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October 25, 1910 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1910-10-25

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Vol. XXI.ANN ARBOR, )IiCiiIG\.N,'11.t-1 SI)\ 'I' tl 2,Si T9110.N.i

Vol. XXI.

No. ig.

EFFECTED BY YOST sCo ger . nis 7oIs ii iSOSITS TEETH 1151<II, Mmticfli' 1< t(,ii OSIGPROBLE
meato____ w to Find te Lai."'' he ot dsp teth fat hte l t' I oaf___

Thorough Revision of Varsity
Line-up Results from Badp
Work Saturday ;
Yost camte to the concuionothaitt threet
times was oftens enogih for a Michigao
eleven to display miserable form in itst
gridiron contests andi the expected
shake-nip which was decided pon Sun-S
day went into effect yesterda. Hav-
ing determited upot a new ea, tiese
coacih did a thorough jot, moving te
reguars aot until they scarcely rev-
ognized themtselves.
Mett who iave gained fane as tackles
ocpied te etd positiots, ettts payd
at half, ad atogetier the Varsit pe-
setnted a most novel asect. Edmunssi
andt Wells sere te players womst the
cotach chose to guardi the lite's extremi-
ties. Cotklitt was motsvei over frsms
thte rghsisde of thelinettteilthtie place
left vacattibi "Big Bill" atttiCsle was
at right tackle, a positiotthe isvttfiles
with sccess inthie past. Catains Be-
brosok rettaittedinit his oldiberti, wiile
Quittt, a newcomser ott the reglar
squtad, lisedeup t thte rigit of tie cet-
te. Boge wsa the ssapperbcck.
Thotssont atstlMagidsohsitswere in
their osld places behindtth ie luteeittt Br-
coske was te cioice at half wile Pi-
ardi ratt the eevett from the qtarter-
ack position. MMillant was ittstch
bad sape after Satrday's gatte that
Dr. Kiraenzleins kett iindsott the side
lines attd Greettwcs also ittpor eo-
Witis the exceptions of Picarti at
quarter, the prospects seemsto ishe that
yesterday's liitetp will be te regtlar
one Pattengil ratt the Varsity sbs
int their sigta ractice attdi will be muschc
ssectit inte Varsity sackfeld s qualsrter
an attl af, as soott as lieaccustomshitit-
self ts the positiots. Te coach's platt
sesms to be to use two sets 'of acks
attt withsffvc veterans adciTomsontss
workinig behitidt the lise comsptiions is
likely to be muchit seeler ad the work
snappier. Freqtuent sbstitutions will
be te rule andelall of te ses are ts
be used.
The prospects are tat $dsssnsds atd
Wells will do migty well as eds ad if
the cester of te lue is sot too muttc
weakened te cage will be mtost we-
come. Thsey are bott powrful, active
ten and swil ihep the issterferessce ads
be powers ot the defenses. As receiv-
ers of forswardi passes tieir heigti will
be of decided advatage. Wit Cok-
list to te left of Betbrook te left
wing will be well cared for if the big
captainsusnceeds its regaininsg Iis last
seasos's formt. Cole has saticasses-
viable record as tackle switother etc-
venssastimay do as well with te Wo-
veries. Qunns is a steady plaer who
sould be entirely reliale adsay be
developed into a valuable sat. i Boge
learns to pass well, wills a little nmore
practice ihe will smake goot at ceter.
Whatever te otcomse tf the shift it
canniot welt e for te worse. Te in-
(Cntinued on Page 2.)

purpose of tisi is tt fisethie stettttan tl
isight int the smetod',ssed by a
racticing attorney its lcatting ue lt..
The sethodo(f istsructein si edsiss
ermtedi isvMr. Cttte "Tie ltill
sethod," sial is, reicirig te vstdet
ts runcl ccwns actuacl cses 1and1 1octe
hemtseitier inte s te reorts or in
ith' wtorkstf sotme cstlstr itliciti ill
oss telaw
Mr. Cooley gives tis coetitoveric
tirty law schools isstie cetal ciii
westerss states,1and11his is ish11fisfthlsear
sial it hsosbieessgirensere
Thse cotarseis nosonotslysi tohir
year Iset, butt pitnse leig made isi
Mr. Cooicvyts etsscsinithspscsrigand
present ittslthescotiliyiarIIstdetis
Republicans on Campus to Actively
Aid Gubernatorial Candiate
Ass effort is b eing imade to ltrach1
every Niciganll viter' illsool bylie tl
stivt'ersity in te isteress ofth ie rent til
cgssidtacs for 'tie rolr of te stlt.
Thact a toiroutghicanvas 15mayi1hestsc
of te 51st'lnt liiiiytan111t1 xpieitelii t
woerkcf iorganizataiontl, cliisexiecivelin- 11
twho were elected srintelhle clubiria
sellfor lt' primary cat~inpin ls
sprng. 'T'is c etlttihicIIhcnis
if rereentalt'i'Ppsllie,'is fo
esery clcsss illte livt 115ersit, w i lmee
its tie Uniotnsclubhouselolthyi teigfo
a smsoker.
It is the acnosts the111c'ub11o id ini
te election sof teentirstaetiki
The damessiof ev'ery site nteuizr
sit' is des'irdlboyit'e clbinodrta
sroited st'tosisenitht'omestotlti.
.A mat~sseeting' t illted 5forl ii
sweek at shichs aliorttr~l atoa
proissnestee sill bIll'eli inc15ipal1 1ti
tractioun. hAsy Mie'chia e icc tsiMii Itl
will assist with1 testikoftht c
is requsetediIl t lt ' 12Jles iiee
1230 and113:00thtissaftfer-noons.
MMI,i,AN HALT5,1,'ilINJ'
Dr. R. A. Boll of 'ckit, Chiniat, sitn
Chacres Ewcaldif BuleosssNAyes, iSthli
Amserica, 11wo1of it'Neltiii,'itigridu-
ales whit hcave reetlyt reurnedsitfroml
sundaiv s'eening met~l'ig it.\McMillni
Dr. 1B1l1, whosiismeiaetl in lsetic is
te prearatry s ttl ai teinispok
tf te rigit citi srie exam,'lliain,
swiichs the Cisisese gvl'rrnmlslillsrr(iires
of ever stdletles'irous of aitsoti-
portunsityIto stdyin llAneriet. Bltis
process Il limintionliil, the leti of
scholacrships is sectsrecd.
Secretary Etwcl, if tie Sudets'
Christicansassociationssat the l'st rsili
of ButensiA yrs, sttcledltat ite ta
enrolmtenttof tie Stss Amer5 ia
school was as lrge' r lrger thanstha
of Michigan. 'rie ImeicilipaeliyIne
is especially spsopular5and1 clims or
tans3000 studslents
University of Misissipp~i hasssbclitshil-
ed all fratersities.

- - - - - thc t\vi) sc lI()(d; wiII slot II('C't ill ( )Ilc of

Discord in Western Athletic
Circles Evinced by Daily
Maroon Article
I"\a slo , II., ()et 111.-,ro leii is
itcc Th ats intc sittitti',' asits11
basis n the 1lleged superis ios on-
111111 it u lia iti t No111'tillstei
huh i~e-isll illpuish th olown
wtitet ii es into'a requist ifrom'i
Tililt Ii 1111111 tilli
iii ( satisist, sit'
l our etter f no d tahedu ti
k s N al ' 11111 1111()n 1,1 ig
th ate c, I have 'sidec idd t
wo ldberearedwihlitle itertll
esthee; tt 'ci lig of 1111 is te
tti(st i J~p rl i t its Mof stilts
baiael hs ro sit'lite iioug Ih h'
tkil l1111heretonghtand I hope
to t s i i ime t iluse ifor
Salndli\ mornng' tisu li I tsr
to i111111illsthe l inep ad th
sit r fhu i tts, ii ac t is 11 to1 li tc.il
I ci~ 111cst lt ii ie 1111111 il
At le ic ' iti li
liitn', iswiith( 11.1fom 11fiiat Niion w tith
wI tct i mi' iveris itiesi t il conference1111has
saill in Ni' S iS\ieater.,. Wile ith
strngt 1fthe riv l iircst' itits tat
l it ic thet uptis iias'' N t th till s ''
N bt l ii tilts Ii Itn il'ithe in'cti ay
'tha followed, dissattt ttt 'il'sfactinticroipped
''Oillitan llhar o tyll'slt.5tll'ts sel
i o frn ctli ii sitilt. l e al o

lt o tim eitu ist sn-.I
Ar i huh M icii'
vadii s Iistis -rtis l o C
for al hC did o h t s illi
wih sits N d felssue1tha
rejiceslist tl tis
N.ilts .\itstaI
liii NitI~tts',ti'ii la)t>
its it ttit is strai I 'i stm
lt'e iliiec t w is I itiehla .i
wthii'thelii ('111inldi' s hld ?
toi a o lii o sc1111
New York Club' W i Il Hs
Distinguished tiuest
's ii sits of i N il g,s) t 'ii
N ttIc.lit'illiih' hildss iSIturdit
J iii iii i, 1011, it s' 1'c
sT rs'fair ill be ilst w (I
cmnatd i the' Astor hts
I ii stiltn to aeelpeavpeitt Nvntit
iceta i s havesissil I r list
all th 1n ra11 1,1 S;15 i ' 1 ' (
det tithn, 'eicn ~n
NtIlilin~oiste track nIt
won1 thei vrs istys'letter list
tucs ill are ilswardedlt 1;3i
ite bloctuk "1" tt nttst '.

slits Isili Mrs, Martin, Michigan Gradu-
ira. ate, Talks Before University
ii, Nt Women Tomorrow
gal 'T'am l l r 1(w Icud ShtotrbtNicitil, ideans tf
7" loohr ,me triteIIll Uiersity, will tseak
stilste 11drtsheiiauspsices of theisi'.sociatiotn
atdaict o lcgae :almna~ce, Wednsesdcay.
la's es s Othiv'Is20sit 4:00 IP. il.,inl Scarah Cat-
\vcll:\m)- 511hal onti' "hlousing tof
- 1ColegesilIs." Al11 pesotnsinsteresteid
,NQLi T iltls lt 1stiluh tre ttrgedti o be presenst
ve Many its. Nirisnlis hIerself a graduate of
is he _inverity sitMichsigcan. Thse cx-
cii iiihord uste SWostnlt L~ eague
is1)i 1ws1siytsiosissltit alcoilliiege womsen
au d~maet tn civ tiltiar wh tteer sleges are
11115'' loi;th' iis lists.
)t, so. ill s5i ilti ii of the mtter tihe presi-
if N\ iili tli le t f th e asgise saiii: "This is ca
t trisisrt1t 111 Iss itt'hich ' tisiss'ow fcacitng here
it isi ii its, attid tne tvhic h we hope
is liiolmve thefnstososut'e. Foar
;i e ti r a s ti rse'ar particulaicrly canxiosii
ii ii Nhallt: 'its utiutisti sismenstmulil sear Nirs,
ic r N.\1I,'.N .S'i"l'iNN I RSTi
(' t S NI li 91itiRSI11111 SOCIA..
criusAi- ~c ItOlutitdre1d 1'tilt'l't of the
\ ra lih;;a '~ttentjoyeth' ie first stita
. (huclst lSlity.5 Alsnumbter tf fcsc-
slit haeiecS trisigcr's oircesctra were
yset (i hn tifrnisht stttmssial rotgrams,
isst wihafe WItIs' rIfreshtnt s atidicigcars

Local Correspondent Accidentally Brings Together
Long Lost Brother and Sister

Situ anissi ni t he ii d ' . 5 it
ii teso ''It rii' int lisii',Th
''lits ini lii t se tcil \s I :i
12 ttislit ' i toug a n 'iii' i stii ' - l-
usser manysyers of s 5 5 21an

siles oill ch othri
pe irc ) luS -v

sits its us itu isr
yearit'r is listsr

cai iss tsci iniasihotrt timse. hut thetn
iilist, issl wit le neititeerbelieveditime
oter dta, still st'nciul nt ble suree.
N vii us eehCs 1311go wtenthescfiootbsall
isa WLts su~t sit the like' itn trciing, hir.
Isist giesitte inter'testeIiied in the ebc,
and hel uisedii to gusfrequsentlyto iiwatchs
test. IllicitfItiletnewcsapelrrepotrters
i;t hoshllst'usoldi macnt ctne day andt
sttiu it 111tH1 t ltiabut thse t. It.
stidl 'a'1 gt I stry,itandwith a piitusre
s ts'stteis hut od la cksistst wcasiu-
l stsits sineoftheit papeurs Thse sis-
te1 L\' 11ltistilt ianittul spsiteisf thse
lis-cts i''as t iciead smae s e rsbt-
er h c1-1'iic it. She sditdistwait
is wrile, buttcatie right aliong tos see
film, fosr she(ill hivitsusat Orsonvsille its
OakilaisnIestitis, lust titer the lisse ott
tii wc t.ist rom 5 isittctt isv Nr. linisg
vas ocrjsisesit and he hia5sliotssects
wii thu to isiseihits siste rest ltlie

usorei Jilthn ittbins11knowntihe ci ut
titr," m i ltĀ« Mrs. N sitr's. 'lis
thir it e weris et l filled i t]]til iherit er ii-
estsia storltlste-hot]l svedtaI
theirttrs csam1111'11a11kutotusem sfrom
the dad ttr Wee's, 'induahterh' "cileii
tes cesedsuto usites, blceius thaistheylu
cottuld etcetaittlsy t 'll'ii t an w y hesari'of

Today Dr. James B. Angell. Ncwbcrry
Presiden Emerius
4:30 P. M. Speaks to College Women Special Music Hall

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