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April 04, 1911 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1911-04-04

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G. H. WILD Co.
Opening display of
Spring and Sum-
mer Woolens of
Exclusive S t yIe s
The Leading Merchant Tailors
]Base Ball Shoes
$2.50 anal 55.50
ER. FROST, 302 S. State St.
Fraternity Seals

THE MICHIGAN DAILY. '"Yin livt," said 1\te.1t31,s
___ - The itay anidtnight ia'ised, ky to
Managig Edior-LEE A WRITE. twelve o'clockTtiursday night niocor-
Business Mananger--NoRMAxN t. Hit. rection or deniat caine fromi the thaini,
which was a virtual ackniswledgmnit of
EDIiTORiS. the troth of tthc stateenits_ made. At
News Editor....... tt..1arotd Titus miitnight the editorial wehichi appearedl
Assistant ...t...arry Z. Fotz triday, Marchsc1.'was writteni.
Athletic Editor...Walter K. Towtrs Saudy eeingApril 1, AN r.
Assistaint........ J.Fred Lawton ischeati pared in h fieo h
Mulssic aiid Drama...Earl V. Moore ossaittrsets viss ii iti
Exctinsges aiid Files .... Dior I. Birney 'tat, aiiidIfarthe/cfirst liite critiiethe/i
Arthur J. Abbott. C S Lasher.sigiaiivitii
Pal Lid.Thii stilte'int that lie re'porte'r saiii
Faut beidy. te ssoiiidit"enlargc' uitn theIstorlurs
A. J. Wohtgensoth. Hlarold McGee. Iiintriicer enel Ewr 1 Rbe apasthn-ta ologa h~r
ti isPotet EwrdI.Rheticle ioul attract aciipathr it sas 51
NtJairice Tasstne
RtI'RSER. icomie ; hut a hrit iiet swilh/i sirs/ it-
Lore Rob1/insoni IHarry Myser icrii liiit bcseiiiii iio sar lic.,
Johiiif,. Cox. F. E. Shaw, Jr. 'ITiclepint if lhe eitialitsc de-
Ernest Burton. E. M. Waksefield. tense if the /biiiiitnit iii encouage-n
Johiii1i. 'Townley. Wallace Weher. .ii. f iI
Geraldt J. Stay. Einsmett Taylor. Ieli lito/ihieaitsii I itivciiitiiitiiccu/i c.
C./aod1tpple r. J. Selig Yellen.Till i n iiititiiiss1 i c
Rohct t11 ttilltt Win. TI.TDasighierty / itesiiii /i: iitti.i ,ii
BUSINESS STAFF I/icbaudiii . hiladi/iielph/iatit '/Il/sob
C. A Bowman. A. K Dilley. ab/itt iishnitriatthI/ici o sitofthe foss/hut
Ntyei Rubii. Kenneth Osborn. iisoiii tic iiiciiis haveiiic nhcii it
intl ion tiis trips/aiiiithe ii ssuppoiistiiest
I1". Bay Johiisoii. Eier P. Griersoii e/Iue.iaui/siiisp t I
C. 11. Kleinustucks. Josepsh N. tFouchard. w s at ctse sossssth/c to dropif I/i thatii/is
Tilb im osbet kep teog uat tgsethier.---Ikse' 'is i iin s/ue NIit("[-
Address: !StiCBIGNiuDAILY, Fress Bldg., ii;s tDsies, Xiii. q g oi.
Maynuard Street. \i'tave us, apolgto makiiii e f« ri(,I
Office IHonuos: Mansaging Editor, 12 p. lier I/ic slurs or theeiItorsial. If apiol -
iii.- aiid 1s:00-11:30 p. in. Daily. oups is i/sic fromiieniii niiii and,'iiii / i l
Ilusincess Massager, 1-5, 7-8 p. m., Ex- it is, it shld //ciiiie froiii ihe suassa c
crit Sunday. IBoths 'phones 96o. uscut 'if t/he andstthe /csut ibodi/,
____________________________________ and__ no t to /i the sii '.

v tl', NN/
'm i itt ris/i s il. il
th i stt tel / 1rk
11 ll \/, C'N/N t i:\ I
sirs ' ,\l\[.'S Is /
itr . ss e )/ tils M ich
N/i1' /iscat f l 13 l. i
i/sl)at l Cii ts//s "is ;

S ationcry
A fresh supply of the best
styles at

'S t ts ( ' ' ' ) '

and Z5c
Per Biox
Have just received a brand
new lot of
At 4i5,()j cA o

University Bookstore
Carriage a-nd Baggage
o lois tici, $.. nfser I2/an/clc
ii,'t'Deiunkiitoeorsfromusio, the
r c.:ii 5 20Crats . I_ fcuarrs/citoi
I su/; -sairs, i/ic price will he
ti''sci't'iiirei 4 t collet/ct csi
:saii d/ara-,,e service.
stit n Fis'cV

", 1.;

Npil 0t/ //c ii s anii freshiiieiigirls'
Ivl in a.ls/ ali Barbo/ursv.gytras-
Nprsi' 'I/i' ti-sc'tt sch" givn Eby
N /.s- s/care c/ass, ini SarsuhsCaswell
\' [all, it 8ao''tick.
N/si - S. C. A. Elctio of sifficers.

I..S1iii"R /.AV//s To T'i'Acii is iIOUs ri i '.
/J. .Stasrr tashisi, 'Ii, wil i/aveItonic'
for It iiigttiii~hiiri' ti' wi'lct/ c'c'ssssi
si th h/u'nughsh dei/'a/imiitsiin'i theisTiig
sito. 1aslier fintis'ed ti/s iiii cr~i'sis
'iaeciy ortk i ts'tinFburv 'suithIss /ss
piursiiggrauteiiworsk i's'sr ssie then.
fie has bsetn amne/ir .of the NI cii cc
/sii1,s'vstfffor two sas.
I/ecasiie' mainuit-iof its miimbeir:;ii ()'s1ii(i
iiiot otib cin i ti/is toisttc'slsths/s
iance scheieds/ fir MNlsii/s, NApril
i7thtihe/silUtc''rrySoc itl c/sbi/scag
edt the dctis'to 'Th/iu'sia'. .N ur is 2.

Nc' /S

t l Nr

U of M Seals 5QG
High Grade Linen
Paper by the
Pound or Box
Let us make you a
dye with your mono-
gram for your corres-
pondence paper I
Stusdetts' ]Bookstore
Largest Stock its Michigan
Second-Hand Law Books
Law aind Medical Dictionaries
Quiz Books, etc.
Complete line New and Sec.
Old books taken in Exchange
jSecond Flome Tei. 761

F 'sti 'ia/cecr1, I/ighSchoolst ______________
;.'iaiL s 'INtaret S/isis ticket N E CtO E /' tN'/N///

Ns/sd it .5iskcx'i''it/C111011.

'T'h mrttrt~cr f t~c vtrs t iiiind si-
/5 /5 5 /iiih ia J iissi iof -lists iaii
5~t ./St. s/5i/ s t f/i c/i s i tsIn iw
i5n rpc f r:tltl t / li t i s/1fthsisis
\\,rlt ha m t th h ltd= is i r it iii /
I/ a c 5 nc 55/5 f f5 f ll in .
trats. Ai. K ein de isi the/i i/ii/sr iii
1,, tic. ' Ic/erepo teri i sie ed r Ie
isih~r ad la tesi iti/c the veye ic
[1/1 siss a yisi //eof .th poisI/est/usi i
/ s N/h )(;II T/ceu. .isThc/i/sit erls t eti
turnedsto /st5'Keiithindstaitedctlth/ic
pl nis'ofitroubl conflhvsicie 'swi tte
5 55 su o er tI/e' iiater',c/i/ii" thi't lie
/h'ad ti-silit it l/(tt//si' ppr/i essed. i
s/si NN t iviMatrs/i 29,uiNr. lice/s.
ia 55 )vv, w i /c statemen i/cr
isi r s ir 'i' eitosr. Mr.
1/ic' mae hest'itenits'iqi//i/tdregard-
'I;-rvddtergents ci/i
i/is' mi/ wi t tiie imoniev?'' Ni'. tKleinu
i i/i/cstionil .a/iisaret. 'hic ssiic imo~rin-
slNim Kloini hai/edhitihieorter 'sc/us
irusts t/icai/ic/e ci i:
"Vey uch/ipttiaiccd uith the sturp."
" / i alit wa s it?" assei tI/i

Thse'foiltin iig spia'is'c his's i
chiiseii fori this iiiiiili ti/Iuetsc ofith/e
I Ji/gsa 5riinscietelics/ic/ i a ib/hiseldhi
Nt/is1 ';' ProtesosC leIvk,
PSi//ur A/ln/Iisiitand .J. Casi ts4,T. .
Nuder, '2, iti.t . CSt wll, /.
/ Sttciii11, icittactisi/c/iastm/ser.
Iac iiiex ciiilsp~ /eaks isisThue TI
tic//s Centuriii / 15//is/

\etiss tsss/ ts
\i *olvls lct

LIBRARY GlTS /5/5 1lI1.1C,.1/ 11'\ s-5
'lss less't/nigsteni igh//s Iac's been '5' ,c5 /(
this generat lt uirary. AlN/h /1'eth elirt sit l~ n~l° 1; :
ahitiit a 'fisut,' fsor luore e'fl/cil t io-ti p 5 / '0 a d lt~l
I'lSrc iusi re 'iAci t 15W S1 1 teetsse17 ts us Nlc . I
Sil/I scholi ll i Ssuantisago', Chit/i /; i/si
'Pa/vie, Persisa, / uforuuuaf'su us/as he , JiAM
et H l./ ss s u i t is . 'c a 5 / s rlii (0s
W ~eb asi/ItFlasnge, hic' sel c/i v il )C-c/s llCo~sit s a' ~ 5 1:. .
etyl v' e u's dinnuer asithe/5' Un in svh 1,1 sstss a s/. us's 55, lw . t1
Ilighi/. o k l
WVe print
Dance Programs, Tally Cards, etc.
Leather Programs a Specialty
We Bintd
Class Records,-Technical Journals,
Periodicals, Magazines, etc.
Arsic~ Wolrk Prompt lSeri',iIte I/pghI I'u'ic
112 South Main Si. s Bell Phoer 1404

H eady For Your Orders
irs 's/rtsha i/c ts' {" 1 t N/suits'
: sfrue i / 's/urtis's us'ic'h ace
a ' c iii ti '5/i /s1at/ are 'acttssi-
o it 'lliIo~ayf i te 1(i i \ (55's.,
i 5 1 o ak , usu/ u/s1 5,1-1c YEt h
,11 i us c or i ald is i/ it UST,15
Wic . ieterle
Varcity Tailors
117 E. Liberty Street
Shirts and Neckwear
Made ti Older
A Suil or Overcoat, 75c
Soils Pressed, 25c
Trousers, t0c
Fallagr & O'oolll
Tailors. 619 E. Wiliam St.

1Wshntn. RANDALL d-& PACK, P~ftographers

Phone 59,

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