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February 22, 1911 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1911-02-22

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The Michigan

ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, \ lE)I', Si) Y, E'lli'ARiSY'12, BPI,

Vial. xxi.

-------------------------- 7--77"77= '*- --- ---..----.----------

'A. fOR I I1T CLASS ST tGIi.S \ \ I:I(I 'S';IN TIl
READY OR BATLE displayed their originality 61STANNIVERARY I'lls " rs\citll~l
-- oi yilsium ilast eveintlg. ,tery--'ofblck ea-gaiic 111e O h
Class learns Rapidly Rounding iiii tti5tsdciclss os i i s Dean Vaughan and Dr Watthin I thenamesf thel{(i,1,C ) lt l
graphi silhtiettesi to itck n il ach :1
gl.hiwrkwl1wdr 1vtlcInto Shape to Compete For h g feasturedlti e rg'ram. ~cic . Will Address Students at !ill C., of'(il tik swIto
Championship c;' i55ti5 st ccttate sssCelebration shave ith liistni is sissris~
scored aistices it a -ihonc" ponograph < 55'
sketth lttsstrastcdsongiitisuid t s''ii 5w i i ibe cs'1 iie( ''it 'suit ut ,d ii ii
ENGINEERS SEEN TO HAVE EDGE stit centitledl "Troubstico'f satFreisi'ianWILL BE HELD IN ANGELL HALL in. Cfit seemsiii ti isis'', te ilt si'sf s F
maesisssctp tthcremsiaindler isf the c ''iiptrogram.t'iit' i s
..sdaici' is hlin tthe ipattors ofi ths tuet pern nt o k wl
tie aseteri\-Isitos' rad . tsthe t iittit ititasftet' tic shoiiiir. its', -sdit essestbs-s Deant Vaut haniii S Dr. is iss suiteticst sit 'i1i s madeits' atii
For~ tsis p sit flsiweeks' cas I-t. e sit's. rstissir J. I Taltisscrcc scst s. v 'siti i ll ises t he inits fasss1 i tts's slic sssiistur ssstb l w ) Iarl 1
ihis ieibc isnsIMS igsttilIg tllit si hassskct c'itf i'tiiits theiFunde s' a elbi on t ossss this
ishot(°sislt() is's Xsss' tsat the isissitPIANO ARTIST DUE FRIDAY '.eiidiby tseMical ( i t st Ins Sic--ALUMNI FORMVIASSOCIATIONS
iis'tis aresit's l-,s ii , s' i \\sis prsts tyislt iss'' sit Sisis all 5555at8:0
th srngh fthcirscive ssteams. Madame Olga Samaroff Will Appear )cdscks. Tie dsansiclsspeak i is "idaiititState Campaign Has Proved to lBe
tivers is'si °th nw scsisscr In University Hall o 5 nves t russeditl 'Schossi" asist An Efsfective Stimulus
startssd '1's 'ts liiasi '' iiiiisitiini has cc- 'tDr. 5 f iis t '\ stius stijiit ilsit etsr unit
si its er'ecc whistle 'sOn 'Tusday, (litiAimecicasi lu. i s siss ' c a t ibe- isivs. Duingis''thee ecsste m scissino h ttscll~a l lnkrtltft,
Marh 0tti prcti I i ss ii ssi ii sss.ts' fs''s sstice iliteios'iithes'rettcoalitdie ice F id y c stg I tsll tsbe s f i s t Y i tll~irtt issroitit' sirecionos s'sslt 11lhlis "cr
cslatsis taltis w e il s~l~ itiit sui ii i vsiersity tshtatl i iat is'clc. Tis I i rst ;e r
, , iiii' tiiii'tsatt. 'it sasissis1seres.r'cc'is.isisisis ss sits 5
ison '11(1ralse ius s llcis i t e lii' cisc fsivtlt Conis t t i(cssi isor a uso r ni\y lhe tl uc
sitasrc'e'sti()sl andii'tsss tilcissit;' illt s crtiissnibSisi'The5 csl'\ strutsti\ isisriist I
is sc i s ii ii issiis te tsiii ti'c. Isti''Iitisi' 5l5aist'n-5 ts s'irshaveI w cI I enhr11tcI c .(
its its iititiiii irics siThetsrs'is Rftis s. iii'5aitis is'es- t 's"l's' it 'stt'"\i 'i alSit"' e A i ttiat ii
:111Is 'itsits i t ssii' i histhit', sui~cnewlot eisitt i n itt ters ti ' Shi sit biss5 rni tt i itnst
i~s 11o1c is' hemae i t isiic'ioc'. Sispoising T xa nd rc ive te i rs t m sclca d.w ihtii h rt istrl Id vrl
.i 5' i 5i i i t tis 'ii' 'iu ss.'i i i Cci t i''iitiis sis i s s 1S t lrl ,el f~ 31d

<.grgai t sa r istu i' ttiieiiisthe issiol-e teely 'critical aie' nces'isi. Siss' is an
sh iiisis'5 ii i 1:litsisisisit sit 5 ianitillear 'ifiAme ian gist, frestsftitus
R iSS, t i iltter at isis sun eSlt iaS fregnu i miiisi'sittsis', mintsg liii's' isi
k iii 1Ua wllh)11dowiither sguard ii i t ia c'iea 'rnc iswithoiust 'i's'i ties' sisti-
5osittios.s 5 rnel\ I st i i Iii sit Of 5,pre s isisMiess ()l Fu o e I
'ise 'st 1'd t o dil i'e ise s i1b t i les.' 1's s 'hsi w sms i i ttitt Iii iiris't o
cae5) tefow rd tsitt'i ~ vd- Thsesscrisitis i o ihad 55goneto tsehl
ing ths (tint ,( iw t 5 'or e pect- i in ts'etimsst scpticasilissoodt left wthu
c of iti y teeitur)trs h I y w rs sif crai'e othi e 55 b' iiati wors' kit
snugs'c tstiitire shotiisdt ullawai wih'' tisiewisw saddliitiont()t thss rank, o
the seiu';i ithtis is 55i555tiss e Am rusica ssr i ais sisissts. From s tha iiia
I'e iac' malty a 5555555 theitr itisi ell- stutth is icm . S555555'sithss met wt
''it's i's' h ds pu tteilrssityi t f trssssss i sscce's s u ss s ielt)ais st
tse 'S01Dr' t)s aki sWt hefag n itd sposition I moniiiii' tir' pian'ss t
lye s isre sito5eit (11)()1is' m . Situartff is tits sitshir tid
stp te trcio te fu tsh ssear iil- tursc ) ithIsis siiintc'. 's'sl ss h it t
ias . Caiptaiis \'s situ )f th 'siior iAme icato goiabrac i ll i ssthe sring" )f
wil (b)sit th iss siists' iisiiii nidi hitsolI1ti st08i, slir' sads jusst issisd si iss f
pro abl'wis's iss 'rw rds ITiss sixty sissie'rit s it e iii te st' s uces
liii' s bee wt-i i.- fa tiulty, and a t l sss s ec rxei en ed'i i )isi is i ti -
tie r' sn its' i it i~isluti steoliiti isti a iitiit. II Londoniii sits itasedi is
tississ tir slio its's ti sits'N iisit, wises'the leaing orchet''t's-
t's'tssth' tw ti ppers eng'' tineesiring ci's's- t-as iri i f'iisliisis i \lstsstih itsctutued
esisistrn', thee rn' i ats solist on555 tei' i"5'ir pgam . 'wir's
sees it' he sitscla sy icrkihorse s s'e'e tir'wis acscl'imiedsi swits si
siilam n) t( sh clsss ofithis d - sir
isis's si lts he an ts isitersoswi 'iDu ig tihe'lasitspr'ings M me"sit s "'iss iis
tsr' 5 issbe ifound t g''isis whensisisthe isisilliLoni oniasai ni ands gave sit eris
irstiissiwh isit o s.S m"iith aniss W e's s5' coincets.'Atiiso'ei of tsm sie)ts i ci tse
isosth formeSi tas inis istsroit, rieibooked iano555 pa55555 of Charle's 'Al,'t i 'sr owadjh. T ecn rhsnttsi frPao ad O cstra" wh ith
sit teens i cksiedi butsi it issope tsa tse isiselif dircste'd. Shb s sagai in tse
Bair tti i sst er l e sasci t o i l :y5this po-i rcipis'snt osit hustssiasticr ises.
siton Isiter concesss'srt 1s'isdass' ei ng i ll s bit e
amontihtiiliter, ' is, thes lookieid forws'arsl tosiwith iterest byi al
seio s ut 'ss i sstse imusic losers its this sity.
sop~homosis c lselo sss si
1isiSri 01 i CC 555d eS, i stitis iii'() . Sts I ts sAuBOIss 11ii,,
il secisssis i ci is sct:I( sicilsisser 's'sn X . Kinsgsburycs, 'it, busiss
iis'. 1iThsi t t 'tis ts ssi teamsiss isssssels'c fsthtsisyeas's' itichigss eiris
wii help ts5 s istoh ls . a s t tsr isvis w s tken is iih susss lssattass ofs s it
Iei ll l- Lis coi r . aiteitl s c l i fthsie hearsci Mondayisiisi icis'
it'be s s sits iat is ci it i itw silo e Sincec the ics Ie his i iiisclss cii es ter-~'
'ii til(' fitorw ssiard stiipso sitions si.iThe3 sothe lt-da sato g'isnoit altisis bei upi,'ias cits
(Cntinued sn Page . si sfe suts stdanigerc.

)(1 s (,p(( stilt is si(1tt1ittit 5-
"c t1t ite g~ ~u t: tiii 5 se tits her ip)r n h ir 'r)
ha h i en 's ('it It is''ss ls it' stilts s~it\ lst ii ~ 1 s c t~r \:
'st 'st' tss ' tss )"t e e en le b lig p t ifsss ietitit<l Spe ker i ls'\, li.'ll'1-'
111Wilb ~ac~ nte ~nI f i' iiltl's I ii' 5 i111 55 ' .;1it
it'en st u i( rats us (Ifstsss' unei isc-ih I s ix ) ri lc s s1 h tI, 1
stuss slit' uutthiii(1",tiu's'J) )\i' A It a t iiivp ra t '( f t'it ait s i siu s s i' s t 5 i '
CHINAMAN WINS CONTESTts;..( is 'I 'is ithc
ill k IItit iii si t i lt tl sis ' ' 1iitI
i i it uiti'si ttitutitist() <11111 t(I i p
ltts d theii i listl l u iso et"IM, ii tiss sipt id ts 5' f5t t1( 5r)s
MIu s f r ugst I'itstsi Iscilmi t ii)1sis O1r 11a b eI i d v~lp ( l
ih ff) ts(ftit(.I1~"al iardsfihtthu m i i lis'5 'i
5'stm Otutss t Ii i sc tutveih en'r'1'issss's' t 5 i
cesti ii l ss il t ii i iiis tt lt

t c'
" <t
<t l

r; Angell to Speak Todav at
Washingtons Birthday
s.lea lu~i1 its ' n sIi2 s leir t s t l
5l sIm , I t c la icel'stit ilt tilts'e
tilts'sdl U . ng ewilliss - l
S 'r piilml '' 'ts' s.t prh'1 l n
'1suit's 115 s5 t ilt f< 'mit he stlaWss
iii i sr< ilt sicts'o univer' sit
.d i suits'l ise e it liithe tidlti's's'
<°. - ats it I 't'rr st' r' slss'itot
si1; htt' 5 tudc is s ' s he u'siu tls
Cie- ill's's shilllc
'1lc c~slm o th la dp'ttu sut the
\4 s it ts
lrc - < th !i~ citdert. ic, more s
~c r :n it<' 5 s f si
:, s. 15 5lh~tiq h c t ttal iiss-
iic n -110 } i i fe utu is l c i 5 i
is u>tt;ssrch fuss hi s essussi iii
1 licch uh111 'su^i it' 5 5 1 us Slit
:115 t '5IIlc - l il i 'it's 55"''~
ill Our ti lt' ie
" d5 canid-wN 5or ilsilnts
Aitics 1118"l~cs ,cs thtus 'sn s.-
slut oi sltliii l ica s ageiii; ls'ti
t.{( M its tit flst' i
'uirt 5 ,5or lii Nsuits's'
o It'l iilitl e ist sstu
heldplaes 5n he ro rais is romists' tos
asteca, te afai ws l olsts
i.10101ani t t s nl t he g5155 tutu
isis iik< 55 i ith t tttt ii li t s iiwas
ts' s . rmt l itu515 as5 '5 t''5i'
g i(i s'ut t ittc iinthils , sui t o get
'555Ioc is ' l5 rdt is fBt onon
'5 ,e f~ecottl sm is s ' trse
fj t it sa rta h asc t ihtit 'cuts
011i lth' i snt~ io lirfst s. i Mr. >
Brndi funrt ipscd 50sih et 3) e hi

F in cae re istdCopii sia
118! ina Dtves inddpyi
Satuzrday, Feb. 28th

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