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November 25, 1908 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1908-11-25

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4 mor
Nt an
ANN VICHICAN, NOVI"'MI"I"N. -,;, 1 oo8.

NO. 50,


Fifty Candidates Out For rTeam;
Scarcity of Centers, Plenty of
Forwards and Guards.
hccii enough to 1 C oa mHa o i
idaato the tel -hue 10 rito ') a great
mal il-iti ()f thei ca ddae for( thehas-
kc hal tem, hanh v~tit lo 00I
I-t il tt l( ill M k h
0c11. A o1 0 ) l tra o e a
the oc itc m c () wh \\l he
ava ahle and 10 110 1 lil ()t idln 111

Saturdayi thitl i t is t 1111 t()0 e 11
m iii lol -lot 1111a lth 1i i,;nd lt
ci if whl 11 -0 iictel t 111 c~tis ,, r
all Imlt ya, T a ih o h w w a
ii thinycfte m scfum i )sn~
1111011t o he111 1 t istt th i h rc
syin 1111 maC1 iit iii
ltli ii 1'l, " lt "W hz w g;
011 ir t - - - i , j n ih
in-," 1ill IThe i omd acthit th k
Olrhi ho "11WanlttH,
he11a1111 i h 0111 Ma1 ," i ni 1110
- - t~ h oealaty~lritl nui -

DORMITORY LIFE !ili\)''~lol fl tl~ii(ill'''itit
IS A CERTAINTY t ___t___
Building Will He IErected on the 31311S 11 tCI

Southeast Corner of Maynard
and William Streets.

.t 1 k1 lit

11111'111 110 i '1m < r)11 Ii
1c11 iitili tii r<111 - itc-
- tc l. I x)111 i l' ~ 4 i 1 1
111 \1 m ) It'1 11 111 0 . \ l '


lcrlil tn t has 1011 111 - iii 11 eenii 11 splaye1111
lsncclo is pit i on \v ii 110111
1111- r Mi l t- a 1 1 11 w a iin lsnits
lii 11111111 11onnl itth sl tiiiiill appare11 li
vih c illtention 1 0(if i try t for th
I 0111111 ill tilthse I 111110 ar
flk I nt or v o ha c n lt itl
ra ?stlil nytoi v i ll tco inio0

-l << itt

T]i I101t11l ncril soat is ig 11 n a
i pot It nt I t a bn (I h
lilesh 1- 1 0111 i-hol -it A 11res1outtion tiiis
lit 111, t shal he 11 1 ii th ii- ltitl
- 1 c1 un e suchilililli 0 i is sii - cit-itI
Ii illi e i Iw s ire ictd t tiie ed
ate \v Ild 11111 111111 ilit T w wf
l)ac ilt1h11ding te rush.1I I- t

First of the Finals For the Var-
sity Debating Teams Will Take
Place Tonight.
i it errlingl a7 7:311, intRoomol B, of
liii lawi itiiildiiig, to- Allphi llolatiiI
team 1 wi111 1101 lith 101Webost ilodebatoos in
t~w Iistoftheli~ts o t he 0 vars111ty dell-
till whichil wi111101 resent1 Cu- l~lii-o
g ; <intCicago a i n othawsn
J-tiati-i t io i " eole ta b n
tills ecure1by cmm1r11l11aerreo
The, Adelp debters redAbtinhaf
01 c1111 acliiDuller.1 whil ]owles oon.a
-_ 1111 vf-s irpeetoil heoro Edstes
1101010.Abott 'i s bho u11sioes tifn
1 «s t !t'(11;1scr; a d tov 11a11ebe l o
kdnum 1. haffe, ooils presden
member hif17ast7ye0r's winnong Cu
- liii- ' "l team.:
th 01 1111,-011)1debating e in 197
'111d:tki)of la i i 11111varityoodebfting;
tt I whicin otwsen
Chale itomle th'o l wa a itt 11100 1

1 110n a llot ' 11 1 ilil c 111) wls tr n
mm)11 ,i la e111 te11111 ). Po'C , 111
Ii 111111111 11011, S I otl))" I 1111111)r
1111 1 1111 ( iiinn~ ;n)(1 ohloitIl, 11111 i i
Will 01111v hardul uloui iicO a' Ciiir
)) lis lull d n )ftti o Ot al sl ii
scn o ~~~c <fill it 1111111 stars,
so~ic icl o i ,)la 11111Iiittli 11111he
The ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ii 0cp)ti nettr)ppr110
1)) ln s i t it s Iiic1 l )i t (Ii b111 C )t
iri In1 () t i ll i other hand, o he idc
C(M 11111 ii .) ;s c id h il.i Iwto i-
;)ft111 ;t Ioo( race, t~ K C II, It 1111ibodly t111e
Itcda w l in t hottl tha 11111 on1
sCV(titil 1111 ho( Oth r1tams
11111110 t hav hi n wared to (°
0te 11 ~to & Co., a1 mi ca s
1111111ti ool th-lou rc 1 n1 i mIuosifa nnhot
whih ife Onith p g < o "Cult ure.1"1
to citiu 11111( wll be ho lish d 111 i Itlo-

ii lii t liii
whic is he \orl 1111 >)) tl l ~ lil Ilii"tl-d
Parl 1V'. iirc.w r i ii- ) Iut
11 10 hoainc -111011 10 -iw O
,' ' he c it -i 1dilas y arl S idl-i:~
Ake11 olhe111' 1ltur' m si ha er l au
110 1 i Iii ill
not-(- i tl ioto it 1 ,i1 i,1 ad1) 1sc
c c 1rd il0 i i i i i ii \ t i i t i i ) 111
it toiiil:
W11 IS. it\1110 1111111h11110 liii Wile11 l-
unlt g iu to n lilile 111111 ia tt) iiiit 11111 wtll
ielitit 1- 111uwr)ts c1ni1101- Wi I it
', a11 er.1 art of i i idn i iics i this ii l
;onol io~ iwatit ti n (Iifi~rt\e~
to l 11111lie i huhelsleverylda}o l ei
otls tlto 1111 hi01111111 anditihit e id1

1>tiill1 1
; 1 ,th. lii-

. millik1

11 1( 1I; 1t111 . - ot(I] 1: 11111111
111- tot It 111 C ot 1 tlttt tt 1 t
t' I1 t 1 1 1110l 11 11)1c ti
)(krII Ii li w i1 al
II ll O n heh a

- - 1, n m! 11111 1111(olcr.111c- 1
11 t rl - ll i 11 1i1 0I tll' ll 111111l;
1r c I i-1 () 11c ll-i- cii iiiii-i- Iliie
1c1t. 111 f it lc1' I 11 1-i III l1
liii 11 111 .1111c11 lc~c t IIr
1 tl11 11 <1 11 iitt l l)( f 1(
1111'x(' III ill( 111 I '1 ll- (
ill(' 1I il it11 1(1 iii 1 li i - tl
i(hll 11111 ItI ill'III 011c r ,
tl l l Ill i l 1'11 1(; ,( : c 11 lil
1c11 ,I-It ccil IIi 111i 1( 11ru tI

lcI1 thaioh to-- lfact I( 1111" 1
0111111 tm te allI i, too(cl
Ito hrci, l10 a11t o lii 1111111 th11I
't cvlatl1hll 1 1)10 111011
it()I r f i clto lt t fll, 11)11



NOT 1 IC 1)1 h\ll-I1) 11BY
TiC Il U I OR1 1 II III I III I1 .iloTS

111C I~to 1 1101 00111 I011
gg~to1 'e1 0 It It l 0Ck at1the
mcitiiii of tii h i l iooii it claiiiiioii 11111
\iis I",nily Fy, Mis kc l Iit-1Icy,
;I~sit Mr.\V~dacr, c huh-11an f O
01111 c1111 1i cc ih ilct har
l1, ,C c e t I"I'm iliioi iand I-li s ;1
;iss lii lii iii 1 it ss11 111111 111111 110-
Su -;sl lI ii f(7r it 111t cass 1111

I i t dl1ii 1 ehub tt ia l tht ill11 101a
i'o 1'ccas~tt 1111 t lbla intg Ite fa-
ii 10n111 lforici 01gan's0failurte
iii 11will 11 1010Allesthtis year.
"I 1 a; (1t(Ael i an artcle it t10
0 1111111 iiiit il ft 110 r11 pol1i10101 01010
;lthctcstha arl ause Micigattsud.-
IIC il, t o 0 is. Itistoeotlirely utruet
andcol liiit fat. Te faculty 0011
1 r 1 111ewth1110 010 t t(se ily, a1111 ga10
11e 1 e tIili oha11101thaIti Oittold
iii oliuhuhue li11 111nliti11110. 11110 01111, 1
think tot-ue if e-viiry other-o1man--
11A ad1 avnt1 u igle- otnstne
111111 1111 i Mild 11111 liithe otahitmet th1101
t1e fcl i s llo11 e'110111 Itililtit 111(1 isi


V11I A 1. II. C - 1. Sll 0(1fit 1 ,SIl( I, CICIII 11J,1. B1E

lC'11t'<l l1C'
it n )l hc,
' ," tPC' ll

1 111c w-~l111111110 - ill- leltc
i~r)11 till lil 1 M l
T() 111 110 Oliuili 0

11':L1lL i' elti If it av cclll


IliS n MIC' (f trin; a l)pid er
an. 110 hu new iterpr-otu iise arc ior-
riicl th t te\- an w taen rt cr 1h

I' ttu ist heli centrail principleuli i l l
dentiAgell ystedayaii rn loo t h
metnuft he111111 uu iiuu ; iihiiliih ii 11111
l(, ss to n a Ncw erI hal. 1)r-
A lu Il ru-uiiolr-u ii Ithlt il thu ul-luiits
ini life.
The pesidnt s i that1this0is111 0171
elf pessoism.uuh Tha t art toilliterature11
hial stated.Dr. :1n0cott cntInue
cs c n inustill the liiitut-in_. oh laits' in
thei u-omioioo -n ttu- siii ,

hub hotr 01111111 oigttwhotrohiyIItit.
10 arli liii thelis~t oifitons tobelisite0101
byth l ubu rn1111110thte-Cloitm1110 Iolt-
Ii - 0 to-ti--ySpecerBisoptll08,
thiiin tutu ni (d retdtl flatteringtog n-~
log ctihiit g t ooo-oiheo-1025 otd etnig
11miry1, itholltowingtitie01110wto!! be
ottiohited a to he li o Ctan11011Rapids.
011 it iii C ity, IToleou De~trot, I-ao
Ciiy. SaCginiaw00.andiI Flint. 'T'htere is a
posbltyta ohio- Mich~igati 11011 til!
-sin t out rt 11 II 11r111 liltj111111011h 2.

ItI/i l ct fe .teIi i l\ll~iti [/1th S 1110
1The CT tuluto oil f Nebraska tis -ex- i ho Itch are lii i Itohpesn
ti ng; itioits 0caim111s0bto- 1il ite- lots 111i hinnv r iyguoiuiiuu o I makei them u tut
ott t-e adjac t roeeto iu-s, a ptillI h e iii iiiolu and io thlitiilu -111-

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