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January 22, 1892 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1892-01-22

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"1~'C ~ '~J7( "~h(Base Ball Practice.
"'I '~"' ' 'Plile candidates for the t"iniv'ersity
1~Isblisbed Daily (Sundays excepted) duringbaealtamwlbgiprccen
the College year, by the rinlk this afternoon, copniaene-
THE U. OF M. INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION frg at 2:00 o'clock. ile omaniager
mlakes tse followving annlounfcemsent:
No'row.-Thec rink will leipeten for
Subscriptio price $2.50 per yecar, invariably the use of tile cattiitates for the Uni-
sads 'ane'cStogie eopiet 3 teots. 00 sate at
-5ecaa'soaa tPosts (((ice newus stanat 1:. vesity base bait tetamtinttue aftertnoons
s'lck oot. Subsciptiocs macy be lcft at front 2:00)ustil) o'etock, subject to lice
the office of tbe DILOpcy iera.IlHoeseb, at f'loil's hgits tditisitis:
slteebso's, ill Sitotet's, or wctb any of tlie 1.1'illidaistes oast secert'frol the
Commtun ticatiotnssitouldi reac the'soffice by tomatager or cptain1 tickets of aotiti-
o'clckb P. tm. it they are Io appear thte cent Siuot to tin rritk, wiih wilt be givent
slay. Acdcosall te1r itnIctesedfor poblica- ontsy itiiisose whitshlve cinplited with
iounttlte Managitng Esditor. All bsiesscctiicrtttc of the meardi cf directors
comunicotisusbhold ibc sentstoItselisi-
0e00 loictsgcr. whiicit reqires'5titat every icantsidate
THE U. of M. DAILY, mts e ietctaentier of tite Athletie
Ann Arbor, Xlih. Assoscitationt tttiisighttheiblatnk ecn-
EDITORS. :r. lT) tOPss f toco es i inlly fso'rm
S. 0'. Ce istrtc, '1)2, Mtaagitg Eitorss. intthie bttildittg is _pt'ssiciited, andscall-
ft. i. Cu stoan, '9s2, Assist. Managtciig Edtitssr. tdictes wcissviolate tis rsule will lie
Wr. E. M ciistasis:.'9i, Asst. Mianagisse Editor.
I. F. JAsNEcT~c, '93, Asgit.ilasitiecstitianaer. 1)(iiiij Iis)C'ciislslcii ' s')i 10 'scuMif~lls ii
C. W. It asn','tl, Assist.iBsciness Mao'gr. Gstic lls'(is hiilidisss.
Wv. Y. VAst ost, '5. J. i. AsssscsIc.,'551. 3,. t hose whot securte tickets for the
I'. ,. . siw H., '92.IloHSs. Atl,95
tlAN NAsrItr'ct,. (1 IT ciels ttci'o. K'14. ipurpioe if ip]'actic'ing foria' css tttms
W. H.D 1550.55,'2 1 IcAKE ,9. will bliexciliude'dlft'sttithe titik.
'Tese' pecuttiiosltretnecessarit n i
order to retaints e fitsn'tk. 'Te tmtaitge-
the isiscE ssscd iiisos t ldtiic'sel'cs rsciscc ttent h(so ttii ittioil of ii'lsintre sutnec-
islicorte ioinisc'oiss c ttemsilts osicosct'- )'sscrily seee'ill the titpositionc of
p~dn.,ip tit cicThIttAUX. .2 scitbics, but thesetitlssare1'e'
'f'li):great Tlb-li tenaril debate ITis year's teats smust u'ork halrdl titi
whilichtli lsplkc l as ek a 1 1sirly consientliisly ill order to 5ststintthe
shsoiokcasteern college censtetrs to their I tpuctationl madtse by last yeiar's line.
very cenitee. It seas lice talk iii tse iand isciinor piatie' is iteeessary itt
iciler'sus ili ~ic1I iisvs1ito riler ticget't his't'cmtitnto the (test
colegs fr lay ad nspre moe 'onitioliotiletill('seatsoni's swoaklice
enthbusiasmcithan a (coit-ballI 'asti r'ik eill tot lit'availatble folrctse sbtr-
I' thsere was ose caulse whichs con-oiinlgstme of ttecafterioosts as it htas .
tribsutedl to titis mtore thantssasys tther 'sbelencisteil for other pturposes. WvIcei
it was its our jsidgmtetthIe fact that ( thte rintk is closestots base bail ctindi-
lb' eas ts 1 liv isse ofsdttes, ntitecs sill be iitsertesdit inte
thte sebate ws nthivise of AA1.Y' attilisostedl uponlthe doors of
thteslay, onth ie quiestiols whether a thitkR 1111k. lA 'sScetoic.
younig imassiinccastinsg tis first ballot Manager.

u3eautiful Ghristmci G if 4#
-~ Is thelFSLAING SCHOOL sorIt t'ltsC S
Fostrtdl rtmntst-Ccnsottc ili cam tlisk
a" amarncsstltut-&t eis1h.;=ctictdct I
- t~ci aci cti cfit. siictcsc %voil cit~r
- - ogl.iisigcxpesebs caststtly lsns 1
,V 0pee week; students assisted to postis.
F or catalogtte, addrss P. It.CiLEAltY, Ptesident.

H The Leader

Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton
R. IR.

itn Fashions inl Ls 'Toled'ct5c1.is3 :sa iii) I
elsi'eliat t Tatl- Deshle ....i 8105 1 it) 4[ i,(
lue o Pls.t iqu ... ..Io.t3 ?O . 5 ..R
Gosods Ito select! s ccitt.
Cincinati 35 ,(;5 1
ft'oit. ('all for;"
ai brie filling'
Isuit. ?icy sichityous coil seicre' SleepitgiCe ('ilt'i
j reachings'Cincinnacti eairly' tsolscssscg ucriti".
Par 'iCasonsccPaylExprie ss T'Irs. irect
19 S. MAtN ST., i ps. coectciotns 'ittisall ' ccitict.t'ttLitns. s(t atsi
youteticbets re'tdst is '.11. siltD., ietteen'To-
leoCcnntcti acIndlcianacpolis.
ass ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ D aBo.'es' S aiSre. ' 0 . TRACY. N. P. A..

in 1892 shouldi yule for the ncioinees
osf the Deisoscratic party. Suchsa
iquestion is, or at least shiosild be,
foll of the liveliest interest for eery
cisllege stiudent, it touches hiin is i
tenderest spot, it stirs sip feelings
bred insto his very flesh aissi blood, it
strikes at use traditions atns teachsings
of hsis forefathers ansd iecause of
thtis arooses every liii (f. energy in
him to the htighsest tension its defense
ssf his fanorite doctrine. We dleepsly
regret thsat swe haveisacd 15tn os
sdebate intsh~e '(est atsdswe see ISo
psssible reasoitn whynse caittot itave
osie. A(Ve trtist that the O~ratorical
Association will take this itc hansd
and poosii, as thsere is no triter sway
if training ais orator, thsais givinsg
tinm practice its debate -on thse live
issues of the hay, with represeista-
lives ccf ollier ciolleges nwho are
worthsy of his steel. Thse DI sis
stands reatdy to aidi such a nmovemtent
1o thte extent of its influence.
ttedge Cooley began bin lectures
to the gradutate lanes yesterday at '3
o'clock in room 22.

Sails Slatnil to-niglat. _ _
BUSINESS LOCALS. _____________
1-Notices iuberted in thic coumn at slie sate SGRANDT5 OPERAT . TT'TC71nPlOOZA ll
05 10 cent per ine. Special rates fortlne iL.lJ .~ir.U.J
time, and extra tines earnished lip applying at NO. 12 W. HURtON ST.
the DAILY affiee.1
JLadieo' Mackinatoshtes int beauttifutl---
varieties, just received at Mack & Toledo, Ann Arbor and North
Selumid's. AI y n p % vn ihgnRiwy
A tew linle of Neckwetar jtust received MihgnRiwy
and nto better styles will be found in5's'CeisaetDcbests.
town. Yotu will say they are one-half A----a-unsa~suAiseuy
the price you ptay for then elsewhere. Arvlo risa n ro ny
LOST.-A leathcer bag conttailninig aH le a M ndipvskriON NRH
silver watelhuwtit en av '(V. aN. JNo. 1. Mail aud Expres..... .. ...... 7it . cc.
eg aog, s No. 3. 'assgr, Ann Arbar Ace'stt...t'500 stasi
1886. Fsinader will please leave at No..5. Mail Passenger.......... ...... 41.5 p.sm.
Steward's office anth receive research. --s-tOIsa SOnos.
Room-mtate wcanted.. (Gall at 11 ' No. '2. Mail P'assenge ............... ti118a.11
Thtompo st. 1 'Itese tIns o i)ted people Wsill No. 4. Mtaitliuxpres.. ........... .... s 40 . usc.
Na. 6. 1'csoenaec. 'rotesto Acata.... 7,00a. 11".
Fttll line tine otyle collars, plty, Ie' Ten15ud,-ct)etcescsoAcsea
or 2 for 2.5. Maek & Secamid. actually atlplear' rightt in 0111r niioSt Tansand0 nbtwenip.rbr n
Ladies of tiheEL?. of M. Wnill fitid it Cetrcat Stantdard Tine.
greatly to their advantage to eCllon sit1 iet'afutr.AtTanDileestasd.
svhen int needi of Cloaks, Dreso (roo dos55. H. LISNNE5'T, R. S. GRiEENWOOD,
or Faiicy D~ry Goods. Mack & Schmid.j ---- - Gen. Pass. Agent. tacal Agesi
$1.95-800l silk ttmbrellas wortht $3.55 SALV\IN I is tlie greatest actor
to $4.50, moarketd $1.95 at Mact5 &
ccmi'slte Amsericant stage tss-dayA
LosT.-tiilihit all, Gold Scarf ltill.
Skeletssn heart, set woitht pearls antelatirl le swill comelOHere ottilte
pierced with sniall gold pill. LiberalKA
reward if returned to F. S. Porter, 28th.!
Alpha Delta Phil Houtse.
Sonmethning sew-lii the lite of U.--
of M. stationery. It excels all its pre- MOI)JES.KA is 01n0 of the best
decessors ini design. Geo. L. Moore,
bookseller, Main at. actr'0sse5 tow knowsn1and(1she 1
Hot and cold baths 14) cents, at ltost
Office Barber Shop. conies here on February 1.



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