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October 12, 1910 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1910-10-12

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VlXX.ANN AR )OR, Si\ IGk ,DN. X SitA 105 o )i 1 2. IMO

Vol. XXI.

.. . .- ____... .~.. _.. ..._. ___.. _ _ , ........

Scrubs in First Mid-week Game
will Oppose Regulars Like
Equppd ith M. A. C. formationts
tht reser111 tril gileble1to 11the ar-
gi~ nryular fotemnthi aferoo,
Titie firt f tid-0(1week gmles,
w ill he the onisly i opportnIit which1
sty-ill', ti onl oct hey tal tl' i e0 i
]1 1o Partners on iittill'o.Tle'con-11
t t ill h 11111i (vry rspc
111e1>varsity1 ittwill wtIl~tich i close
this aftrno it b al i ete loas 1it
willbe11ie irs11 opporti t tolll dter-C it
m ie w ethe th 1defcts t t appeared1
i iI t he pnin"1 conest1 hae. hee1111
p hi1 Iri', I. f theelve'Cpiasii
b la tf lahit.' . . . cn~oou it illit
ha '11 takn a d th t: ict i er
to Ko it. ill~liisubstitiu~ itiosltithe
expet i;in 11er 1hat t eesbtitute
Illii lltave 1llp it i lty' t ilti theif
\,ti ndgrll , IIf ime subs f ttell
a111c cacesarelt ny towe ll tif
- o dic '1111Imp ihive improvte0d.wih
sted dill ut ii et t i riioab fle 11111thol
nithe Clii 0-ifesivtaticsgitlax-a,
givs I~Ite s CC. a h vriy' e

TO BRIN G NOTfi It \l ,

At its first mleetinig ofhil(,ear' hel
yesierdiayC afiternoonl, tihe iDetitsihIC
Vereint votedti i11nIv I iite ,1ne t hitig
Frceihee 1011on \I=ilogetItIoleCI rC Ito
ihe studein~ts of ite ttiversoi ty.'r
terC von11 XoiCIogI'ttisl le If tiell' ingl
iieaeeyttettof iGerm-.m115todaiOn
aIs weii as criticl orks. i I' ll',siljc
If itis address ihere wtilICefTh'eiGerman'I
hti erlt'lolf "iodiaY'." lT1e'exactime of1
thiisi 'ppearanii tci nti t ill' 0111 efi-' l
Commanding Officer of Battleship
Acknowledges R.1eceipt of tift
ftile satitiortsIf tle bttlest hip111111
11at,1wasCiatched If tile c11111 t1
pat sichoalear.(1 I \a rsne
tihe sii'titud its 'of thg I iv l it i l ac-i I
(llInio tlid tt'it of llo til 111" 111111 Ii
elven'll inthe jtit'It with Il l l Ii i 1111 1
hest tile Quakers.I
The receipt If t1e gift w1a10 1111(1 1
Ill IIIin te olowing l ttrI toI he
i.S . 5Michigan~, Nato 'V11th.
Dear _XIr.XWittioeIft:
1111 preente by till otudIe1t1

Over One Hundred Answer Call
for Warblers for Union
( c t ll t hIlld fldt' 1 '111 li llarI'I

PrttctI Y 111 11 1111o1lce tse tvet l asht
1>*)i'l al 1111 II' cs 11 o sx ( ' it lc Sat-
IIr tllv
alo siytt in re seill th fir(1 t-l t Ill
11 2 lla III I 111- 1i 1 2 10
lat 11,1 i?() I 'tells '1112,; ll' tillMl
' l: l 1 0' 5O, last car loi; l' t 1110
Ica ii ;" Il1 111l 1 .2, 1lo t I'I (1)1
John 1'. McCutcheon, Cartoonist, Ap-
pears on S. L. A. Course Friday

"Cane Spree" Spoken of to
Take Up lime Formerly
Spent in Hazing
Thef Stdetll'1 ottcl I ltliyi tillra
;tfte noon nti d IIw 11) a I Ils I plat
of last y'ear' rush. I t 1 II M th
conditions 11 11escribed 1 1>_ 0l(, ; tin II'
1.I 0h111111w 1plan has 111 111to 1 itnedIm
tt~ had 11 t 1 11abe 0 I 'll'eth
pI Ncilc t n o a t (t ii Il 'I 1ast
111111so 1e0111 t wIII 111mi ttedIl for
till' t Illthatth'c1i 111 hs 111y

I'IIr t i l '

Prof. 1I v-

II( 0 1:11s11 us.1 1 c 1'v11 ' he s11
rant \\ rhlc tl) an do i th s ill
inte 1)a r l ii to II io'villnl 1111
rc~ndii n (f ther w(' to 1 11 'It ()
IRA % asthan I' Thenand ony then


I h 1T. X'1 tc ' II c rt ois, fo'
Ie tt ft e sw~till 11 C' i I ' Si
11 i t ' la t o g e tss n o st11
ni tli ic lws1 l(r aro nit h
ilel miler t - to 'Th m s .
(;o, 'f'. I Ilali '111 .
\Sill III I _?3' -Jilll 111i1ip Souls'a'andl
omcnw "o11.111Jnthn '
Dc 1c11 r 2 -1111 .11 I C .1 Il io al nd11

scll 'IIItl
11-ma1 111
I'll' 11
1 12 1 at.

1151. olo 'can lt ui ;l

1iliiC le Pesellteli 111 esiNstl
fetsiato .Silors.1of UI' S. 1 iu 111111
If tite Uivlersityo'tf Sittil Illill il
oftiers and15crewC If tlit1 1ltlesiptI It i
galllas safexly riveid Ii Ih1111de ind111s
woiiill n ('hici. it is tetndireIt bi t e til u-~
The ibtgie twiill e sedi 11n 'aippropr~ia te
toccasionls andthcerefully pre'ser'v''d ias5 1111
If ite ciheirished lSposssionst tf tileshp
Very- resiiectifuiiy,
(Signed) V. R. Cloll till
Captaint, U. S. Nivy,

No Prcxies to be, A lowed in Elec-
tions Saturday
l~ ci oIii ' fi11 t-'the;11 11 if iit r
ltt-r Ihall11fro11 7:31) lo 12:115. th
'0 h sr la i l III NI tem %ill b 11 k
(ttep~l, 11 1 ol Inc ii rso th
\o v~ti11 v pro x y ill b c til '
Il' ho r)till h ithil Ilfl he asoc~t
tit Wl 1rh l titi11111i I at
1111 It II n 'ieriv al
''c ca icetotet lhi dices inthel
111111111-ou 1Ioh ii iii X dii f tla't

I clt i.tr IelahIl . 1'il s 1)r so
1 1 11 .,I~k Ill hIi Ci ' . 111.- ) I t i ll;
011t1C it',, '101 t't1t1 111 lC t ita11101-1 1 abC ill{) F id
11110111 Itos t e dati+.tillc I lI It il
i~pcus this c (hi
ven 1Oh l t tllN-h"Irlhh' iafteritli Ill'' I~h
al n rl ) o lh.s 1111 11aiot ()t r sh i s h dueltithe (oninudn1 P e 1.) 011 111
theIrctiaen 111 01thihltshwiloheI'n tilt'
11.1110111 i it''11 1, 1(11 11 I'l 1I> I I ll )III
Preident I t' l ils - addesi th l~ e A tloil t ilt ill' e o sott -thI a
; c~lc.)ateA~tn~nacat ~r, ll"III C 111 thetegieeing Iflt'ihlit 111Itsth i-
hoc 10111 1111 1111111 :00 p.vrth ofl ll1111 iI t' Nel. A. 11. WllIII and1
M. A l lt)iho r lled t ttn ee hf fd llo Ifim lif'lt'ilIheh li 11 1 icit o
111is 1 teI iiI I Iin tihrs hilhe ro111os t an tis III 1a a da cejot 11tl
C111111 ol f, 'hillhhhh, oj ll L(Oa '''lan ,t l Thit'l l iancetis'. (1111 in1 th1 hall,
also I accep lt lInh1111'oC ht Am0111 If \' lustl'pl' t'e' l l(,ti'stcrhetar's11111 ho, 1111A
II 101 '011001111110 1 1111 ()r th ote fl wig Nillottl as iI lseg i th (tot tti I 'll hillI' Il
C~elc-C 11 a1r1eX 11 c 151 fcto m m erhp n.las t yea111 :Inch1t 1(1( dt ll ('hCl 11 fIll
l~rn-id C'~lg , 1fsoi C ilill Nitl Sti ll wast itt 01ttied AI ard witill' (
II hI lhhhlaw oleg ,Unvrsty(f i tittmbertoft iet't' ll iti' n tis I~o

JOHN T. McCUTCHEON, Cartoonist Students'
SEN. DOLLIVER, Iowa Insurgent
SEN. GORE, Blind Statesman Lecture Association
REP. VICTOR MURDOCK, Kansas "'Cyclone",
LELAND T. POWERS, Dramatic Reader
Best Course Ever DONALD ROBERTSON PLAYERS (two numbers)
-- SOUSA AND HIS BAND, Known the World Over

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