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March 18, 1911 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1911-03-18

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ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, SITR-D)AY, h \111 V I t8,' fl t

VTol. XXI.

No. 117

Strange Track Will Not Prove
Serious Handicap For
" hi11s .11 1 2 '5ac, Iriin thel'Starter's
111il h 1rt (sl(1 the1 11 I 11111 ee
' lt {1!' 1 silla( ' 11 l 1 11'(l t I 'MI Il l'\

c+ l t w ic . 1that 1 le i ll1
,ii ' .ac1 ti)I I v
II Ii 7Wad, adherens hc-l
('i .I cp-csc I~tt ,a c
1 11 ' 'tlcit li s be or
5 51 t tne o"'5 1 idirn 11
cclrc ill ch1 Is ll 111111il
(tc 1 t' II lw c ilt e s ()

I)I\\I Ii181.'. 1)1F AlXNLX';~.'
Til 11 Itl isue ti.1 111 1th1e11
wa11 s o hae1 ]we1 I evo1111t11ile1 iicl
mea'.t aIll f ateia on th late
necessary to 'lpr 11 ll it lllithi r'iof
ill 71S11pp leme till he2.ovr twie th
size of th1 e I ordinri ss 11 wil(m5k
(111s appearnce 1I o 111111:Aillsisse1is1
ThnksCapomnedytoClub hoarde ofn1Adso
-cuts 11b1y1Gove 1rnor Ils' il Sl Il sun al-
J.R 11 I lls '4Ind l F s ar m et
C11111 ilc1 C lt l ltc t e rolt i oi Is
ilfsf1 play of student aut11,1, hip(11(1 1'
'1 112till'11111
tIvco ui versitly112 nd11111'flel rl1
1rv ln n 11111 511 w 115'iiltioilt Metl-
vira 11l p 1 1111 < 1115~l 11 e o tli t ls

GUTKNECHT WIS lN ) 1 ssio y 1x'1.81S NJI
0OIT IN ORATORY, -111 121'1
P4 1 1 II t ls ~i 1 is ti 1111 11121112
W~ill Represent the University 11 1111',w1. 1 : ;-l 111121e11i1
In Northern League rt fate 1 u11111 it1 1 (11.11.to ths effecst that1
Contest si{1;t1(f the to 1t n h ly.1
IitI1a a i 1 1 111( 11'and its thaitillltt
STEPHAN GETS SECONDI71PLACE ;11 h i ne11111 5the1111e111 .111111111of1the
::r lda1a isi 111(1 11111 T eIllus1,
Jo n(ttn c t 1 w s 1 11111 111 rs1 '1at1cco1)a 1.s 1e dr ma ill brerlr2


or-I cr I I(n ' I-ii s il C' 12 .iiI ill Ii
:il1,11111c ortio sWCIT S dlls ive1,11 <


andeac1orto1ha th lile ;M11'Racial !Warfare Fails to Mar Union's
bolto[ te cowd t ;ll tmes I t 1. St. Patrick's Party
1111l, aiam i iel ThI ill r
S.\ ).,\annt ofYpllit, rslant' i Idtli rl;ntldanced
11 m. 1, 1>itts ,f Ain Arkw.\lr, F%11 111in 11i1lx 1111\m i the evenI' th
MUHUOCK SPEA' S TONIGHT dIi 5(1111, 1sec°21t1he1t111i1/e2 .nd11 111111
sc c ,rr lilis 111111111tile- tdrank gre1
Sanmous Insurgent Congressman Iil IIsr11 11 rIilI1r2 11
j Conies on G . i. A. o rs. dinrsI wit i i di 1112, gtrili 111 in tlr

Youngsters Take an Even Half
Of Total Numher of
(S1 eci1l111111 1,, (11(chi! 11t
112e .1.8iiesh yi 111111 1 ithri. 11 n
to'th1 2f111r. Iet yp nct
11111' 8 f 1r11 1111 I I A' hill ln~t-
11111211. 11 sh11 cin, I r(, N~~. is
'Yi tirdTi mes-
12' po.u'nd S o -- o l,- iII, f'A
Preee, A nn 811"111 '1 d: ~tlc

v1IcorI. Iil11211

I 11411 l'

rc s Ian, aled 11 (1(1(as1"Iie 111.11
Achu- wil nuic hs fist ag~e ille

ill. ow he 1~is ~ he- uc
e lunch" 1thatItisy hil 11111(1 1111 at1 h(111
k 1 12e Dutchmern i d %a rin bt he

1(il1 (.1 ' n 11111tIll I l (1' 11 I. 1 i h1 ~ ( 1( 1II r :t (1 .1 I1112' 11i 1 111Lilt
(l __i_____'_' (.lll1 ti('il1( t \':11 1 Itc I %\Io111 (.1 tI1 i . 1 'r('111. II l
((iil"i 11"; 1.1 I ' iii-." 1 r8 byI. ________ a ty waS a Ill~ 11CSS 'I
1:18111111: \T C1111 W1."],81I1IS V
'1 t).AC1 I i;

I11IN. VICTORi~i 11itKill '1i

?'s 't'!i
rt 55i";l :t t
x AY .It{.


1'herc is a We lx ssi111(itl that CMAain
1 Iorlwl- will onlipetC ill the tit}le vatilt IMinite. arrangernwas ill regard
as he is Al diipa&s sole entry ill the the ptlhlicmion of /W if 'ciNerian the
k V(1". l l u has had ilto practice with the sulunler school Paper, have not het heci?
PAC 00- two moons however, mid it ilia{le for the coining session. Ally per-
is iud likely that he gill IN, allowol to sin who is interested s.lloulcl conunuiK
c'olnpcte and fit) the lunne ay°reyatioll Cat(' with the Board ill Control {if St'(1-
ttill tat: ,ill ei-ht points "itllciut a strtW_ (lent Publications iiunlediatcl} as the
tlc> matter niust b settled at (men olle watt
1:1:1' ATS OF MEET TO HE ,i \ I"W NCE11 or the other.
C cinlp lc a"wunis oaf the sli-tlggle will -
he ii1111ounced in W aterni.in -yin this 1>RU[', rt'RNIi: 'I :\T,1is ON si A1'l s'1'.
cveiliiiy. 't'ile 'a"' ti i1l hr kclit in tcnich ' l'rof. I,,. R. Turner Of the .V:i\vr
with the progress W We ouilust as tel- College spolve 3-esWrcl Y af'.t°nhpm lh -
egraphic reports "ill lin sent Wil Sera- fore a large andlcnce in Ta'p1yw 1l'Il1 wi
c ns at the chae of eani evollt. The ath- W gro Slavery in C', lonial 10pol lval:--
letic ailrac-thm o i,'rA i.i +l'<ltyi-n1at1 la's fa(c)t. Turner presented 10s i11;'cIL'ritil
gyni tonight will to ; V :17+.aIx in tilt iii- in all uilusuaHy clear inaniler and gal' -
1crclass haski, gall series between, the e'<li;,li>t1t'c'
to Ills hearers the results. of
lives of they fresh engineers and the soph research work.
nlcclics, 1 411 of the Icanis have shown IN leaves for Bryn Alawr this insan-
(Continued on Page M1 Q


( ( 1I ll N III,tI Rii 1 ( tl i t ! t tI
I' t 1 1ll l 1 '. N J. \III 31 . ' 11 (1 (1
4'esc t O N rtlttIgU1Tat t t1
S P. Mtt}C ., 50I a eres

1111CC CO1111;'tte +>t 121111112r t Il -
13e l l <il l rf ' tC' ' ii 1 'l 1
it' I up the ( 'IesOfte lss who'1 M
iii eIlot i1t1 >a.ul i i isui s .111T 1.ea 1 sure
.riersn yesurcly s I111out tasm 39
a*te st h'(ils ii ts i sau'ieffor't t
1 o his Oi "d ns" a liteen mad Ri
=r wil iav is .iiit 1 5 t s liu'l'5th
111acc o the ca 111121111handswillnit


Methodist J W. ON I Tonight
Eastern Secretary o the International Committee of the
Young Men's Christian Association
Church Subject: "The Real Test" 630
The meeting will -close In ample time for other evening engagements

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