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March 10, 1909 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1909-03-10

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The Michiga'n Daily
AN \RBOR, ?I1ICI┬žA , VIIDNESDAYI lMARCH i o o( ) ) o.13

Vol-. XLX.

No. 1 r3.


Annual Indoor Varsity Meet on
Saturday Night Will Giive Lie
on Prospective Material.
il be 11e1d SIIrdaO. loro, 13, 011d
will ;;ire 1110 first 111e1111t1 opportunllity
to see the entire prospelctive trac: 1team
1110' rI men1,01 1an 11 1110h thesestar work-
111ces that1 have marked,01 prvilll (leets
of this k1111. 11e few freshmenn w1111
11110110 w(ill a1lso be111 on 1( hand 100 tr (t
wrest' som " ofl the l1aurel1 s frome tile lup-
Oi o of the fItue (111 the meet 11 w110 ill
1be 1111 attempt1) ofI bull to1 c1111 sometun
1(1)11d Dul1l')1, 1pecalt is1 th itlo-toile,
la11 vs111' li rn1te11rtr ita c , Th'is1
wll e li1lt, lira1 apparnc '''111 Circle'
Dull1in a pubolic race since1 the1 11 CC11 1111.
oul as 11 f ,a, but 1he is 111111n good 1on 1i-
110t to 1( run l~ a Iads ae
ciation, has'l rcently fopuras'so1110
01111 oopl smla otoe nUeb
' ~ ~ ~ sy il th11 ev'n11 am11tIl l''111 at 7 :30i01
(oks "Goldoc itoh Ihmn do. 01r100i11
1110ht~ linO~l the 11105 tlrdle ra pes.
The10111111 larit 010010117 ofl heth 111the
11101) 1111 shicagol, 'and should funishI
more Oooscm~ hntebge et

lr. Antgell will attend a :Michigan
al111111i baltquet ill Ne o rk001 City', 01
Alarstu. r(10 csil10p001 1(,01 9. Fromutheore he will go to
tBoston a1l1111 baniquet, :Moreh 20,

Th' Now Zolnolrs (0111 110' c0(mi11
110007' 11111 a)00higly 0re0(mmen1d1d1p1)-
f00rmer0, accord~ig to prs o icels. Tho
troupe con105sissf 'lterlio 30(10, 1i,
(('110.i11111 im~loa anId little (111131110,
bailsmlIt11Culure,is a 1p111100111of
SouIIII Sea ilond lf, soid to 1' fasinat
ing 11and 0n)1r110ioe, (1with weird ball((1)
ochlts T111y 1)0es111 in sng1, story '1111
picurIta ot 11 1 1111portra(alIof'I -
Presented an Enlightening View
on the Religion-Pays Tribute
to Firs. Eddy.
B.,. delvered) a Crisian Sinc1 c c 1(1
well Angell 11)0 , 1)l((1l ' ' 111CVI
111 1of1t'e(Christian Scntists 1(1d1 1111
11e Science0of11Sal1at1)o(."
"1W0his 1aith is vitally neces1111 sarGol
dinn'ing1.1and11 the01 workl i ng1outo ff0001ur
Posalation is ma process'.11110('
Chris(1tian3110sciencercill 3111il)1Go1
1101onlofmindotoloathe11n11)0001 .,
and1Cristian1( SisencSe maes (itk Pl
hrosogh01 h oloohilt thoughrIa. Nc-
I JcU,1s~i0
1. I ouiCIIheIspeIaerlpaiNdSaES'l
101)111o1 1Ir. Saugdy, and0(111k0 111 111
t 'l o v e w i c rsi a n ( f S c i e n ti s ts11 1 0 11111 f to r
Collegor,1aslhellsai, 11she lisotsuger
01(1ollether isv'ho1t'h(If rld; she1 011
f'rt embstrt tall1 10l)en offe300111
(ths udeosraIls 110010forIll (011'nl-
Is VI ',ul t l11profit 1b foy." i~iI 011
I forof. Heringliso a College fthe')noor

a Jitcher, Ilbe will 1have1 0 3)1(1 1b1)ch1 (f
1110n 1o work with,

John rlitchsll Will ill Eighth
Number on Lecture Associa-
tion Program Friday Night.
United (11111' \orkos of ,\ lttc'11, 11i
delivIer'Ian11addtc'swon"The' hl~l~(coso
spa Ir f the c')tmtet01',eoisctme ssI-
1001111 1111'this 11ear.3'Piob1101l' n(ttltlt
heo tol 7)1st )))and1to' his unions.(Il
trmtebgingl1)'tl iws aioi.
1' boy5 ws appea ilsed to bythe sam
sentient, that touchl hitoll) s mall. A
'trite near hsome c'in h)1 11isllouth11madII
] vivi imprssionupon i(3and (111
1111(d0itll ihs uiopi cip(01les1e
'Ill'enthu's'ist i ii llsout trle 1111 1111 1111
uisrjwtrlliocs oIlls Ldloherade1)11,1)0 ttc
111111lsto (Irea)tllma~lses1hrogtc's01siio-t
SilucatIs 3)1)11d7petty officetttc'ha'~t it(
(1111'tl llllll'
1' ('1)r01)1ionofice 'eitl by l1)t>llc'(

f)1rlbs 1)11011)1(1) Ils tteett pos~tped
111111 ,ilaroll 24. On Marcht 17 Ihe best
piano 1leocttrerec0001111willlbe givenl,

'I1iNI''II 517 11 5117 Is
50 i,'Iis (1111M" (CIRCU
\l111 8 ('1 he'. at thtil hay Sls''15151i, set,
I ill It I t lv, h lll' ()tn I c s I
fr mN mvill)) tatis i enegy III is
ha c alc dv 1 11 t e 1 I 1 ) il i 1'IS
Will [()el p);iver is f I 1aousLec
ture, KPri nc oft) P eea,':i
Ul- niversifwthallrr,. lcythr
151111 \\ ISI I) < '1 t a '5pil (f 1
Cl S WII se nis t1 IScd i I S.l
'(Ill Ca f(1 - ry- sil rt he I ') c
\\ec . T IC fe ture arC too It s ' Il'
WlDeive isFamous sI'S
55 liun v~u i s ]r15 is ai' 1 to
Sl1ica u1: ( thl ccllS 5t(r 1il 11
St1)r tiC S >nt he 53 71 I'-c () e<,%

Majestic Benefit Performance Is
Plan-Attempt to Increase Re-
spect for "Yellow and Blue."
\ i is rS lalli mattings last13 I I"
'th IS ilt S il oo: -S i seps its
regad toI-i e i h bn fitl) r111 -
o ils iinl Id S rIll.s) 1 manage1
d ist s siss %c ric )13(11 'I>ll)'he ilC'er
I' H ll
Th o i ls ScII' Iho sss'1th s',ISa s'
SI S 10) c aIsi 1111h111 5115x is t.l)) -
"roll sls o Isl, Cousi sl ro'I'lta)1155
%il 1rnde 1 mIts its Hs S lelo ,
lcils is ll555 al",1 i ls'"cll ed.l S~lSl~l Il
o c15,1r 1 111)t illcos'55555 Is' (ison
l i S S , iI 1 ,5 l ls I'IIIc- sliss Ii ill'c c '
S le ,cctioulof151 e5 sll IS III I;lt ( 11'foot
I!- ra isdsssl I 1 1 1 isis'Idells ins
<op13c. A preent here i " 'islace s
is ~t11 a 11 1 1an o 111ac s 111r '
1e litps .11mans ile clltohl
it 11 ,11h :t rah r mal 5511i
orcI n1 , ocod11o 'Iun s 111)11
'I 'th t e, c I od '11111tnd oSlict
ttct ris's , -- iiix , (I s i rec
Ii II , )ll L na % e lls'ln t 1)7I
isuu tc toSuds I rat 11c) I113 1' I'S si) (aI'tre
lInt or SS I), I'e lo S 'n111 1111.
,i'i1 ills'Dstlriit h} the1ValenIts ') ic i -))
Is1ll) tlt1110alot11, I r i to agreate
hti ti ll io(' Willb(5 dawn
',1,I'( rslti ons ci t'l0 adottpted byl
(I-' l ' )tll 13lpha\ninreg rdto tellru s ll in'

Pr f.K owtn Wll(N Cf1lll tl

I7 SIrI'lluill I'liiit
Sit 1110 lls S c
S f iclt' , <tii1

tcr 1ct

A -O1- inh<ldo %1 1 ( Is- i
is s )p naisc th j S )
is iilcv om c illh ~1
1.a l '18(11171-I 5171<17 N 5511,
11c ic "611 z.('i' IN ll )f 11c v1

I (a

V r t e p ry to e ii -h i sll C11 ell-1
inI); inlillI '1,111111 "s il ishoth
II 1111 lrllcli1s pecIitsa l aras men
rfrslltsI1'. 8111' siswllshelfr-
tWih oil e i at 7:45 and (IIs II'S 11
{ POSSitllc'.

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