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January 21, 1911 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1911-01-21

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ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN; SAT('ll). N Js'NL' h '.2,011 No. St.

Vol. XXI.

F R It i5 aga0000top to1 the weather mao HAVE M0 Y TAR
ST L O E O hether or toot thet-I ttroo hlockey clutbIL.LA IJILN
________ wiltltoe atbte to tpay the gamne scedeltled
for titis eveoting with the Senecas of
Sentiment Strong for Choosing, Detroit. Otto ice is tow coveredt ly Splendid Programs to be Given
Student Members by tmpra~ture'rise~s it is liet atyo the by Art ists of Highest
Ascainmatfch may)art heoplleo ff as thte owater Reputation
___ Shouold it proooeo otmtossoiole too tla'te
gamte a pubhioc a'ounooocoetent of thtto
REGENTS MAY CHANGE VERDICT faoct witltoeottaoe, :Inooormooatiooo tay THOMAS ORCHESTRA RETURNS
alsoo te hto ol t oo' inooooo W\eiooterg 's
rnk, 9()-2R
Dite 1 tihe ouofovorototo ttituooe whliclt Tihe Seeeco clutt is one-of the teaots Tlie ooeeko of toe. May Feostivaol, toal
thoe Regentosooaifesteot toowarol the iot the Detrooot AooootetrIHlockey tleogutetmtsic Iovers the 001 1 t otolbic so '11 f
m110oeent for populaar etection of tuo-aond so far lhaootooao a ouccesfout seaosono. 1100ecooer, is ag'aia rapoodly a1,0lo~ch1101
CoptainoReytoools ;hos seeoo tteooop101y01 rroogeooeotts re on oteootpl10ted.
dentt re'prestalotises of thoe iBoared in
tthis wointer aoootsays ttthett'tocalot o lose 10000theoporamo'ios t O'01110100coot
Conotrol of .\Athltitcs, thte stirit of re- gregationo wilt hose to extenootsl toot to)00 te opoons thifa oroooaode'are 'n0
fomi nlo o000t yetodeoad. Thoe oclorly ex- wsin.11ftplaytod, the gamoooe' siltltoe otleodgenotrob C ott' 'ooooan ttegro'alt m001.0
prssdfoeelioginoofaooo f altloog theito 7.otf30lt 'roies to sortoiss e0000 itstie
11000 at oj as 10 w01(l10'to elect otoo rell-'00'. ogo I
resentiv0es ooesists oooolthoefoghot fooo SENIOR ENGINEERS ELECT \s too flboore s'o', t the ilit h' us
concrts.he< n l enesdavc0v '0


1,11XH( S '>ill,"R M"AROON UM LE
ith Sl'l' t il ' oll),. iaetle A ONDEBATERS
110 0'1111tIt ;
tI lto 111 N 11 tt'tl 0 , badUnanimous Verdict of Jde
an111 cal;.. to ti o t h*.1 ,.t1i 00.0 Pronounced in Favor of
MS Ol s lt5 i tem-1 1'10sdV . 00pr Michigan
111100tara! W10 1i t~ 1, e ftor-_____
0.111 Je o): Cimmbwo ' cea ffjLrSE TO NORTHWESTERN 2TO l
lilt root)um \n]0 he)00 k I ~ lo'e
di'''ot oeicig'ooo oa ooooooootsls.
This clas in 10011 0en101 111 w I'letwo o ls w tord s fro o vttsetrnor
_.__.____t-ies 100 tile patootwto i oe s. Theot-,is
RIFLE CLUB 3 AFFILIATES 0ll(0 000w010toffer to'booogeoolttot0iooltheo.
1er010 soaldffrtheor:
Local Ma1rksmnte CanI Now C mpete "N°~etleess. too sftot i oole etsiooo
is National Association I1 orishto t c0000gratotoooe 10orh e me0frooo
-- . -, ~ , a -1 1 . (t~i" c ' hor IIne th 1;1.-d sid o

10110ular'governm'ent0'l0 ,0-00llbe carrion 00.
tOlloe e xplatiOon~o 100f thoe Regeots' ac-
tion1ltas oelol'tooligloo. 'fle resolutiono
losd ythoe oassociiontl 1its receto
mett) ' wasly0000top)0 ose ws'henoit ocam0e te-
foretttegotentls mthe ;w rouoodolthaot, as
it 0 'Is loosesdIato a meetinogot oswhich btt
1011000-0'retoes'ot, it Cottl noottobe eo11-'
siiere'tas100 o nvinctltintg statemoen0tof
student sentienth 5. 'T'he IRegeots lsos
belitoeedl Oioo if the studoeoot retpresenta-
ti'es.wee totteOletedotlothoe ssooia-
ga10ther'nondthaot lotcotd tot01stelCon-
sideoreod s tooi }retpre seotative. Amto-
titooovos teroforeoooaode anood tasseod
odelvinog thte requoests toolttoe resooltutiono.
'lhs fool otoaootoe assoociationooelectionos
aret ooootto'ontO tollt t'Aostraliaooosystemt
anthaOtooniam- titme00sthoe oooooober wos-o
01 tIt temeetogs oote wsonsot lre-
o 'Itleoltt toe egooeoots. f thoe stouoeot
11od00 has aoreo'ooirote ortoottolaorrep-
reentao~otion andowtolo nittofest it thot'-tt-
tituotftthoe IRegentis ooaotte chooogeod.
It is ooltogoetheoo'o' babotile'thoot thoose s'hoo
00111oootpopuareetiono wil seek to tob-
lwi t)) e opptotorOotut'yto lresenot toeir
sideofetOh0eorcaose lot theReetoIswoene
:N\t'lI-d tC) GNIZA'1ION
, 1'\Cittdlt At' Iottk'ttt:,'.
Bel 100100th t Wieritp'esetevion
m11) ttOid11 'offotod tooo enoooghop-
o ortI--otty for tal elztonofl t
11o'tlas' etc asts,1ihtgilisteact
of i'll a0fair enoogmoa inoo herself,
0.0'Ict'lln ca' o' 10 t 0bythatna 1110A
111')'. 1 o 11 S1?tO i s l llg1 .TItt0 '00 C
z }:t ."'1 1 '..0 1 11) 10acc Io ttn toft lit

Class Day Officers Chosen Impartially
From Whole D~epartment
abttoutniootem'emoeoOoors ofthe seiorto
enogioneer *class toorooedo tot 01te clooss
ooeetog Oelolyesterodaot'aftoernooooo. Th(o
choief boosioess waos tleeoctlio11010f thot
clss dayoofoicers. Tistow0100precede()
bt a waormtodiseoossiooo oat toohethtor th(t
subt-dlepartmoents oftht~e ooo etominaoototedt
shooulol te omeontionoeod. Thois disput00greot
targetsytotof ttelighot owhichoIth-etiil
hado ssith -hoe rest of theolepor tbetocotasr-
lier tio theterooerthoe doisitonof tothe
class offlees. IHaorolfloaskoins suggestedO
thtoothIeo hootoet tot'touoie d ooood that th(c
mneO- nomtinateod wiltout regordt too
theitr depairtmtst. Nits'wosbtt re
greeted sotlbaplausoooe. too spiteofthtios
fact,toe civitbloooad thoiogs lretty' onery
their.too'a0n Oswat. 'Tle elecotton olltow:to
iistooriaoo, S. M. Schott. Ch.;tooro phet
l?. M. Stteo, C.:rooleodictorian, .Rots l1
iltolotroo.C .;ooraotor, Cletoo P. Spang10'er.
C. ;bfet. Vo. I". Darrowo, l?. ;oasotmaoste'r.
Phlip oloisloeroo . C
Thle s-otes tote tolet100001foteoraotoor
were especioally close, Spoaongler owiboot
oot tbttoree rotorsooond IDorrtows totsix.
(to was5alsoosted's t 10011et' e110it-si
ecoss odiooner ot-thteot' i tton oreofs't:
tooonctonthathooo othtters laooc 1 co -a0001
too haoose lDeoonoCooleys -L'-S to 1 w-
OThois osas sougge stedel to 1 :sofe
oDressinog tootheodetrothe t-tO n 'a
preciattionto ofthetto'ottwicotto r
tocolit'lo eenoo bestowedto~llin h
Uooioersiot' of Neboraskao.
It 0w0s0 oeciodeodtoohaeloot' .r t
boaseboooltr ack, 0oo,tto~l 11oi 1.
teamotstosoerteotintoolOc_ c !s't~
Theroe sill lsto hetoe115 r
for licturesoftot elo'clatss -,rzn l
chaoirmoeno ofthIte o ootosos s o~t 's
.A suooooof $13o~ sr n110' is e.4
waosoapoproriaot'ttod o'r te clas0s to. --
The otetmobers o sot 100 to o C..0 .0
shoiptrelayt'tear:oo os-Ito1001lt et r''
ceiovod their otoo,.o 'tslos(e sohisO 15',
eod thoem.

tog, kost- too. otOntothirsotoosit, s-so

11rig to dt ostttss ao 01010see I ll llo' T eG o .Rde c"
00000 w ll e ia JA 1u 5d, E\ie 0Ow Ni 11
so-toos-'. to' "Jusios t~s - f d0lo me ia tit
Iau e ott iIs Ottlounttit Tei attn 05 b1 sit lon, it.0., too
ttsoto o il too rtdaysstill lieto e Otto 10 oter1liv
tlt 00cone t ol s-sin t'se oeveningt' aii. iteo lego ia't C 'Otoridec a
ortoos ttrogram'o ill so itt 0 T e ofOtoe ioet togivoettit.y
oo'o''otiitosoo ora o f s T 'so toosiottot 0 i at 1015to 1011)1
The Thodr Thomsottcstra he ocaioraniatina
'1010'sIno ittoot uction anywhereso ntot oilslsltn-I- totso
certainly inotti ttm Aro roan Ottos ee il lei
ocarcely' ottoiso to' ettc Festoia lithoa tci on at3orll
\1r St010o sook tosa otd hismen toos rs en1000 10 O l '1 xsot os's
.0ra ctots.)Te' tot' ort ts io n, en ert fo r tum s l IIta
troil 'Stanley's skoilfulti rehot tare01101 '.ntithe1if10o
is' rehea rslsooith tt om eostp oisingo a-o aculy1 a d 011.01 s
on tt th rotoit pterfeto. T eeae tas hsbe oql
som 01000' i t''' itt O tto chors- l pa01 a1005 l lsl'O .th 1a1 01t il 1
lo o rk10s tht wl b sO in , ndsoot? h1 Fer 1511 g .'
Sta le s is t gitr itatl pes ed'.to t t he !:e'l etoo sod'd to
t(Contineon Pso age 3.) so ot:.I.eio

It willoo lo tom-
istcs fr the
Iigthe'o iO ii o
it ootoroor ofall
o il ~till
l e Ii

toot tas 0t ooy au t hub a6-v
totfar litroso stthan ott tae one."
0000hOtt n to fent edtrtstohOtto Oiroototive of
tol GOoTtooet tooottoi bItoyO tte IGolt'-
atedI I sotote TaoxI.Consotitutisonaloity
Conceded.toot JttstohnGtle otOwas0 tte
ist sotosor.It(esasodlitootrt:
"TOetntoss toot'xoois itses-toodto tsoke 1100
toeilinthg . stt-t 111usoulndretlale. .At
prstent if i ofthteowoelt oifthoe cossoot
los 0000'.soout 04k0of 0telotaes. 'lTe
toosre-I'lssoosssha too toseart'h~e boordeot
o ttoth feesrio taxoes. ''leo' oinbcoe tax
wil reachi ttstockstandtoot dsowhiorsticom100-
toie 3,'1( f ale toal ooaths aons
wistoortl escaptaxatltiton. 0)1tt totoi
for C'tito.
"We opposs usuooes00ic .00 too' hesaido.
of revenuuiand becaset oserspress's.
sysci t is0l'0ii st 011000000toartetoo''-
ornmotte- haI sot 0surplustoof $o >.oooooo.
'lets'uorplots togrtowingiechlyeaor too--
cruise ot the r sireaossig etffteeoserothOtis
.0i dct tots totatMeo-

01I1 =.'?1 st t "s n t . tt tOi

(ts .,-I t I t:. i':a ~ra c ce IJ'o('Ld tCAROO'(NISTO 'o
0111 cr~inicec Ct "0115 ttoo1 to 'too w1,0 ltDtDSS Nd\SltAPuIZlP 201
clases f lmolde illfteItste-tos
ec. hiwato to. oomemboers Thomotos 'oay, toecotted corotooit o0)
int tloo s t harmiony-ito so each o her 0a0000 tte ltetroot Joutrnaol, owil give thot slots-
too too I their sous sfreCe'clotseitotorsot-itog atdoress ill tProf. Scott's oeorsooooer
too-' thte uotiteot Ottcooorse thet 'tolcoturse test Thuorsdayot'moinoog oal 9
kowswholot0thor uotimoast is-Othatis o'clocko. 1100tal{ololt bte llustraotedotob
ole ofttoe ostosssofsoyi olsmoke a demonstrationoftohlos otethoodosot illuos-
.0 "10()0 000001t.rotiotn,

''to 'ol :nd Ipres ettes1 astrololg
to ii so iitts oh liii I'"!erll'' t
p tt boo Of-iostoo oIs orsoldto' sys-
t .:i:) tl tsoot esof~.
li l trot, "us 1too
j0us1toits ohs ig. t oiinuisitlorial
toodI csot te easily esaded.
rebuttltos. Arthutr iScolt moaode Ilho'colt-
100000No; t.I eluitt 0"sprechfoot 0. ca o, asoot) jolmo
'o StG.1k/h N F0- tottoIttethof ootor ,l, ogn I Toeo tl t000
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' C'i ul,'('I .k\ kRit~l)o 'Oft 000k'1 l-\,, -29 cItt5 ';
Old 5 1-2820', BOt''1' Ild 5'1i 'l'OIdN I NOTFIRCt('t too i TIt

100 l0c

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