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June 12, 1897 - Image 4

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-06-12

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iS .JL U &CO 'AIT hETON ED W~hCISO r ~ SI~DUE 1~CLSTIe Ittlaiid ress
ndf1{ o .Ierfor ca few da, yS a lmted n .mr of 1101 Syr7acu tse DE OKA 7
,. 'W heels at -lust HALF PRUCE:, Neatness and Dispatch
Fine Black Suits a specialty. $ 50.00. AT M ° C Give them a cail,
10OE.Wastiug-tonStu. Up Stairs. FOX I4S I L G S R E.TEAN ARBOR SAVINGS BANK
the ICI:IS Capita. Slack,R$50,0, orpi s,$150,000.
PHJOTOGRAPHS Ali t in theIoie Resources, $1,100,000.
Sieilaetaeaet xcept KNOX at1710iLLER- organizeduader the Genera eankefin aaws
Spring - lOsha 011(1ndcolors Beils excang~me onthe -principal citiesaoat he

R. Huron Street1
Bicycle Enameling!
Plattn or Marbeliced. Any clr r
style. All wvork guaranteed.
Wiitlc Tucker & C., IS N Fourth ave
s Strawberries
and lce Cream Ti
R Fruit Ices. Tr
Makes to order Women and Yen's
Elay Fitting Slies tn all the
5 epairing
43 S. Main St., _ Uptars
c 0 I 0 :S 1. . Ifr0 a- no" :1 llS od', t I
to Ili- ca-
21 F. MAIN ST.

worth tup to Fotur dolas-
comne qtickl or get left.
15 s. MAIN ST.
21 Pittsturg stooiec toe----------25 ce6a 5 orecad ligarafor-----------5 cents
16l La Peincces atoics tar----------e eata6 Peotdigy Chgart toe----------- 25 cents
16 itNlational Stogiesfor-------25;ea t aradliseCigarsaor-----------25tcent
6 Yuatan Storicot----e ----- 25 eenta 5 La OleooCiaea tfoe----------25 cents
11 AitonsollCigar oet ----toe -----25 ceats 40Harry Claya tor-----------25 cents
6StlarCigarstfor- - - -Se_ _______2 ensa4dOwl moacta r-----------25 es
6 Record tBreakeers frtee --------25 centas 3tLeyal sBannera tor----------- 25ceents
3 Brunscwick Cigar oor oe --------------------- 25 centse P NY
44 South Main street.

United States. Oraftcachedupom paoper
idoetification. Lafty deposit Laces to rest,
OFFICERS' ChiseItiee Slack ties-i:NW. n.
arrmlan, Vice-fees.; Chas 5E. Iliscock,
tCashiee:oA.11T . Pci-zs hciet Cashier.
Capital, 8100,1W). Surpluc and Proftsc, 'i0,000
Teasts a genesal Leckleg Losiees-.
Foreigs exchaneboughtandeldt. Fuenish
letes at ceedlit
Vice Pes
5,.NW. CLAIIEtSON, Cashier.
Caor. Mais asle nuonecStree
Capital 530,000. Surplusc 52I0,000.Trasact
generalihaning buesecss
IR. KEave,Irec. C.-.CaENa, Viea-Pes.
PatED. lI, PtLSEa, Cashier.

T1. M1.Gi il will as1.1i us (le P-r. C '2111- lietsi aly icC tilivllydoacili iiil r". J. Sci-ie e
13-te oleilills-'li Soilnds- vetlli'li2 11 all ck i iic ilt fltvi 12ad20 S. STATE STREET
1k lieiy tos t etll i l 1e's Isollioc - (i eg. Io Sells a Solid Cold Ftlain Pees lt 5-1.00
eletvll eoge:I.Salsyereacle'dil oBooks Bouad 23 venseanod upaoed.
"Io' liit laspl-itre will te-it~loni U.cel tl1,II 0 clliu oft ItScenseaad Peatfesters 30 Ibs. Lin-
Hie ornr udF. I. 1. ('alhltl ofea Paper tar 50 cents.
it fronlt of Ipsiolcoli h ll a t4 to. in. Nt oos5cnt n-uwrs
tl t >tiil 1.-isly (orko-, A lel, N RlePo 'teaesodup ad
We llralty,1-lrr looeloher f ils11,-talldslot1 lrarowiell 1101 le Lti -IaLowney's Chocolates.
- loas is ttr,.o(l 1tohe pro-celi, for 1loAltoals 0-litloe iball team nie1xt2
All ic-roso lllsbstocritionscc lehotio1,1lu srooy Hot Lunches.
!,ltalac foir b 'Is t o sf C. of .1,.tbo-sd a l Ie i0e e-to5t1 tt t
lv- 10ile0'itos il1n tilnovuover to - .aTUT 48 S5.SteS.
r ,t l at l h.ii, Ill Spile of tliv tlt)ale'ire
_lai eltcr It>l'-fof (isoe s-i olati, Sisgaidtoll thteivN TIC
Eto IItlA -'N IN St'JIMt"il, -ca~lttt fc os loe ext y-ar iccos lieioloi
N lt ii 110 dc i loic oto 1 1 12- It-t'sl il iliIioo1011 oeoio, 1e-llIo We can cow sulpply you with
1 i:=1i tI ie tIs a 1ploo fore (li ooiooiioo tOIa fine FRATE RNITY HPI.
Ii tllysil on oo-o-oootooi of hoe -ito st I , ii i~tltl for liv 1s.0 isox, soilif E sel- See- ouor line of samp~tles.
(t1-t 111l- hoI l '1t 1 it 1)(oos- - - - ~c. li-e lo-s-h 0-1--o l ol nol lite bat
1 . 1 Ix~f ofple lle~ f t],s h o w s is1 a o tryte 'k121 111 theos, tilW aARNOLD,~f l 10GJEWELER.
lie tyc-1 01 p 0501211000.'AlliIaisilolo1111e optapolI I SIY-C OO
!-ll (. ( eit- lb C'elle11 o1e of- 00 'i 11(,1 .T ho ito 521 iltl0l ii1.<!ti O, QIN1 00
11f tit x 11(111110 El' 11'.- olsaio- - 1101 1tolI o, 1 olil-
11 nil c111) ,t-ttlle Colliet }sa-olt0a e lifeOpposite Laoe hl'doo i $3 o0oetsiloylfat
v ill, 22 Fars collls lis 01 tie a y twoool-ss-s.ofioe,
S 1'-<11e, 110117-'it((o- l poitoloftihifi o - }lolo l-t loslS iol27 Ilioiii.ps..on .d ,Street.
1t id 1'a10 l oitl ', 1 I 13 lf" olt t t l o'' l l \.'ol ft l t '
1,'.: c et -l!1, - f}'' -11 i- 0 Ili f!11i1,c l}I o '11tlli io r lilltilo l i 1 i lJustll e se i e tLsei-s-oo li e t
;i ot1 11d 1 olo1ll o i111ltllll o-i'o alooai oteLine f O w- ipeej
fc 001001 10 tot~l(Eol t-I('ol ia-11il(10 Bt ood ool ~che at al 01s get
w -- l l500 nll)")iii, t0 lo ti.'-osrlsuyieres aodoo liliams and W resCo.'
7 11 1 otl":3t0: 1 iof -a c 11 100 ho c looolate B o t,
1110 Il i is 00 1' ;iP f L o'i totoit100'i, te-ile eo li,
1(l 221((iIi E1ilolool is a lo l( LE LI E t
10-100 e vi oo -1011010, 'o-talc l hi-t o for alroorl l ole . c 21 aies rIfigB gs rs
t I t { liI ii, I - t ltsSI i - I - )- -E'? i (tol hl b oolilll ItO '11 01- Suit Cases, Trunks, Etc.,REc,,
-1 i -1 os 000t 17( { 11a -E)i' -ol I 1 1 1 aI hoolo-170 loll ta 1.O, l iO- _ -
ltl :leti -iaioooo zis. A Clo cc c ( lge o aoietyllor frole-enily. AolA- ttn PM fe
C 1,. lIISKN~iII5D elbs X.NY. N., oaro-of 1'.otf5k, lhtoly. 25d C T
C, 1', lnss'1. 1,v . M I T
G"I1111101 I(1ltilot, A- - 02 - - - - tax ly toe 100011tolI110- 1115
Trilmoii lesIcsCleohebef io is te(~yfo op l.a h tAads F L I &nIvr;
oie . 13).I L I,0AtNll, A Slash in Prices. Poe a looet
'oll. C a lll aiso e e'a0st-imle. resu',r.tinese hoill
INraue.2Sta street. t.o- ArI.D - A 'ooosooouoCdosliioo foor PRESS SUITS FOR 25 CENTS
Ior Plo-A t a s- price. No..11tto0111 01 i iooooe oc oolloehe slsz olose Ca-r CLEANING AND REPAIRING.
iioo'ton typoewriter ito excellenst ettllilonet voeaoo'S(etool liC-OO;Inaoool reoo 22$,. State St.. Over Rosey's Billiard Ream.
loon. AodolosaPox 10331 City,. h t'3lsIlumor," Dloly. ,dI
Toay peresnhaterested Is hosneemat-
Is what may be properly said of men who wvear Milward's teres, or wha hares animoale, we will sand free,
sass applicatioa, a copy aftshe "ALLI-
cuts. "W~ell Suited" in 'price and quality of work. Call ARCS," lthe organ at thiha Soahety.In addh-
thea to hhs intesely interesting reading, 1t
and see the spring stoek of latest desiens. eontahns at the valuabhe aduasaa premil-
- ama &ives by hthe paper. Add re
'AiTrY1 XT TA T:> T, nr" M-1 m A T>rr~ ir r'-i .i. 1..J --r R,,,

1LVI.,i1,.j vv .u~i- 1- IL11 .j..JJ'm,L -LJLt1-Cq lTENATIOUNAL HUMANE ALLIANCE,
STATE STREET, ANN ARBOR, MICH. 410-411 United Charities Building, New York

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