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May 04, 1892 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1892-05-04

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of is by no means adeqnately filled,
and despite the fact that moth ex-
traneous and undesirable matter is
Published Daily (Sundays excepted) durinitoueYeCa lsmyb
the Colleire year, by nrdtd /c Caaio a ~
made of service to L niversity men
THE U. OF M. INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATIONj and wvomen-ihere or elsewohere-
,ubdesptro price $250 per year, invariably svhii(tietoae ntohwt
an advancecSingle espies :3 rents. Oa talc at ltst college oworldl at large. The
SHeehan's and Pant Office nears seand as 12
oockr, sott. Subscriptionss may be ieft; at papertctso lne dollar a year, fifty-
the office st the DAIaY, Opera Hsouse blsck, at twvo numnbers.
Sheehans, at Stsflets, oatehtilsnyofotthe
editors. " .I
Comtmunieatlins ebosald reach the office by Yale Shuts Out Brown.
o'lc atYs . a,,I.it they are as appear the nest ___
day. Addreens all matter intetnded fsr pablica-
tion as the Managing Editor. All basinesn Monday, the Vale and Birowon
commanicatios should be sent to thr Busi- teanis played a well tontested game.
acss Manager. rw xeldi fednYbtVl
THE U. af M. DAILY, lriv xele nfedigaieYl
Ann Arbar, Mich. did the best wvorkc in the tiox. Al-
EDITOS. jtendiance, Soo. Store, a to o.
P. E. J Atesas, Lit. '93,3Mattaging Editor. - _ . '
GETeui)E BucK, :Lit. '14, Assistant, Another Member of the Team Called
J. 0. EasaitaTZ, Late' 92, Assistant.Hoe
E. J. OisAW.AYx, tit. '01, Assiustatnt. Home.__
5. . TvtaaLit.c'92, lit.esstManaesitr. The tociobers of the 'Varsity team
A.-S. Jat-eIRISLaws1)'t,.Assitant. have beeni sadly and petuliarly un-
.1. It. Atatact., Medic94ii.fortuntate this year. 'Tis but a short
.. .. atCKta s, Lt. '94,time sinte Pearsono was railedItotme
wC. 11.EVANt, tate '151 by the death of his fattier. Last
F. A. MiANY, Lii. 't3.
C. N. SOatEnS, Medic't. Friday Captain Rolinson swas tius-
'A. DlIStONt.Lit. 1'1." I!llollealhonme'byte edeath of lilt
L. rtA K(JovE, Lit .
The ditos donot old hemslvesresSn- lelals has left school to attenadl the
e~ilefote inaaionasar Sltcaatentsofittcorreec fusaeral of Itis untie.
podeas, atppiarats; inte A L..

Wright & Ditpon' Tennis Racket3,
F'OR 1892_
w Slaualdlag's tRacketsana~d a Complete Line of Spotting Goodts.
WXhotesale and Rtetasil Agenta foe Michigati.
F oar departmaents-CsommercaalhNs text-boaok
ar manaserptnorh-l nglash Shoathband ana
Penmanship. Elegant auidinglage at-
°': _ - - = aetadanelet ffcent iantauctors, workthator-
-- oagh toing expenasesextemely steS$2.25 as
$2 50 per awerk; students aseistead to posiations.
Fer catalosue address P. H CLEARY, President.



LNatiea itaseeted is thicolumnat 0te eats
tf 10 censpae line. Stpecial rates toe longer
timaeandlextraulinesfurnitshedbtyapplying at7 -alp.-
thme DAteLYoffice. II
Sute t retC, also onae sintagle rooim. j Spring
Chapat. No. 47: S. Divisions St.
L~oss-Foutnttaini taco(Sacetct)tatn
eamuts, Tusaty afternon. $2 re- uit1nqs,
N. K. ('to, 7 11. tUniversity ave.
..ree_- Pantaloons,
FreExcurnion to Detroit.


Th']e Gotlen Etigle Clofthitag ('i.,l90
WXoodwsairdavenuetaa, Detroit, stAill refaitasi


aH RU ULSIGHUU Dental Journal, the fairOetaolDetroat anttd returtato thle
-- lala prchtasers of either at ready matte tait
THEt.'atic iOTIIE -ritel.at' ORTHrie, Ansiotherjoutrnal hats beenadatdcedl or a cuatom ade tsutaiCorovecotat, they
also guarantec to save youtafromasa$5 Cio
I0FMA01 )EI OF'ai T i 1,L'G. 0YEAR to the nowC rathler lengtty list of UT.7111)ott either pturehase. 'This is itt ex-
0111.1 111111 .011 of il. itobicaliois. 'Iat cles ta ll enaCtportuntity lair those- inatedinlg
t IL. 1Eo\ 101LR.oflI pblcains Te enalde-visititng )etroit. 1,50-2t
paratenst, is list seconad of that pro- _________________________
to-a a to tacoy the C'orntell teat j fessiontal schools to tattesap thae peat,
srtedilonito eastleras trill.Weshalli ndgiveits a jorntlentirely de- Gal-NMTP 0 JI L LOUSE
hsonor the amoemaets of ti lb vtdt t w pca ieo ok
wih earefial attenton.ISlal e T'efirst issile of tat..joursatltwhlicls
isell lortholseoreadelrs interetettin is to be bi-motthlyimadtie its apiFrda vnng a
Ite resuta ftea 1t'. of 51 .C oraseli pcatease llc e la, a. Itheis
gaita to lceci at eve otil teindihcator.puiblishehdiiy the Denttal Society of itoalledtstoi
____ llteLniv-ersity,saldhas as 11s hotrail
ImI comunllll-iaton of01 da0 orof editors, A. V5. Iliack,'92 etor t -Nel Burgess'-
'ly isde; LLoa, ' -butsiness
two sinate, requstin.g ltat lecthalesincef T
liy differet o lfessors btannlouncedth tanager; G. E.' 'I tb1y ,
ill seasois to eatable ltose aterestedasssabsns aaer s U N Y F I
tattendthtas been tonasidered.A C. Mt. Stovalt, '94, Ilos Aulgusta
glance at star coltmnts swill tstablishLl arsoin, ' 4, atsd C. A .Hlhvey, ')3, h ynefu oseRc,( ahoe
tlte fact thatltheylacy re crowvaecd; blat tn this first isslut, Dean Taft gives coutranOtce, acauttey5Fair(aaattta
wve are always anxouas to rendcer fav- ant historical sketchs of tthe Dental
ors to our suppo~trters. An effort wiil I eatea, antdhr V t ~r ~o-ii ) o:Si.oe--S
be madee to tiomply wvith the desire rance an article oat tIHowvi)o.\encd TacitC'aladoft 1Scenticaad -Meclanalaiot '-
exparessedh. a Tooth on a Rubber Plate." Other sets.
- .- -poodh articles of especial intlertst 1o
'SiTHE latest aitong otar exchanageo dental studets, are written by
is ile Camtis. It is an eight-page Misses Stewvar t ad ahillips anad Prices, 50, 75 and $1,00.
weekly, publishtedh ia Newv York Messrs. Bhovee andTI'ribiby. If the
City, an~d is devotead t general issues whlichs followv are 01p to the Ressereed Seats at P. o. Netws stand.
inter-collegiate newvo. That editors, standhardl set by thit first number, wve-
its a sonmeivhat verbose and alatbiti- can presage a prosperous career for tJ. H AL LE R,
dout salutatory, phedge themselves to the new journal. Thse origintators
support a"every movement that will of this new venture are certainly to Repairing a specialty. dli SOUTHcAaINaST.
in the sightest degree benefit tae lbe conmmeanded for their eanergy and
life of every student. ''I'hey as- enterprise, as it is no trivial nmatter
Dire to represent not otahy American to condutct a good jouenal in a de-
ut EnglishUniversity life. -While partment hoasting of only SS88 I0OTOGFRAPI R
the- nearer andi nore accessible field students. NO. 12 W. HUIRON ST.


FEtLL 1 EN LA D olt sttalaN

No. 19h South Malta Street.
Toledo, Ann Arbor and North
Michigan Railway.
lTimetoala in affecttaaryic 24., 155.
Arrival of traisat AnArabaor only.
No. I. Stail atiEuxpress-......... i . m
Natal). l'tasOsata Annliror Aeoaorh20 oo
No. 5. Mail Mascopes - -........4 5l) . m

Noa2. ShaM ai as'aa-aaor . -.......1 8iat.in
Nat. 5. Malail Explrecss - --......... i840p. am.
No. b. ttasscaagsr, Toledo Accoot....t 00 atain
Trainso3oandiaran betweenAnnaaAr-boarand
Toledo ooly.
Central Stanalrd 'Time.
All 'Traiats Doily except Sunataty.
Gen. Pass. Agnt.L Local Aet
State Street Grocers.
Students patronage especially solicited.


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