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November 08, 1910 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1910-11-08

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The' Michigan Da _

Vol. XXI.

NO. 31.

Varsity Must Hurry to Vanquish
Much Improved Easterners
Next Saturday
This wilt he le swa-cyeolFerry
hieldi thils wek~. \Nhie the local inter-
est seems0 to ihe ctntereti o)n1the col
test with Dim its ot), tieleam 111ade its
follwers realizte that tie leekh-ed~
gamelwithl te' QIIleec1wiile as5 hart
a proeoitiioi aste (Gophtle stugge.
It wilittmttan)1jlst aboutt aImchliclto wlit
from11111s1011111 asldepite tirteear-
l,1adleat tie Ph1ildelhiials ae
shown111 themselvein lltirelvietieoeee
l gll l II l~it 111tie lt iitlls, 0111
of tie stolest tiecs Oin lltie est.
otldlie))is puilst ci tthrogla sif
lectre s the 111111e conveyig 1toteml
hitofthewsdmIl )tnulallIIteti at
Quko wn las1))1 t % IIsic There is 1117
dou ttat tie \\ ll rit s ill) havi ie to
milc)hitl to1ake it twostit gh1t froml i
it' edItand151blulad btand and1 1)11tkie
tiffre dli firts 111 te1ti .
did not ncrease t trlli cvofti t
,)ttle)], Gren was scacelt lt e t o i
was lsin iizns at.hlethcl~es
ro doub lwl tat he ill s ildytotl
pilot 111h1 1011 ericc dnlSat1711daly lle
helsffers ats 1 the 11m11 l e 1ttglll- 11)
mot wotrditas11hils fhroi n, uchvebaed
halfinsliststthei litl Ie tileled and fo
lma1y1 do lleli 0thil fe' hsl 1 howti eiri.
letdnlllis lsoite he worsg I eilfor
5115a1r)7it aslef totakesf1 is17 lacit'
sit lefttst1nd 7f)r a)portigonigoflel. ogity
praicel). i) l tl~ 1)11 ) sl~scr
The1501711r11)misissiturIl' )ttere reg-
A.se loseli itandlgso12,oistem ofa.
pltedt li the stleven leededilsoell Ith\at
wa usleerssathdlaeft edfnt e"ig.a

'A move7 towatrd 11he talishmteti of
1 deprartmtent of religionltil teiteIler
ily' i ieittg 11ad1e ite IBaptis Su- i
detts Guilld. Fredi Merriiel, te
Guilsd director, is offering a cu~rse tis
semtester itt the 01)1't'estttentt ptr stctsl
scial prolhems of teir te. iFtaci
tmembler of the class is reuliredi to svete I
0111 taller attepass515 fiaIltli exmtltl in.I.
Titetatsrstare1to lbe re seted olla
facultyt commillttete at teend o f te
setmester attd al effort wvil be madle t)
1)11)e tunivers7ity cretdit gatledi1)117wrk
f this ciaracter gisenlbylte' se)rgtlirat-
ions co-opteratintg illtie'A1111Arolr
Federatiton for Studies in Reiion.
M~ir. Merrifieldl states tat he couldl
accommdaette fise more stdents illtils
clatss whichel Itees \ednesday))s at 0:4
P mt
Dr. Angell Warns Students in Art
of Living
"Christianl 1)11ich is)not15)he regare
a5 a1 bulrden,slut 5)s ahepful fore ill
the life f es-ry' 10olltalIltnl"l,' idl
D~r. AngeiIll i is atitress 111 Mc~iiall
hearers f the dngers adliollyc f
7cating11f"))wfhaot1)1)manyil'r)grd las
tile fetters f faith.t
hs givlenlus11o5ctoil1)dleliht 115 here,
desie1s to dIepivrleetcs f Ill)of tie
lies to whichl t hell1 s1111 l iits1 5)illsr
sc111 tlls sbenlled hearloiats
but1 no1)1 tis 5111 11 copaale totheideaIsle
set IforthinlltiefGospele.I
D~r\Angell emphaiz Ieli te7 1m1port-
aneo itinguishing1111 IIetwentri111e
ind1 fatse idealis 11and iceienta lly silleli
.171)1 tthee11ellt f certer in1111te
laee of a percsn.
"TIhere is noth ing11'111)re 1painfu ll"ihe
ai,)thanitso s1ce te fc oI yz
,i0n, lust a1d1)1 c5 .'
ion11Ill sealth. Anypoe, 1111)1ucceedsi
in eco formtin~g is life 1tottIwill sf
1God, ha~s madite 51 scces."
fOne of thte trgest alllicnelcc eer
crosvced 1n1111 cMilln tiall h11ierdi r.
Ang'el's sderess, st le1a1t 5 a llhundred1
beittg trnled away for lck sfrosss.
Among11 te warriors 1w111 havee won1
famlle 'and1expetriettce' 111 Imainy'gris-
irons an111)1who are now11 mlainlg till
poiwerfttlote, is "Sub" Crttittascier,
oneitt thesrers of tiele'N." iTe
crimson)1 jtrists hivein.15tieir linlep
mtany nami~es 11ha1tre still sspel 51
with atwe. Fish is tieir leaer and1)othtier
NYaic, and1)Pfleiffer17andliCsetof iPrice-
tol, trc slso helping Illgle te Liws
0s11001 teamittiepowser tttt ealies themt
ill face te Crimlsonl regttlars witi stc
"Stubh" ptiyed som~le sledidlifoot-
sal und~ler Vsst's ttelage, 1111n1g hill est
w11171 agafnst the Quklers it io.

ALUMNUS OF 1848 iFFdi i N c' 5C RiL:Ii FR 1\':i. SEAT SALE DEGINS
SENDS BAND HELP ptMGutves(Fou~gcrecsell] opi tse WITHIN FEW HOURS
pisttt ci Iof e s e r f sscl) liac y i ls
V- Th r d y e e i g o e b r 1 , wtic h ig a n G rad u ate of O ld D ay s a e tsre til " G ul beltfsoe the ft 111111 T ick ets fo r G reat G am e of Y ea r
Conquilest1" Ni. 'oilg'r) s iS s elfrof 'sso
Mails Contribution for Trim I iste hlicersill fPrit1s anidi iss spet Are Placed on Sale at 8
to Phladephia sudyirti ~erins ast tisi t 11 55 This Morning
there's. Iei i n lltils e 1)11)11) th
winter at iiiivll lesturltsfore)llIo
SUFFICIENT FUNDS ARE LACKING till'1517ltillclt IFrenchilsocstssisissiough GENERAL SALE COMES LATER
out___5)11the IUlitediStates.
The lecteswil111e deivered1) in) Sarah
2111 st tyracs St,Philadielphtii. Caswsel Ang al's and til l 'm beI t sstesee
NI11111111ishe.rla. hirsi 1iea totilese i e n F ca dletic11 sss s i at) ion m mbr'm s
ieadler I. o f Al. Landll, Ticketc for tesr ie heeon1sas bring Ii r151msemb eshill card s.
Dear11'Sir: wihinil thte' le x feii l s an1 te1 r elli'rsn mtoi ' t1helim11a11 t tits
tioiitos helip handmet exen ses) 55of ('1111- 1ounced1 5 i.
ing .\o it'iigtlllPennslvan15'illl foobaill- ____The_____o lftsc it h sin isfromll8 a. m1.
Jiss.e, fto, Scion LANDSCAPE WORK THRIVES tl ,pin,. 111atickeesil.
i' f iCls, 1848. New Course in (Garden Plotting Iat lake 11frguinglabotI your1
This leerlthepostmanIoltught ts Proves Popular ;a.lwl e h etthere is sct tse
"Ik" ischer Saturda11 rinit~in~g Thte'cotrse il la'nd stap- st i gn, lie' sad hll wllb )ters 11111d
W\rahpptedi 1111 ithlinl was a litaft for si ognzd ls er s asc o ht att o his
$2.yo. ~pos lgm llof stu i tisi .x t 5 .1 s Ti his 51 ill'' imarlsks'e opeingll l of
Ths fe I'tlelt'll'55 f15osdis ge, tdisc'loeses hirsilisllelosf ticlic isIiforithe inIlnesot-
irreeglarl ea 71tse' Ill the' s le'sheet iof year lunder) prmis111ing conitionsic i;e tt i assciatl5ion ise sct til
rule ae r. lt In)'' i te1)1 o1f apparetnlhul 117ssit'pis n t e ssolege ini the' ott's 555555 II es isoct 'faili't5in e ry' wayps lie
Ilvly' l at) 15 if t 'e w ritrs hitiiii smaicthe' 5)5)1175.one .
weary , aitld itsssiliiig t l'owisi'tile'(ite nient.atthosigh vi ousco rse)o1mnai11ticet5wll iesn sie st thes
itlc f tite sl.w1illll or 0importance' srs' offe at'r Corne1111 Atkilstic i ' tae stre , 1118 a.i.,It
At 1pr s/lt it loos s tSif thss'draft for Ililiois, titisiseveral liii5517uui<rstcPtit into aony m l i'embers Ill
$2.10 iiitwil ili''l iti h ckt tsPhitladeihiati Ssch a deipartmentls'it Stiting IproposId theassi ti on1 5IIwtil the trmiiitsed lt t ry
11111)07). Thle N-Ne sit-Isr i lse~flsia ettis °C Coloi a f11 ot u-nit ,,tickt)h. 5'ltis oa t p rchas
slit $25.00 111d1theite hleiic sasocitionli Betweeni thirty aniiii for} sill its one i cke Ils h l o i n ue 1101711
wsill firisihti$80I.0 s icsal, biut asc ~Ve re lenro7lledin ithese' 1-liles ls csadltteseilsdet 111a'te o
thi s' o7's f tiseimiontey' 0iss t t 'he'ist- ieer atit h iis 11111 lt'1r icluded) severll1$ 5i iss '51 shit I card~ s i nu lllst le' ties-
11ff. A pprosximateii'y $4,50010 iilsi ufSlficet'womien. IH seeiftter it 1 'i llln 1 ot~IsI 555551' th ti ne ofiipi1rchase15. '51 the
tso roeriatlllexpenstslimiiit tile erolletti s eli s iiss Ssiig im ime he s lel ia l sosii titl
iss fil t a)1 sll thse'prlelious Mis'hiigaii- tic tll 5studenitts itrstd in thiss orks i cke ~ t;Slll'e tetii rvd fisthIls
P n slai ga sMaiiy' architet5srs' i~treIstedin thi"i iii Ipuic i
_ work______ 5)17', s tie sbljec'sf lnds s it d (its kk s it and1 iTttusiaiy'tere
sign sinisiarchiteture171'gf11hils ,nihits 5 lh s it iss iii sle of Itickets ill this
C. C. HUN ERS TO COMPETE Seeral foresters ,aiisi enginies r, lls ts s l n tegeuell iubllic.
enrl~led. Isissnly u iket at hiss$i.00 rte sill hte
Michig. n %A ill Enter Cross Country Practical svork williiimmedlitl'l i bt e i soldtosnysiss c sest Imileie sf theisti-
liii at iPrinceton given tiitthe lotaiiicail gaeideis ' hitS cs iSxtspt ohereI he desiriest) ohi'k
,yo iy 2;0 feet sill be)17d tiiiand11IIhIis wit ,,raIay lis a itsmlemeill
NWhenis this' foostall 5115n1 leavle' foie imadie ioa o mnt)) garden. Other, 115111511 girole.ilittlat1 IIcs5' e i tay
P~hilaiieliihi I'5e'iiiicsisi c 5511 1ff, thiye xales oif' 1 the workl nn' h e narii titse a1)1.117tic5 ii payng for it,
svw i e ie-ssilcitiompan ht iiied n tlterNici- ty' f .'niniArbor wilii ehs tiidied andtsh i:itil nces ii'for this- ldv
ff11 tamlwl i hh wsill 1fceinte eastet'n sdesigtissiitdspltic fr the is' iii ti sisss tsal aI si e t cia s vsswoday s li-
athete s mill e logs15-C1of111varel ill ou17115s cat lts ilslt hit'nnidcsft I I 1 s 'till'm isian isiid siiy' iirself. Ini
hipractice. assitiis isorh ist, this stdient
iilililloiilSattrni y ic ninig. Thle fo- NIr. 'T'ali hisics I iit in hrg ft'is 5 uchse nt or tan six 11w )
lossitig mnils iilib ily itiaketh ie tipiic wossk rlIItssin s tch ito irimesdy m lthelsdids l a tc.ii 11
C. ht. WIill15its, )iitlallifil, h l'111s 11t11, sc de lisilior rtheir1lack osslolisIl c 'n os i ' ih w l le fl h
lithe, i'eaitrlsleys, Chaspin, I ai'ia it)and the campulis. "We ar m c'hm5re'en'11', C s1 1) l th itIof siaIssue lasdif'cuslty mlemblhers f
iTisack i's'i''el (Goetz. lipthte' lack,' of fiiiis aItnli iSso sal"I th uns is ty lysi. :A5hliosck 1of tickets
astINeali 55w ilh a c prt 1e i vel 7115sy' ffreen1 saidsh le. "''Ik e' lic'hidti s mall appro- tiillse hs)e rc cr s 1 i hs ts'udeniit rate sec
I s''nn Mishiit"nisprang a1ff 51disin~~c sill- iritatioslifilethe furthisranceli t heiiiinlaIrk ic 51an ti'prov isins reatrig extra
hipsris' ytaithis iirid llices'i ic e liitg intsl Ifeet craiinituatuif poel)ould ssicks wi ll sithelsues 10fosr sedies
riiiil kCornitll aiiidliiositSchlssof sapptreciatle th' large retelrn1155forl teIlls iiday1s.liTsavsid hel'lsiig wail ii
itenlil11 sere- tile'teaisicapi~tur17ig p1lti'til i ns iignifiica ts umiiot iroe1115wifchha1 s ' maIis edit'lcsihits le in th1111r
[tic ls t t wo I laces. IIilsthi nuimiiber spent a''e ssiiili haive- no tou i n go ac s ssis 1rs ssill is issusseiott etch
if ilst v)'s men bai isck 0snlthe tett, atut ' more. ' es'rc shopinsg before17' sic to . s t Idi n ie0 A h
the is uled 1 1esistfa iig il '1014 firito iihidesi e i ofi I te ils etssi f IS 111111 5''of55 li hosusr silist ofi ma-
'5 liigatss chiaiicesslosoik bright. A5ss t' the camnpus ly jtiuidici sclins apetdin hes 1 5 SI5he ipostedit1and)tickesu wiill le
i-tcs' wiltlie' 17111il thsc mornlinlg, lan Isigi. Ourti r 'ik dosiltl hwct nc, Sld to he1olers of these 1numbers717,
sits being imaiie to havise te lustitteniil slt taikes'severai l nt'o dsi lop andinssi ii 111 ordr11d risg'the hourt
the IPemit-Michiigiiigtieis'to Fhla- iee tanx Oious1l5to get strtels'soon 15 5)1 i
s'Tihetiire i' ifs tsissii 15possihle,"''h e s sstc thiat svw i l e fo lowein t
' wee sill ite 1 novlic e rage sext i tr.' Tealdili wiltidsliver17 1,1111 17 s t 111purc lase of stden tickets is as
Satiuriday lmorning11 -ff .tl410 0.dlic c r 55. lectttres thrsoughoiiit te shill)diring fohhllow-s: ist gie sto1117 isite to the
sMiing ascuitable sin iler ef canitdlsates 11111witer. IBy'these le hliiIl si stesiestle eiilher
11171 1111,- ' I l' tst Iwo 11111 ff'ftti ish terenttihcy genieraliptbilc,'.aisdslcdI t S scsug sisir iiime, sgn Iore i name, sac
will receive their C. C7' Al'511thsose te peotle Ilil tis the poit "svirsis st5155 ourliitickt,t handitisi elita)171 ts the Inet
wh11) explert 10t o lcnpele itusl li ena- futi ttsilaristic' groutios swill no t e oo- is ii cand csisigny ickt1, isis iiir sca'
hers f the ross-countlyclb. fisesd exclisiveleIt)the rich. i(Continiied on tPa e 4,1

N ewberry A$NTonight
Hall _ 5 o'clock
All Colleg.j Girls Invited

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