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March 05, 1892 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1892-03-05

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."l .:1.fTU~( .srty has partiall y recognized the col-
f Ta~t lge paper work, counting the chief
editor's work in lieu of themes.
Published iDaily (iuday s excepted) during
tht Colleeecar. tot May it fuirter extent the idea.-
--Sock House of Representatives.
Sbciiptonprice 52501pet' ear, ittariably
i dante Single etpisc et. On alet I 'The follooitg commnittees have
. cenono tadPost Ottier newsostnd at 1°
o'clock, noo. Sbtscrittonay be left at beetsall toutier y Speaker Reardot:
he otie of tte uttY, Opera BStoone block, at Elet tiotsRickets, Babst, Ross.
Sheettatt', at Sfnttet's, or tith asy of the
editrs. Ways and Meats-Curtiss,Shields,
tomtoniatcabions shold rchcthte ottie b'lasts ynNcos
~o'clock r. t. It theynere to appear the net asnLonNcos
lay. Attores alt matter intended for publia- Appsiroriationts -T ole, 1ele lets
totothe Matagittg Editor. Atl husnes akI AI~S
eomn luctions sthold e snet to the Buin- akMss
rent laanc. . Judciiary-Parsonss, Larsont, Spitz-
THE U. of M. DAILY, ' er.
Ano ArorMin. Bankitg atd Ctrrency--Lipsotnt,
EDITORS. Locb, Parker.
s. o. Cr ur, ', anaglog dtor. C'ommierce-uhn, )ecke, Miller.
i. L.. CotesonA, 'le, Anit. Managing Editor. Rivers and harbors Iellenack,
w.c. rE t ictttt, '05. Annt. Managing Editor. Clarnirrh
J. tt, Itoincon Manager.
P". E. .1 ETsTr, 'lO, Astiottioninean ttanager. Agriculture-Adler, (Oborne, UI
o.o. tlcanETI, 'h, Assit. ttuineson Mtn'gr. ti C.
W P. t'.ttno, '3. J. It. AtonaIL,'t. oreigti affairs- Strauss, Spiter,
IJ.t. tBiosontwl. 'lt. CoS. BAtt, '. 'l Iol.
Floo t IN rtsM, '9i. DtN Is Y 2.lt
iV.t.OoittaoN coet llot'tttaiuhtnloire,'li. iliayyafis LeGifn
. E. ttnttlro, '5. huts KnEnY,'9. Mitay fars oet Gilt,
on aaa~.~naoa.. INaval affairs- Shielts, Adtler,
TheSoditrsi otnotth old themselvesnrsoon.NII oses.
itle for the opiionts oe sttements if coire- lPubliC lnds iParker, otng,
pontdents,uappeatring intheODAILY. .
IN another coliutn, four readers Intdiati affairs-Wallace, Pattioon,
will learnof to) citaticellalosi)tiof te Saldiing.
tate for e-oight's leture. 'h'lie "territories-lattisot, T'lts Ic, -
letter was received this totonititg, so tions.
thte lectire boardl are entirely blatme- Railways anti catals-Slaw, Kil t,
less ito the natter. 1olr..iBrecken- ISiers.
ridge knewc as early as last Wednes- Matiufacturiog-Mloses, Rickets,
lay that te coiul not cotse, atnd a Feibel.
telegram ntstead of a letter wouond 'IMies andstiinsg- Hart, I latch,
louse saved tile hoard anininftite Spaulding.
amuntot of troublse. Lducation- Chaisna, llecke, Sti
Credit toe Work on College Papers. ser.
Labor-Nichtols, Babst, Siecer.
Stitdetnts doing regular work on Militia-Stern, Long, Feibel.
college papers or its college societies 'Plensions-Griffit, Siencer, Nirth-
nust ecessarily take a certain os.
amulnt of time fronm college oork Rles-L~yons, Wallace, Strauss.
troper. Their onyotwardl reward Printing-Curtiss, Lisot, Wal-
for the extra ahor voiuntariy in- lace.
dertaken is cdoibtful glory atsdlnn-t Coinage, weigts atd tueasures-
douibted abuse, whiole less thoroughi;Ross, Parsons, Hot, Drake, Shaw.
wock io their coliege studies is apt Accounts-Larson, Loch, Griffin.
t balatxce the training value of thec i Imotmigratiot-Hot, Stern, Os-
vultutary labor. After mnany years I orne.
student body sentinent is deumancd- Colunmbians xiositioo--Spitzer,
iug official recognition of thseir out- Weller, Straiss.
side work. Tie student body, as a Mlerchant marine aol fiseries-
whole, surely profits hy the college Drake, Hart, Hath.
spirit protmtoted by thte college palper, __
while thec iaiper has great and rn- A new iaier has appeared at Co-
doubted value ins keeping thec tni- Iuttbia called Irving Nlagazine.
versity itself before the public atnd At Katsas Uiversity, says the
in toucht withs other iniversities. Courier, the Isrofesor of li'nglixix
That thte Untiversity should. receive Literature is goitg to depart from
iuucitatud gle hotiing is ot justice. the beatetn track. Instead of the
Bioston Unoivrsity is thse first to cc- plays of Siakespere, Malow, leai-
ognize this, ansd '66wo credits the di- mont and Fletcher, leoil ae the
tor of'the college paper witth four- class reat 1101t'"Texas Steer,'
tours, and thte assistant editors-owith ''A Hole in the Groutd," atd''A
iwo hours each.it.'nc ownivi 7'iver- 'ito Soldier."

+ Greek, Latit, Frenceh, German, oand Mathoemaiticali
T ext.., Books, New tandt Seoldhalnd at
f3 o o k I+ Unversity Bkellers. - - State Stee.
'. _ - Seor dprtments-CnonercialNo tetotk
o r ananneoapt work-E'ngithujhottandl otd
- -Pnmanship lgant bildntageot-o
_ lctondacr eItnent intuctosn orok t-
- - --- ounk lring expeneetrnmely lowr$2.25 t
$"2itS per week; Studentn assited to pitions.
For cataloge, addrs P 51.CIEA RVPreiddnt1
Aonew H acearth sotogbook hax U L E L I TNTL
lust beetn issuled by Oliver itson II
Co. Itcountans s on sigs, aitn
wtstchs wit1 be foutsd early all tthe
moost piopuilac of thoose sttng by thel SpringJ
Glee ('hub in thse last tihree years.
. Suitincrsq
INoticos itsertedt lotthis coloutoot ot Ith' rte P n
ott1 etnetper looe. Specioal rates fit logerct an alaoons, 1 Z
timne, ontdextra Inos furnioshedtby aptpling attI, 1y~
te DAILYofc eli.l
Ios't-A blckinglihSletter . Fill(-th'R
eretoornotoo 0 Maynoarod. 1And (
Loost' -k Itnoy's goolneck-'hll
(double Stratndifastened ittn oe lasp
F'indelr ipilasereturnt to 20:Jeffersuo
adrcierewsard. M tl u.Fancy
Soethinto t akI~~i vfr
O~winge to tite McKinley bill thoe lootio1
rial 'lurkisl'hoaccok&(igrette C. Vestin
(LuodoniatoolCairo) ave beeno forcedo g
tot opeon branoch of their ioosinooss oo
this econtry, atd thte Implerial Egyp- FtROM tEGLAND Nt S 1 otOlov
thoto Cigarettes, madeof otthe hotest
inorted To'baco, clathnowuse ho utghtt
fur ive anti teno cetts per lackge atilnd T
SprinogIhats tt t' Twso Slms. Open' N. Pt Suthti Matin Sret.
lg tiay, Marcel 1st. Mr. Youmanttts,
Mr. it oux andthie celebrateti Silver-t
No.o hoo o b 'o au. ceiut Toledo, Ann Arbor and North
Students desirinog to seetute of theo1 Michigan Railway.
ilargest lites of Woolens for Spring
,tool Stumer wear shoulcd exaotneote ti im'caCod is effet Janaryooo24s, lout
liote of the GoldietnEagle, IDetroit, I Ativalt of troinst onnoAbocOnoly.
exhibitedl tt theiook('ou lse Wednes-
duty toothu'irsdaoy, Marcho 2oond ani d. atGNRH
Tihey siows tll thoe latest tnovelties i00 No I.Mail and Express. ......-7;i. II .00
imported cotihs whlichei y tinaoke to No. s. Pasgr. Atn Arbor Accono.1 Tt ooet
measure nithenmost perfet manniler t N. n. Mail Pasenger ................d 45 p. in.
itopulaor prices. Mr. D. F. Foley one (00050 500T1.
of tite best entteros1 ion estate will e No..aailPaseger .............I.111S0a. 001
on01 hanldtot take moesre. , If you51o. u.-Sal Expres...........boll p.no
wan h~o 0tobby stuit or anlytitg inth ieir No.. Passenger, Todo Acoot... 700a. to
lion it swill pay youto toseeshat tey Trains 3yandS6tn bets-eoo AtnAt-ooandi
-ofor. Central Standard Tie.
Ah Traino Daiy except Sondy.
lfieen. Pans. Agent, Local Ageto-
He pairing a pecialy. 40. 500crMAIt stosr. At({ ~
Ann Arbor Savings Bank
Ann Arbor Mc. Ca pita Stock, $5,,
Surplus,. Id.000.____________________
Orgasized tinder the fGeneral B;anking Lanstro
cels exchange On the principal 'citieno0 theI I) ,pTfh't 2" .JhT
Unoited States. Drentts caned upon proper ~ '." 0J
identification. OffHceraI State Street Grocers.
Cnoosrowa i nec, Feesi.. Pre, Students patronage especially solic it.
CHAS. E. lsoce, Cnshier. I 4 s. STrAE STREET.

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