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November 19, 1910 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1910-11-19

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ABlue Serge
comin10ightyi]handy for an ocsoa htg
of attire
E xcellent vaIue to yonr
F. W.mRS
Str .c .i" 0 erth Ave,
The Spalding n the vari
rt-%de- Ma~r aOf' O=FICIAL LQUIP-
lIEN ,foai athletic
MARK ~ ~ s I a'] iii a: co i f
rt vcrthil[slia~t IUA lS10
capital $50,000 Surplussand Pfis$I00,000
G~enerailBaci ig ilcbusies. i3percenat paid
o lime and a i] pa]];]t. Safety De-
pos tit Bs I i] S2~.00 andcpwards
P, i EtP, P i.Ii. lC. cc a . V ic-Presc.
11. A. 11t ,,A S. t. C ilt]1 1U. T. )wii Asst.
The Airnr A 4bor Savings Bank
Capit;)a] ia I K)0 itepics'5d,0id
I~ sJ:0', li
A (Ina BanhakilnBuiness aTranac~ted
lOrric Fits: Cha . EidHice., ars.; W. iD.
H arimtan.]']i]e Pres.:il. J. Fritz. Cashiier
Cai]) 1] 3000 ill i 0.0
aild) l I]s 1.5000
iiW i c llot a rs i)n. Arnold. Vce res
(jc~nn-Allrian~wIs ank
Ivor.ia ir M xt ic.aadLsac-tva Streats
Is.. l \x I ;;, a RRI, O SO
Pres. ice-Pres.
ii.i'tAiRiSON tCashite
t . Pit] ,]?I]000G ' )and oi ts 6.0

1:. C. .Mtrcer, wholi;;ll add~ress die
Te oilie nictt it iititie \ltihodist
cuch S Scidaxiimorning, it; terepir-
sentai~tie f ithe Sicdentci ( cii, the
lii 'lagamic'.al and t alM lirry
'Phiecit \ceMitiaiiihaltiii 1)0fteLr-
noon.ia'r. MIceriexptatied the piuri-a
versty o -.lnnesta ae costrutin
an eevatd ilat] ithreel atmils lolf
K; a lit ll '_I Sl i^7pccS
Wani] t]ed iliotitac t Si ctfot psi iilt
'A ii; c at (cc, l liii] als Ageci yii
: 'a cntowl, a. ditot-.St -1T -4l 2.
Seal-rlii]). ild)(m. Ilai C a
Ali I~~l'T"liiiU

lix SN 111 lll lON .AT'M51(5L"Al1
past year haicoe a atiie ilepisitiitt
for tii1alghistorlscimens.i p1hisha
ibienP I.'iiiti'aboii'xtiriuihitco at Ii
ti(;' withte S l ttiate . olgcal isuieyil.ii
a To iia Unirity Seediiiiiiioneto
to; the Chaity uh]IsadsniacSinaw,
to 1te museum.i ii tigret.'tnumberIii]]of]
iarrttiiis td ct'lt ttalaa were i tib-i
'and ibiyithelCntrliAmica xe
lit'i andit'man])aluabl seimenill
Fla ail'litmnus;ofithe ti itils.

aWe invite you to call
.'and ket a Souvenir
~ .sV\for your room
=} I Fu11L.line of College
Clotes for young chaps
::: ~tawmant style
}. <> Men's Furnishings,
:>}}">:"" ::,. Hats, Caps, Gym. Suits
i"" Laboratory Suits,
t- Waiters Coats, and
Goaod Freshman Caps
:. at SOc. Try us
211 S. Main St.


The Blue Tea Room
Sunday from 3 to 7:30 P. M.
Orders taken for speciilI

R. E. Jolly's
O rand Opening
Lunches, Cigars

l7stitsa()pa. In11
141 1 l. i;

C a =) 1 ; a;;

Prof 11 11 l it ic eliere ani n-
tcsil -le& Dcture;ncct, iiic il Iui ca-l
S ite tt alSoiet;'y, 5; I i
lea-i Ia'cdiii i& Snfo1ileMn
I I}111 . (l i x'' l;' supi' a nd
alit. 4i6-t.

II;r; a ill be moret; t-wit s ifrom;; a;;;'toparties I"
tuefrat iisl;iio comlte. and p .
_---w__- 1221 S. UNIVERSITY AVE. Pps
Ill/i/fI/1 /, J11 YS:Phone 1696 Agents 3-1BPipes
aoidnc asiari s llt])pfoisisibl ifoeat StateSt. Shoe S torC 0St.S
,ciitersarouncdlthe sliiis.i"iStateo Sat QSt 1 .
_i liecll]i Detroit United Lines Crasaford Shoes ice Men
GLE;;. t a is A IITFT sal i ca.a On information to Division Slpei 0' "Educatr"eocators aficses'ihoaes
Artangemnt s lorthie iholidtatengapge' tendent ;Vllen, Ypsilanti, ci the lDetroii Sporting Gos S .FOT ep
meto 'eGe lubat ii Sri t;it, United Lines by olleers of -S'arsiti' itr _ Goods___ E.______F___ ST.__ Prop._
Ind, aerogesig' rhipidly . Sevteral ganicaticas, ihe inurement, liis ii;e
iiiihave xpt; a 'I ititrIdesiretoa the eapaciiv of the reg-ular service,.(d \JnW m ~IE' u
liii; the;1.Glte c clicad bids fot a con- anyp'roiupc of stdents to or lrom ;A ci.
cur ha ll are; scnIwiabe ingcnsidetted. is Arbor extra cars and extra service 220 South Main ,ft.
the; end;lofitheiwee th' e lt maittisw'll will be promptly supplied. 1 COLLEGE JEWELE!R
probaly b sette(].Sells3
Scnie,'a Iliiaw,;;ndIl ST. JAMES HOTEL BARBER SHOP Alarm Clock you see Advertised
None Just as Gnnd. $2.50
N il; i Iii;;' ltttd ;liar a;l apcciahttiic ~uiisglicun OTHER ALARM CLOCKS $1.00 UP
l;;isnoitaa tuntatsa metin of ;GEO. V. STOLL, Proprietor Mihgn 10Ples
a ;;a li uiciiii"iia t iicca]Pins 25c. to $;5.00
tlelojmoia; tclbIhtld tl anipgil. 4 Doors From " Freddie's"

iNew A new sot hat-Pearl color Pencil curl
* U wedge--Wide black band---Sorry we have
Soft no cut to show you---but see the hat.
I Hats Price $2.50.
Rat WAGNER & CO. Stat
N T S CHORAL UNION e___________
45_1_U______________________CONCERT Onehali block norh o lb. Campus (216 S. Ingall
Pilleeaol ullcs ervd till 10:30lla in
If you are iii thicimarket for a typewritier, it will pay yen to 1O--Star Numbers---$3 Bos~v... - $4.00 per- week
look overtour line. We carry in stock rebuilt Olivers, Untlerwoods, 4 ek E ~are 55
iii~ L.IC.U Smithsiilba ciii11l get any maachine on a iew days notice. McMILLAN, November 144 eksi..dvnc $35
tOuiri noilah ins lofclaak and -a ork like new. Prices lower BONCI December 9 C. J. SESSIONS
thanbec baet, wokmianship guaranteed.Teo
\'e doc typewritirg of all kinds at reasonable rates. Agents FLONZALEYQUJARTETTE -
for theIc'ebraid Kee Lox'' typewriter supplies. Carbons and January 18
ribbon~s t1;at areomatde to wear. SAMAROFF February 24 L W Z1
YIluit -
Jot,(Printing Engraving, Invitations, Announcements, FESTIVAL of Five Concerts Q1tyr DCIZNROKS 41tyer~
and -programs of all kinds, on short notice. MAY aw;{ r vzsos;
-ThomasOrcta-Chorliial Uioin Anr Arbor L.EGAL MISCELLANY Ann. Arbor
and Sloois________________________
Me le, & Ma/ ladrta"is k i's aliaseis Ca gh n Co.
i'Lalsch's"Es 'iii tnepin al g a
302 S. State St. Phone 1244J Tikeseow on saleoiat1hoiiiafiMosic CHICAGO
;iaro;; siaiii'itanvassrc An..Arbor Brannot.. State Street. Oppostte Lawor Bldg.
Portrait Studo- 319 LastI$uron.Stree

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