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January 26, 1911 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1911-01-26

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Opening display of
Spring and Sum-
mer Woolens of
Exclusive Styles
The Leading Merchant Tattors
The Studeats' Typewriter Supply C.
Roomt 4 Press Bonidig. Oppsie Majestic
Foti rtain.pegs
It ladt al. tis i none
Blue Books
2 for Sc 3for SC,3 fo i0n
and Sc each
Blue Books with Cross-
Section Paper
Largest Stock in Michigan
Second-Hand Law Books

Law and Medical Dictionaries
Q uz Books, etc.
- -Cmplete line New and Sec-
Old books taken in E'xchange t
Second Finer Tel. 761 1

Managing Editor-Lt' A \VHOE
Buiessacotlsge-Noo ats t. 11111
News Edittor...I... arold Titus
Assistant...--.....hfarry Z. Fotz
Athlietic idior.i,.alee K. 'owers
-Ass itnt.....:...J.tFred tLawton
Multsic and Draia..tart V. Moore
Lx -acgs and Files .... DinrtĀ°. i drney
Arthur J. Abbott. G S Lasher
Paul ILeidy
A . J. Wohlgenuth Harold McGee.
h arry G. Myser. Maurice Toulte.
I'rank Pennell. Edcward Robie.
Lca Robdinson. (RtrtGilctt.
JuhnLI. Ccx. h. i. Shaw, Jr.
Ernest Burton. f;. MX Wakefield.'
\Villiamn. Dugherty. Oscar tdckmat.
Johnc I. Townley. Wallace Weber.
Geald . Mfay. hcitnetTaylor.!
C. H arold ippler. J. Selig Yelec.
C. A. Bowmscan. A. RI Dilley.
lyereRubicn, KecinetinOsborn,.
6;. Ray Johnusuo. Ebnser P. Grierson.
C11. Kinstuck. Josph Fochard.
Adress: XtcotcGAN DILYc, Press Bldg.,
Maycnard Street.
O-cc. Itours: Maciagicg Lditor, 1-2 p.
117. .ccd 1t :o -ui:30 I. it. Daily.
BucsinessManager, 1-5, 7- p. M., Ex-
ctSundacy. IBothi'pho-.nes fo.
1:1 l I;Itiic 3 NLARV)21c, ccccc.
N ic/ t diiuc I icsccrncGI. McGee:.
t'I \llSld-IT1Y CL'L.NDiAt
January 2c 8:0ocpcin., iCccmecyof
Errors,"Shalces car clcla cc Sara
CswellccAncgccc calli
3enc 27 ccceenin.eieriacce,
g - cciucc I cc3:c30 ciccito xc7:30 ric
cc 5eitrilcrnie clane ii cccfroccc
t I c D troit Ne ccslcchic ccs-cittnmcldlie
t Pc c'~tl1disu Ise cctthcis c lhi-
-tcc o debatccc ic.cccc W h~lilce tics-airgu-
s ch in cc c ics- id ccca cctptecl to
e edsicoricl ccwicsccccf te Necws wie
1cis t() clcc -ccc1 c d cc-csc c- tec'cccctes-
-nr f i gnocccccc c'cc setncgcgisn-
i, c v, the Nc ccs. ccscis lie sbijet
td, onthe.ground icthat, cciby lecvisng
cincc.ierction cccoscctxitutioncaiclit ccut
i.cteicoccccaccxcquesinscthe Iemie
ccc. tiherebyiemscusclctd ciacnd ctas
I.sca c - ccc ccli c ct,tt c iquestioncc of
(o i cc n cs-iciin -cc t x procblem'ci ac
cics- ttad tfh tpub ic. tesors
itciwccc adcittedcitatc teicoic ecs
cx e tcillcc csitii ccccio , tics'Sptremie
n- aic-cc-c- deciedlelicc85.Icc
1'or on resto ob icte nic nes-
ccc: c lltv eaur ote tx, assed
the c fa ie ts. cccnsiutioncwhcht
resoutio isnow he cmiccwhicihltthe
iceitx qcestio ipisensitself for
cuaiflratnn. cciireoltionc pssssd
-nhmedmntoftlhies-Une ite
cc- c ttin Fthlie News to
is ccscscca pacitol lhe Ocited
Ci C itaioiscc of c dou toicflcoeic-
is;oei. We appre-

cci ushci tics Ncew s cc icdin id the
CMI c ccc cc ccc cInecstccc invlvcesd icc the-
s) - ucl - csccin c tx onc ccpratciosc bcci
th .sssother ccmaiser.
I i nterc s t~ c incc tstincm ttxes icc this
, 1 ccccslsi no wh tecoricotithieisaof
i "underi si Arica dt tes ar
< : i i t " as te Nes s states,
rs o nt iciceomce taix
- io ts:e cocnstituctionccwoutld

now presenstedtothcl~e xeveral stale I NI )tls l'tc;N J~h:\'NTS t'i'P
tegictatucres, cindthstnt asocccsi.as e lire fN'IldA itill-I-il dili)1i.
alidc cnterestincg qucestioncccc-hiccc-cc xtics
csutjiet. fio tc ith iciguncs.('cago de-I ccciiett cn 'rage1.1
The Newcs obtjects bsecaucIs ethicus-hp ae -rivdill ]rlcc Is i- ccciancccr
ibis of concstitutioncality- tis left osic nw b ccgdici 1 5 iscccccci
Fay this, the editorial icntimaites xstoglyteme, 5 c litrn. -is C ,,t'cc T
that qutcioncssof ecnstituctionaccl interpe- tec menwho i i. so 5 c) i5 -
tatinci are xsuitalecmaccceriacllcsfor cc is de- Therepresniativs -, si disc- - ccc 5 - -
sating conttestcs. 3ce-stcoIscccc c )14, I Ic..t 5 sccc icc cc 5 ce s ft - cc 3 cl:i ;,r
tuionalclaw, c tcscc-csc. cc csicight ci- sri -cti >15 i JDeier cc xteei
strucce cnd tecnca-l, sandcinotlwitincthei Tics cndependentcci cci is 55 s ccc icill bi
proince of aniccnterscolle-giatec-deba-e. Inithecc i s ro 1to6oc'ci: '~
ichiganc debcaters ccittthe judsges ccinc in- cci-s cisc rlicciccito 'c- cciot he
tecollegiatedbt e -cis arei noit sc prcesume:-Cains.s is - u I;tst te o, nrl
tusosacitoti usiurti the fuctionis of- theca lus'tneicsCi -vclbply
highest courts icc the lnini iitiscssic 1dto555 ra~eet frte lw
ccit' etecidicig queistiosccof cti tic e tics n carcces.i- c ibsliccs
Whenc the Netss edtcorialcit ier scisie es ar ta eervii ci cis ntcr)Iicc-
t :heair ciiiseussions of cclecisstiu m1mct i thtsirc cc t16" t hsi
interptretaionccheccic-Ibec obiligedtItc iic
tcc VE-'scsiigtsnini csteadst clfattndincg
dtsbacte cit AnniiArbotr. ccc)I I c-sN cci cc i \ii c A 10,, i cccx
Govesrnosr Osibornc cidii t ccacl. er Prsienc(i1tcccIs 1-'cc -eI '-t -'
col knowciledlge tocthbse sc-listendieditaci -ml ot Il- wcr-i rnml
rcerct debacte I(asx lhe Nests ec'r1i cii' 1 t.CarCt lt' l~in -cc~
writer esistenti-ly is t ccli.say mytiil ccc~ais l iists ' c - xIs
ito dispsaraige-te incoesic- acx as acc subict - lccii ott c tx'(ccc 5 o - : -it
for detrluincg cotests. 'Thc eccimarks 'i cccii icc Iandccci icc loar hi=
thtm wh~ichs fuicccislit-it tise ccammuc iio ccswichic tiec omcity, crcpesntatth
fosr teNews attick, wcc-s cc cSSlc-.f ciuc~i 'lscc'- I ht
ts the Cthicagc teami. Copsciilit cccii Ties ,idxc t c 1' id te otc 5
themcisonc thertprcese-ntationcc cclI-le 1iCscsc it tii c-- c
tccx qluestioic. Ice scaidcthtl iifte)' 11'1 11 n r cuiis at tshcic cciycrsi
sli soi welt witth ancimiccerssonal, ci . cc -xi cc I c he c sc c -de ild te ev;\s i
subjec't such ascthe- incomccctacx thircc- .suh r -irlir cnbeo
eloqeuenice ciounldl ts cccincimorrccslcss eefsstl III(I-Iv
tng if direced-t tosubjiielcct o itsichices
soncat interest tIccltticss s cc. trsc
cierism.' The Newts' edlicoriacl < cc lx ccc i cccii cx ccc- cs -, .EIc"Nxc 'cx.
pp.t e placest iiict-erroneous c s ierreis AtIc c igsos hej01c0 i
co t iutes1cr dissertatio'n cs-c hec c olsx - a tcec sc Ictciety psse Ir~oltolpit
stittitisoncality ccl ia troposs-l csed lcssss ccciitslf(mciirts ascopposed cxoithe. cicionc
to tics-tUnitedctatcies Coisitutcisionth ccfte Ili cccsiix Isc i et ifrihe
force sotf cw-tc eitc ciicnio ttsprc-csiite. ic ccci i x rooc.

01 evey dr c ipion inctudine
By the 5 c cistenhundred.
tiio xiiiind - 1 sy .1heyaeic-ant-
ci. it o I , x ()1is 1-G" Mc on -it
tic f,
Fountain Pens
Disi cou ci tr a
I/V A iici "tt cc
University Bookstore
cxci Pitss iexon io dr icehm
lis" sptls musi c Ci i
tailoid pottdru

'I'DTHlEtdStlPRIC TO1ttlYc
Ttecs-oncscritioniiifsthe1cc evc.- "ciii
tfttd'crst t). delly s- i Biis cclf 'exir.
ccill taikellie-incSi.'PtcTomscC atc hcicc
ehutrchtodIiay. The ceremonyic icill isegi5
cit soo'scltock this tmosrnin'g cccii coniciccci
utiti1: 30, tic ie folltowtedtbyix -c i cccili
inc St. Thomcias ccittlicerttcs iriestxix cu
pretates in actlctendaice. Criics ci;i-
cbitns-Iwhoticll-ttact ctas cnsc sratcrcat th
request of hFather Kellc, arrivedsit itstic
arrl rom iccsB-atioe, tI sstccss af-
ternoon:cs. Tthe conisse caiin ill itt cc tc
tendied bt oire tianci75 Cathcclic digi
laries front every part itt thecs oucicsric.
saet is undoubcteely thcs mos taicle
cc-ethicc the Cattotic ccciaat of thIitys-.
A receptioct icc hoccocof ltce iicxsic-
elect trill cc givencinicc t.IThomai x s hcit,
Fridacy ecvenincg, Januicary .7, lasingcfritic
I8 ucntil in siclockl. 'hbis sc-ut acfosrd
those cihticareiunablle toi ititnesctececre-
motty- cclcoscrationc canc copo rtuncity icc
cert acid concgratulacte tFather Kclil- ter-
soncatl-. The receptionicwilt I cecicecilt
alt it-is care to attendt, cacci friensic of
the tnyw bishopct, regaridtess it elaiss osue
denointititti, csitt Ic ecoedsc'i.
Quaracntitted mtembers of the Phi D~el-
ta Theta fraternity at Syractuse last
week held a "formal-dc-hyde" party.-

Mac Diarmid's
Aristocrats of Confections
't I' tinmeais' ciixccithiiis- citic th
fotidsexextslt cix' i ccit11ccc ' ilr
C. 1cit-- ts bcthro'e carcter sof
lice icand'iesicis sc-i the'nc m
swocrtis looin tg tat'.
Received fresh every
Wednesday and
The Macdiarmid's
of Detroit
For Safe Only at
The Drag Stere of Qualitty
Both Phones ii7 S. Main
Coeds Delivered to any Port of the City

I'M & 5"1 Loose Leaf Note Books
Standard Sizes-Side and End Opening
Takie your notes "right" next semester
Leaves taserted and removed wthoiut distrbiengiohersheiic's. O0 pato lwsbh
rites. Leaves lieperfecitlyftat. Evecnc ccitin ufc
froma edge sic eige.
Manufacturors it12 S. Mate St.

Ready For Your Orders
Ki( dic-tscr i.i iiust iictcc
lcccx fr ccxciii- iii t'cixwhich accc
eciisie cx li st s -ssl i s t t ace sacthccoc
ma eitu 61)io ii fi i .'cciI la t ic c -iv c r c
Ils-ccis tiii akeics- i i~i iisit-.get thIe
cccii in i i icrlccciiddeli-cc'it, just
when situ cianct it.
You ;.,L -by kutadvantcige cit -cit
VWm. B. Dieterle
Varity Tatters
117 E. Liberty Street
Shirts and Neckwear
Made to Order
O'y'rstcr m&Bay
Open Eveningcs
Btantcss ancd After Party
I ins I c-s Solicited
Club Sandwiches
Fried Oysters
Choice Steaks
Chops, etc.
Dinners and Suppers
$3.50 per week
Dl 'M. Willits, Prop,
315 South State

cc feaibule, cccii cadapitedldo our economtcic CtTY AtGiENCtES:
ciscsicissss- 'Puatis lueaci scestnucEast Uiversity Pbarmacy Cu., tutu . tlni. Aice. Chtrs .i . ttauecct .,'22Monroei-\ Ae.
c niin.Ta stesl usinRaymntud . Vanyoatren, t03 Pachardt.t. tacisc& tKonold. uct Pckard tIc

121 washln t) 1 n

ANDAhh4 & PACK, Photographers

Phone $98

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