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April 26, 1911 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1911-04-26

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The -Senior Law Docket
(A Supplement to the f'lichigan Daily )
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,'as y 6 t
1.o rde 1 1lonss a.Bat hlole utc hre .Bar )a ec ae
Pl~au b ttotsnsle Sel Atoc husby . 1, t~uui, Tueds 0.Plsta b Radal & Pok we ebu

3 Practice Court Reports, 422.
Uairersity of Michigan.
Biill equity by tileSenior Law Ball-
quet Comlmittee algalinst A. Senior Law,
et sl., for speciic performnllce of it
complacitI) toittndiabanqufet ofltesell-
or law ciass at tile Hotli Boody ill the
City of Toledlo, Coulnty of Lucas, State
of Ohio, 011 April 29, 191,an~d for an
in~junc~tionl rcstrainling said Law ansd
olthes fromo attenldin~g ally other enter-
tainmlentl, performsance, reunion, or place
of amu~semnlt, or heinlg or remainaing
withiniltile corporate limitu of the Citieu
of Alln Arbor or Ypsilanti hetween the
sours of 1s o'clock 110011anld t2 o'clock
mlidn~ight 011 tse date aforesaid. De-
fendalsts appeared inl the sutit hy solici-
tors, an~d filed ass anomalous plea.
Prtt CURIAM. In the case ttow to be
determailsed, the plainltiff seeks the aid of
this court to conspel tist defenldansts to
pertaorm ans obligationin fcidelnt to ltstir
status as ssemtbers of the senior class of
the Departmnt of Law. "No trihunal
canl approachs suds a question withsout a
deeplsentse of its imsportansce, and of the
awfssl resisonsibility ivolvedinl its de-
cision~.' McCullough v. Slate of Mary-
lasnd, 4 Whe~at, (UT. S.) 316.
The allegationls of the bill set forth
thlat plaintliff s save arrassged a banciuet
at the htimeand place stated iln the en-
titlement of itis decree, ill pursuassce of
a solemn social conspact of the sensior
law class enltered 1110 illnmeetinsg as-
semlbed. This fact, beissg uncontro-
verted isy listplea, natst he takess pro
conlfesol . Pomseroy Code Remledies,
Sec. 469 This social compact imuposes a
binsding obligationso051cds member of
tilt class to observe its termas.1 Rous-
sean Social Comopact, Sec. 173,
Somea of tile defendanssmay be so
bsolsd as to assert thsat they, beilng absenst
from the nmeetinlg aforesaid, were not
iarties to the said comupact. Be fhat as
it mtay, the court is of list opinion that
the plea is frivolous ansd a shamn, for
thse reasois that eachs memsber of thse clas
is B, Pluribus Cln, T ?he Federalist
A'o. 78. Moreoser that famniliar maaximi
of agenlcy, "Qsui tacit per alius, tacit
iser st," in our opinions, finsds clear ap-
plicatiou illthsis case. 015 this pointi
vide Story on Agency.
Defenldansts by their plea allege that
plaintiff hsas a complete anad adequate
remedy at law. It is sufficienst aitswer
to this allegation to say that the inijury
which will result from a failure of de-
fendanfsuto appear in person at the atore-
(Continued on Page 2.)


Thse 1911 Law class bsassquet promlises
to bet-the most pretenstious isnlist his-
tory of thse departmnst. The commsittee
hart spared nso efforts to tmake it ant
evenl temer to be forgottess. Four msets
save sects secured as guests of hsossor,
the hearissg of ally one of whsons is well
worths the trip to Toledo,
The bassquet comsmittee is fortunsate to
save obtained as a speaker Hon. Brand
Whsitlock, Toledo's mayor, a lawyer, so-
ciologist, and sovelist. You hate doubst-
less read souse of Iis chsarmsissg stories. As
a speaker he is even msore entertaininsg.
isir. Whitock, as a police reporter is
Chicago cause in close touch wtll prob-
lems of crisminology. A wide sociologi-
cal readissg assdlist study of the law

save futher issfluesscedt iis slew posint,
usssil tostay Iis sussqsueviews 0ncrisse
ansdcriusissalshsave woss fcsrims a nlations-
at repsitatioss. He is the biggest ssassiss
Toledo atsd well worths hsarissg.
.ODass Hentry M. Hales, of the Depart-
mstnt of Law was graduated frossathe
literary deparmssenst of the Usiversity of
Mifisigats isa tffo, aisd Irons the Noris-
westerts University Law School iss 1892.1
IHe practised his professiossill Chicssgo
unstil 1903, bseissg iss partssership sdsrissg
list last five years of thsst tisse swith Johss
,Mayssard Hsarlass.its 1903, lise was calli-
ed to thsis usiversity 515 Tapspass profes-
sor of law. Thse regents of tsceusiver-
silty elected IismDeass of list Law lDe-
partmsenst in 191o, to succeed Presidesst

Prof. Btrasdley _41. Thsomsos, of the
Deisartmnstiosf Law, was grasduated froms
list literary'seisartsmesst of the Ussiver-
sity ill t858, asnd fross the law depart-
hnenst iss 186o. Be began the practice
ssf his psrssfessiossiss Sagissaw-, Michigass.
Iss 186,Ile esstercedlteUssited Slates
Arssy as captlains sf the 7ths Michigan
cavalry ansd served throughout the war,
He was smustered out iss 1865-as Brevet
Liesut.-Colossel, assd retusrssed to list prac-,
tier of law at ,Sagisaw. He seas smayor
of Sagissaw iss 1873-1875. Iss 1887 tsr
wats apintedsicilectssrer oss Real Proper-
ty iss the law departssesst, assdliss 1888
was masdce Jay Professor of Law whsich
positioss he still holds. Prof. Thomupsosn

hsss asssousscecd Iis instesstioss to retire
fross the faculty of thse law departmsesst
at lbs. close ssf thse presenttswhool year.
Charles Austins Blair, Justice of thse
Suisreise Cousrt of Michigass, is a 5011
of Austins Blair, the, fasnous "War-Coy-
erstor." Jsustice Blair was graduated
fros t hcUniversity, of Michsigan wills
thc class of 1876. Ile has beets city at-
torstey of Jacksots,Msichsigans prosecut-
issg attorntey of Jacksoss counity;l attornety
genscral osf Michsigans, assd siisce 1904 :0
jsudge of thse Ssuiremss Cosirt of this
slate. Ist 1909, the regessts of lteUssi-
versity, its recognsitions of Jstsice Blair's
services to cisc state Consferred tupossimt
the hsossorary degree of Doctor of



a .-
e y
. - _ _v
.._ -:. j .._

Depanrtentof IKali fig. ~~ffift-v3~rzrig~Jitt
luirdrst of iriauw
Delpartment of Kiu, it. enursitg of ~irl~ig1n, Orcrtinurj:
V~on arev wmnmanrto take ~ '~~if I4e mag bhe ftnnb in 1jonr ailitoicll, nub
4inm oufielplkeep, as bV lant requiredbandb herrin romnnurb, sotthat Von m4tulnr 40iobodbebfore
uo at a oession of thit o tnorable rcourt on N1ribnhl, 144 twrntg-righ~thi bni of April, in the jrnr of
ournr dr, Nineteen Ihnnbrd Eheven, bewenen th~e Iours of t11 a. m..anud 12 n.,
dawu n b au rrrto operifiralig perform, arrorbing to lhcamnn andent cnsotn,
th~e orbrr bgj thisouort prononnreb in a decreerenrberedb liiitisocourt in th~e canoe of Of 4r Oru-
ior iVangnet gonmnittee o. A. 'enior TiI4nw. et al,, and Oh nlyrohheby
A copy of tlhis writ, in fLiber 1. of the Ornior Kio Bforkret at Pagne 1.
with ab go ld em- *1Lrtrflf .ilkx Not and manke bne return of gjour doings
bossed seal of the hereon, nso unwnll anuower jonc ?defnntt unber thie painsoan penl-
Practice Court affix- ties of thee hant.
ed in this space willr
be served on mem- tU1ttri: E. C" Midleton, Tuerk of our oaid .court, the'
hers of the Senior twentgj-sixthj baq of April, in thr ea~er of our Cord, Nibeteen T~uu-
~. Law Class Thursday bred JEleven.
morning, April 27. / 4utstee.

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