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December 08, 1908 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1908-12-08

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The Michigan Dal y

\hot.. XIX.

tio 5th.

Star Kicker Chosen to Succeed
F Schulz as Varsity Football
Captain-Jack Loell Returns.
Into ofooh 00laettoo ugh cilos-i~o
csteecton whchhascr attoindied
the selection (of a o o-sicaopai,. Half-
hack Da~oteolrdicoe oxa ochttosnS tittoat
ns aptano t he tc too) toottootal l t -t.
tub \h X a toooo, te )tro it laiot hast Ot
hei ildgnrl of t tamot frthet
kept ,vctre t, Oi t t ito ito- that o1 Ot to
tcrtoatost equatlt ti to rd in-,,-_c
It iit o t ot t~o othe o 1 ign itolilki o 000
catpitt tnaiooof eto tscd -oin c orto
wtho et itonoot oohttht netcan0-it
oidt. tt ed0e0 otest or o otto ortto sup-ttt
o t o 0 iii met wt itt o file00000. g
pl 'o .s i it t too- ite outlook t foot
nexoootiotiOt ~, t h itootsiet~ilt toisotire o
O to 1w 0000 toot 0 tthedsto 1 0igfi c ta
hato tot ime acC ah ot al
hardo rtfihttntoit tot t I\ en 1;(
The- api n-let s oo of it Otto
foot lc n t r rittotr-otto o n
ott ott he ot ,o t ,t e tc' rlin
kic~in ahlit, a d i wa duto t his
sa ekc itoo t i hiii-ttssao si
to tt o t cn m, c a too-lt han
hot o f it a ii I in:ih r i ott- oof
toslt esii t oubtt tot he i'the0 000e
00000 00 tin tti out }otto day -tn tot ttot c t-
(o te hihy ou 0 m r okf o0teo- 00
[] ttopan ting was uooot ioo d tciadt
f1t-ig tesaol oeedr cti iiinlt
te Oio St e g n iot in -I tot-tot
ga etno tro il heVa Oteritogamit
toos 0ldtut h d aS i to- o bl o ccd, tooh (0;t
giv tnoto tim
Witttb tohtttdl 0000 ooott--tttienouh to
tooth o tto t oot io ito iven i m ttu to
his rtoititit iou eohibtion 00000 l000 i nttt i
te Penni gam". 0 taii b ootn
and f iov ith ore -to f te tot00 0000 oot
tovtemen tost thegritOtty ioaltfttacko.
Sis e bro h t pilon fra to t er-toco
n it y , c t t o o i o t o t o
'r fe eefiono f otcpftainttfoliowedtheot
ot ttawardig of to-e. \fs 00 dthe t it- i
tg fia theic otooot f fictre. A to-
Oto' o-oroann onitoh0000 n'toreceoiveto
Cap~totin-t-fAttrofic (Vot ooooo, tDao
visontIt. ooto, Casey, D ouogtoo, fCrum-
packfo-orfKiy, t ioticooooo.f-ebo rooto to tnd
Jno O CHtoot. o tota0000for to- ocar 00
s0tar oot ihi oooooto ooo-aosb all on iaootalot
ooot ottea o -t oo ao too-et 0000oto tollg
lirtpto 000ar000rotrooteothotonnAbo
Sootuay - dast totr-eonterod'thOttoatot- io
pattorttat. 'To tg vrtca ~thetoo wst~

000 traceo of thte ittloess whichot toevot- edto
hitm fromt doing toimseoof juticeo in tho
1007 season, otnd lioos Obigoe toot mftoro

itrtttan evor.fito toos000u0too fiMESIRAJPRESENTEID
topeuiehisamte tandUotoing n n BY LOCAL TALENT
re00ur0 thoitt at ottodfonoototodit ttt Handel's Oratorio (Giveni Under
athletico atoftlthits year, tw-oioh tmeanst Hwa n ; irci l.; Fn-


thtaftoo- oil o-ttt b000 to ithit erif tht-i etobaoe-
00all Otasktbatea mot. but intendtotft
teoteti alft oisttomfto toogoeftog hittol
to-ge- wortk ini oshae alto-c ooyear's abtseonce.f
towe00000000 istoentftstic over0000 tto
chancesotoott of tig backftito- football000000
ththdisoastouts igoS eaotu
formally Oftroosoeodoasidetosometo culaootttont
oo Mhigan's00 oftn00000foot- o owinnero to
09000o0mato beopardionod. to beginwthf,
theio st sotlitht 000000 it t haOtoothetto hoe-
dulef netyerwildffer mtatoriaotty
fomtha Ot toof toe soact ut totndedoi. Ito
to 0c000000 fiat Ot totheee illittme000
Pennsylvaniaotot oFt1rankloinot totPtila-
delphtia,0 000ohbfoltN-ovemberot 000,owhilo
accordin00g tottothetp000 oi lateorntin tg too
too-co-Anntoot o tooatoo Nasoho iff-,tte
tam tsodOttor aOsetondoointotasoiono of tto
so tootnd. 0000cus illtplaoy ofatootn
Aroroo Ottwing oOooto oo ooo-to to fioendly
rlto-oistitng bt-eeoot ifiofotioto at
0000 tto Oioivas-Co asoeoandtOhot
Stto - thiose tinstittiostilf0 be r0tati lif
ool tooeottoedule, toeCllandfotfScietsts
pobablytoappfefain000 totr te seaso';coot
00000ra-serton D00e1000-0ieldt. tOt-ertootooc
"INfbeianounootcoo tetro.
Ormtis e00s tem wll000 misin
Cataiotooioif S chulz. Casey o. 0 OtitDoutlas,
and ossible(itooto tokoottont Davioni
toil Capta 00 i n-etot lefcit to lrot too. \\0 n
Ofitot Ienotftott flanetittot ithcm
"A loftfcerf tta i-ointon han0. Itood
a 0 00000e "l" en ustm-titontedi
too beJack (ff L tconeedto h too
been (nc of he mos overstc ie player

thusiastically Receiv ed.

too-l oca t teh)

to.l O i ittIk', 1 ook dti Ot
if ooootI -- \cioo II00
ott oc}t 0 cx 1 'm d t( otiOttO)

rect r - A i .I-1 vy.I it
o0'f )1,Ihot i~o t o-
tot icc." '-toc
cOft tocotoo too cot hcc
a ipal mto o itoi c
Mr0.0000 0 00000 II
poytto to th000000

0-wtrn %e e it
tl ilt ofan -;00000 c cot
toot and "lile~
w --Pa bittl lu
oI -- tO ht il,

-0f C00f N DI D1A \hT ot',
(fAll if-totsftue voo des-ire-to tryo totO for
Otteso n t he tto tiolltgoieit-i l1oostaothe -to-
rqetdtot ro-ottiteollotttto-once.00
Nitre- too-i-ottoaveote-presseodo- hifrdt- i
sir0 to fotiotto-ecome members oil tto- otfotf.
Tir ll ohe l tterthOtto tiiottiio 000 togo,
and anig edfoitoroftnxtoetr's io okt
00100100-eleted00. fPersontit o canw000ite00
sot stoies~,ftlime-rtico 000000p0000yi hav
ofltffphortuoityoto-oseouretaopltoot on to e
perinceitoeildvortising buiness are ii
000 it-i o to u t ootot ines00sfooMana-e
fIhh 01001 N 0fN01\tIo
is-atme tintoit to ottoob o f h ttitd
t otrd oathlotics 0a0000il corrcioo 0 th0
00110 oor ti cc I'0s
00-011dearocoirfot In our 0s0000000 y0
00000000ecembe inc 0o 00ponden0
t~o -cotitfin-oowitoutta foutot efit 041
tto ito m0000 mo00tilt that Ididi 000- 000
toot Ithave 000000000000tort ainedoao d (11)t oto 00
entectaoinotooth to aksmesa
Many tudenots byio 0a0ittg0000 t in spoit
andothr 0 y lkioftototemooottoo)mc
Wesgto -hi dol \"wk.'tto ha0t
I ad w s ti too h i c Apt o tooit are
"incients" in s t e tifc antot oo tto t
ottourlin tellec-tuat sdofth000 ai t ie
Some s~tudts byot g t o-ichat
'tilmitngto sc sotad ohetot
talking almutt hem to; touc otn 0 -
manpr ottfowich ttiioo s000001 ie
000000 0hle helangutotgeii- i toin ot00
000 otr pa tsof thoe ointcrvitw i te r
tMtr, n ot-i ioto the-ii tcon
l('din or crrnecus too calt ft o
ificio . o t's vc ytruly, -
r t ttI00-iA001100 (ootff000
1 T ti r(ooo;a i:0)the0000000o
000sec f iitond o en t.;- i otheto- i llsi
0ere i.The ftooitttiO it Moloo in the is
1000 tetoweebig d o00 play0 00000 0001
ott 00 0 umv hato heiritire tam ilof
' iig ad i topesiAi 00001 i 00toei
.) 1determinfdtootw~o iand at hey fo 00
'Tice ti olt otillome ber, o
c tht inc mmbr it Ottatlesto

Finished Full Dress Rehearsal
Proves That Cast Is Ready to
Present Much Lauded Comedy.
-Anral Cottctt richttton- 0a0 roheatrsoed
towith 00000 t fot toe iutt timeo bost nigt
'i to11 h iV1tuttito So roemarkablfoy hat he Ot
t on t l orecooo undertoo Mo. St. Johnto's
lIItiii tot hoot to-e0000at t t o tiwerete
here w toi 0 tihot 00Coretiont, otntdt ooooo
0 -t 00010 itimed 'I'f i utrin ipao ot utble
ohtIll toomctot h0 as00 totofaco to t o 000
ol to the cast btha t th o medyitt istO oro
Oll tuit 000 md t oi it tfo thOt m.it Durintg.
0l~ (, th rett- ho-ooarsintho seo whooto areot
0!:. - ao,'IV~ -o gcd upoioth stto-oeooar000
000001 to 00 ot 0ittetaittoi ttt whi0 Och btte
I(0" 0 ,,r chara tro (ft he I play a -fford.t
01l 00000 1 ife d rfr liii 0000s 0000
!)rt1t, pat o 1*T000 n i o rticallyt
il0 to 00 t t'n~ r i ot ositalf btt o t o-itt
;<, 0h0 a01 0o0p0 rtiitputto itot ett trouto
0 -t - totpola h. ottl0000m foatuf, tas trou
0000 - tubilthepa t ever sncetth
-]glt ft t 000 i t th toas t i in t tooandt
0 0 o0arc tot be to ehearsast daily t
00000 dini"tt. bonw ttitstte lo t isooto
:c00 1 1- tot i t ot -the teoof thoo rit i-tt
oecutatout i Am -ic (i"urretottt it-
(ylist in t 0 ii a d iiit th lofit realo
C0ichton'itt,} allodstheet 0 000toingo
thathay("mi frnt te fcilepetoot oil r
)'arrt<. It 1 more than 'a autsy
dho1-11111lt ; al he cla ms o t tit Tge
O rl 0 lt~l~ is 0000at atl fobt
-111k- i th e;3t t ;l c toodui g ts
!{,ir f Auwrca. Cric to ttlosfan rad-
ott {r ;t to tot s i wrck i out oft
he cc c st itsof car cttititt ot
-h-to o n >pultit tos badil nittfftii

tmt tos oucdto oultandtoo oneoft hetvcat
Job. O tis ear ttubsa. O ito- 0000
scrbs tn o tolf--iofoto hittO000olitC0 fotugo
000000 Weme, Oletiottii. troetiO0
00001 'otan tSlit ta-ti(] ou t od
00F00stoOofask 00eootalmrkdtoe oattoce00ott
so -~ otootilaottcs of footmowthocOtto ou h t-to
s~icstothefae (t oaofth0Cornittl0
Co0 0atogatoo playeotdtohisuuafstoetuft
actn- g ot in povedou te min
0g 000 thet too ouoouuuO l'nto ohiO 0 to
wid o.oo- soo-t igoowasg00a0000
itontoottoo throwo footr tthbat too-t
- 00000 00000outund strtdtheo practice
att cenitfothoOtosctu-otto ioogi gproon
an ofu.to co wedot ot sibitieso andto
slay oto provea tin.Soeieoralofuthetaor000
ineltigibles-owiire0notOout, leavoingth
toobs -eaeuthanotustual.t t uoweve r;
fooy govettoeOtoirst too 00aotiffbtotle.
Haes asoo usualootow.a000t0000 brighut, paorttiu
foot 000ttu- f o toe soccondt tioe.
hh010t htIDtI SS S'1700tFtNTS
Johtoo Griffoiuotoo who-willoappeooroto
Iat"otto uttohe\Whtneouy thetot hio
weekoha beentotseoouredt bay Prof. True-
bltotodttoo give00a thkout"Sthoktspeareant
tDcooouoo tooSarah tCaseowll hungoll I-tooth
Wednetooday aOt 4 ptoMouThe toltotuore oitO
boo complimtntar~tty toootratoricaloasociooa-
ttt000oaot otio uond teirfriends. Anuy--
0000 00hotit oesooecily desior toutoo ea-
tug h-it Goriffitth oto ooootokeoapplitcationotoo
100f. T rt uoebooo r out h .c Ilollistrc
hMt.toriffitho too govthotolttoture too-
foureos000aloat00 di aounivrsities. to
ts otiocipatoedO that toe addrtesostill too

Otto d-a d :.~ i1 0 ol I
ahhu0to ii, T n 100 M y
-TheI' l 0c hoW bo tdiltI
M r, E I ol 0. - t jc
Mul 010-t ob iit ("ll t o
hi Do000 theit i- -I 0Il
w t lch s ithistt 00000h
01000 i tot 00 to -to t t 0 00 It -
ri 0000too v to rclot 1 i th
0010 -ti i f t ytt ii01 sn 0
to te(oif 00 t11 00 it 11

1 0 etut 0
o 000 tant
It ap luse0
()t 1( itilt
to dnoil
toas 000111to
on 0s0t00

0 h oltgilsouoor> 1ceI t tti~c o
otth comi0tte e-irs ha tisp nt e
Onvtted ooto 1.).e pr 0se0.-
tht inu tet tk0 n i0 he art00y th
of the dance is000s0000
Aocine lott-ist tnewoui spen e
lecte ol itiout-e.100000. u h il


f1liO PfTO GRAP01 HSt 0 AhO ItIl;

0I11 to 0 0 000ue-o
W III~taIIIt)e 0u I ]mtout-u t he dboo no ofo u
ho otto 0l bottcl00 sid,1 Ototo to afcott-
r saOtoricalcomedytht has 0 n00000 ru0
o- - - --strac ha i uro~ied-il half of
C'rihim" ia oer ToefRecruitinug
0 flitr, ick 00va presotedoo labot yooar,
i ; i;Itit i ofsuc 0000aure thtoo
0ltl~ lyCIt1 tSareo000eieoosarty. Tho
0,i l 1 }.wt lltevrlty btha 01000
ator puttotothetooie, twclo-
pre- ie l 00 Mra o:othe t
mak 0 atn00y ofiitootpoduts imoooossihlo of
000000tio wtout: eout~tsly slooshing
the o i t pat;.o ntoi Oto 0000000100tt 0000
a oitsol of-ut10 oati oharacuter twhich
redee thlo stu 0 ot oftthe plavers
tool 0 0 cfutle.-his yea, qa oioog,
bleat oulo 00000 o nleouuoo i llot holdthe tt
bolrk t~ 0Intl t 00000a 0-is cetaintot t eo t 000
toott 0 il1 is uces. hefatoothttt
tool to ttopa dar ootrigtsuofOt
00100ductilt tootufficitnt o ftah
itl vacllic.00 ot
1 0 iou ttotto ,utioutas otr toot tocttth otbihot
that tic h(ou ol t ooou
stito Octfoe toic ity ofthOtto rtoo-i mance.~tto
1000000000 0000M, ~ t
Calit a le ltd h sooot o ooorecivedt toot
tie 0 ouIl'pasdthefitl servt'ice ex-
a iain -to e, 0000000000on finsotrouctor
ilto e t hii in I stot andsot .too IHe it illtoo etto
Ott 000000 nd illtO mato itt000 n0000 0thu iver-
sityo untttitoh -oto t ott

Sf, hil 11ff S0011010 It ittil
IShli tut 0000f (tth uulor
seooo wilt het resttedtOOthtooar
two lii o ooutta tl ot i N 010r0001antusual
00000oder Oo utook sssll hehbi~ tuout
ofthe tutu o i too Ot softol t Otto fi t s in ttut
ohe lttrot ar t 0 ttt ota 00000 tt i otsp ot-
Otto tht thebon ofI t tisy0 ato toill'cal
forto atot It-edtuc 0tio o oepedtu resit he.
triou 0 cobot u tro0e 00s ooiou 00Ot

o;a l ttf themselveito no t oil t ish t
pittore" insertdin t t hNi oi ito-t -~l
hittl l iii oodosoots Ite 1x m
outd at to- Mhluuoooooo toot o -boo oun
o000er gttuto actintifosOtto otottrp
Otto suotable 10000 tize.tIOttasetsil t att0
totheo ltctuioooowiolubeo ava00000 0ti
to theoo Ao iti to-ot gouooo, tt u n t tryithet
senitorstillthetioli tchd coo tlt 00 ft
yettoi hi tcttgoo-otu thturesitae000000
ooitcoo outt t-eso cloasoeo- leOuti cir coot-
- oo00seera.0weksoguo. Tti,,0is0i
shap ontto-ostt tooe'bdesutoyimthtodt
tofth butoltiothe earttttttmantoty outworlo
luau-e totth 0aOppoitedt thur cuitotmitteso

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