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March 19, 1909 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1909-03-19

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The Mch nDaily
C\ 1R3(R Ni.11h C 5 t iC919,10)0


t . T23

Dull-May Meet Saturday Night
May Be Affected-Mile Run
Will Feature Meet.
Chahot ho'1 riing ofolth' board of
tion11frm Cenggigli10athieti. contests,
X6111o1t1ardiarrangig"tie ilealtti-
1 (1111 foul 11planIllof Iraner Fit-
" Cre1 picked forl 1110.r1till.oteof tie
trams 0.inteD l- meto 111 ar)e111 00iltie
cla1ss (11wh ich 1has1fall1111111 til he 111 ba ll-
torttefc t rtill o(tier(of tie
captains or theI ltte resiltlid b
It 1is 111 it 1111known1that (1on11 (f
th( ig il oint111wi111ne1IsIinthe ll'o re
ill 11meet, will i sqalt 111 ifi itob 111us1
Of the11n1w rulin ,t someIIP ofg'tll'000111
or tilli l ces Mil 11rbl nt 1b
(11111 te"1 1 . til (1 01let ll th(:(ill1
[etlilltmain(1111elmeet orelitu1ne1(1(
than1was counte ((110111nothe 0(0t
until1110he 1(va 1ious Il i (1ctme oftf(inexitil
(111 ill I (l oll tiibeen lill the' ht o1f
condit if I iic atcC1fI C~i\ti
efort e m d s till' 111whe ll le
ra h e ii lljit heI Ifa11t (ie (('11 0 .000
Ctf\ViS si NIDloS S\VO1,1,
V'l''\\D \iHIS hVFNNR
liclo 0(10o01C II 011 illtfi yll 01110 ig1 th
CteSocloc1111111oti m ~liiCn11111(00toa
nei.liic will be11101 'it t Geyra
0001(111 of liNtopthitto view .Then
1110d0d1au (1erlidbel 110111theirM11ri
tibe. Tof 910 yer t for thle Sa tra

0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 S A C T N O T VJ)lt L1 1 . '
'liteCUnversity Dramatic 010111of 1111
UiniveOrsityof 101011lhas selected "The
foad to Yesterday" for presetotatlos
11001 1110011.

Am~on~g tille1books0 11101ichiwillhep-
lished isil" 11010011(111'ne111ill' mr
11101100 11111101111Stoel,., by1)1.11er
iert S. \Ma11110y,01f111e1110et(ric0 dep1rt-
111011. 1111is i 0111A lr' illtIworkC
short sIlltoties1 1110 i (11anonymously1111
s110cess0for 1it amonlg 00e111111oft 1etot 1
It 1is1a1(11e sitoylwiina led~id.1(1
swo0rd-lit 11011ed iaev 011111tig.tlflrlat-
IDr. Malllory spentt s1 oll' 001k0in0 11
111111st1ron~gholdiIllarltile Wets01111 e
is 1110 No0011011castle11of the, (st1(11
i11l' looC IC) NINE CCII;to
wli'llllppear (0111hiola0111 da(1s0at(111
errors i hoigl11'10inal'(ed'iion11(1s1la(rge
a1111till 11ew1directoryls1(11 distinct
001o1n11and1111t 101etr llhslikewis1 111e1
1111101lover. 1 111l l l tills 11c111ec1i11 sto-
0(110 111h s ot Ien thei C' C 1111of1the
0Y01(11oo. 1(.1ma 1111ementltlstake an
lili ot o l te pint1(11ing 1111s1111k
gut 0to 'fi 110(1'va t 1i1(1'e un1 vertill T

toicl ()ntlltl ll he he111 ld ~i llo ill III (1(1()f1the 1cntest. 1Thejud 111'vill t
sits Hal tis m I ho Sx m n hae h Wo. A A. t(>lethe 11(m, .Chl es re
entred and the arfir r~mise t( hr C. imr)(_ns,()fDetol'it, the [R 1'. C. C
I 1I j \C Ii nd;u~ m rcasW
el-11 Ortorical The (01111111(0
.. 11.1(M iln(( ' ( o, l A (1111 e

Prof. Thieme tLectures on Devel-
opnment of Art in France Be=
fore Cercle Fra ncais Audience.
lild1 to 'I1,1111til rc Il l' t > li r c

Ill i usr10(1 111 c Ia t i
;arch C swelI . i i k 11 11al
"ai In he TIM' 111, " )ca (0
Iot(11111 1(1a11 ( deal()fIlI
110v art, bu t o i Ill 1an1cm-
lid1(1(1st in1 Ii11(1, 1 1 >a, well'
!t,1,fr e rt1;t1 11olway",lt

11 l 111
Il* 111111

CEii S CCi C 11 0ClT "
Tlit C III0 111anCdlChekes lub01s11look
11001fCrwtr1111011 CIeat 1ag11nessoto
ch itilttonlof till 111(rltd, 11ill 110 ill De-
'1111 CheIOcers1011u1.111e 1111111s111y01111
Itre 001'rest1inulhessl antlcheck(11111
t)1e.wanOVI ITIS locN feamshaesn
lsr Jo111g0mes, antd1h0ave1100en(noti-1
fidohaot thoe two 1010111rScolge
Refere an teams iniite111eIowhile
aIlliis1thIero it at 10 00011 11a1111o1
BYll o INi IRIo 01EIt 0 0000 1 tF11
ter. 100111es 1W.1 Glerspager olilillThe
thatc111a11readtrOo the teclos iteon
companyi hasllofoeredtl o distribute0 ,o00
co~pies to its poliey-itolders.

lRfti 1011 1 Cl F1I SIICIIN'
i1( ! M rriiel,1 drecor1)f he1)11p-
tist Students 111' C ild, isc ssdlA'tu
,l1n1', R1 i(1 (1111ut P hln, an I'' Ill II
wt Hitlmemb1 rs ()E th1 s 1' r(l ll (0 I
1111( 010111.III T ursayi i ght.111 11111
0 nld atti erll.(lllll l < ubll eisted~l
lwc t 1s re t eIr' ollithn tlo' 11(1'
11111 1s1m'y1 1 ;e I i m (11110h 1111 o d
11ell1 111111r lllature, lobyI f11i p1 1'1(1n
lf, l a p i ti ng t e inait(1of
a11(1truth[1The1110111 01(1as111 lIt-l
f 00 tmvcd I lltt 1'' 0 ( 111 1( (
C) .\ 01SI "1 C1' itli ' Ol 111"1R 1111
0F'1111111 [( 1'110 (11111'11011
'I'll" 1a1nuII 11h ill0 ()f ti OOf[I the
001111 0olhtril 3 1 d teIol ilb

Excursion Planned by Professor
Lorch for Easter Vacation-
Architecture Club Will Meet.
are Cp lbning51(11p o otil f hetpI9,'
styles o arch ite 1- 111r it) g el 11 1Iit,( i
n1111, 111111 (111(1(1 (111111111(11 1 (1111(1
e:nt sisNo' 1 prto tts 111 11(111(
1will take 11 lb I 1 11 of11 'I oIC II 1(11111
,'ll, k ~ 1 tal1"1n'tilt ll 111wcd 11o
-piing[1'olo i o 11'f 11 c 111(1(1Ita
\,I kot ufl o and1(0110 m 11111 (11
1111 1(11 1111 lo o lc 1111 1111b111''n
III robbilty hicgo 611he bosIII 1'
mI aco nto a r1 ccIIa om l
"JaOa reNerliCC CofINty[(lof ll ONS
ttg i. h CC ind tu cb -g
:irt metinCgXCI ltC itteir(oilthe
Cc\ I+n iing 1 iliin[g, f or 't p (0-
111111 ;1111held'1with''lo . t ol rocntClt
)o1n .ion lof Ith lall " oh ((i 1111for
ime" O in OOcInI Ciiol 1110' ctigs
I ot oi Cspccl that [1e11 ([[ I N lb
,f i t 11110 e( it to001111 II 1111 (1111;1110
If pot-; 1lldllem i ll ; os11111o '110: 11(1(1 111'
)-o klil un kcrl it111 111 (11111 ( Il e w~ 1 ill
11 111111then.(for(theIio'i''I oo ( o0'1111heC
011111111 'C l'Ihlt \ll( retu1111' n. to . '1m]

i for:1the rcta id e 11 'flo'yf th1sc ' 1011n
thus.1 Told !rbe.f' .Y..A,'1. ifoo.

rec 1.1111(111faced 101e pohI 111
a ( r 1 711 iol, h t111
11(11 picco, uh )1 Iw (nd1th
o11 create. It1 Ill1110 c '(d1t1 a 1 1 1

'll 1)tl C

1111 vcy11 011 11.,(YW WIVt
1111' I' petinsl er r l'or ec
1111(00 ho llio l f.intru ti l( ('1(0 e
If (111011c c0 pr[ ,o n lin. rs( bttl,
1110 nCessl"\ t~l ('11 1111 foe 11.' 1ll1w
Ao le l l1101111 11Sloita tiol 11(art. 110011
shown tof 1111se0 (f Frencht life.

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