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November 06, 1891 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1891-11-06

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[Fo h e okFrihr]The linen colar of evening dress esntinues the straighteup effect, the points st the geatest N W P A
emsinence, wehere they slmsost went, aed rising gradually frete the leek.
The ceavat of evening dress is of white lastn, see inch swide, withoutstiitching or embrsid- i
ery, or any sdvention of it like character ststnay be avoidedi.
'The fsuldreos shirt has a wide, plaits bossom, with wshich are worn three wite pearl stssds. T es.-.rn rnS o.
The gloves oftfall dresaretofdelictepearl, undressedandwith white orselfaro csd- Jacobs (
isg seen the bscks. heCo.'f
She handkerchief sotul tress is at fine swhite litset, with sorrow hemstitch border.Tebuoneeofuldesiofwiefoesaws-ik hyanemmorhdhe(j ./rj acshaitgreisrwhevrayetepeaettoesbtawysht.
theist a woidesi n ostdhageofwalking glovseendtthe dtfferetsce in weightsuggceses T'he T. 17. Jacobs Co., tefsinbemnsol aetopi nhsrproy o h onn alo f-r
noot tea there is a ligthterwetight in lighter shadesofstatut, thsat shonld be, moreosver, sn000fitt-
long; atndfor thecotitstional" mornittgatnd nftertnoonstroll and genelwearbeavy, loose.
fittinsg tmakes" sn both lighst anttdnrk tan shsades. Tho beatvy untdressed kids, in graysnd27A D stANtT.A N RMR
ssuff-color, see perhnesste desiatbie soalkitng gloves. The back decosation is lighst, bini t27 N)29M I S.,AN RB .
naroswtraibedt cording.
At TEoTwo 5.530Itile above styles are now reesdy. Also an entire lille of
Swatllosw-Tatil Coasn td Vests asndo Opera Overooats. N. I3.-We still have a nice assortmient of Light Weight Overcoats
THE TWO SAMS. [Trlrptsssr N o. 99,i] L. Blitz. 10t be closed out at Greatly Reduced Prices.
ARRl Arlbor StoufiLglllnry. CO0AL. GEORGE L. MOORE, (MoorePasS ) + +
_&Ia r WORK ALLED FOR and DELIVERED. FOR HARD AND SOFT COAL, A tsull tine of all College Tentxtotiks, incltudittg fLam aod MeialBo lo,o by tisiliso..
tALt. ON Chseapest place frtsrTerBIooksand ou ,nitasinsPea in tsthe city. Fireshmntrscrowdsiin.ts. tus tlng
SPECIAL RATES TO STUDENTS. IV ST_.Sr2=77T oldftrionds. Intow havewmy entire stock atnsyostoreons NO. 6S. MAIN,Sq.
Office. - 23 South Fourth Ave. Ns. 11 WES-T- WxSlltXo-l-ox Srtt;-. TTDO11.a= .. 2atQO7t7.

Every stdetwill Olive mnsey by buying Ltiiversity Text-Books atad all supplies it lieadquiarters. We allow! orstles liretrain,;,. partis, Ott sidings, sic.,
spiecial dsioutiiton A W BOOKSMEICAL BOOKS. I)ENTAL BOOKSi tnty ksrdinntshortrt, -,tciromtl littndtog
Utniversity. 50101 Blatik Books at lowest ptrices. MISS-JDITH RAVES
LEADINGS BOOK STOIIE IN ThlE CITY. tliliebroaeds 'isgitu Airily ttilsy'
Ri~lt'h ondt S# rai ht Qatl- Leland T. Powers. Nstsiis I. -ALll niaterial oifferedsl1 Has nil thiitpriose titis- s-r, ssnd is tie
Noinpaediltoetros-t i lsticlassoirbin hrt isit i-
Ne.1comilspetlliionforlt h rizes offereil by ti e. Co5iesssirs-iii 5iwoirk istri l tsaitistlisy.
As Istt Abthetiadeof iii, tIPre eassonaible anNiiil cri iristt u-iINi
CIGRthTE Oracle eoofacie 94 11 lit e Ihandes in i 3i toltt siurso t. .A, F. l(iTi1;7,,oisps bloc
Cigarette Stokenrswhon has ever beenl seen in Itsis city. by Nov. 15" 0. M. MARTIN,
- -d i ' are willitggto nay alittla . sr, - --tdtSt
am - tore 5 tn tthn tpriseIte ificulstuswsork fch iainginag Nr tt.EOCts 92lT.Cot ~ake ,ts M tali
- chsargesd tee the srdissa )IE-1II:'I f9 I.from rcharacter tocaacte r.Cot asetMea-i
- tossirCigarettes, trill iitltate, Air.CAiS S Fi('risciThere will be a
asseesor o -AND) COMMON COFFINS.
c TaItoRAs upros t e metn-- 95lt - rtepup s ------_-
- -,. all others. towvershisnso10equal-Detroit Free lftlg o 2ltfrIeproe J. A. POLH-EMUS,
Cist N.grssaRe chmonr Stthraight Press, of ielecting class officers forthse es- -.-
es, wosts delctetlyftutored and hgecons a suin cer onStraNv --- ' - ~ '-
OodLa rw nVrgna lI~ l r. Powers appeared in his fani - '' - 14 ALSO 1BUS HACK AND BtAGGOAlEtLtNE,
end Origisal Brand ofStraight Cat Cigarettesa at t1:30p. in., In room A. Nosrths]taits Street.
and was brough outby usinathnyear 1875)' ous monoologue, David Garrick. It S. W. Cultruss, President. RIN SEY & SEABOLT,
Bsewarn of imitationt, uadobsere nthut tthe
fiew sawn as tbnlow is as every pacitagn. stas a manterly performance. lHe 'Biakert anddealerniit
The ALLEN & GINTER BranhNOTICE.-All Sophomores shouldaGoeisPoiioslu n ed
Oafatuners-Richmobnd.nigni, as ealdaanad gi ttelaeorders for class canes at Moore's 6 andt8SE. Washington St.
Sueutrr,--iewnVrii.close-New York World. book store at once. CANE COM. J-HALLER,
l $iragrg, jail The Manhattan Club's 1 first NOTICE-All membiers of the J. HALLER
~ ''~ night" at its club house last evening junior Lasw Foot-ball ream wilt
Capitat $50000. Sat-plesanad Preots, $17,M)0.wainll asce, - t onhe amufrpa-
Does a generalBanaking business. Payt in-Y Yp repcsllymediyBpiigupeut.-isl-r a o
terest on Sttving Deposits. Has safety Jeber an lie, rdeSoftNl
oommesadgusswr )e- tc.By odroftecaptain. J D SI OIt& Dl,
Dleposit Biiesufor Rent. 5000gessser rs
R. KEMPF, 5Pres. Fa. H. BEtSEiR, Cashier. ent.'Thle attraction was lb0elaer- NOICE-All candidates for '95 taste Street (Grocers.
taunk usnen Satursday evening. 1
formaisce of David Garrick by Le- foot-ball eleven are reqluested to Studenltsspatroagescially solitited.
Ann Arbor Savings Bank lad1.,twr. i - a ppear daily on theo campus5 for Id45s. .TATB OTTREET.
Ann Arbor Mich. Captatl Stok, $0,00s lndT.Poer..isimpersonatlion pratice. CostI.
Surplus, $100,010. of theu.ros hratrs as they oerte OiCAItos tohv o
Ot thin stain. iReceisves Desits, lbuys and jSuIpIo sedst0tomake theira aa~ OIE Altoewohv o
sells exchausge ott the principal cities orf the 1 i Pp'rarepait their Gynm. sublscripionsstill
ideniiain e Slates.tDrafts ceotisheuoeeropeer on the stage svas swontterful, auth ety bieth omtteb
deInTiegeton. MOtxcra:re
CHRITaI AcaPreo., getyolg heclihte yr
w. D. HA kIAt~ht, Vice tees., b alledt forth sinstinuted applause.- mlitting amosunt of subscription s liips
CHA.s.dtttsit, Cashier. Nest 'ork Trribune. T. If.II. TANsio, 'Treasurer,
Foil Priohiably have souse brolceti Ati- , 0 __ 67 E. lasliingtott R.
ce of Class Foot-Bull. Nil-IrtI: '92 INf)Isilissil st, s ZOrP3
JEWELRY OR A WATCH OUT The first game of the schsedusle si-s.-The Itndepenrdents of thse class
O REARof '92, lt., still hold a cautus for E c
OFRPIwas tou have taten pulayed yesterdlay thse nonmination of class officers next1E e
WM. ARNOLD, 36StAIN STREET, -betwveen) '91 ansI '9- Lit. blut '93 Satsirday osorning, NOV.IthPlctog. 1 7i\ , atl1uni
b~is Plae 1s ga. gave the game by default. B'ite ocok r omA
A A N A g Senior Lasws did not euler, and the I
N D .A. L~ schedule as it is nosy fi nally arrangedsI Battle o1 Gettysburg. C L Is -H R AY
FIEPOOOAH 1s as followts: The '1., A. A. & N. M. R'y till run ia
M FLINERYHOAND ATHOOD! 'uesday, Oct. 1o, '93 Last vs. cheasp exculrsioin to-morruaw, Satutruhay,
MILLIERY AD AR GOOD ! Hih Scool. ov. th,to Toledo, to allow itsparnt
30E itHrHighSchool.a'id hpeople of Atnn Arbor as chianee ta
30 cas 5o 05Thursday, Oct. i12, '91J itl. vs. 094 visit thie Cycloramna of the Battle of
SHORTH~Y AND TAKE A Lil. Gettysburg. Thisa will be the last cheap
Z1fLfA.J COURSE. ehatice thisa seasoti. Traitsheaves Ann
IT WILL PAY YOU. Shorthand Schooi, Nrw Thuirsday, Oct. 19, final game be- Arbor at 7:20 a. mn. Leaven Toledo a
5 a ,.., tea.. ann.. un.~t tween winners. 3:20 p. nm. Fare for round trhp, hoehu IogamsintSZ) 1 otS.Ws,- eri ~h

uuliu ng, 7V 0OUEn LALC zueet. " "" " , "" "" ,.., . ,. 1

I big admission, $1.25. 1 71 Fort St.. West, - Detroit, Mich.

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