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February 16, 1909 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1909-02-16

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The MchgnDail

N170L. XIX.

McAllister Wont Have Any Glass
Arms- Class Relay Races to
Start 'This Week.
IlIo c all, o as a e as of 10I1
l c t 111101011 hobyCoach McllIiterr in
i1 11ae I aco 011aa1110110011111. 11he
11c0. .rc ditiid into teams a if iv
_ i 1111lodger hall is thought by the
11111toh 11an 1c1l1ct1meansof 11ct
t~_ tic ins inns11111 ,, h p \ih u
I-,111111 ll' 1111 111 11110ill rllg .111 lol ll
ia 1110 111d he able1 to11111 c1a1 la11 10.1tr ill
the o"1111 1,1i1 hate1111 111111 turfnel tt 1
se1m, tlo hlure olletrin1111orn1101
11111 11 1 " I is 1111 111 l1111f ll'.
\11m giii s too c 1p1t111a 111a .
II ..\IllloL'olloagloftoo.ab111010s1of1111
11i.1. sO aen 11ive 011 1' 110 1of.developi(1 g
folow.' 1111.11 t(b yll no11 lit ns1 incI10111111
allt1'ho1hav0 1111 od1chicdfor1 1101kin1100
1111. fro 1R.11smith.1 '1 111111111.10 101111
of the11ch1m1iof10frehltat lat 1yeaott
1(o01no t 110inQOSefootaliat Io ofthelof
Fred 0001111(0000in tt 0c1o11s. 00omh
Ccftl ht\itttscorlaer, wh110ereie
piltcd on110}'car.,P1evistet othatrse
1111 ll110forlthe1110tia00hiof lchol.ct'
Sl110. loatgreaied 111111,apitched for
11111111100011 ltv ta it, piht ledt +'o yrstev
toligi hir ent01rIatlly frgthe selas,

no1 111011r 110(0able these mtay be.
.lcocrafter everyotne lwho is contsidered
at 1a11 eligible for thle team wrill he pot

1111illhi ta gls 1111 l 101(01 0011111111 1 GIRLT S MASQlIRATI
in h1ln1 It wll 1the(lute of 1 l!"-w AT BALL LAST NIGHT
Ile1OW1is'. litfthose wo1ar1asked Barbour Gym Filled with Funny
010(1 nitlat 17 11011101,(an1 1ear t11 Fakes and Fancy Frocks at
ll 111011 111111111.11.) explined1 . 'l( Womnan's League Party.
mee~ttgl l 11 e111 'Sho11t1 one1.
I'. A.Pederson.10110'.-. Iawton.11 bred The1 1annualt fan1y1 110essaparty If the
11. . L . ennr,(1 hnr11 Be1rtrand(111 S"111- 111 '1 a m last venng. It w1001 Illed
field 11' Wel ls, 'Pa 1G. lIrk. C arles C.twih 1a :;1an 10011h elI 117 1110president
hrell 11A B Fedma, iltli H O l I 1' . 1 K tathterine Post, 1and11the
Kuhr,1 A. , Oh S111m i t .L 111;1C. 11 : . ir II Ilofthle social( l 1111111(', 10111
Al011.n.11Mm)-1011111, PRily. I 'ldst' Smhs o f lcostumes,11fromlitil-cc fglI l own01 s1111
11100, Mc111 arthy1, MCott , 110110.lis ro 11. 1111'. '0 t re1s1,11 t0'. in( ad erflll aslde'
(ol o rt, (10 lla, Gardner1 . P 1.11.1-11 .111011111.' fI' b lalttr weret mofttto
':era ffs. 1 Lint 111111. 1c,10'. 55 ''11'0s b ler-° 11 'o 5an5relisooticlly Jgtten 11up. 11(1
di , , Ia111t.0,11. 100110 10 111. x111 '.11qite s wo derul 1a slie-
O1V'clr Cl o 111 he011, I 1,1111,1 III I t l 11 1111111111000e, 11proph e thetulr e.ltl
M Ll~ll D ll 1 .1oW J P-11la . ? 1terile o Ilts."11 tte' 111
1am 1. I tl a to, ll y, If. 11111111 hn, 'A1.1itil thc chic ((11111he 0a1(11tol11n11atey
libel . t iin lISeea.Gaig\ . 11 1,(1 1it'd in i ll Illtto'and 11011110 a'.they'l
IfIa'1). II 1'iQI O Ill O \ td to'. tmitlo)i a s
Tile 0 ev 11111' 11G111'. 1. 111pro- crept l paper ofvaiouseclors13. anr. lhar
.\Ir. S o do ) o atla 1111111 ,sa1111 ti1e 00.ade 111pret(y1 but rfly0(10p ict e 110ste
l1ee1r 11s ' 'Chr1is t i l:Asoiti nI.100 111 011111 llell hea111ts 1''ere001g i e e as tfav oent-
!light 111111s1111ct 1i'a'. "The 11 tIlill 111 (0111' l't'alromtNvs o er ed111 it' 1itt111
,fl W aste11 it- llll s l p <<111 ( v ph111111ase 11 red, ltt ctau10p101ids.tot
,f___ the'11 su0b1:e1c11t0001011wil 10 loke
'*It 588 t11<1init8CiaR o wel-1 of 1 he 111 1l0'.01111T O _ rRt 1ItSo 100 1101

FOR .ATH1LEIC1( 1111(1.11
Imtaginte for 0o0ne ilnont, if yott can1.
both sid1101s1(i 111the 11mai1n0co'rriorI'o0,1 1111
('1it 01)Hall 11i10(1 witht daintily st 1a1b1e"
111 ;a 1(1011 a(1for'salo'a temp1tig 01(1re
('1 eiv of110 fit' 'nd11p11011y'"00)-e11" act-
ha a'. slesloonton. Thli (Iall oundas1likt
ilital't' ,1 bu ttos1c11is to1 be1a11'0111
Il:l of 11111'hall of larl'ilg istha
Io groa 11111..
ii, '0n1111 l'1,118n'I'll I'(,sca o -
I h senior11 lawI w~etica ll grto''a'dace 11a .
gie 111 i r.ill he w lll'attnd'. '11
Nl 1(01' lbl'L'branch1o1(the'Americ1
Intfut Sbaof ineItigl d1111111 1:1ill b
day5 evening 11at Il'loc,' 1101R11 M1111 1 ,
Irae Will he1010 ,1'I '. Ap1111o'a'. i
Alltorge iFrete d 11(1111cordia'l in
'Soit 111d110 111r.Slc~brtttas"s1101111 8,11
Mr. 'Wil i llo I ll(1' ll I th
Kita t rofoftte. ee.I ec
Ovter thIltre- ctl ilbgna
1e r urel(1( -. 1010011
astay hoorand11011(1. (fr1m1 am-
Feli Il Ily1lnesoh ~)
l(Ie8 h'tl7C)ll_
A51 rita, bt"I tis eu g(rtI lia )
10111ybofglo ( ionjobl- a
SOve heSre (71-11
'aheIr OlynCoan10'
SlaidVlloe 5G.1110lleen,
Elizabeth Camplbel".
Old tnglird (Heick)tl(glr(1
To Antha t101'0ll
DrIink \Itoie o.n,ly ih 0tne lles.

.111 'hog IIf all ca'iatesllll'a1110111111lit
5. Imtportant . .Sho, Algr.

Mammoth Circus to be Hel in
Spring--To Take lace o the
County Fair.
Real1 111111'. iii pIll.tc+, , t .
l w1 7p 1111 all, .11 01 1 1 1
111111 111 it all Inolll'«l ic ' r
f an1111 i r c0111'.
S c c si l o t r 1 l , 1 1 - <r
h11 111 it Ntrd w, Iil;t_.c
1111111011ce 1 I: 1 d I C
seated I'lill'. (111 I . t ; ;,; ,~
'.1111' '.111111'. 1111 :iii ,.. 1 :01 ,1
om1111') 111 'i rI it i e o I 1 1
,M 'o.1111' fall rIir
org niaton sti 11111p ,-d11t,
sik o = al I ,via I I
110'cr Il ad 1 111 ' l,1. r ll
l1 t' ol1c ti''. o ._
11.11 R1 Il1 1111 11 ,
FOR .A N1IZ\' 1 :I IOh~
11111111': .1r.11 li ' i , I. I ' ' l
f '.oo 11111.0 'I11 c.'I. ;
1ig ,11' S" I I ,, "11 1 i~ r. m
11111111 may rop d1111 1'.,TI11,1.1 .
ttitI ( 105 1'1"mI;IlSi I ,1 S ill I I
(:'ear's" thenll c1 pc . 5
book and11 music1,111 ake 1111 I ;, ,,I
c~oltg oil.
511I '.I 1111110111 1 01 I 51 11
I Y .11I1. '11'I11 1 ' . It'tI I
or 11atorica '' l hld forI ll N-
A.damSIbI 1. R1111' II. I. NC c1,R
1110111111e 1tait} of11 II . I ,
lot'llsl 1 1111 SI IlwI in111111 1
IlTttl'onightt'lli~l-~rla'.lel 1 111IId

'.1011 11 to' e 1at1astandiall a .1'.a I~

Itt' 01011111 Iit()t'0' Illri 'of cnomy, 11111
I'.' I'potograoe 1rs 'lay the clat r ct'a
h r oupel ict ures(110 ra 111100.'11
Cf') wh'ich11Nare'Obei ta'enIfor th
llChiC. billkothllg 01( Ollalulch of he1110'
tokn t all. ebnesdttltb ay 11001 al,1a-
irrte a ss of IIpII Class( tre01 ur1r0
Ito havebte aidt 011orIte cttteimu't
set lte phtogrexerss.n0011mfk8011110
rangem1en01111101ocet. JtlI a ol t
lotte, Btaen gao 110airmayt hfethoe
minstelydecien on.amnadCoge

'1550I bCCIOIIS ff1VEN0 11
I11,11AT51'NI (55IRIoS ISII
If thte Religionls FIdlltOiotlAsstocia-
11ion,. (11( two atddresses at Newbherry
1111allalonday tfterttoont and ev.ettittgott
the~ subje~ct, "R'eligions EIductcbion,." IHe
iltr ted]is lectttte btyoextibtits. collect-
It'- h111 imtduing a sojournoin Patlestitte.
Dro. Elmttr, wlit,, pas0or1at11 11te' First
Blaptiat church at111NNSintoeadl, Cotttt., is
Religiotta b~lttcltiotttIAssaociationt held
at1 C'hicalgo last wee0k.
Ilb' reommendedtctoblin his lectttre Mont-
1111 even'intg Itat chtildrenttou~tldlhe first
Iagtoh life of Chtrist boy visible signs
otolt 1astte extibits lito'possessed, and
olllhOld thtenthtoled il)gradlly vto the
,'leges 1and1tuniv'eraities.
N-'1'l'IL'l.-''The Itolders of tickets rept-
re'senting membersh5111ip tosIte U. of .1
Co'ot "IAss1oiation can01have11hcr Iorotickets
rtetttmtd at te rate of twnty-file (25)
00111'.fttr elachtyeatr to rttt, elating from
Seteboolber, ioog9, pltyniatts 10 be in met-
chandtise at our 11r0s01t1 redttced rates on
tll tterchtatndise. This redemption of
tickeotostwill cottbittutodutting the ntmtnth
tf February, igo(t only. University
Su~pply Sttre, 310 S. State St. eod-o6


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