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February 29, 1892 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1892-02-29

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" ready to deprecate these nesv ideas
of philosophical and scientific (is-
coveries. The ministry needs trained
u blishni Oaily (Sundtays excepted) daringI men whlo are true to their cosvic-
the sllce ene tions. Untrained men are not fit
1HE U. OF M. INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION to be leaders. The disintegrating
forces nmust he met on their own
Subscription price $2"50 per yenr, invariably 1grootids. IDrains as well as piety
n dranec Single eoies3acent. On talenat
Snernitno a Post Offieewas stand t 1:,t are neededl in the ministry. Personal
nch. non. subscriptions may tbn left at j doubts muist he net squarely and
he othier nf the tAILY, Opera House hinek, at
Sheehan's, at Staffiet's, nr twith sty On the fairly,; a..pcrsou cannot escape them
Cmmmctoocit dcbhth fiely y turning frims the ministry. Men~onmnctossol ec h tieb
o'clock r. H. i they are tn appear the neat swho have hail strutggles of their owen1
day. Addreess all matter inenddfor publica- r aal fIeligohrmni
tionsto the Managing Editor. All btiescarcpbeohlinotrnenn
commiosicattant should be snt to the nuti-! their struggles. l1e who is sot
nest Mooanagiligtofloehsrtserit
THE U. of X. DAILY, wligt olw i atrit
Ann Arbor, Mick, hard places, if iced lie, is not fit to

. , Greek, Latin, French, Germani, and Matheinatical
T xt + Books, New and Secondhand aO
o o ks I , University Baoksellers, - State Street,


aFoitdeprtetsCconteintal, No texto
trmnusniptwctk- Eis.iiShortthand ai I
j 'tenmansip. llegsanetttultinglttet.ci
endarceffictent intrucltostwerkthor
---- ogh, litngnxpt:ntresettmly low, $22h I
P2 t0 petrtteek; students aetitiemI to positios
hoe catalogue, addresP. R.tLE ARlYPresident.

be a tinister. 'T'here are hungry

CrcEDI.5'.aTOS. hteiEdco arts iwaiting for the clearing up of
G. .ttA.NTAs, 'lW?, Assist. ManngE ditlor, I ifficulttquetstionts.
Wit i'iscttt.,'93, Asst. Mancagindtor. 'rho milnistry to-dlay calls for men
.i .IHB 'i, iBusines sinsaget.
Ics.oaE. JAFT'93, Asait.iisstnecs mianer. of broadl trainling atntleducation
C. IlcKEncsa, 'tia.Assist. BuissoMantt . men swho are capable of presenting
W5 I' titnEti.'lii. J. R.0 n'sIL'tii 'bCrist ini his full light. i-ten are
r 'i t r~re 2. HAS. tics I it't5"it
b tIKMi.t-etc .. DANItS. C eddwogvet h ol o
55IDEA ii nsccr.592 tott~aiut' BUC edK lset gs'.o'heiord.o
FE.icci'let. loTte Ea it , '1 antI hope, swhicht lifts tuenitoIhighler
and nobler lines.

'rite Editrs dinsot kol ldtettstet-coressitot-I
sitle ittrthe opnittititt tme 'ntttsofitco'tres-i,
tondents,.apieareite intt he ODI,.
'fiig base-ball entetrtaitiment to lie
Iiseti in [; ciii rsity I lall lext ''liirs-
lay- ev-ninug protmises to ibe 'te of
the tiost initeresting eier liven at
the '1 ilosi tt. lie ln. rilellis
an1 extetndedtlanid variedl 1111'05'ih
sioiithtitig iti it to pleise elct - aste.
'The lio -t tio s-liichi tihe'reciptsare

Ithtie past hlf century there has
boon a groat advattce in biblical
study as well as advaticement in
scientific study. At plresenlt more
applioed Christiatilty is nooded. 'Te
mnlistry coeds1m10n iwho uill still
firther develop the AInglo-Saxoni
dec of liuanfreeiliii. \Metnare
tneied btioisill mock niore for
('hcistiaiiity anidiloss for soctariancistit.
Did siStarr Joridaii workoil his

to be devoted is a iw-irtli-t1111. 'hay throullghiCornet llnows're-
MNIichigan has alwaiy s beeii stronlg in5icilos St gooo per year.

tiase-ball, atit ie hasve alitatys 1)0011
p~rotudiof the sucesses of lu in11e.
'lie prospects are that thlis year's
teamcwill 1ble fiilly tile 011ua11of last
oears, antid it is to be hopoed thlat the1

triosn iviersity lhas appliedi to
tale and Haccard to o~rgancize all
iteror.llegiate deblatin~g society.

perors of mic; ~ tGirard elIon aid Itis Lt
Folies Biergeres, Paris, lilil tile latest) -L
senlsatioiuacl aeriatlists, Oudcealled thle
incarnlate spirit of tile iir, whlose lit--OF
flights ini mid-air are said to bie malrve- ~
lotis. 't'here is a vocal corps of trainedl Spnringc
voices aisd a solo orechestra of selecteid I .
instrumnentalists. Sale of seats alnd
btoxes niow ill progress. S
Studeilts dlesirinig to nece0110 if the U1LlflS,
lairgest linles of Woolens for Spritig
atnl Slummer is-ar'shiouldl examinthleOi
linte of thle ('oldens Eagle, Detroit, Pantaloons, l
exhiitd at the Cook Houitse Wvedties-'
dyadTusaMrh2dd"A.They sho ltl 11the latest nlseties hi An
impolrtedI ilothis uwhichlthey inailo'toAn
meiaisure ill the lutst iperfeetctmanie' it
tif the liest rtutter~is ite state) isill bhi Fn(adt aemesrs fyu ancy
lalt hano ti ickeuitaytingm'sitheir
liitte it wiillllayyou111tiosee t' thlii'
offcr. Vestings
cetus to1a Muhmialsadree.
Impeliriatl Egyptian ('igarte.Fiist i e tilat.ii E 4jIi. .-LA FORE
For sale ct 111 stores.
Sometithtinigliew' in('igaretti's. WeI \o. illSouth ii nltre cet.
tote that thelie galcs stoles intt titci
ha~ve' just receivedl it stock of Imperial
lfgyptituti (igarettes. 'Ihtese cigarettem
tile mnctie of Ohio fitest imspoirtedt obac-1 ' Toledo, Ann Arbor and North
co, tandlate perfectly hiarmtless, as ihiey( Michigan Railway
conttaint less thtatntoite per ceitt. if tiic-
titie. All prices. jI Tiead ineffect itatutry 2i, 1is2
toti s m ll olgtd wattchi. fiiier I Aisnval ohftins atinArbcoon oly.
leaise leave aO StewcrtVs oficie. I
S'rt'ii' (iatndilsee Will's newsaprinig GINtao t
sulitin~gs. Fifteen ordhers tatken T hl05 No. 1. Maiad Expes.......... :ita. im.
clay, Feb. hI1. No. 3. Piasgr, Anti Arbor Ac'c'iotm..i115 inmon
Hot cand cold baths 10i cents, at Post No. 5. iMailI Passenger ........... . ..
Otlice IBarber Shtup. GON OUsT-tt
Not . Mcii Passengere.......11 . in
No. .Iail Esxpres.............. .... 0r111 p. ini.
i. Itr.-[octet book, contains No.06. Passenger,'Toledo Accott.... ,1111 a. In.
owcior's tiame. Reinric in L.. 0. ra~ointl d06sun betweenc AimsAlboeanod
Care, i6 Williams. Centeal Standaed 'litme.
_______________________________ Aul Trains Daily except Stutidty.
Gen. Pass. Agent. Locai Agent .
T -srEZLxHs
Rlepairing a specially. i46 cOUHINs STa s.^
) \KI
Ann Arbor Savings Bank
Ass Arhorlichl. Capital Stoch, $50000,
Supu,510005. _________________
Organized under the General Banking Lawn
athis state. oRteeienposits, haysad
selsecagastepniatcteofteI D. STIMSON l&X SoTS4
Bel xhneo h rnia iiso h .United States. Drafcas dupn proper
identification. Officarst State Street Grocers.
CHRISIANtuMACK,Prens..,arng seilyslctd
W. D. HsanRtAa, Vice Prens., Studentsparngescilyoiitd

seasonmimiilnt hrosoeui faiilice onc Iotics itiseted in this coltumn at thme rote
of14is ets perlitte. Specil raitoe oog'er
accucnit of lact of fitiancial sup~port. time, oil eatea littn esc tnie by opplyitig at
« i ( the Dact.eofinn.h
tie. ie Frest' A~doss. Spinig Huts ati the Iwo Sams. Open-
Dr _DFret'_Adrss Iitig iday',Marccit1st. NMc. Youmiatts,
Mr.EtnoxtantOhiocelebiratedl Silver-
li. eleforest spoke oniithce sub- mitan Ilatmit t hio Two Sumts. Telephtone
1ect, ''lie Claimis oaf the Chiristiani No. 991.
]"Clevelanld's Miinstrels" will he with
Mhinistry uiponi the Yocucg ylenc ofIits oncee mcor'e stthe (Grandlopieria hotise
'h o-day.'' St. hauti foiudthce icc- onTuesdacy liightt. Mtatager Clove-
;cimamd's compaitmeslhavie beenanatlh
spiration of his life iii thcefact thcat ' visitors to titis city for several seasonms,
lice seas calledh to be cian aostle of every ,year, as Itme circus poster mould
Isciy, ibigger cuidi better., aindlthis yeiar'
Jesus Christ. Tlhie difficculties thcatI comntlcy is clainsed to he thie best or-
meetl}younig mcciimmho mishctoomnter ,gaitiedothiat has emer heemi tutder
Clevelanld's maiimagemntt. Eeryting
the mniistry are great. 'lie cminis- is pironmisedi to he 'sit to dcate." No
trv is Ion often filledh iithi mcienwhco "sol favorite's'"mmill be founid on the
list. (Cleveland~t says thtey are all tale-
are sot thoroughihy prepiared for the .insg a "mitcmhi needed"' rest an~d study-L ok h trcin htcm o1 n pnwbsns.Tenwst
tinigs and costumning mill he onlte
young nien at the etid of their cot-(stie elaborate scale thtat has chsarac-
lege course are nunternims. terized all Cevelanid's productionms.
IThe companii~y in its entirety aniheis
Whioener goes nut imnto the wvorld ; over forty pseople, principmal of wehichi
to do any good mcust go out as an nmsy he mentonoed the clever Arthur
Righy in ia "cyclonle of nsewness." Johnl
umnselfisht man. WVe live in a remsark- (queenl will present for the first tlime
able period of advancemuent in scien- his latest terhisehloreall divertissmenst
coniqie. "The Modernl Beau Brium-
tific results., 'rhese_ results have nsells.' Jo01111 I. Blackfordl will sing
getymodified theological concep "Noah" ill his omwn inimitable wnay;
gretlyP Banks 'Wints, the famous teisor; Blilly
tions. 'r'ise Churchs Ias often been Lyons, nmemwburlesque star; four ens-

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