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June 03, 1911 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1911-06-03

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The 'ichiga yD
ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN. SAT1I) 35Y, J301"7 3, 191.

Vol. XXL.

Ni a. L74.

Keio Players Meet Defeat
Before Varsity Ball
t11at ga'vitmite champipoship of Ja-
1pan1, tiel iOo Uniiversit team was111
,'vamped iby te Wovries ystra
to tititrite of1 201 to j. Te1 score just
iedte laria figihts1oft-it (f te for-
ig itithers andtiti tithiatiog f te
\liioigtttiplakyis 3aliyiheaded(iiby' Mun-1
son11, whio ih t31tiit ttly i tetitsou t oftix
iedtwitt1,' 1311errrs ~ll l witlliii-, 0
any ga1111, tatttiysterdaity5st-to wso
of tiie i long trip, Iro 1'r 11tIllnt- ilt'tuys
and 1n tt t iehivet'aciled tweityi-I
c11a31,till'ast. Thejitcers31 seemed1, 1to
have itthing13m11 hio lt heNiitdtll, aniii th
methind it tohemtad3rori tt rititical
iomt s.t' rfitilfact Iltelss 111hall, the
have alllo£thietir'matp11311ott Ofthei
31, 1331311 ttf base11ba 1 t tttion3t113111;
11311e0a1b1etttheti ld t Il it t'e r tic
111311'31 11111'st itchervitfi Jatta',utas,
to insure 110105goto i game, soiln13111,re rwas
1-li9-11111hito sIXhangel thlppaosc. o
tit Ertic 31311111ta il 11011t t thid ittn 1111
\ihith, tcoreoneto one.1Ma'l toin31101111
th(ie witsiner toPtge inied,) n

____ _ a

Al a msetigof teilto p131311Niti stot
last nittgit hofollointgntoiatiotts for
netioytar1'03of01900rs11000e11311-ftl0 11001
1,, N,. Sls'1'llrr; fttr 3 v'ice-reident:i1I i,
NI', Nitller, S. S. (Irossnor, 111111C. G.
('aro111, fttsctry31:031L. 11 i. mttltin, 'N'.
H. 119y,10,i,1. B.Soh 11001131, anidiGy., 0'
- tristittro ; fsortrare'il~r.3I'W. NN 11ea11
C. Cartot ; ftooratotrical odelegate: 3F."1
W.' Wlittio; fttr Stbyl otdittor: G. C.
Cairont,'C. 3. trettit111, an11111- 1. 10911 -
'Te lWilsilO stoitety;;311' a1rectot'
t131the eniorsosthe la 113patmto 0111101
Mandolin and (flee Clubs Cover Town

Seniors Will Give Percy
Mackayes Popular Play
Commencement Week
w-iillll'e givlll yitheS o i rt 111 l'' 131313Ni, .
dayt evenng, 11ttltiltttt itIsaran '''1' 111l
''to ,So1,111.oPrmission 11 a, pr11111 t1th1
ply Ia ri di' t] x n fn) lt
autor,o cl i ti n htit0, :' ~ 1lto
lilte 11-d11111 for prot f tttt .01 i tl 1
:. heS care11 tttc33111" 311 tI 131 3nuay1713
iett' m1111-tilt d amttsiaciiir 0

iN ' t131N 111\ IAI- i). C 'i l M

l~ rt g tllgt 111311 f
siddito 1am
sin(g,,,ttta it rI '1c
cAGiin at evo1
1,c -M 'Sits' Ni .
ias t I 3~l
-Tor ' I li i
('. I:. l h 3,,:lr
11 1131

I 1, ( 1:11'?t>ii cl
,,:c calllpuil 1
. ,?c ci7l Ur"CC(
?"().,;,C d the tv
010 ()
Y hcc ullc fill] i

lI Ni -
T, 34

Tal lte

;r1 _ tt:


on Annual Serenade 313 t o , 11011 11 Ntex 111stecof itest
Two dry 311 1 it li 1 l11 d301111 it h aI' tt 1111 roanIt'' l i ttiand th ttmiaitt ill 1 3313
to _,s _"_as _ ___impr ssio_ 1111'.1__ heck Siislo,31 kb\.1111130 ... die 11 -ii
the________ortrie;ho se W r33111 - --tr ss- iith <: . e t tttl.... ....,~tt
axsiitiof iltt;11;. ottlsVs1 ii11111 1RBBDINBRA DYIGHT
ti specl ially 0'3I 11-i 31 I, 311 i1ti e e a lt \ ______Rdi _to _ .. .. ..
iett1 rd 1101 f i apiiitii 31111hlliit 31it inistersiy of Minnes taiTrasuret
1113 tll~ I gl',111.3111111t M i trs Rdeieved ..of ho$13,000
31111 313 )I'1113S ,N is 311ANN [.CA 0I, t [lil cl Mst er3111331t3 ....1.11113 11111 1 3 1)
1, 15 '1 tlIii O 1 1 l O \'(ttiI il, :Master 11'T'od 313.,.1..311 ie,313a3il
titA 11Iltllat oe 11opy1ofthe c131111 1351113 t Nime--baote 11e1en1131333313' ii 113
ihihitg 31 lis ick eted31 for313111 i p 1131 55 l . PholceI-3113133 13113113111Ias 3131 1 itt-
ixli g the cainii 31311011 13111131 tt' l BE BOAtiIttllttt IhithDAYLitITo
liaet to 1'lintereti 53 11 11 litheSileit t 113 __ -___________
ne-th .h t 1111111 Ei.D1rector 1lI Nil Nit-

Seniors in iProfcessional IDepartments
Must lie Approvedi
13. 33' il 3,3 1 - I S 3 -l .r 3 i t 1 ;103
'1i133 333ll l 1 c 1 1 l, t 't' m ,t at
3 r ~ ' 1 {tli'3 3 3 N 'i 1 33 33333311t1'
'iiattr 'pr! itt ( I'l SIll-

Athletes From Far East Mingle
With Undergraduates at
Rtatilt io ffRah..ftii RPla tKei!
A"g'tilofliling13t39, 'ager-ydt, 1311)31
3ote of it Keo ti 130000," -te college
hyni fthi ori11130 ll' alma 11011mater, ani
--ae th i s l -iti'il voiles inl tiltathletic
31131ttlcr, in appeiahoiitiontof their re-
,w1.Iittas ths tst tne 111310the co-
;ga3 frtth tohe 113a110 'Eas11a111migedl
inr:ra3 wti3v tlthe t 31 131 rgrilutitles of
333-031. 113 3university, lit spitie of a
'tt' 11,13 133 311131t'h twatrmthe sitihe
,, 33 133was1so 1100p33133t31that111the s tni'
roills 33 curious1Ameitcitnis, aditfossil
3 ,rdequston 1o cl311'e3'lift' ilthe
Itrich Ito httli s o l tie ing sJapn-
1313 13133 31 133en ts iet t o m, eet.11
d 3x Ke 33331 . II'a 1131 lit tit.h t-i', it-u
,:;re~ th retl4Orintas ad tei
j astic'hoss lrim is iclsi hei
3 3u ch On il,: L ii i'00ver 1113 a
3:1g-e or311estr13 la31d1colitge satg
I upopular 3mrcutes. a I tililtquatte,
33333 ' '13 13r ',33'ie fh -r31111is',1added01
3 30103113 a pe iton 1of'the3 333 at ese s'itii
11 w t 11 r s sedll itt 3 i v 113e if'It5'-
3 333331e 1111131in111th'sfor tiee110311
1313 1 hull 1115 ntph till
31'' 113 11.1the1receptionat the Unoni
Keioatheteswer esold to Gran-3
the liii'auu itwith i1'l 0
13' 3 uttes w llag ishe ittit.
c41 rncr~inc lr :PofandiMrs. 'r. C0'
Ilo lo it13hlir 10 s01311111 t i ut ven-t
itsna-wthsv ia f te ie
it"ring n<tt,hrtttriplalst 1131, and the
ac 31 3 iilion till' tjmi, will toerstrietd
r. '4 - klo n'ine andittt eIittofr ies
1' .Iii'i 1 E , 1111 ''WORK
111111, thiRAI~ 11N ' RAiNiNGl.
So '3ral11of Nil -ig19,131tracsk sud
wer 33n311131suits yesterday1taking ight
Th this iletehi, 1siking1ito 1break
rann too33 1' iith-ititl , wI-tointhuigPe
133111as3part ''1311"taeingtof)911 trtess,
contimteusnt illex-st. Suieot'hellt
n In aI rif ved.t 3 13k1'111idsto a ilte'. t
aheic cl131'for thill 0 titler tut lio
de li o eis i ti1h1111 lbeen liimade le
31311tai'31110ettornerliistates111that theIO

Jttt- it, ilim"
33133311 Iii ien
i - ott t he la"3
'-ii 0l l' itlfi't
33lc cc 3 it
tn It' f t t ,)
it MI tiatr )I
if'\ I' 33Ill
lTI ii II

33 I I t ('Yt-
3 ) lltt it >3 tI 1 t ii,
f)c Otr Ii- t, rith'i '3
11 23" , '3 , ''. 3
e - 'pIt m tIS 3 TI
-3, tr', lo3- ''I 're
31 ITO',1 31 5 .

't'tU31N I1NI tNf' 1POf8TP'lNi',]
Because o tf the 3shower5't'0113110031331
tero oniht tile ivl0two r 11ii1139 liah tt'1(f
Thoiirwa'rd1 were titstI 131110 utiul this
tmorinig. This isill nec'essitate' the 113311

'if) I'lill ,01'?1 lh''l';T'INN',
The Iroat lica iss 111111h
I inac tfollo1 1133ifornitt-oye'at's
)lti ' :pre-tsieIt I W ,I Illh t2i E'
Vice-pres31ietf I nii 3ox 3131'.'tra5
iiier 1131 10 I h er~iTtt"i: e 311ar,
Iobthsi Ntis I"13.
T11he lecionit w1 iitsh helId1Tuesday
tiigit 'it 7 3 'i 310z a d 3lloterno it ionstt'
must behandeintil ou Aonai

'thy iii 13333 3331ac
13113, tt iiiO p bi-
NcrofFaii c s 333 t )ntpi-,
Work 31' tittihi ii i' 331 3
Nitrtt , tl t ddrI
aNlqc v wa 3 1-03-1 11

Will Be On Sale Friday at
Booth Near Flag Pole From 8 a-m. to 12 Hm,.

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