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November 29, 1910 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1910-11-29

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G. IH. WILD CO.*j doa;uSIita Ii
a iz liii 1 >>:_A05.F,
311 SO. STATE STREET Neos Eito.. Haol Ttu
Assistant ........I larry, Z. lotbbii dtr \atrK oez


V IN d INC:1,)11'00 T 'S IISE

Ale ~ i f k l ,i D t h 1' slke tIs'1
as w l s inch ari nvi itedt. It is lii (.'s ansd the I R i' i vvac siio 1
1001tatu orot'sd iitisitt ii16 1 ln ipitith ct tiher1.i li Thelii l Ii'ii
1 is riotlla dreroo l.b it studil e o ltlecve ht whenii iliiii ii hitlii s

Qpl.:ijDisplay of
al nd Winter
IA S tyles

:'.istatsii ........ J. 'ril I aiitli
dlusie ,and Drama... Earl- V. Miore
Exctsaoiges atid.Piles.... tion B Iirney
LDoot otI A IS.
Artiur J. Abbott. l S Lasthor
Paul Leidly.
NtGHT LIOut&ss
A. J1. Wobtlgemutit. 1Ifarold McGer.
IMaity G. Myser. :Miairicer 'ollo i.
j 'saik P7to'if. fl: l ,'io's 1 i c.j

FULL DRESS SUITS Jisiii1,, cow. . IAE. Shats, jr.,
lri iMa'chi. IOscarIBeckmoain.
A. SPECIA.LTY' I ci Bitono. ,.. dl.XWakeiielid.
Jifiif f.'loiloley. \allaii'\\i'tiir.
I If iJ. slay. f I iisit 'Isavo i.
C. 11 iod Ii - f lctos. J. oi'lig Yeislen'i.
C... BItosmin.i A. R Dute7.
'iyeriRuobin. Keiosnetio Osborno
MUM 1?. 'a I Ioh soll. 1.1nc 1' r rs ,
Tailors ________cnstcl:
________________________________ Il \f toitosIC'. is', YPress lddg.,
dll~ Hus attagisog Editor, I-2 pi
1!ypc'w ritcrs assaager, I-J:,178 P. ii., IEu
ALL PRICES cntSlna. IBatht ptslites o5o.
Tbe Stuclonts'TypewriterSupply Co.

Room... 4 Pre.ss Building. Opposite (Majestic
P Cnal V. dsnt S
All \ ie.y anditi ro ut
25c up
Armn Bands

,\I[ Iotutu

Student s' Bookstore
'. [.BARI iELL
lbargesfStio if in Michigan
Second-Nand 'Law Books
Law and Mefiboal icttioniaries
Quiz Books, etc.
Complete line Nun and Soc-
ROld liooks takett tn Lxchantge
Second Flo Tel. 761

'11 lyl i 5, Ni--i';.\ 101fG. MY0,R
\(\° he 2i Nrf. itV M Cer'. c lcoii
N' islis p fortiTppa hl lilt:o
School:Stilto sits,
l 5cc 1.c s-7o al o rson 1JItt iir
1,. sit iiiI 'c rs t 'tt i i' rst al f
IXtlt iii --C. K. 5 S I)beortie Cfotsl
tccelot c)ro ls liilss, 8:,;
Iii.. ii q-- slesanclo liui os
irtt, Ns},,\''1't sti N os it.
T s t sottorial is dtS- d tl oooo tatsill
itrd to t I '11n- re leosses~o f oil
is i ts tII- \'ooilts' t ' )l' nowi s tl oists
tm w om i to\\ ()f ts knol- t
1'r iltoeil lts(lco ptistl ul
the ()ike (I 1., is tosil eds
pa .rdos' c m . ro-tesee ist , \\s
llits -e to t so sot tool s Imdto'c theise
cii lsilts solotec t'ti titt''d too ill its ' a'-
i's lst, ep 'tan in: the cl I tr
AM c ii\i e r r ii iois.1 tte Oi-
(lit' suscres . 1 tal) t i' s imlotft
tse cart' so obeo meI s ls cult l s o s m i le
\\ llthe staff of the tpaper boil sithli ilt.
ifpr toot\ s thi nesot o coinig andc
opal1Ilw~t- lonss i iiiand tiltwh
' h0 ilt helfp 5 stif''s o th lose'ofi
its llso t f het ot Is o ilad if itiscal-
lo s o~ltiss ssiosr liieturnd ot' soe wlo' it
1 i41id, tioll lt' i vil su i so sholt akeisoco
\\ sl(tt i tl(, ob s oibe ' t s;li t io lsve
cansnotifor 1h le siltcitote; tth ey
lotti'uftnlit e.rssi tewe o r,'111'1
thsk iist it eoeh ashdtnet
'fmlt c i toil iis --if i o te papeti 'lef
Ther co isn'0tiemthtt o (oust''ti'ni.Thet
too s ot oli tl s l stOits ottllt the stilt
scr i lt sw o totollsinaii .1 ti t ltiy !ticr-
dc 's1 towit aopapetht ief oiinlc ht los
Iliots ill lhimifiiiidrctc1iobti~ t
'lbs Pricitoss i vser'sity librasry has
cietotncreseodto ite estetofigh tfieen

cm'sis ilar'tiifiii i't'tt liort iosir toi
tio s candafer tid o f totheita sloisthie
stak r ill stooltfuois If Itos olo
deie to ow ort1150 aboots sootpir-
ti lar point.
ios BMexicoonctsistinug ld toeri osiss
-ar s oot sohch l ti s ly to tlt miollos
olr %ot f tme. - n l is sotstos
Its'ec lootol m'' t iv'to, f 5 I Mexe
Befor doig ths li._ % s d Sits si
tesit e of te g etstol ith c ini
the wo sitsd c and lts t isi'g osumo-
ti sdusolo it srs cnt gt'l adtes otoil Is
country n order o oisto s mool
sa isfac ion l t stole i o 55 ol toss)
tosccsoot Mr. Hor t t o 0h'astihatdalose l
deatliofttict'i'pr'asote in en5 io its is
ctslts'i ico'is a'ndo tt'thwst, and 'stt
o alle ight l m o t's'c mi gn for ill,,
Sother' n ' it'ss ilo~os s lit'tsl tmr
illtheirs ffo r ts ts t ee tis t ls ' 1 o I'
com ot % in theoficcoso hl stile 'idia.
tribesI Eclo man wsoliged t5o1earn
ila d ti ll lo is.ta'siitd sobI ts'm o d
ao si'-s' ho o s S\'eaifle.'tso slt'tsos
itisiilol ii' Itio' iss ' i ,:ostof s'\ itHlt5 io
s hr l e a o m c ilse ots tt sot
slit 0lito laosslo ill to ftenoot
h t ftal e i vefoo toit th e meibis o
gettlig he dparlncn sliatpit 00010
Itohasseensuggeto boh'somelhai r
numsoot 'set' gotideno t hiss i car.tno
\FAW C7111LlB lI I' SEN iOF
WOR'Kfio.IN I" f11RN .111 IJF I
sill htolod its 're iularom' t insg tooigts' 1ati
losolofoss fTospfptoos soill bItoeato tot ero
igto t els' iiiltf g io 'sfi s ti g ot sools t
isoolthe otIie'r'too aerialolaswo. 'irlc'o
idsoortI.fi'I' s t ll tlt of fle o sil ol to
Th etoteguss openi liitooausi rsti
ill 51. '0i.0 0 .01 00i ot it
Flil hte1oo'btutu' ois sop l o'
the t iosoal 55 oooso's L1ag'e0.0000 lo
t i-t5- Ito'w h fd itsl fi st toots o s o
tiltD Ioo''oolcrsixth. lsoloosowilllse toss
ott si'il 5ttsolsal olMn ay fte d issont ricflis
heitig fts 'i'ts t. ''floe iser l ''s
o'cheistra'oowillfurno'is 1 othe m si000'light
ri'efeshmetis 10ittl fe s cit
''Tle Poltitical .Asfpetsofii tto'NN s' 'so
Cosecovatiotosse"wstenbc o
I soloa tot's lb des' sre t e iby ttPr o li sorI
Rothoi fthiooet toret Soot en a 1!
-pa itsssed tse m rl isc o
ti. ouetinw icholies e a d d , :i
I 'tc~ to s oe ceononcscc

it ito u ot so t cot n S i o ot
SIt cos ilt sutot bo soo o~of stech Mro
\i111urd houghthome is p I fsin3is
fetnrc." slit s nlo fI fe's (las ati
.01 ophras - lo i came cstoi i fom silo
hp- stnd Otto sfolS sort01011 ere pt one
er o ri n i de tsii- om Isle
toot so osOi l r ufr r 1 ta
Otto loss of lss ifer ills on t
so ossols with (s o d' i es o Tha ti
lutGet ' ipie sh io ttdor 10000his'o~.
c sos oit w old'so'saita
5tt 00:5ci 55055 0 ts ot otittt i I 000
is, e o Sitll elit Ciofilf to iii tit o ok1'
ift lo lhich s 0 ofti 5 5in i
Suha te i o t ofthe to ftrthteIM'w-
solot ,K in ii s is'ti t's "creott ii
up i,11 h lse as ,c n '
00. 0.0 malt w s o 1 O tti d 00 i tto 111\
f'ssI. of stttr";ll' ' s ol iii t,o'go riO. il
iotae jid orS la'. S. s O tto iti 5155'1
sm ke o te ca ,1heI5 o l,
Fh resh tl vcit
MILWAUKadr~se tecemia n-
oui cse OuatrWnownrnte
4Tljc "oic e 'sl II~hraei
117 lI,?Pas O outh MiGn S10

Better Than Ever
The broadh fli exclusive lite oi
F AN\CY SIT IIN (OS swe sre show
itig toiday.
Frominit evrye'ati ant findil
faboric Io stilt his fantty,its boith
lightr anotldairIcnixtiures iniIte
Season's latest 1ostltrits are sliown.
FrFus u PtllStiffttort's right in
Patterno, iii fiality, it tSy le and
ini Makc- Visit
Win, B. Dieterle
Varsity "Tailurs
117 E. Libetty Street
There is a gonod taste about
our lHot Chiocolte that- you
doitit goat rily where else.
withi nwhipped cream.. i.a,,.a
E, E.CALKIliS, Druggist
324 S. State St.

Laboratory and
For Buceiology'
(Gonds and Prices Guaranteed
University Bookstore

WhOler 'mo howl, play bil-
liards, or rrt<l the papers,
V"I W ill hill ple>>ty of li 'llt
'it tats shwcs, play or Iii-lit.

;.r ' ' Outi cidIndexso I~d TI lou, systems ato
Time Savers
For ilting PeriodicaIs, Llttpinb,Class Nottes,
sectionalFi'll'g 'abintc, . ' get
Card Index t firs, Ruiled Cards,r
."" Guide Cards, . , t'..teJ,
Stationers, Printers, Binders Students' Supplies

-I _______________- I


, ,botoo ANhL& PA CK, Pbotographer&

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