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January 13, 1911 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1911-01-13

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The Michigan _ __

Vol. XXI.


No. 74,

Athletic Association Directors
Did Not Exceed Their
That the alt100 of the Directors of
the Athletic asseocatttion itamig t~e
stdetotmeottsto (f the Board il Cot-
troti (f Athetiswas autthorized appears
foaletert twhtch11Secretry Sitit
htas twritten toItCirman ~tICarpeter(f
thel' Board Of(it rctos.Tie etiod hy
twhichithttesttitentt retre01entaties were
Seceety tSmith' s sttettOf te
facts folows
tic lDear Mrt .Cpentel:
I notticed1l71 1C It '\l til'IN DILY ttOf ~
his mring atcmmui ca'tttttlti~tolfromll a
twichittettit wasIthe ntienttttiintof
te lRegettts netblishinglthetilpreset
Hadill Control11tttfXthlttisthat te
sudnt emrstttfCtttttolBoads tt ilyCtttt
~tleshttldgsbe11111te(Ibytthe Ahetitc
teiot Iteo11r1111fofatio and' uidthe01
tndesrf Ithee tirc 01umstan eetttttto
maetthiael lt t ilc ttmet:Tthie ~
atemtetings hfteonttet totte btginning
witte eetingtoft leaett2ter T~heemirn-
ueofthe Metingof stem e re'Tea
1 orginaly ecored hemshoeditttt
teigitut intt wreItotiteoteet
ltectd y the Ithlti tstoceti ot"itt tce
tite ttre0i11111ftteItmtbttottlttestenorige-
naeltt mi tttutes otovemtettoere ortfth
d\thtcorectte int accofdtnte th he
totrtgitttl teotonapted t sttthee
101717, tttett.Tit is'tcoetreretion iludll
te poio thaetttt thctenthemteree
otfetheetad nlotrl arc 10Itooles.-
thehoad rc:tohe letidyth V eiec-,
"Thedttetodrs (f tieAttletic (1001
twhtttstyles h1111self C'A lctmier (f th
Athetic Asotct111111ftr clling otil
tettiit tthIis matte ,1111dCairmsa
Ctren17tee(fteiorelI"The tdirettr
1111not1 wishio to aumeatyp swers swhit
are ntto 11 t oetly teirs
It is nt at al11 certait, htoseer, tha
te mttet is settet. Tie setttiet
thaet te stttetttmemblters soutold It
chttsett tby te assoctitiin as a shet
persistsAtitettiois 11a111fest i
cetaint quiarters to plc te mtter ie
w fttre the asscitint at Saturtlat's mlee
ingmi the hope that a resolultin till bh
tpasedl aderessedto ithe R'egettsoasin
tttthey athlterize te 1assoc11iatnt
elect te sttttetttmoemb~ers f te boar
Rtegret is ettressed tat ato effort Ito
bee171 madlte to onlet te tmovemet fo
platlr electiottt ef sudetl reresetll
tiees wistte Cofereitce agitato
''hose wo fasor the reforts insist th
thtey (re entirey' stisfiedI with the pre
etntmers of te oard a11( their at
titutde. 'Tey ontily desi reeltat te rn
eitlestf tottlar electio le saitiaie
Ant eight-mile trip p the Chare

river, consists of the daily rowing prat
lice at;Harvard.

A longinig room till e fittel 011 it
the asemeit of the lse huildiig, so0
11101 the halls ad doorsays twill ot e
filledl sith stodeletis eseern classes.
This room wifll tbe furishsie with chirs
and sofas and made as comsfotablte as
The plumin~ig of the building is also(
undlergoing a comtpllet reiiiteleig attt
trw fixtre sare Ieig istlledt trttg-
Practice Will Not Be Started Until
Second Semester
Vthlat promisestsleams tt t etelicial
cattge ii thicodct tf class baset-
ball has eeti secret btcIntieclass
Maiiager Co. Acorit o IIte ine
plai, whlich has reciedtlf)icial san-
ftrIasketbaltlractice uti th ie egit-
ting of the sectid semteser, btut play
sWill le ctinuiiled unttil ai tcilte11r
dale thatt ftrmerly. 'The canttge hes
beeii assentetdIt to y'the maoarit' tf the
class minaigers.
By' the ewt arrattgemiets three cctt
secutivie weeks f Iprcice till bl-
lowed, coiiiinecing Fertiery 3, atlI
tim1e wsenitithe ascii willhateecleistre t
tdevote' tthe intoor geaend(11will nttlle
intterruptedl11y'exetmiliteatins and11 prter-
also ble gienitottgetilhe'gmasu
Hointo f111it saptle ftr itgamle fter tt
bilg social event. Uitter tettd me tettt
> ractice' twtiiltlhlie b17 le'h'ant iext
week at et time wsente la11yersssotlt
p refer Ill gie their atttiotoltthe ill
I pendig exmintiationis. Practice wouttlt
3Ihave eetn almrot stpptledt dtritgexamtti
- inatioeeks andelwhili te htt 1(ec1
s rattins were ieitg 1(1pu ttaee 11(111
teith 11111a0wtekh moe of patie thle
- galles wotlt he beeisotrtedeton(1 a
tslippery fltttr. 'The 1new0 planIIsetilstt
ottbtiate these diffculties Te srie
-Seneca Club of Detroit Is Bookedfr
A gatme hs eeti sedlulle ftr te
Hotteyes'clutbtfoe Setrdayts ftentttttt
t ithi the Seiteceas(f the Detoit Ama-ti
teur H'ockey cl. This is oeuto(f the
tstroingest seens of the legte ettia
snappiyie'gmle is astreed the fatis. The
meithale Ieeti tinatle ttprctice ftr te
last few daysht from the form they
eisplayed te firt trt tf the weekl, it
seems certan that they swill giet godt
uaccont of themseles
e A meetig f the cli will le heltill
t-ite Athleic associatio offc this een-
ing at /7It'lttkhandiell11itimblers tr
O iurgedl to altit Xiiv Any twho Iesire tt
h join the clith at this toe are also c-
tquestedl to trnti.Ti her temtha1111tl
tplaly ini Satrd1y's game sill be tn-
it lounleedtiat lts tie The mnm tIrett
I ish tcall tattentionilto the falct tat
le lay' stoedent of the university' is eligilie
n fr mlembsershipll and1 th' sppoltrt of the
sudlentIody is desired,
. -
IsAt Ithe . M.1 C. A. "lie ook" heto-
r quiet toight see sudenets will sbtiti
tt the trtres of a fial, with Gree
n l.ocktoit as chief extmier. The s-
at teds will coer a wide range, incldig
s-stronosty, mental deeopmet, acieent
t-history, oid S, ad R.
The banruet egis promptly at 6 :oe
d o'clock.
ss'STn5'rRwn~;ire tees' OFICESsTODAY.

s XWester societeyttf the low ldepatmnt
c-will hioled on eletiott of officers at itt
meeling this afteritton.

AVOID EPIDEMIC: ttitr'11lt eil: o icis he
at (th lu ielt (11( ay.1(111 II
Spread of Mumps Feared Owing I uelS~tses ~ h issip
to Lack of Thorough teti o e ott t()f th ed~-ll(]tellat 12:.30
Isolation 10001 I Will lebe otti to t dlissttit 0f
witha______r t6 oo 'cluck.til

W~hile tttlt fifieencl sdes (If Iiteutul
otfftcer, it is te opiin f lcal phit-
ciisthatteri tinnnmoe ottt 11111f 1111(1
'teaoi tiles Itaventeienelinttftrertttt
'The ftllowin" sttehticti ettcetnitg te
Itketohastbttt trittient iytal(teltp1111-
IhI111110 s acntgou dsaschr
ttse'tutttetrtte'jalt. hIt ocurs mtru
frequlhentily'ittitatientis frttt i vetote kfi-
'roi. C.,the time' elapsinug froex-~
poser at ive0(11 man1ito feettit of1 0 C -s
151111, iter ies fro ttotocthreetttes.
fee tttr111(1e h tie the dses is t i t t ert-
in. The gentterIla Itl k twledgetoftis~t
fetilne frte' t e dse'se ot11111 e liet i t
imotance ttt at ty relareletsgeoth
If teown weIs reand1fexisur
likct o ae Ive 1(1 a1111ttcs.It 1 s11 W
t(he1s e sler ptiterts ttt o n et mottte
lttrteets may om f hc
oass prmenhsttttlthnett lastr1settei.
reelnt themles'ItitIh i all oandt
hig 111ever.t suOte lIt s tie lthet bott
lests setut e wef k.lt omplications

Few First Year Men Fall Under
Council's Ban
A dtenct hatthles ito shtttto i eo) failetI
tol tak e e dic(1 (t o t e t ud t itetttil
w( tt'ttsee ownt rigt m!otetomm
ti 1on ec id ta t i would e far mio((el
fCa(s(11( (11 ut l(0 in t } t haot x
fts (S etittit e to ttte lamb e th er
to 1rwe ho tt ltt ttntiI o o to ma
ttteaff ies w ich w s c lc e its a
ti 1a ( i regardti (7it its alIst too y
(111100t il tt'ttupe rc'e s aeo a ndo e vtt n
frei u wer11'' Itets I (((tlta
for tth ewo o pte d t'C otevade ted
cre n h ato th at e o ttl ilt'a
1(13 hit re rvs to 1 < too'ha
Illces l h anll''l h dtin iiae
Thtte or i (loeCt n: ln
frs In to s t y tt ao oswth
'rd~aI'llothes1ttttto and'ha
regardtt(' iltI t ''I m lic t() ay ;

Student Takes Issue With View
of Freshman on Toque
C flo l of Cotttilititictti s 0111 te
Sit~uleoh C'tttttil's aetcioet rgardig
reshme n'O tqutes htes IpouredImitothIe
I lot i oit'c. Ito' ge'tttrel Ite tir ofIw hich
Idtrof thte ImIstus
Pehp he fliootitttaet' ile itight
beo cneesh to smte tof Oilichign's
toooal otto' teuIth o'ettno'freely
vetrn ugsionstthle Sudent
TeSttdentIC'otttttcil does o toalways
make itt I eel rtlesa d etttt atetiotns ut
let ns I tttttm e t'rteat uponte t e tliera-
tios oft hatt h odhY, e'tttt)itedtt as it is
ofrereettioe(11e1 1frtomttie uper
IcsssoftelIntirt' cimpusi, depeolds
inaget i o'esurte t'sucesOf the
socil l ittecotfto' stdtth a ndtttotf el seu-
nid ters ons itt es thatttl the lito r
lo-tit Itanithe resut'ptlttle thuli 011
atinoil heirpart and ir ienter
the 01ett f1heenire1100stuenti body.
It 'I t t lt situt(1io ofl ean~ingtf cothe
0og te reputatio styf havtnren
1I1, ndOod llhve 101111ittcutmsi
and radt itolatt"tthouofhit1ourt
.-i t ' t lz ,,t itS((0 1(01 1.11 i f itsry itttis
pectliaC toMigtt anI,10 c110stmsthafreomm
In ato hrsutohetototm oiele too
sayt"e tonIPc't Illv(1an0(111r frshmCs
toIisici Iat M1icigant, otecof swhiohswe
It is tethait lcitganis15a schol ef
Perslit lls ot onht thue iside. I d
o av o o spensotd heartmittgEllent't
Tery usn13.nhoontitty or 3Miss tPta-
hs.I itate nut bioughi ttnS. I,.C.,
(cloth tttti1d((11t hoptttcever to ie otlet
dosadI hitetoen11al the Michigatt
Iprs ftomtttNiggrc Heateem." I 0c1n
attttd leottoes afterlJ.0151out tf tl-
II Icn eacolge uan ut titer
an ~ tittt hilat I caomtotoiheli
peptua t~tCte lihtgttt cusomstsndetotra-
ditiotts I eontstter ant hotor etttt it ileas-
Othreatwot kitdtto tf crtietiis, con1-
sricteatdteltestutivie Cnmstruciee
criticism715is Itha t hchi mts ttbuiidh 1p.
Itis Ihe'torotfIt te m11th o1(1reelies
itht tiretossomttinttg wrotg etduth to
set aoutthrtgh tllIit.Thenthle tter
kin tiltx- ttesi eltotoevelct hs ctllet
i'it elokRain.totg" teed hiltswho gistes it
''"MctRaktel."t It 10s1aIIntme hceeth
1eeres et tmi sctk the writer
ocfth aoorticethse qulesitito: ido
it tad tt utu"gltry or epress
yoterloylty tthIe untie riy ts
tuhlishint thtc 110115te fact that
yout hattiseenttstoni (f sour stdets
drninerDo toc 1shuttl etsirit of
kinlyces ttRos it Iertaith to te
1q1ues1tioatt00s1ue hI itoh immterial
attti mere5'surlumtsago'?0 1Dtd you otut

sIt' tuttter'initedt1co11y (f thme DAIL.Y'to th~e
fsupelrinttendtent of Sundahey schsools oh
thitti ito slows tthecletss atndt ptintwith
itpttde ho yotur ielecltuatl umesterpiece?
(Continuedson Vage 2.1

LAUDS INSURANCE COURSE "btb'.hoositl Iteet '"
lion. R. L. Cox Finds Michigan Makes toitsho ceo~fce w I h1017 iht 'Iin

Best Progress
Ctt unuslto o hash eetetcorde
toth lsitfe isuraceltdcou~rsote uni110111-
sertsi 1cty b 'tttntt'obe 131111nCt's "eul-
ora counsel111 d ttmanatt'ger (If ite ACo-
cialtittof ILife Inisurtatile I'm coxts.tMr.t
Cotx itse the xht sttsiueIreot on thlist
siubtechttof I tlimeatiotttmtt oet s ontt tife
Intsutratnue0,"ettveinig Illa'tcalsl tlhue
instituultiositt thl ust ry. InII Cecetrl
letter rtoPrttf.(Glotvor hue writes:
"Thissiltves'tia 1ti idicties to ues teet
,our in tstitutittnth11s0bhendiaIpilneser in
tis ktittd tf itt rlicI th 11111we shoutldt
luke permission11 lt otoilte oisl1 lttbio
thesesv110(110stourses5 as e(tillleso tf tho.
insstrucdltinm it life 1 i Craneeio utr
tighter etdumcatiotatmt titutions."111
Xt a mteeting hell1 recenstly intCilego
Ptresidth am es ihcof Illinoistuitd Presi-
tenthJutdsonm tf Chitcatgo, highly advoathl-
oil the 11e0100113ttfofhits short tfIVoctlion-

t'ttsto atoo cl ltietetee

NVOMity ES 1,1'I ;I I'S?'tI'SRI I'll
lICCI CNI IA It\tl iC llTS.
1110 s fr m he Junior Pla(y'' sill
fetature tee'n'w os Ixate Oe Ittot
It to tt'cockttiethis .eft ern oa IThe' 'il-
kmtt' stunt,with I m(( e he Ito to itat
thto antttttat junt~'t i lt itrty lst 5spr 0inty; isto
Ite eelptitoIutetesl l a sveal<) lte
s()nr whih hee I st succesitftl.

Prtesitdentt I lute iltts tcobmtpiing
letws andettth seil venmte'tI
versile tteboth'tore"gardt h e stale 1I
and1 tiietSCO'fito the ettt teld Itulit'
t Comp(tiuledotionce14Soti tttthtsre

tl e
law s
s Of
. seI It

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