI 11. . W IfIC;:\\, T ll[ 1 SC)r\' \I A}.Z('I1 >5, t<)cxa.

T I. xu.

Chicago Banker Is Selected to
Succeed Chas. Baird- Regents
Modify Eligibility Roles.

<<,c1,tti c'il
tlr <lcl a
,lrrc >tccl
il: ' davit

c d C 1
'trnc"t t
f ll
<t r t

11 i i ltii
r, i Ili
C I- <t t
1 t ; ('

JH ul, , <
ill t n

(15(1 1'F' (I. 5 '5 (5 ( l
wihtoaCs~ ( (Cl Itrycc( l(((C (ICC
is l.((i-(1 that ill) ti1 c N S I (N
Sol Ca(Cnal C( (((I( (Mice C kh "il C(Cl ((''thC
," rtctaii(nCi ((C

, i.\

Cl) tllllll

";t , l i t'lici tl } iti li will
tt f r<tcltl<ttc dircctc;r, hilt
rttII tic>. l l x ,zl-
ilc\\ _tt111 :tic c(ircct+>I lv ill lac
lrtll . \VhI lc it 1, lltt tlclin
1. citt irlc , llctllcr .\1r.
ic'l'C] t tltc' 1)r )ifi'lc l 17ci I I III
()h, tllc tlmt tllc rc c llt wm11ci
tl:ct tltcir }etc ci t ,tcfl(m liad
ccrt<tIt I t III ..\i r. l> :rtc lnle
chm, i; ,t 111cm1wr 1) lic firm
t: l li lll c"ltt i t'l ic , . <tlif't
t' <t 111<t11 t C'\ c .=lallt)Il.tl
\1 r. 1 tircl tl i .\f r. 1 it l at
tllc. c< c1 1 \Ir. l it 1>tttricl.

Board 1I ansact- (general Busi-
Hess at Regular Monthly Meet-
ing; Mlinor ,'atters Arranged.
V (l C(((((( (C
C'I CC ( CC5i l ((C CCC C C
(l C e C!11 adlull l \ceal~
fr n h, nc tl. (((( the CC (((d( 1)f re-
nC ( )'1 1d CC(CCC(((C ' to C((C (Cav 13
t-;. 11 Iia 111w o thc° M~l o,-,I \-
l (( 1+ (51)5((-(c C(C(( CCC'wll(cude aC CI I-S
C 1,;l 11s~wc l()l a cllllc for dili ((C
hallcnct, addr - (- 1)\ II-(((C' I n-111
tlC a((( cc( tioCC
AlC ( prpi~to wa(C Crvided(fo
ill( itl'p~ c )l Cill']il tw) lCtt's(((C
C lribal Iln kcn ofth. l llc~ralC' ( cCC'-
111;4 111tit~c in Nw~w.to ] g (((Cnn
dcr t1c alspir ()i ill(,li (cIC' d part

of( CC' ((r (0CCCtI ((551 th(( ean of( th
((1 r (l'yI depaCrCtment((I) and( (the < icto
of the Cs(((chmi sc Iabrtory, ((C'he lCCard
Cvoted (5that ((11 CCC'word Pharma ((cyCe ((('C'
overCCthe casI. entraIce '(an C((Ce (ord
C'ensr pla(' IC~ c ed (in a' si ilar manne
ovr Che w((((ta ((CnChe smt
r front of th'(1u1)1in I 'lttr " sI re
seined I)k 'g 'II (ar'I "from55 l(( 1 ".
StarsCCC , of DetroitC C ((((CC that
'oC° dsignat(io(CCn i ti C a e
T~w hord voed tha if tcI wori n
naval architc ur cn wi ne((1'' ee
ii (CC,.asCakedC fo by lss thaCeigh
students (Cthe Cwo CkCwouldntb gi n
((n l((w((((( (11 C (( C n? Th(C ard(aC
(o ((((tC ((ICl 28
The lien(CC (acctl laer, Soprs11e
((((CCCC(( (nir Nih's DcC(IC I (C
((((CC (Iar Cch 1 i a ain(C ((cCC( toI nn(C r
:) du ig summer c hool(CC d will(C iC
ontc I' produ(C'nsCo (((g11t CCCt'
in the Cafternoon and mining.C A, cCI((
the CCpIats Ctb presented( haveCnCt( Ne
Cd((initelCy((dCcided u on,( ath(((Cit i
teCenteCI (if(C m Co'brh T e
((tCC (plaC will C e seec ted(((C e I un
1 nwr shoolCsC(((tsby (C (((Cofa voCe
1 'CCC l'C'( dean( of(TC,(11mmer
sCho (((C id( lastCC(ev(eing:CC ( c f h

Adv ocates (Cf the Olive IBranch,
Representing Four Michigan
Colleges, Will-Meet in U. Hall.
(Chr lCI C ilt; c ha t i ll((((Ci- rtcC C
c-olc-~t(, 'c cc mt " '(it 'c (l '~i-
!k- to he tclc CatC Ih C ((((on priC26
T11C rolls e whirl; will i tpc--c (' t(((C
lCr rC (((((1tac \ill pt ~hol
h il cl lcC (('a'ri 'l ' ''(. 'C li rltr l
"M le lt ll rcoztt C cicc r tli

l, rN-1l vI:m r
ei(IcIII 1cII(m.
C lcll, cfllk
,ia <<>>(l t\Vcl
.a1uc<1 .lt S>cc
:1111), WIII l!c
:kite wh, llav(


tCC' (((c.C'

I I f ! \ \ - t n I

C'l'(((('(( - tlll (('(\''1(11 { 11.11 .
r((x11((((CC -lC (CCC ("((CC (((((C stalC
IIV I \1r (C' CCk.\ r l <( CC
a(c( p l - c CCC I C k
()-1c l 11 t LICC C ( ?I~
-t tC 11111C1,

tl'(ll' C' ()t
)II'II Cf~ ' ticC
1 t C Ir (((C'r
t) ll' '(mllcCC
1 ( Cai l (( i C)' C

((C l ;t C ittt
((CC' ,itC l ((li ((((CC

Ill 3117111



(C1.. IIJ l _MCSI; N I K ,'


Tlw R
'((((15CC CC

Ci' CC

CrCt(C ((''lt (C ((CC i'
((((II(C (CCI(C(
1 '(IC r< It -7 a '
((CC' , r a<< < i l l
CChi ;71r. ~tr1 ~

t(I cc' tl .tIt i
(((Cl (CCC\ 111I ir~t'uiu1, c t

ti CCt
rCla I

(111 ]).g rd
CC ~tti c
cCC (C( t ° (I CI t
(1ci( ) ((('(C ll

'(((CCCi (Cld
\i hia (C' d~es sc oa c a
tlSC fo-'M1 ~r hc stC"
CIlw ((((Cifte s et T e r r lit A
C' f thi CcoarhpisD Cnel
Ann Jor(danI and MiC(I va cCv
AI Detroit, C(CC (
I'CC CC'ra V le lrnt 1
C~r C C'e t :lr ra h ve lv m l
l51n sh lr hp hc te aehe

f ; h , ;c c~> rru tc' 'to \ il-
lrr'i l? il~ ru t+i- in tit-c u-(C I
lc~,(r tll'11 , f ll' tli- > ar (1 (Cl
; :r'In ic t Vcl C
C'' C '( ((CC' Ci ((' ((((('of I ( icC
! ((f((cc C (C cCI ((((Ill the dC.
CC ( 1_ cC' ('((((1( c(((('CCC ((CCI IC
i ((CiCt 11rk (1 CI(Ic ht I ((CI.
C 11rCC CCC CCl) ((IC (((CC iI (Il u1-
CC ~cI t i((' cCC 11. 1 'C cCIICC'( 11CC
1(1a1C' er1CCCC( C 'c C'C' I a 1( 1(5th

wI(C, CC ((()flccC will h llC Sa1CC
the ( CC 'c ouponsC 111 ( C h ic h 111 C
I t c(riCCCCCC ('C'kill h lc'CCiC'C oad I
wcek.IIIN CICthoe\ ae( I ((Ihl 1,h
c±il(e ft h ill s t(I (II I I II. I I I
sitcCC ,I CCC the t(iCC c ket takC(( er(( (IC )r (((wit)
sttp' r :('('( e-president, CCCC V. I3. I5 -1)1C -
I(cy (C: CC'rlccr ig c c rc tary, C ( ).'I( i .(I'
(((CCC ; I - CC CCCII (IC I Stein, 12111,

per w i(((l u 'e

I Ii
( I 'S5'('

il (:CC
CC (~cl


wr pci
rc c< r1"t

1(('C c :I. 11"I( rCC(I (((C
halCC I .illC' ICC C fork"C'

ti c l Cmd :t C'ci( (C

I]!""' thc dcari alld the c°li Iddlit V o0ll-

111111(k, Cto ()%k
c<1CC \\,II k c'IS'C (((l ('(CCC 11

CCC jncC'C' ((CC i nC'lC
14 (ae (rfIC CiI n


5t.51.\N S ISNTiISISI'.SIN 'Il;R

Fre((Crc 15R. C1CCC '('CC (CE'illm
pl'oh~nl1 Rmlll Ta 5''i

C CC C .tilt-

.4, :I, dIo(((C (
H(((CCC (CSEN CIOS, CCAND C'C'I' 'IC zj' 'CC 111
'1') CCins r (e arialo1c(1a d th K
townCCs '(in '((time for the simH' ouI , IC (h i '(C cC(((C
4, itC isN aCIC(CC lCC) C c ((c (CCCC' thataIl( theCIII
orderI bepae ("Cek res r onhhIn ((k5n((ail'atCMacks,'ad al(shCCC

C ((s niht Tlc("c ((((CC
tnsi wn OSCICICCI Ics will
cnI.rC (CCI W twro
clcp rnc thl on sc dt' ato
( I y." CaCirman 5(1 (((( has
t have a quCIC( c~ICII'C'( C'((i''C( thCI (C
feC 5(1' .5(CC C son's.

(:II I)\C(IcC
(CCaz (cC I
1cC IIIt1C
C.. (cI'II ((((IC

" CCI C'iCCe'1 inCCiCter ICCPiner©,1't
(('CCC staged I ((5 t11e dramatCCiic 55clubatt 5

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