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March 15, 1892 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1892-03-15

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te('olle ,etearb

noi other \eaV. 'teIther, theI)I.t17iIe
{t t't xisteni'c. As Ifor t getteral lack
of enstirpiriset, tee refer('r t coniitet-
poratry to hlsotwnt paper where,,te
tancy, there is abunttdant ('taitte

Sheehanistti'nt Pest tOtficeeste stand at t.l.,thcre is itnoting tore ts to e sionti
Welc>"k, (oon. ubstrpeitnitat e ltf ai
th ie o f i teOu)ts', tOpera House titiek, at te sbct, and tee apotltogizte
'theetiiiti ', at Sttfilet's, otsrtwith ateitofte tto tttt-readet's ftor aoaiti tall
C~mnuiatolsoudrteiste tottice by lrttattentttionto ttit.
tto'ctioca.tifthe'yaretot appiear the text _ s.
lay. Aitdress atllsmatter intendted fin ishlica-; The Lattn Hiatus.
ion tot the Managinig Editor. Att tuintess
communtications shsotdtie seat to the Biost-
aes Mesiate. 1rite (elasos ittLatin Writitng eit
THE U. of X. DAILY, joyetl a rasre treat last Thuirsday ini
Ann Arbor, Mich.{
h e ig allotwed to listen to att ex-

Bo ~ iaUniversity Baaksetlers, - - State Streest.
teedanse stiirk-t is~tiee et hita
y ena h ioa.tpsestetilingt ,lts e -
$250 Ttpeersweek; studentsaseistedtoaposeitios.
Fer catatogeaddrttes P. RtCLEA RY, Presidtet.

5. W. Cueirriss, '92, Masagiss E ditore.
G. t. CItttItAPM , 'ti, Assist. Mamagtig Editor.
WC. h i otii.SAsst. iManagisngEttitor.
J.C i.N,'lit, ttBustness tasiager.
P.L-. J.1 ti'TE, 'lit, A ssiot.Bitiess ttanaaer'.1
L. W IIC eaa.a', 'li, Asstst. itasinies Maen'g'r.
tV..t PA IIK tII,'lt. J R. i~t'tt. A'lit.
P. a. MSi it.i'E, 'l2I C. iA t. Bis ti, 'ti.
t'.tt-%m;iL~i iasa'9',.t WI. DItriitt , y? i. li
1". E. teoo.is, '092. Let IA Ktil\Ei, '95.
The Pitdites dittoltiitthesieiiie eeton-t
sitbie tfo' the opitnis'setiatreieatsaocores
pontdents, itteiritsinte DILY.i
is arranigedl to lilay' setvertal if the
class btasebtall gamsses, is ini ait uttiti-
isliedtcontiti neiitheIturfotn the tdiat
iiond b einsg entirely unf it fur toe.
It is tea le hoped that the B oardl if
Regents nay take itimteidiate actiost
11t Vriilusy teat to Itave a lfore of}
mieti putt at wotrk as son as the
tweathtertoillI pertmtit, tot trepatre the
sitn opeins. If tti'e I'Rege'nts ineglect
it at this mthtllttmeetinug, th. 'far-
sity tase-bll Itettmi will lie seriously
Atthtletic' iel1 is not. 'eadytliii'use

tenidetd article itt the hiatus in Latini
l iteraiture. 'lhe author of thte pa-
it1 'Ott' tr' W. t istt'tiitKstltsen


I 1 1 T T T


1101 a.rit. it tt 1)1Nittlees istoreteti1 is1 15V sti 1 l etitsts iisie at'
In ll ieolthe subject andi htadr*le at
s i~e itts rt in tin coumnti~t iiia''
'areful ly' retiewtetdall Lattit litera- flle stcpiro lineae',c il stiriaitesfrlonger ta
Culre fromtthel'sotigs oithue Arval tieIY ai ite.t
atotms-48. Pt'astt Uitttistret, Av'iithit "


It'crable IBede; thus tollecitig ittany
IttiundredtIintstanuces of htittus. Iat it
one if thtete itnstanlces ntfluiatuts loat
so elearly reptresenttedl thtat there teas
seldlomt neetd of askitig iquestiotis
conteirintg it. Thle examplle tof
I hitutus oeccurrinig in the tiddltle of a
wotrd by 1I1r. Blishiop ini ostesit the
eairliest insriptionts is probhalythe
totly instance if Itiattis oceticring ini
this positionuthiiat has yet teen adis-
coteredl. Is is to heelhopetd that
otlier mtemblers tof the class weill take
ip othiet lites of original invesliga-
tioin antI preseint teir results to ite
f elass.
jDentai Society Meeting,
'Te liiillintg progpramtu twas ctr-
Tiedlottlast 'Tur'sday'nigh~t, .1Mtrchlt
is, a1802: lyrrlttea AltestilarisIH.

(till f'tr stamapla'ettopie'stits wtt k(d


Nes lDept. uitn1g S,
Reduced Rates.
Th~e '1., A.:A. &, N. ATMl,y 1 l stillPantaloons, crin ikt a h at foe n
ote-thiira'tre fair the 'fotllowinug'
IProhtibitioti Slate ('tautentuost it! n
tlu'tittI IRapisds,tMatreht itthlandtailIthi
Eleikets oti sate loitt andsi17thl, liited
Ior retairnitao Marcite h.ttlF n
State cotiventtioni of YongeePeoples F n V
Cluristiuan Eneeavor Soeieties, at (Gtral
Rlapaids, Mtirch 29thlandth. 'tpickets
tat sale Mairchi29tha, liatitedl tsareturni'ia l[j,
Mairch list, It. 5. (1 tutuae'sto'ttt, Ve lfcS
lt'it-Ai ENGLAND AND SOTt'itNit
Nto. IS)tiitti MtHainu Sliest.
Friday Evening, March 18th._______________
Toledo, Ann Arbor and North
tui'itituttateili~it'..Michigan Railway.

A,ttt,'e oftram.tstitt isnn Aior olyi.

........ - T A tie

-.' \ etirtiit ssuciateul teitltI Dental ' 57-.' t.. L. 1. 'L,.,,, r A
l aholgy,1".S. ame. hlls so-Nit."3. a r, Atiii arbotr Acetot 1.0t)tit
slteot amttihle wotre. dilie ill the rbitt Ititlit(.randpy, V. S. Ittuties. 'Iltis so. titatltPaseiter........ t i
atim m prto f tettiotal pointsttuf int. ''ro e"No.to>cs sa'ilaPasseingeoita ...... ... ......ii Ott it
0. LI'A. CZ..AR aIN 'N .. io.4a salt Esirs............. odliptoI
terest trieltrttitDLtticit ttld discussedl. Nio.' t otraseger, 'Touledo Actsti.... t0t it. it
'I t' 1 ,v1. ilitt Ititc itmtre tie- r ins! id ii rtutibetweent AttiAtrbor andt
fed its tpolicy i 'reptirilto the iili p a".o Comptany I CrntaatStandard'Time.
bilTainsi olyrocet Suttnday'.
Ior 11012 afftair, aitltotplttee are eonit Rthea. so it.uaIuNTT'c, It, S. ototsuswooo,
ineed thaut or re'tdero u . It. h rel ' GORGEOUS GOWNS EXQUISITE} ten. Pass. Agetit. Loclsent ~t.
itfce t ot lee S uthj ct flit ' 'uitliiMllieswset' i t ltigertt I -PCURS
sttfitcteuit ~ ~ ~ ~ laticmtiodtts tandlrefitiedh het'sttilityPITRS___________________________
Veliowe andilI66'ii. ot last S'ttti clay hi i tantettu foi r et- iits''uuus at
tolfly =itrutonto'it eutn iti a Iseris i. t5loiprodhute Setilt- - -
wilflly rtscnstri~s;:ans str it3 1a , LaCztauia, Etpress of ltsill
the previtouts euditoritalstf th l1 ilr I ' ttthur, itea.seIi , iti filtay eo'eaiii PrIces, 50,75 and $1.00
tottt t kei tlstsi lir A~I'dat tiSltis se g iaesuch a ining'titi
soa omk i us e li roniportrtayaitoittfhie irst Etmplress if the _ _ _ _ _ _ K _
entes.Wie edidlnittiattemtittttostilg- 1' teietli anoeieCfotiner etggeiteett
ati thewhol frternty hd [at ithits houselithat it is hilt 1aitititi
mtteti.1 uh.fatiiy coyi t lootk ft oraild'itithconesidterable in-
lut'it oe the blameti IthtereI.it Itroperly I tieiestito htertw'ain ~ atnothier Itistori
atludrata,tatrtiealtarle as the ftar i' I
behonis',utin"te shettlelers itf the hi aettrtite of tfi auftouis tC'athine'itis. ~rH
ctairmuait of;ilue connitiuitee onint i- tmay afftordlhea evean greater histriotite NO. 12 'W. IHIURON ST'.
' scopetthtCtuanaditIhtat of the attfortuaitae
pliedtw lice for a press tickuet hut lierietteed actot', will tkte a letaditig H LLER tt tetGoes
fald'peutea tta hs tart, authit is unduersooidlthat flue sup- J tt tetGoes
fie eahtie rtwa adi-porfitng cotpany''tit l t1luhaveetugentital a ' ~Stadesuts ptronage esptecially solicitett.
couurtesy. It can be interpreted ittnocuptionu. tuepaurtaug a speciaity. 4it sosce it us osr. 24 S. STATEI STREET.

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