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March 15, 1911 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1911-03-15

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Opening display of
Spring and Sum-
mer Woolens of
Exclusive Styles
The Leading Merchant Tailors
The Students' Typewriter Supply Co.
Room 4 Press Building. Oppoesie Majestic
Stildeilts' Bookstore.
New Titles in the
Latest Copyrights
Displayed EIa o~e Wibmdos
Publisher's Price
Our Price

Manragintg Editor--I,es A Wmirt
Business Manager--Nooorss H. IIIt. iwithi
News Editor .........HrlTiu ) cz
Assistant ............ lasty Z/Flo al
Athletic Editor ..alter K. TootrS ,r\I
Assistant .... ....... J.Iredu I swole i ;h
Music and Drama.....Eal V.loor
Exchanges and Files....Dior "-. Broe Tsy si <
Arthur J. Abbott. Gs S Lasheroac
Pant Leidy. is-i mi
NIGHiT )IttOtS. 5 11
A. J. Wohlgemuth. I-larolsd Mc~see.lta
Frak P '0ll dw1 55 I R 5i toti
loreis llsiiiii .iiiwta
John L. Cox. F. E'. Shaw, j!%I hYI11
Ertnest Burtotn. E.MWaeel.I on
John H. Towitley. \Vallace Webr. grass
Gerald J. May. DissinettTaylr. TrI
C. Harold Ilippler. TI Drlg ss.11
Rfober t . G(tWill.T.tilol,-t r\ll[.
C. A Bowman. A. << Dillcy, VIH
Myer Rubin. KDroti Ii Ioisi
E. Ray Johntsons. FSIster P.Glru.
C. IH.IKiisstssk. I.. iiNi 1 nis l-d 1 l
4Address: MICIGANsoI).%s'y Press Itldg., ghati
Maynardl Street. < >
Office I.loussMansagiingtEditor, I-7ip. 1,1h
is. aisd 11osst:00 -1.M.a). b t t
Btusistess Matiager, 1-5, 7-8 p.In., I't.s c-
cept Sunancy. Bosth 'po~st.5o ssio.
tuNOn i. PE3ELi
P.. r c
la ccighar ts 1 l Tritcl .. -T I W r D Lii i l Iii cai
tss', S ts i. Iii ii i , ;. 5- f a. l

C.ss'iiii ofit s ,H ipi s n s dI lt t511iNIf rCK )K 4CRIttI.S
5 ery s Ii igisisspontheca rsdttha it: KIA IIS Ot iP N t . I tI,ttS .1
ift' it ross plIts. Nut Conitentsi ---
fer si Ills ditniistraitliinto la i1"fal, 1an 1 elete soiifftree ,sisst a
tci1itierCitcif cmrentisatts, ultsrime fiosstrangers, aisidcfor hr naivs
;hIn ti ilict'5 I l studeits isist sits perpsetuasuInisthineie ndglliitiess-sets is
tim5, coirisestsreasingiacro(ss0thre ti ft of NessOIeans." j
isist,, sl tirwiiiseitnoringsthe j51115exes'ts~ison ls the.-finllspotic lea
lit iul r,lltes idt silat 110 touschisslthticRotrsPtsiissiiiessof tse
ex ene.;Prenchli fascuti vet o a 15 lil interestin
lia issc ills-ilssfIpersuasion111 isrelecture toii De-lesistets- sri-rias- si
the h ist torgisiselli seemiissio trtssisi, whtcsehe soe osithIs l-Itis
av i. I l-es is 1a.ituloiii11thatesll. sof his nivie itolin.
isn ly'the lis isi ilei, andsthis dI- -lI. ilaisasiie's fai liait- witih itis
nat in of lthi stiientiitl -toI pre- sotherin mietroposliswalsreadiilyshoiwinii
thsegtil li theiussgtlytifl-ties inLte way he taedI s'-i th is iles, tIlin-i
111'( 31 11 1 f lie () itiesp roahetis estitig rusosis an-udt thr e a ius it-
cnps.jects wische isonltibste Ito imakesrNieisOl-

ii h n ti liii'sc s isel c lreouis, leanis sills sif th ir-ii st i ui uitnd l a
ilntsl; st] ii t thii lliltliss spisri-edscillt ie s illsur sco sntisy.
het sit, ik t h iswill,,if s-xesrsised _________ ______
c clical stdent sitsw lit hu'e I UI tIN St:1 SA FL
iic es Ie-fectiifoltesaviSNng5oSiPtthe
it. Proti-seu- slW. J. Huteinis, sifI Obserlin
- IDrlls-p, 1115 iL ecalled1-51ticfll thei il
1.511 Blinder, sitotil s 1arsre-stsdi o luh i iedlivsirid Stsuit ii
-ac l O f serllin-gliuor itleatty5, ;ts Irofsiicsor I liitstiil s who hIs been a
day l t lisvert' thlssiscute iititibrliiF r fur11 ea.iss pr sissits V111
heli -ulug siWt IsOf ithe Ipeial tirt cii tfi lsc -h- 111
ia l);dtt he pl i ce Its-i 1 c t hilme SP-Nf" S NII I P~l\ ' S I I S
Mt.STI 155 IN 1'11 S liS IttiK.
trial of thie" ste tse is t
1511 cliin lt - she -liutswilt li tld The clss ee 5 te ior iniuus
1111usti ii be i sinb h edft he week sit. Tiles
- otat is $4.01)lbesids the is'.tiar sisl
I-~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~de oS11 t ( IsiI-'I sil f lifts slits, n suitabout iitilealr
to be ist t he510 n55ra5 55s 5Withs in Isie

We are prepared to supply
the best of everything in
track Goods
Every article, also price of
it guaranteed-if you re=
quire a pair of Track Shoes
for indoor or out, a pair of
Pushers or a Bike Jockey
Supporter, i6 pound Shot or
H'anmmer, or an Olympic
Discus. You can always
find it at
University Bookstore
Carriage and Baggage
Fo tmeaichsuspls to snd fromsspasties
beisfore 520 eloch $1.50, atesrt2 oloock
ForseaciTrunki tson imisur,the
ori fissmi sp-stairs, se prire will b
55 Cents.
Dives-re requ11red54touslistcash
fosr carriagesilt baggage serice.
Iiittt'ssttN & CO.
W. 14. SARKs
Now is the time to
begin to think of a
KO0D)A K for the
Springand Sumnmer
Kodaks for Rent
10c per day
Scrap Book Special No. 13
A becautisox10Picitur eeofthe


Kl 1


ii lii 50ssd(1 aithe.st sits'l
1a er~ y 1 (s-()sItsf(-(, I) lici- I
llit loiss csl' ts theslit
iil h\i s-ens is-gi jsill'
t i t sIsI c cI- 1 (irih il
1nb fessilreibrougt

fo'ri te cpdbtn teiam111 f11 wIs il I ir iii isi
brin ig themss ia n st r is eiscuiisg.[archi'-l
24. O flu reidayis vi ng next, 4 i egular
whc lwl lh d tilt fti th st ilst
thts isisctiialsills
gyii S MlihgnI shD) It. ;Si
Quarry Dr1ugii CLi

lcii " s fill. 1
Ilan h lt. Ia

c si 111 pt8:0055 111it
is isill hie form'uiialt
'. Victorc hurt set.
S MterIs i .

Macli17.-tUtu sros (leatsrcal
test, University halt.
tfltirits s.-Seii -ior l'it-ic jiar'
Supintndentis isi-ssf fround is lit
psies ali aiggressice c1 i'. t >
bseaustiiction oii f the Campsiuis'. Its
ts ito sigretdit lits-issp ijiep th
lonsg itt'eitss' I iliig. tls Ie a11o
' i all iusiiglits' 'ireray it g sof li
He Idosn'sstsilsanttsm; weidlist
te: t e off'icerssofitle usiesity
isan tils emsi. Btill hisisiisIle tic soi

1Ii i ' i-'I'll IiT% i\''i 'I'l() c I'isi'
\p1>ii iiiizae ts i-ty .: n le c tlesc sl d -
trp Tme 0, hlItardign-I You can't nay whether or
cc ili~dilak l gms 5 ll EI not a glove in economical
lie~ s'~sIdl lis chas I ilfte sill1- till it's worn out. Try
ii- thewear of
l 1is J"' l t liiPI? WN COliiIHilliS PiSicii '.-
i1tI e'~ etIr ) tiyr lszoin theis Sic isis G OVES
nii s, ciiiirtiili 'i b l r.lReed, lif 'iasg", is
1\ ait bee ii:c s -i C1 o isg to anis iii tal
dOIA traM .Iiz 1Iiscilgasgedl. he slte
Co-isd~v -will lite -slls stilsei tltsr.

The Kind That's Right
For Men and Young Men
Main St. A l n G o l t e Main St.
Get your MICHIGAN{
Pins, Fobs and Spoons lBroken Lenses r R. E. Jolly's WE BO H L S
HALLERi S5upli a sst i opleoo Sturs. s (irand Opening ttfyousdsss'tlets Pes or{ohs xdd alyuG'pn
c~~uPL~~t tacle enses in o00 0w0 shop. L nc eC g r i a mrueiiisliutsoeiriityha i-
Opc'- JjL Shur-oo fleadquartecc Cigarettes, Tobacco itvers(tionisbeforit.
Eyes Fxamifned adPps
-- -Wath adndwelPipeearse
Fh~eWath an Jeelm eparin W m.A R a LD 1 yS, gIIALERS JEEIEY Universitya- PiSuitivesPressingresin CC .
216 Sou.th Maim St Jeweler 220 South Main S. 0I .UnvriyAv.Bt Poe 8

121 isle teĀ® t.

RZANDA - -. _PACK, Photographers

Phone 598

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