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March 18, 1892 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1892-03-18

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'ZC. of M3. Tartud{.j
PubisiedteDtiily (undyecepetd) tnt-inn
thI e coien enye.rby l
usrpinptin V 50 per ear, it ariby
: - d ne'' -Omletpsa inn tti..On sae t
tioth ns nd cose Ottcte)newets stand aenL12
o'clock, non. Sbstcriptins ay belnt t
tithe ficeo't hetILYtinera Huele ttit, at
Obetiin, t Stotets, o ien n o h
iCommunicationsnsholdirechiite otienby
o'cloek e. S. i ty nre t ppethe teen
toy. Adires nlet te n iteded ote pbic-
tion tti the Mnagitg Editor. Aultiuinens
commuticationsieshbultibe set toi tBin
Ann Abor. Xih.A
F'. W. cuniet, '2, MtaginE tditi.
i. I,. ('ttaetAN, 'n, Asit. MaaingttEitotir.
u'. E. Mi-IuOute, 'th, Ast. Mngig Etitor.
.. C. Ta~itat, '2, IBusitne sMnttagr
F. E..t sSEte, '3i, Asit.tusiesteMatater.
C. Wt. BiKTicen, '0, Asit. tnniincc Mn'g.
W. . 1. ane.'1i. l it.o. A iNtr ti,9.
Fit t1. e t.ni ,1 '11, ' I CHAi . Bt. Mos '9:. .
FRANKINitni t , '9;:. 1e w. .itiettii i, ' i.
F. EtlisetnS, '2. LeitA KEttn, 'l.
'Te lEditorniidtn notlthemletnisepnnpt-
sibe on te otinins trtinttetentutnf tntes
pnndentst, appearin in the Do r.
AVE notice that tier qutestio of
opetning the library at a quarter patj
eight,dildtinot cotmer tit lefore tier
regetnts ao ittened. It is a citl-
paratisvely stmaltiatterbunt it is title
that interests a large numleber of
sttudents. It should reeive the at-
tentiotn of tie regetnts at the net
Eitors U. tin M. ttAtn
At lectures ie lniversit al,
te tutdience is contititualiy diturbedi
by individ~uals gettitig up atddlea-
lg before the entertainmient is fin-
iolhed. Ntisn 1't it possille for
mtot people to entiure to tieclise,
ee acduii iecturte raller lihands-
tnrbe ttheripenple's ejomentetoii
Each snetior wil in a fewe lays
agaite receive a potal card fromnetie
('ate andIGown C (oteenitte. (ill
yonipleae give i onr immiediae
attenttion, o ant enable tie cas
tno decide the quesinliian soountan
p~ossible. if yountcit nob receive a
postal, please send yonr ote one a
postal card to kMr. Wt. C. Quares,
4t Madisntest. Tie notione paned
at the lot omeeing swas that three-
fifths of tie swhole class tmtlst vote
ie favor of the custotm to adopt it.
Let ecdsote consider his vote. as
god as any one's else, swheter it
le yes or not atnd send it in. accord-

ungly. G7ows vyarying in price fromn
4l.75 to .,o are noneoeexhibi-
tion atililoss'inn'nsuiheteore, Slate
streel. Notice thie difference inl lie
nieceven, ceiilaiteandiimatlernals.'
Wt c-I. Rose,

SGreek, ELati, Fretnch, Geimne;ttatni d ilinth t ii
J' xt +: Bunks, \Ness'ittl Secondn att
Boo1{ , University Booksellers, S- tate Street.

WV. Wi. \'vclllilvv.'94 lin, snilli&____,_
sli-lilI -Slielin at ni s hilllie tear
- he Elitne Tlerpsnichore esill imennt - "
cat G ranlger's iHall "itay ev-enie
Muarci 25j. in IteLtEADINGdSCHOOLtf BUItlNES.
'Jse)'n.ki1' oillePoucser ' - "" tniedepartments-ComecitalNtet-Mtoak
". S,< tl ,t/'' l" wll e dicusedit mnuntnetptweeb- Engisch. Shothbandait
Penmannltt . Elegantbuiditig, ateat-
by the Shakespeare Senilnary classes =- =tendatce, efetstruttcteecse ot iii
___twek._ougb. itsing expenstremtlylosn .2 t
text snegnin.Useen eek;hstudents assisted topostitins.
Ars s el ectiote15is Itlscal Diog- Fee catatngue, addessP. R. CLEARIY, Presidet.
teosis begitensnwork t the ospital Tecasin Tcr heoetc-
neti-onday. took their fonal examination Friday. U L L N
Itresidinel tudresoef hBroneeLt i i- A nw less tnwoilllbegiin snork 'Ion-I
versily, is a calnedidate foer lien (tei - tat - ii
lvii Slates Seinate. Spring
Niorthnwesterin Ininvrsity scillhlli Reduced Rates.
its comelneentn exerncinns in the lue '1.. A. A. & N.:B. fly tsill sell Suitinczs
audcit oriunm, thiem arci. excuin ticke'ts it blue raite of'oeenIne
R. . D oughety, lit '92, isat his ne.thirdiifarin'fottrte folloiniti t
is~ C State 'otnvetntiotn of Yountg 1t'ininie',
hnomev in Nattescal, N. V., haviteg (Christiani Etiletisor Sneeeties, at GratiI Pantaloons, j
RtaidsnMaiichi 29ltiead C3t. piekets'
beeti siummoinethclecre Ins attend oilstileBait-li2l9thlim initedi to returti
court. Mat-citst. It. S. (IN-eVtnnteio. An
M(iss Valesickle, '85i lit, gave a Agtl
spnreatd a fet eenintgs since, to Mliss Fan
Intriuei, f in enieclss it iitor BUSINESS LOCALS.
oftelte' littly Notinen ittserted in this colitn at te rate '4
j ofthe atte 'sbirtday.of50 cents per ine. Speeial eaten teelonget'
Rev. J. 'T. Suntderlatnd ssill ate- thmeandextra ies furnished by aplyitng at V sig
saer the iluestiote "Is it best to "Bee" atnd "Blade", (Toledo) at 12 g
jteioke?"' to-nmorrowsntighet at the N.Drain tt' . - FIttictEotxA ANDSc-iir.oxo
('unitarian chiurchn. H-J ewilltdescribe LOTt'--firnttof ioperae glasses ttu t~ut-
versity Hail thuenighttof the Oratorical
tier effects of tobaccot upone the Itntel- C'otetest, LFinderieave stone at Ste-
inch, the tmoral natutre atnd ipe~n so sWard's office ettnd receive large reward. JAE, li SIAFFORP
Subscribefor blue Iltshtetnasv Tinges
ciety. antd . of M. D. nit F. Stofflets, 12 N. No. 19 Southt Atain Street.
A- proheibitioun tueetitngswill be mild Mali.
RoIittut.-A tile suite it 65 iWashite-
to-neighet at 7:30 inth ie lasw lecture taw Ave. Ileit, bath aid closet. j Toledo, Ann Arbor and North
roome. Mr. IV'. II. Nicluhonvwill give 'le agetncy of tle Detroit Evetuing'
a repnort oiltee St. Loluis Cotnference, News is ain in blue hiattds of F. Michigan Railway.
- Stomlet, tOphera hosuse Nes-DIepot, anti'
Iand MIr. (=. Vt. lielkeap sswill give tine Newvoswilhlntlee soldi at blue post icrdnti effect January n4, tee-c.
I a repot of tine Irnohibition State chime otstnd. Ar~tni taftas at Antn Atbnr nnly.
Cone-uon.n-k Noson' thble L. if nM. ID. andnhYi.
Coeandou ,tlB. danbe tail nt Opern i iotne GOuNuuO THs.
'"heeewoill be a Pianto-torte Iec- NeessDIehut. No. i. Mail au nud pes.......727a. in.
N. 3. i'ncen-t-Ante Aebnr Annuite coiWno
' trce Rcita at he NrmalC~n~i'- VAT oeoA)- Agooudsinugle ronitm, Ccii-EN. 5. Matil Passen-er...--....4'.5Cop. nti
illccReitl t hinNoinalto strtally hindcated. fiurnace or stenamn(teat. noiNs neett.
eatocy of meuslic,'Tuiesdhay ev ueng. icdess IAI., Lock hexa'i.NuC.ninasngeiio.n
It swillIbe iconulctedl my hEdwardl Go bunthinOpern, Ihionse'Nes'duepot Non. 4. MaltEpeesn ...............bO40 p. nm.
lo Tu . Worldh, N oY lrut uulN. 0. n'assenger, Toledo Actiun.. t7l00. in-.
BaxeB erryvcc, a blitndipianist Of (t'uttvui'tti tinuen's' '.TTednynd6atud0nibeteentAnt Arboieaaid
_ lInd lcut.
coniderable note. 'lhe admisionli Call lot snamlie coiesir thins week of Central Stnndnrd Tite.
tie N. '. Woerl, t Opera House All Trains Daily except Setuy.
1 il e cents.,.I.I3NET i.S tuEsoD
on1 be NiewssDepot.W.HBENT, RS.G EWOD
R'ne... S. Cacrean, blue pastor tel ' lRotode-48Eat bLiberty streett'ithu One..nPaen. Agent. detent Agenet.
thee Biaptist chunrch tao rturIned Itohdthetith roomitanch closet.____________
tine city and inthciioccu~pylnhnipuit ease ntisusritihtetot oretroit,
nugitetent Stedy aterso knti Chicaugo, NewdYrknin innaittit ond
agai net Sudayaftr weks b-loledho puletc itthble Opnerao house
Be~nce.- Stnucent temnbernseof tieNewssdhepunt.
doingregatione ace terres untiiedc
aendi cordially invsitech to liepmeenit.
1 Siucdents' Lecture Association se-el
he givcen next Saturday evening Iby Jul 9T90 CR AP f R _______________
Henry 14. Ragane. It svihlhr ate NO. 12 W. HURON ST. _________________
illustrated lecture oen Mexico, "u
Aztec Neighbor." The v nw ae . D. STIMSON CA& SONS,
sadt eexelna a h etre s -H ALL R ,State Street Grocers.
sai tobe xceien, ad ten ectrn 'ttT~IE~,Students patronage espeialhy solicited.
nese-and entertaitning. ltej'atrttg aspe-etatty. 46 nOUT tnlI 5)ST.' 24CS. STATE STREET.

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