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February 18, 1911 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1911-02-18

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rhe. M I
IL i

Vol. XXI.

ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, S \'Il 'IIl 11;; I l'.1

Eligibility Rules Are"Making
Heavy Inronds Into Squad

LErANI)...'i [,OWI,;RS.

Many Noted Artists will Appear
in University Hail in RevcI
of M~usic Lovers


Nt..a cepl In- 15 i
[.W I".15Clark,

Inspection of Campus Convinces
Committee of Great Need
[or Improvements

Cloud(18s emii1to(hegatherilng oH ich-ill
to1he(real danger hVat.11the brilliant early
8111s1111 lol'le.I V i 111ll r IesilIllreVI 1111too
-11131. (Close'H 111the (hels(If ;the lens-(If
tll 1111) 11o8sV.ca1e1rumoIrs1to tile effectl
f1allen VII11 11'1111VVbIy1111 311e asd li l otiudUiersand al ort (11 hlCeightenh iget
failurreIll still othiers 313 report gall'e 1a1- as t11e1sevenlth numbeo1 31tile'yea'rst' S.
ded( cans:,1131forwIry.AI general m1111et- L.A, course, lIe ~ ie 11 a(( drama11111tic
ri'j il be II iIIvHIItui ell and a1111effolrt tickets wilil d it-sinle adilsions, 50
.'asualt11is 1111'I1Iined ill 1113 r1111111 111' - _____
111311 (ls vit te facul. A l 1a1l-DR. ANGELL 'WILL SPEAK
dlidates fo1r1'th i ne11a(re expectedV toillel-
potinl tie 3111a1' 1 o3'clockiIthis er11- -
noon1111at 3(Ivllhtimleli.Coach Ri~icy witlPresident Emeritus Cihosen for
inspect)he ava1 11ilab.Ile '1111 lIri1Iiand11th 11(1 Birthday xercises
11ine 11the p~lan of 111 tignr IIt i'hopgedil Pets11ielcil l sA1111 l wila 111 11l d ler-I
gha 111 11101 14, ' li ''be pre t at1
1W11' 31111 cachorlo)M nagr I _til'e1111annua311111 111 e1x'f r cis e s 1)hie liOileth't'occa-
tohae (111ba l eam( or13 uo 333 11sa id t e Annocier . 011 11 1'Io ete 11
Coac last331 e'vl 111 1 "Rep3 o ts38 11111I ttc8 11'itll 'l hs dn 'i '
11131omi 1ng 'i tO 33 llilll 1.11(1 1110 ht1 I'sar neii- F llw flathe ftes'l~roon11e11riels le-
ble unt1131'l i ca 'tellllwho'will'b (' hu111311 1 a12 o'lck1te e io lw
whne. gmes rli. It sle.le 1t1i- wll'hyldaCanceIatGranrsi. MuicY
bll h tsee tll'me-n ipeiai 3111111ll e ll f13(ur811 11111 ish edit1til' I~ e i ll r 1d3 i
Ilt m e pendedlwir1311tt eIable ochsitrafterany n(eltiesadf-
to llmet tis p' i g.111 11 t lis ard ta('13 es are11 11 tledi1'1 Th1is d nc is I
io1 g iv 31 oter stron play31113 e lrs.311'hll1113' liitd.ldl ssn i ll .. ......e $1.. lie
13 ('3113 NH' '('1111'rr 'w ofte'l3 nHII. iehate "' Re(1 Ia'1 i11 ll' C oaia
eithrl3118ri'3shortstop, l1Itor 1lJohnny eeCANADReIAN.itI 'rEI'IIV.ift11sel.
in3 theiae ld u st ( eil . D aksub-e which ill teatlthe 1.u1bject lin-111111 Jev-
prte serday-. i hlVowever2and tierletI ill T'ommit iliser(IfheCol"ity A.ithre
a5111lIosibifity etht s,thV1111cr mayihegfre'he nih. ae rfolllwintie ((extlet-l
utililed i11)the ifeldI'-ii e l(tern1101 1W0ypaof fthe egprograillm o te; nae
hlerfound t i cIll sitme(If til e gaps. Orill" tio~ n tic...t ..Soc Iety . Ti (s(eeI
131SVhIorty ll Mn ies (Ifotloekehpo o ss1111iche oforAmlerianand1r1Can'a21
fct'Itt sNl5'lk.I IllSTPONE..Ill.t111 1111' c h ial theidiC.la i

Tilhenss((lie Ii e c c!:
i'ey Sul',331 th13331
12an 33t 131'
111Ino ik th p.1
lI ai at 33113 i M3. 11 ON
of one1wek, t lIO It()
ierce at3111 ,o. $2.00, $1
sp c iI 3')) '1131
Thsi1i1 Sm hl

i O, I I

('31 'in'3331 5t~'
tit' 8 l 1 7\ 1 1 1 1111l-
t{ll tI" i ii CPCV k10 llad
r, t.1 1 3 aV I 1>I"3') V c
E~(_(l l~lt)1 ,IS EN F R IAINED ,
'1110 t1 ~iStudeolo 01 SmokerAice -
'3 . P~~crs11 . 1 "'niV . 1
1L .1 31)
t' (i

111131 3(111d13 is over.
IIIehc 11 3 V[1 33131 V'211 gets a new(
1131311:I u 'si 13ce13ui'dn'ad
o ,vlwlcl'I llliminitttei
Ii 3313)33 13311 , cile and ' t"(,il clcNe (-
11' lid ha te 1(31(1e ailrilpi-
I 57: 11131 .a1ke1 for ilytileBoard
1 Icg lt 1 111 Ie a a d d
1311 311 1113 i33(i(il1 1133 31(31' realizes"
ili% Fettr th ii o th sevn Vgiltolrs_
Al:() l 1511113131 113(1(3ationfrom the
,tit cap1ital, (jus1t1313w1bi''the ('niv'ersit%'
if 113111(1;an 11 1111 (s.1Theday(If ill-
'131 1 3re(t e ( ill131 d eideI t50
I, the I'arrcts ({)f 111111. ile :111'cscth
1VcitII313't l'I .(13331I lall, t e sltl

The Annal' kt1133331 l 11]3
13h(31Fest)ivl p1331 3 si s n1.1 pi
.333(1 1311111 (11133und1r 1' ~c
)1_ rates..111 lO~v w11- m n n
Vira ()O t1113 1 10133(
'.o 'l 313di13' 1 11 113' 1r peua
On tr~ i lillrmnid V ; II t il
1Ia I)C n111, oprt . s n ) VI tsy
il in (he 133331331 (f11 w \cc ,
'Jlis 1 Vi Illrwa11111331t
ilFlornc 3l fodlI i~oi1 31tlr)
'13 e(1 n ~ ~d
IllIllfm-3( thV ) l il 1' 31 ' t1'('333 ill)
()ti. 131 1 ()I 3 5 I ;l i 1' i'33()i 1 ?)c}rl'31 i _'3

,I~il t t 1 IiI II 3h 11p 'Hw 3311(l1nt. In 3S 11te 3f
3 i 13(ds l l ov(er six feetr (11a0l1
11 (dished a 1131313 Stetsonll throgh
''os3(c3taVtlith;thle raufte~rs(If tile
' . ( ( 3 1 311=33EV (111h811(111 1)1 1311
(I (( 3 31331131 Il(lhe ((IvdnI i str(3 till ihiaod
3)'331 ')':'1,leIllo13S'1(3Ithle i11'elliHafl11(
li, ti T t 11 llb Is ofthX'artyoat epre ntt ii vesg
Ow 1:li, f h1 (4:, s3 te3(101 lub , m )'itVnI2:3'1 ulitli 3031
. -. VI~r d 0 il' tle
3 3 1 111 (1351 F.un~l ltr-tas ~c ol VmlilRpenlti(v
I 11 11(It- a ('r, 1 338 fVl'rb tec ODe ll tile
pi ' itIatII I 3(1i' lr d lt) l t -, l. n'l 133lP e ietHucins,11
12.::~t slt(IC lt Il l:lli c it- 1 13313 33 I lt Ia d l ey , 1111 f1 site , 11
1) 3 1 13 itad tl (I~ce lt iI'de Fills
.3 :I1e~lta l d ((31) 1 8313rde 11a(th(co urste t'kel re
{E.(1is33 f831311'a I l'.lf)" (3(31sfro 3 the a r11 to t1h1
et'r 1 ., i3 !;" ~l)I1to l 1lltl1t .c 3(plant 1urn 81s111gteltracediioht.
V " : ~ y ln ]13311 33113((li((31' hatillth rer f tle' ier1 sity (Yf1111
Vi ti 1 ) 3' I Is 11 l)i33lanxi ist31 bee(5n13epresedlloverl
H 1 i llliV poss~ibl'di ng8oef aiil ll fe(InF
1 .1 1 1~ l ISte ihcents.'Il(lthe sfaelptiessi1'gisatlrl
1 5;tt Irld >I ) ; ')e 3. ' ll11 111 ld opp se ed n troage ion.1

rt i !till


-_- _ _ __.r : _ .,


Sto ! I itex

Thes Greatest Dramatic Reader In Amear'
Unveal Haltl ' t1s P. M. Stid!.Admission 30

v zaa vs a aa, a ssa"

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