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May 25, 1911 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1911-05-25

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Vol. XXI.

No. r66.

Michigan Loses I-i'-Fought I'-N LA iEOh 1,\ss GA.M?s.
Game to Princec by 5 F- St, ffffurfo. I
WN 1 ,(4'P'
to 4 Score Junor 11 t .....I fp 110(1
VARSITY SHOWS GOOD FIGHT f1p .""".".t z h3
Sei (o t tlttlst ..o 1 0110
Np /5 iatthe 1/o ic/hipan Ia/y.) The111' l101 ere1 the winners if
yetra 's am it h the ei ora
ltntOottt, N. J. tllayt'24.Pin/tontit's ics for ie celift championshifoff15
t 1(a1ttte IW olerinesthif f1- ttenouttt f1111(t tplayed thi ffop 11nt t gittit
inte ot. thrilling hal gme thattthff0them inumerals'iii 't'ofho kthltheji or'
((It 1111la1yed 1 fon t Un i it hlf tit 1 i t t oftttui0 d tersltitt clastses
s /Itt'on ttAft g ftut'uf i en'itthfi tot otttf mte waxs.T esnirm d
tem o rft sev/en11. atahaielt playai.itt f111 Doe nthiile ts Departe to 'I" ks
imiings iteT 1' iger al' id i ll ithe lst(11a 1 a, rt ID et at l harvat rd a
runs oly tt aveith villorsifihttbac t itt itco ibe inings
m ith mif nt O a1.1..-'ck i1. Itihata fttdroveIS i ((tO Ni
Tige ff itcher11 tttrtm ff'fthe lb an id t '11 l iten Ior ttit (('if fii ofoiofoio-f
tied he 1co itt l.t' t'tt.. ...oliLiit fit
Aftr hi N g ( ott' iutoted /t ttllarndt t i itltitgSti n m o ,1
Oio i am onidsgit' (f o ttteedast he \-Vlft ____________m___________- on an
tit tothtifi neit/il twnirlerto sop R KEt fb.1), \I. Fff f i -iI ii
thett. 1111ffli atdi t ight ii ll sared i
tingt' urienft/ dotth tw. V iltd i oul tt lleixl-t tttt i 11-1 lf
h11f its iti t' m niifi I bu/to t o runittilt ar it t tifH arvard i~t-
a fter tith OhadiO''' O Isl to le111111
vinihl unil he ighh w en hre 1siri 1 itsth en Mo iilK litt posill
counts 1 iifpe ythei ci gan V0 l efInes iicianff1eeser0rter~le
\ itti ollg''gf litttiand fol ifhi t i ffmeet l ft (nn 1A ff1r-ato -tiit
ttt 11 1ithe h ttin 'for the W l i fones,foh fo ff I'tit tti g btttijtif 11 1 ' y sK r~
oa i f t he0 fo i ''/te'v 011en toit d d a a nt t eri utn go n lt f tn n i t//tt
te100sulet1rottedgaff0/ t 1 ig Whlit00110 loi ilgv h un salgtw-
tthm o/ieu ~/thatl lre tet of lth' 1t- til t' too rttad u nF r tia t er-
Ogrsfi had to betsit 1foutitoutl, t hemfi . n-on. tfroi(10 igftolt ''0 ff
and te rally1had st(tod. it chelVl il'-ititi enteredf.i - itt ig on a tdast, ato to
1111sh ealivodt t o010lt af sdeiturd a dozntt h Nle1110 ffd/I te tr/i.
co nctd fo(1snle1eni el I T , 1(1 /11 22 tu/m ,Nit' a3 O tffh

tfit asrin fit ilffftNIO f;2fi' 'fllt.
VOSPRESHCHAETSYA KNflU1hlPOlfRAYE he Boardt Of/tugents(1 lu' in ssso hsmrnn hron at1 is
___________________ rfgulla10 May 1meeting.

Guardian of Daily's Finances
Is Selected by Board in


MIliHifIAN i/LI;tfif/ N TAK''E,
i-fill 'I-N'f'i ( I.IN IfM'fTC

tr -f ft-f if fft a'u 111 1t11I I l l )
1I f t I 'tJo t b i ct' 'lt ' 5
t(a I 1 cr la c i f 1 i ;t


f ii t
1ff ('ft-i

/ ff1 teff i tt - i o ' c r{1c im c
1' hit i ii hi t en t ft o(>, r
i-n if l, the i 1 ,fiit mft ff1 ir.Dil
lc '1 ft1 \i then t di t'Iic tr n
ms I aconat i teA c N CNJA
ths/1 , le ns rcnly ee td t



ni t tf he
If \60 ] I;.
Op itf k

Il/ g 11 hr l, ' ..b r f I '(t ' St
11' c 1 1 ff ft ('.1
1110 '1ff to- I /th(
are , c 'a Init- iii
for x' Iit lofal scluu
fil heshott If-fI ' 'tuft
NIIiln lufftlff("nffft
days auft1"o- andfon

i' 111:



. .

Future Woodmen toSpend Week-kind
at Third Sister Lake


1' ii,

W illam M~or i t I I tilt lit-
Oft, 1.00 flttiBlis
1 1 tII t~ /1 1 11 10 ti l if tIll it f11i1
W t I tttit t itn(°l hutteleted 1111 ft I

111 i fCtret -ldc1 tift o/ crt- \ it
fou nwnber oft h ft I if yiii 1 ntrl0
iii te itt iiiIr of, t st i nbic it
,ili 01e't' f~tolu fl the i ijrtT c-
ft fc et 'itio of I~h tf Ii ft -itt
:n a tI ' o f, fflift' f]o i t izf'fti 1w lift
Willsemve 11P)ia tient Fr of h tneo- °
Ga ah ic Builsd.Intwa chi Weekon
11dff l I iti 0'1fl} thettproit sfl ft ' nyI t
11(0 twho Iti ffertoi, i i it' o1tol
otf ithe / -1,111 (((t M~t f it i f11 ,11i Ilt
iii flit Ill-ithilttf
f it of ttif t hesulpxptet h
havebeencu-to no u'ttthefoo (fbI itt ii
hif11' -o n 10 the cff11115i1/.1.will uotttrcleasId
Ih hu-c it'tt iy eth t s i t ime ,'u Ig-it and
ifor'ft ithpa t wif fi t'f )ily(('K-iitiit
lllasttc1 l a'tf s'( Ho I/ftohwe . f1110 l; illt

Frdl c v(1 t ill se ahr iL' ~ k. t ' if
tens, ortunm'-m he fot
of u ratma s ipf. f
d n iltt ii I111 l1I' m- f-itt'
reqired ttt 1 the f r(I1 1 r1i1
i It lI ts \1 i 1 1ff ftt ' 1ff i
-T lt- w ' ill hef bru idk f r
sir to catIu I tu g it IIFida-
Son da ft '111ff '.. C'if' it I
mit ii heinf t '1 f1111 t t to.11
pe t if ho ti )f it he rsti ttg
f-Iitptly, ' In -cul, I' I
ft~ is ". l f blanketIsf . \r
11.10h ff11.0 ii ou f.
DON1 iYT huh KIN

)I di S 1
1 tl'l tutu'~

Senior Annual With Many New
Features to Be Issued One
Week From Today
t il i 1oifend f'uu o~t I /Kh t teeitorflu
dis (gar's1 au lt--I t Io sIh ittt t ' la
on tut'- t uft' ft IJune it 1ff volume t'it
dedcaetut .cmcrnJut u Chas"' s. tOshornf
anic -r I t of ' h -'iit .r i l-il "as ia
frc d I ihste111,Itf r theff11-
fa e f ,hf fitcfulil\.
I uotehiuuuuu hc fu tteed itodiut-tu
i f, fur~scl I' 11ff 1, lise l on t
Ide to 'thiifsu f ut-ier bok A
fns ls l- eot u 1, t i fu aticlesfu
;lcho. i o f the u (fl tlui/.T heotuu
Iv ret al I i v .ll(Ithe u 1'i i ff1'
ut-uaso tt 'fEhejo~ scit-ha
C I ot rl~ r m I I (fThef
If. i illc ld,.ta 'off fthl
,I I tiff i the i,, ll i i dedl i nto sec- i
0im iid c Ill th 10011 giol o if t
lgil ul. w s it lg nrto s
- tf' - ftrit u t ci o -' i/fa ifd ututffrll
wef t c 1 itod fue tul 11 1',1 tirit h t I-ti
fluf 1 ' Is I and u-iom ui thers w ich havit/
bv(uhf fnlu- 'I'('IeforN.S NNheI/i/lS w
I uuu 1' itu it ff11 uf 1t ov tirito(met
''tutu - I uu N u-ffpuut a -u-i-il.andu-tti
mobii uuo f -c tuftn '1If twat 't 11the
Aides tutu Ilitown.g he cart'n wa1/h
fi' roituumf t collecting the far . Te
coift a/indICotIN ii wofreIfl/SId'S
les, their utufts tuf te tuf luff en-tisI del-It'
fit-u I ii f 11 ite io o t e a
fn lu - N 'loft ii" tot theftll cfttcitf flf lt
utte regtis'itirt

I I s

wi h r;

", 111-- ..,

bo.uitu'uNutl 1111ff If

o arft rteai~ a ti~ itac1itt fn
nt~ I )Y I Iflt f l aI II I tt if ict I itt u'lft
111 tt i' t sex ete ( uin iltilt
nea f u uturet -tbutt'utuuneu-uu 1 f-u 1 eO1
if-illa it-It to u-t i lSto a;u a sf te-o forIt, I
Re ults-ftlui 1,uigter a 'itnt K 2 , ill fh-
hal(I I, dlla 1101ff /8-07,.112
i tt u titi lifct'- o 'li t fiil fuf1-0, u to~
u--i11c° uuif t uhsskh dl; Ii For' 'Ire:u

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