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November 07, 1908 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1908-11-07

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CAN YOU i l' I(t \t ' NI'AFRt-t )t1I:(NIAbF ClIIrCKI7R
Did I RFOS A ('Ii.\r 1,1 N UMMik I [Ol'I AAI.N' N' IS \SSUL~i Throuljhout school days, college
Did --- cays, business or professional career
I ris last rin; it wa ricamce " I li i fo r chess andl cheackear, <"2 thei Conkllina Pen will serve yaii faithfullty and make
Y ou (ta esnC il,'n rne e alb are progrinig favoralyl. 'telve wsriinag apleasure . You don't havye to coax it or
f LO fo ilhstpin n c act ali a v nter ed iil e chs fess wrih it to gt it to write. Because of its won-
hdea uc itby a lie:~i~ befor 1 lyihadaneulnme in tic ceck- firt Strbalrbfe priori ileink respondsl instantly atthe
I i ii iiiil i~-~ili aui iiilaiic~tiui siincr ii iCIiccI-The Cell q tlrse"ti and toaintains an even, teady flow to
See Those It~q ihe caa'a iti o iia lli aw rauaaiiicut. 'Ph5 Contecata arc rcry See doeed the lai dt.ol uther greatI advantage of owning a
e i ollowa l Ic a d it wit hic iiipossibltot iuclk j SE F
neiluint Innt i 0 A;Kviwru cisc ofe dhre il CONKiI. N'S FILLINGp PEN
TO E S _.N\iitation iiii ace (-iri tic will iiti-l percaicat i tuu r i of gatisa to1 yo'r never a itin it ink. Nio matater svhere yost may
chaacer arl th of th plin or upon lhir etcedit ini bcti liar chesas andi claccia- tae--itt yovi: rooiii, i, (uire hail, atI tar paost office, telegraph
th u bro on wihacmaio er matichia tail1 b tcho ca tci lot- the- two- otlice ir hteilt, oir on the traiti-all yout have to do wshen
AT iii~ subit tei'ia whlichi air- to repri-sent tic clb, ynour Conkialin Pcn Is ,its tot rain dtry is to dip it in any ink-
l'eini i d eiaial Chiampions tatill lii :-ii-v-ral w ell, phress the Ccc See ntFillet- anta yiaur pen insiantly fills
3. byi the liiir of th <rjr nata it itlse1f anta i readiy to wirile. The snote simle nmovement
The iiiicl iitt -hs n lc also cleanto it. Noti airsy droppae'-tn spilng iof ink-no
ticf iiic rhccr clacasln ania thint inte-rruiito yoi-ar Iita iof thougtigi. IHandome catalog
Q uarry's1 sit t piotassiritof i ii a a I tiiiiiant Niacia ioc tarctiica as diratat fromte marfi~rdi, The' onklq ens ,31
I.Tenh usrc owthl lini adaaisninta havte aaaiartdtia Manhatcia Blar, Toaa do, Oari, 'hConsfPens o.t3.
tepize ill cas ineeilaiaa poe iilaiiiiiit dlalcns sent oaut lay 1lictaigaaa. Sold in Ann Arbor by Geo. War's Two Book Stores and Sheehan & Company.
- tc i;. Th aiieii ann it il thisa coii lica' chili con carane. Ak Isa- tri-at
M~oney Loaned - r test l siaiiid ith a prm i ai Cotta-g- haiti. t
tnatn ~a pd~ ~W los iii een \iiia .ai t a it ;;o i(e ,a
as~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ m aittai 1ar)aaa iise-aaiart-it'.op<'co - NtAliaIm l l is thnil aler lt'aaiiiiialh 'f111 Ll1I~ ''
Watchesr undt Jeweltry repaired. riui t -tt i tii -tlic- who cii erria' a-actusia ali thc cairtai l i~II Ul~~ l tl
Iargatuns in Watehes &s Diamonds r-i i iii lii I tce colars tadoapte-a ha a ci uaattatt c A CoLA .& ALJjULlV
Offtice at resvitesee ati F. Laiberty St hr cii at alana t a tr an i Jillia a, rca . ii e a86 ally. a
Anti Arkee.___________
i9 p.- 't at ta his toi rapu aati." su Prof le tare doata expert siatcha repair- 20-0 ~T AINSRE
AiLai 0ivtrca is rritencIAd Scait - rna. rftis pani ii tals a a iii c inc f8. Hlter's Jeiwelry- Store,
JOSEPH C. WATTS aiircerasuhie a 1)e ibl t heIili 2a1a S. M~ain Si. rod-t£
'aside hriningaa - crit t Ite in e i iii piini, fnks, as oonats, iii
J L Y tiy If enoughIi i iniira t i akenla in th Ilia cur uatd eclutsive designts, at Haller's
J ~JI U K SJuaaaiy circ, aid S. Malts St. cod-II
a~ al\I: '. i'ui ones al of a si a na _____________
OYSTERS. Ic he poems arc not 'Ic of Vins e mtaike a speiatyt al c aterintg to the wants
STEAKS, tuti afte \alrrh ii oo sett Wo 1rc In as . glovs rand atalira cle-antar of college tmens sahti deviaand that sottethaing its
fs~ila Cnra CHO S NuauaI liaarliii liiI tlsa aut ita.TO . StatcSt. rc-clothes calleedl alale( it s lot that fcature that h.
, Toat and Coffee 10aone alo) aist:c to hi cili ws tag i thei n l i 3''Iti-aoa Adler t4 Co. Cutlomi Tail ateat Stilts anda Overcoats
atut e I t i it ' ii N R1: t'i i. We catisc i at une n
51 cia ,ait 'ii a a1 or a iliiui t SE-NIOR I.TTShave thte renastattino irilal tagtie best isa Amserica.
uIna alr ala, iu iu tutu',, peai r 'Ne iton C'. rlad h is Ntcin-the Catra a aun ctt i n tse ofl Manshtttai shi ta,
at icnp a iail a tii 'ao look i bt p ier i a NI1 liga a la ofi(, Prctice court is oni. Iav ouac ati tpe Sils-es Colar s ania tilt t-atic Neackwaear.
Wath uhe TURKISH WINDOW llc ihas t alw ay- taccia 1<yr a n -rcigr Writing doe at tllifle & zewssalki's.
an eve a cla I all he l i the tus a autat alt liiOur i ~eiiu t liesa taught Usathit propera
lto i;abl. ciiin. tat Suth State' St, 25-coa _____________________________
PIL OW S an 'Ill-If ut tiou a' tour optcal as-itc lose
3f ii IAusas 0 tutup bi bic 'a pura 'acit tt iara ita stitt btue satisfied. Itat- i g
T,\ IT W.i T iii ma phato italir a lt'tu I iaicto- Store. 2a6 S. Main Si. cod Everything in Furnishings for College Men
BANNER Lt in '(ha h i hatei Nala Na Colgil tutu l for college taitno -
A T WSiN -I ouuutaa tinto TIcn ti on -
atng btt cccii '2( I l -ai an c atuc - 'tilts. tilti cent s. WTagnter & Co-.
ot I tier andia talitn it' I ei at t.iti i M e ts F r i h ns&M leu )ii r _,f 4-36a j g
.. il, ncs cady rd "Aoll,;,For the Parliituiar Discrimintating Trade
_________________________________________________ toi tulae tht i de t odyito 'till,o ets p'iii or hiiiii bo es direct' -
pffotilt hulard tai 22n rligtIi. Crnii 1t0talI)It laecary Ata fel IN FINEST SHOWING IN THE CITY
V. 4f M. B&KB2EK SHOP Jefil nS.lia -.1foi 4 3(iC- si= pant}
J. R. TROJANOWSKI. Prop.____ __
iiAI'lAI'ii e ttitt OL t i to''FJ i's BTt 1 Is tls s N NTal Iauatr ItutOE 11N IA )
I d u ldelai tautin, sia aui. Teqlephteandiaall tatdtrai coit ITIERCIANI TAILOR
mak.tt~ a 'i'e. -o e Rcuct a(atla uit a'aaua tEI~RING AND PRESSING M C u
3220IS. Stete St. Ann Arbor, MiCh. uisia it as a'thenv 3catq 20 N:. asinton St. _____________________________________
Phose 355 tell
~ ~, a a this~ 1110.0 ilks not a large price to putt into a gtoduuit tl
~ J. L. CHAPMAN, Jeweler
Choral Union and May festival ALARM CLOCKS $1.75
pnoc at o ALARM CLOCKS $1.50
Htanmlin, Bronotein, Gabt'ilowitoib The I tlnacalit Tt' Watch Repea.t.-.g aSpeelalti'
'Ihonino Orcheotra (60 piees), The Choral h nuon (3l0 aniesi 1 e a 'alta
tler Stars to he annoonced. R w ' a n r
Tickets on sale at THOMAS ROWE, Prop.J
Reserved seats and tickets on sale S C Hno OL OF ir m US IC P.326 N. Filth Ave.

at S. L. A. Box Office U. H. Office [ Ors tudent canvasoers. -'Liheral commission allowed to ticktsl to jn New 'Ptonte 45, Bell Phone 451
hours: daily except Saturday 4:00 to ____________________ MAKERS AND DESIGNERS
5:30 p. rn., Saturday 1O to 12 a. m., Ifl[ [IND[RI OF 6IRAND RAPIDS. OF COLLEGE JEWELRY
For Ar-ts arid Crafts Ftzrriit~.zre Haler's Jewelry Store
is well adapted to furnish students' rooms as well as 216, SOUTh rlAIN STREET'
IIIthe dots. We have a nice line of these, also carry -______________
Special Reserved Seat Sale everything inthe. line of Rugs arnd Port Large Collection Antiques in
thers, to maske a room cozy anid comfortable. Brass, Iron, Copper snd Chinaware
9 a.. m. Safkurday, November 7 M ARTIN H AS aL E R Stuident des.
Fnxn-nitmnre. Carpet and4 Drapery Store Miss Florence S. Babbitt
STUDT -1 319 Last Huron Street

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