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January 28, 1911 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1911-01-28

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f, MCHIG~AN AifY -
.(Cotinued frim Page 1.) _________________ n
? Be lilelsas Lady Msarjorie i c15 1 ' i-tS S'S " 4FR I~It I - ri. a
1 1proted eficaietinItheir respectitve5pIsrts.st tte
p. . ( lls iltsr addledl mucthIto the ltititt lst1liook ie of-
of iehe lfrst at as the ty pieal cleirk i I n he cinm stagse iltheps w
cauntry sto)re. Toughithe parti wsS ears asliefloseebutSteir So""i o
smalli it as w imitisrsuit i e tselas iwill ie revea-led h nl o)
fdwatrdl I. Kemptyas Mr. Lawrence1155 -t lesslsapas a i \\ lii te 1 ra
Pepy s, iian Leo P. Rahitti t ite ole )is v ides"i theN w W itevt aer
ofRo C litrksoin the repolrterIeandiled tilt I'Februatry 3. sr. deo wl
th ine ssignted thetain t ilmake i sintil bowhs a paw ih
creitblelit i atter. Kitrl B 1.lt t S, ,ee sh 5tea f-ro h l
isayed el l mainortr ts in i ch ii tthey s agan ret nil Xr l iistni t he ol e ti oft
ON ib rt wrecat stifatoili a andiletucted i an. h h IIt
Gr"ossONLibrty i de~redsjl from ll pints iittt oIfl i itIlsilljitsttlttl11
'lTst Titlls Mart''is theoti- lis rsesdsitailsle is tte ulnt Iitsstiis se -hl is h at
__________________________-playiitha t lte Coiiedy cs luil Ihissye p t h 11 le lii tilt siswhih lt]ii sultl ei t s
A (i SDAI nINCr RLAO, thisIitinsstiunis oftis sort. flitscents Q

Mlen's Boy's and Childects
SAul tI t I Sf(I,


..:4 . .. ll... ..-. .. ..4

The Spalding n he orl
Tdo-~~'k MEN,ir allathltitl
]NOt t504 sportsanad pastimeas.
Er tetcSor o
M'~ ARK .shoniithe aclist ofti
-sans5. f* Spdii ng Ca i rto i
RFC. ns. ° 5 little. Ir ls ticolt leir
p it trl) i f
is e illtil sa What's New'in Sport
Guara.'ttoo of and i s e tfeesofttre-
Qsaolty quest.
a. t0. SPALDING +r& BROS.
254 Woodwardt Ave. Detroit, Michi.
Capital $500050 Surplusanad Profits $100,000
Gtenaeral tatiiisigtastines. apercent paid
alt Titae andsi t-asieptsit. Safety De-
ata ittersxs t-i . t ys.00 and upwards
itF t. K iti, rS tt.(0. I'l 1T:tANrt it e-ePss
ff. A. WILLiAsut. Cashier iF. 'f.SOatn. Aist:
The Ann ;xrbor Savings Bank
CtaliSlt ,5It 1,0050 'Sarpias $50,00
a leneaa atkiag Bainesa Transacted
Urrt:EisatiitCtas. E. titacact.Prees. W. ta.
taitmtan, Vice tees.:t M. ., Pita.Ueattee
IC'ail al it0100 Slitplas 15.0001

illtti~i 55itiiS 'Alt' tt i ~tiiiiios I thse 1pliia are a ll I 11 ilsthei 1111 5
A5 tess-hantdbookst hliss cotte oat Irsplenlit sceic mo itn a enfr
eivil enigineers sduritig the last telldIts, std tp Aaasc er .B ris,
coseritig the samte field -for the ecivis sits is still dctsilts" \r. Filessiti
tht Kenit sos for te siteli iis t I' t tl eaIri51 l estitiS
is knownssa as "'fhe Amiertin C i i s Il- I s- ailg 1111 111111 ~ l -' :
gitteer's PocettBook.i" ProessrGrdtedbisstirara DInnitson1,11whoiswill
let S. Wsillisttisiione of tssisusaleb eebee o e r --.- aerizeti
-udisrs of te ti-tt-I atd l t'e -thori o ftNr a sit1 i s tltwith R se Stahl i
site ofi the plinctipal chapsitserstiealitg Cod ~d.
w i-t hyraut'tlics, tpaumpingis atndi iwater___
11)1vsr. s i is li tl
TheiMaslsi iti a seillseiadvances55in
C L A S S IF IE D A D V E R T IS IN G p l ar thi vo rs its-sit 'I ili petilt rm ance,
iioiC ti stlitt sr i Ciiti lt s tsn , sil lshow ti s v ~ , aaii
tilt, i-ll t listitih iii i sit 1ii iii 5 bei t \ii hoil s el ts t e einti tt tit I s ei c li1 ssill
it-gi. ilis-i ssistls ti' liisi Te le 'illis si wesekit a etln ly o d
isle -sis- 'Ists 1)4 J.i sti tI l i,
MISCIKLLAEOWeSofit 55 pretitiet andiimsspeclac-11
LOS , laracs s tatprsensteillsy tutu lii
-- _______________________ illis ti ,>- bOsislisisitd sb\s isss I li
Lo estn camipsery o. ivrste l ie C JcsoTh all I tsi illisvush tie

$10 Suit or tOve cot
$15 Suit s-r Ovetr.titat
$20) Sius sitOssieat
$25 Suit atr(Iveecissi

si 0I

derwear 20', alftHlis, C (i' es,
Sweaters 211 t otf-TIrisikt;,hs andot
Suit Canes 20'/csit).
211 S. Main St.
White House
50c a .Poxzrtd
25c Half Poxxvud
Same Price is in tDetroit

G i s t isisssTac~jsaiss'ss tit o
I.iaei Sit: Ata Arhar, Mic higan
11poiteletie Wiiaiti o
G Z0. V. S 'OLL, Proprietor
4 Doors From " Freddie's"
LR. 13. Jolly's
~raed Opening

it-itlSfVlitcitt 172 a-Silr:\JIt kitti s pokte ii ti t stttt - l unches, Cigars
Will. J. Roti h Eli. ess. lut.A tldicSII e es. -- - h. s. .Iuys tsu'-stil 1t
J . Walli. 'sittie faIe & OConnor, Stai asd Frensseli Cigarettes, TobaccQ)
(11y-cleasers Repairing. 69 F;.W i st etut-u011Si ltockittI.t'i v1iSNti I n d ( pS.
ltis St 'feulsl t t e 1 trmillll 511tro uel
___ _______________ ttsankicedeco ti' illsPhismacy
Conruarme~ie~ed ll f te atet silhit atla;PharhemaudntywhAh entsnespc3-ByAgPipes pt
sekving~s Yoikis erass hitis at51 1.0 AlIIdIti iciestunut iill t as jec. I ill co - 324 S State 'Sty
Cor'. MHe.- ad Lt rty Stre-staefolios lst oullt. uicl Atsoeo i. fftthl"td~ fpinr
___________Street-______86______ P i,15155 ushsiitwi151known1aI Corse/7. AVIATORS H T
FIRST NATIONAL BAlNS - -til Gitrs resaeesItI Ii isiitll5a-,I-t fo'rTallin
it S S~ 'Men's, Women's, htPl~S.( tiLIteon
: St A ilna. Ms te list its the iw-rldtui oe iin ad ty slha ts t illss hols-u. llseetit f iss er uI s 1 Iio-, -I,' 5,it ilC $ . -
i.. U iINNiS tlIAIIt~iitsU SOUPE theIst Sshaeerle & Sn. t Scoi el t onlul ig t Sl-A setr 55t tmil- and C il ren's ootwear sits c-ee. 'sI- L , it (larant ed
Pres. Vce-ices csu t i cis ue srl.t l e- Srnad icsl-te tiisi tli A O D W 4 I A H L
. '. Aitft)Ns Csslte. - I louse, Ito S. -Minstretildnis rimnaidilwlir-Sre adDes os Attlefod AR L . A 3 AH L
C'apiafta l 00 Srplls aidsi t'titS. tt5.0t0 67t.Ii ete l inss itisig. IE. R. Frost, .302 fa. State St. EatoaMoi-tao, Nw York
Night Robes Pajamas Bath Robes " Shoes
A Pairna tout lsnits fioinorla

Anj Excellent Sleeping Suit
Complete Protection


State Street

Honey Lou
Neath The Big White Honeymoon
By Jack Yellen sod George L. Cobb
Sung by Miss Coy Trickey at the Majestic
'thin New Sensational Song Hit of the year has reached Ann Arbor
and is now on sale at
Univecrsity Music House

Eighteenth Annual
May 10-13
Four Days--Five Concerts
The floin csoloistsiave alreadhy
bee niengalged, swtile siegotiationsire
Baenie De Pasquati, Priama Danna
Sapratao. Mtraplta Opera Ca.
Clarenca'Ahitehill, Bass, Mtro-
politan Opera Campany
Fltarene Malfard, Mezzo
Hosratio Connealt, Baritone
Rerd Milar,'ler
Syhit Sammsai-MacDermitd, Soprao
The Chttral Union, under Profe-sotr
The Theodore Thoasa Orchestra,
under fir. At-sta
'Thur sate af reservedi seal tickets foe
itng, iebruairy 2s, atte Univresity
Sehoolaoti Sttsicandiill'ntimie ttp
itoadiuiiithtie lFestili.

4-t1st e DIC~rtONA JRtE s 41tst yoftr
r a Qtiz 1BOOKS
Arans Arbor LEGAL MISiCELLANY Aaa AebS ti
Ante. Arbor Brea ntoK Stato Street, Oppostte Law S ldg.
One-half la~chnoith af the Camspus(216 S. Iagalls)
" Cofifeeiand Pl0 rr tilI_:0 i.M
Boar.xd- $400 per week
4 weeks inma dvarvce $3.50


PAN'lm -

Portrait Studio- r IL 319 IFast Jiuron Street

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