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January 27, 1911 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1911-01-27

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The Michg ___.
ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, Il/II.N. NU \. NY ;,I/N 2 1No. 86.

Vol. XXI.

TlI ') I i l,"--LY MOIND)AY



V}1Y F 7.
y i i t 1
forserrdresMetrrig eroier

-IN s Ca'her Lin
C .. .. i i C .1 . .
\ l'i oi'li'it'o ii
la t 1 t 1/i 1111 i/tot i 'l 1 11 i~I''t i//'iii 1 it j I1Ii 11'/''( 1' I/t
/ at 11. 'o ridesI;iil' -,i tm o IMANY SEE CONSECRATION
(1 ll/i i/i ii w iti ~ , s''out fihr/
Pro. cttstc~kit t.III. b1~z c,'tonor to Bishop KityylDraws lowu
;ai( : 1 h y ral ;l he c1 i ll1111 h nd own Alike
hr'llilw r~l alllit\ ) f Mlts l \Jc-\lln rlx~ /e1/r 1 i tte i.
,:01/ 1s t 10.111 /iLI i a l ()(
- N I lI b LAWYER4i TO1 /f' SPEAKi }mc'11i. a

Players in "Title Mart" Have
Prat L st Touchs an thle
M'.Si'. ,/t IN SX\VII. 'iibA'S i
'the Ti'l i k t'' ii' Li 0* ,
'i 'n v i/go /1 ', r / '.1o1t,1 . : / i i
!)'t thist ' 1/' l i iti i' "L ot
01111' a ul 111 t10ires t ii'ier~l v%'o .i )-that
:In 'l itsi c loet" -:to fr s ,olhoi fT br
tilfs w oha~ e/t-t ito uttd r i li
thi C oey'ch 'i)fol eyil. past f le wear:;
oiLer unii'. iii0llteireaaiho'o n that~
th it lo /oto'lis farigatoadlof an111
11 A i canI o iv, b all '° er r
)ciet 1,that is i t ii ii l'to /llcr%. i 0
t i5u iooiiiiv/ell/dapedIoh o 010
,(),l b tilt, omedy '1111). Xift~r
r il 1 1 1111r lp /1 aslilliiilliO cili l
he ttwllp todcjictaccratl/oy ill
r i tlt pnst o / i bi /1 o i tit,p'-
/1 e°lclilili sefilli \ iefectIOndIGIIT

I c '. c r .1/ ii 1
/~ r (t~ /' i 1/ ,II

los t' ii 1 I)<
r , -
t . C iI ~l' ' /
lt l l l}l i h
'h l ' o ' . !I >W i / ll a
lta t i3(' 4 /11 h
v i/i wi111111 11
the ) ii/ o ' / (1 1
in iN o hbc 'I~
Miet I )ari' (n
W cs i/t 1/11 ih)r 'r
ligh my'S / Li /f li'/
Im i e al eKi/Sill'

0< thdo1o aln /11-'Jc~11 rjocig, il t 10am
i/i tuth bplns i h sng a tn i h ll in!) 'an
tiw No iL t hiie i ing tehs fi re 'i' lii 1
I m ntVn dei lt, i/ it thi wa thngsso l 1-i<
1ru1h1/i ose epo rts /i l a t 1/Oitill'ili/ has0 isti'li'ed a /
n sa 'ii , 1 /10111 oithat "A i'itans aLI 11111/i kilul/ of
a 1oto /'uesng- ate that could he arrange
isIwill hil wiiid iaii' leagiueo exceptii 1i.l I.li .'ifalll
iior he/a/I s a. iea is that0111 leiui N MV
,Id ()i IM0.1 i n scents rther1 plain /1/ stag
'lost threii Oftoielr Wri an attmpt110 a1111 i Wi
I( o I /t, nleii W ithliiriiioio atie hc
i /l t i' lt Oitiiriiii oulook 0is fa frm rt>01 1..
ihi' V ii ii Le illili i ll ings1111 theyi are,1a/i li 1nh
oni thlie S tra dnsh ve iiscltei nc

A. 11 Walker Lectures on Sherman ;vii
Anti-trust Law Teniight
< l iii his c itt Iy lbert 11. i lolli /)1ch.
(At >;. Thk l /wss N// r.i1t II N\ E I
wyn is mul-re in IcLi l/l fi h
//i/ i '1 1 10, t ll i i/ 1tr tl 1 slIe Qf1/11i/ . oi
TOI ul dect1/gis iii ic Oh~o' M/ ucS ' ' olol
Wakis NN'oludl u 'ii iiilitii -

l 1' 1 'r,=r I, 1 '
fk II I/th' 111w

1/~ :c



cl e' i/. I the ]il 'l- i/i ai -hu/ il -to t
i ii i ex )' r I ' / 0 \ ' l it

t li m t'
't /c1 1' '1t

'/0 il Vr

11/C )ii/ 11111tita 1/1110
l.110 1bob ito/he il
'1)1N' (\\'I'be/S sc
;.NI//NNGll /oIs N'

sir11 iL)the -olliO S 'iliri/'
LtI 110'a lei;facorill 1 1/
and /0thisale may'111r1'1111r111t

111 l'
!11 ' Il

}i io 'i'i_ 1 ''iii loli 111 I i' itOcls iliin l/Io (cu v t e paf m <t
Th00111 V'100.0./iNoeanzl Il/iI;ll i oitsS otdbl it63 i 'coliitnt~
iii. 11e 0 llA 1) 100 reil 1 S 111 t 100nighio a drsss llti 00101 1111111
Sarah0110i tt ii-ellha11 'I 1 5 00 0111- 01specilsie~ hos c 11111 111h1
f1 0000 i plilet i loll 0pa 1t 1111o 1fuhat oomNstII ioooio'ha JW 1 ' ;- iiin
huo r~tIousofOtiu/hak01 10 Vs coell es, " /00010 v rlot 11111.OilieS.N1o

/1< 1' 1110
I i/ I I/

r c ll~xc C~ert~t1110hrcer;'vI
lull at~lo iiI Iiiii l ll iiIthem or I

M 0.00 i1It'Z% i 1

ifI l7 i' r 1 7 \//1 11 (° i i ui/o(ig 1'' 1write either
tt o 'sr 0o I ' lt ricso ~r book,/00f1r1010xtyear's
Iw i '' I ttii/0l it 117 .(10 at the
/ ol Fel iows 011ho 11010 lualexperience ill
- latotperas 0'iOlll ofe the new men an~l
/ iN1 NI ilc 011f10hatislxpctedlIof them," Said
1N '/ t N 5 1 V/cer l thirmttoii i 0/0 10101 nilit. ''It
'I Ihoped tioshit iiorkoothhlbooescat
1 1 '. "1 I t i1 /b'th 0/pi/ii. Ifoly itishiitg thle
who' I 1li11/hooktis o010/10Inth' comttteecai e 11 t
i/ a ti ili t ic-tit1it ilt tI11V0' toti:Itttoo
/l.d « C, d i/ ' 1next 1fal."
11 -_1r 010/i'].u..ll 01101' fRM {;O NIII .t.
s/pr11/a 111'he iit'erlay that all societiesi
/ 1) in lub fr otsin 01111hll ll'otin
IirarN 1. !ll' 0eilllie 1l' 01 10i00i1 f h e tiio V tto 01' he io-ttl
it / tis iIor0111 I0prescrie tax 01.of $110110 per ytar ottt
noti pe1101 ililith.

11001y iradv oedlatschooi~l o Iar aitei "Ifm
Ano iiix.'oigco iif tho'griat tool/ic111011an110111111 on
fboo' ifhle crttoio, h tie ct e- liii Otygiv
siltto'f hi/s fto'liiil Chr'itm at oon i 1, om11111/1/ conn

Last year we promised to put on the best attraction, ever offered by The Comedy Club.
We did It.
This year we-are making the same promise. Winston Churchill's, "tThe Title Mart" wll be given at
the Whitney Theatre, tomorrow night.
Be there and see whether or not we keep our promise. The Comedy Club

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