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June 03, 1897 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-06-03

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VOL. VII. No. 185.



Reeeveaa ful lne o'Noel''Varsity Loses an ExcitinGy Game
ties for Spring Suits k*b' a Score of 11 1 .
and. Trouserings '1TepoP1101'toxhiltio1011 lI 11151ball

Dr. An~gell Will Go to Turkey,
The abjectioln of the suotton to receiv-
1 P1tresiden lt Angell as10 Ilslter of tihe
1114 c i t 1011105,iswithdrawn41, 1a11dthe
shtt( de-iat.Ornll0tilotilediby Mr. Ter-
1011, 1'th resenip(l~Oloaic eparsenla-
tice eof tthis country in Constantnople.
M1r. 'Terrlell hocs '(((gilt from tile fir t
[o1 disatbuse tl' 1mindsll of tile Tusht

Some Important Appointments
Mlade for 1897-98.
Tile regents suet today 0111 trano-
aclieud 0 large anolllto f imptoriOtan
hoclo~de: s11011i11lrmllliy10o110o 11111
till 0pi8011140111 ((llt tudliet for the



j la 111 Oil tlit' Doill" yrclllttts tali S(.;I
tittt Ind, , 1 11"'' same 'l illtt' 1110 11101t ux-
t'ICiit., vv l, ilin . OL t"C l(?1'd<ly AS'hE'I1

NO. 2 E, WASH IO ST NEARMA i1is ((ill d'111ilitd l citait l t11 111111801118 0sof rllejullie a ao 11 1sffi. 00111114 1c(110g0 y011. Till' budglet 110
f 1 stat e epartmlent (If(tie feeling of tile
( 18,nt '1 T e il e w111 8.11of the alier'- I I 01 s of absence Nwere ralntedLo
CIG ARS TO CU ~t 1alitte etmnitr -l(l
1011O 1itl II - (11' l'01" 5t114 h in li, ! t 11 t foltl 11l 1 X 1111ltl11 f1'(ni t)i. 'lProfessorls ti otoell. (rll e and 411True-
$ 011 good oneo too. We 11theo11111, 01 oft (hitl111oulilt 1111 le i- A11" el1111,111 (lt~l tnllltil'to Torkey hblotd, 50110 sished to ieave Anno Arbo01
cart ll 1110 le-adingm poflil- ,l ll '1' ilt n~ei
110 rnlol 014 llt o ' 11. t111l' 1(st ha11(1 as((1(8 1 out 1(11 r0 .81 0111,tths. 11400 tile ciose of th i e s10180 +,,,%
0114ads a d al u.t_ It w(1118 1111 01111(1100, 1111ait th rill- A vte o 111115 5 5 1'ltl0 1
yoir tlode. Cigarettes 0114d it . 11 (011.C 1)e' li btt ill-l, adA1111f,1i 1'ls tll'erd t
T'o occoS, ton. {' 'r4i1l1'10rs1t1(11 l'to i'b(t tr~lll 1 , 11nispled tto1 1(1 '01 Queenls 0111'1 iotori s for tue 4mm 11418 1. t
- A --IL. 1 8,-I *1 4 8110 '11 Slt ('01 .i~l 1 1'.(A111 ,)sblA elo n aill 101( 'Ill 01,of 1' lly f0cto i 1108 o
)1lI )14°,' l Ili (,r 11 ls11(1'1110014t'3mn l: d: o h ul~,rgnto'11 <Ill Dr. An-th0110008 01 otill' set t o 01vo111 eof 1
PALMER'S 11 Po A j_1ARMACT.at i- tc N h 1 ie ~1'e nertodDr n-Ieprs ilte cen 18reutso
4-6 S. STATE ST. I1111 lly. 1 11 en C ( larke weil uttol' ((' - 1(1 ( ,1 Iva 1a, member'. '1110 101(0' sOInl Chlle~lnger' expedition1.
Al foe go ilst:?s. V fol y 1'to 111 ( l~ta .l 01(1('0. I ii l'' 11( " I 1' ' ollls (11)0' ftilevas 11'l'sid' to tllitheI hositalN
olgh p1108. lnllnl'o ilico 11 '1t11L,(110<1'1l(1lit.10 1( 01148. t. were10(hatpO tOIIll
~1t 40) o ) o11 '('1 1(1181 11(8 1th1ew1111101(1 01111 n11 rin.-001111 , dsullll ' atfldI 11 frv
BICc Le L e siJINGS. 'tilt _'('01 1111I11 ile111(111(14, ( t"l~$ 1}t(11(ll lt ''(0ll~ 10114tr t.0 001 (l~il o1
4 ('osi11;ven outill rder. Ii1 h...tllifl v 0111lI1eof tw 11(10 l'1110101of8'l 1iv rsiy8 110(0. R. ti
.tlltJ.1godstP e. "L el- 11, 11(0111(f 1 18f111 i hgee.0tioiII.0(1
13 ,AHN T N ST, AN AB R. '1 111 80 1 1ii.1 11tl v'1111'111 11'a1e(10180 11wasotherefore Dr. 01,0111
n (LA 1111 i 1"e 1 Ot inrioll 111111 1l 1(0014til', a 1 U l lli (01I10 i 140111014'
t( -nt1; oi1r~siO a~ - i'?(i ;Il; s' 1 'c11s ' ml 8"s ?r Iih . '1 0 lstt1r11 (1 1(' 0- ' .ti(1111, tO 1101108t osor111018
t' . Si.'rl wn ]li. t Co le~, ho 11 t )>; Itt(1 Cs an . I.,.. (.814010',lisispint1(111 1 ril
s in . A 1111 i him't0 .4:10C.i n. Moo Gt tt1tn
w. j A4 e511-, 1 iie 1,5 L Li. P11
1 l; (} ______________________ 1 11 11' lost 010 hlit the'I01ol"1 (ill ' onighrg i-oee.rl't101 in1111' t ll'ei o f 1110r. asera
-AWSHNTO T. N O.- i Ili 11'1' (GB~I ln 011 'il r d uat .1ion 0, :3Conceiergts.rtmll le
j1tl11llInt"o'ilreh ilol, il 0 }'rg1).. .a hert 4tri'oh11110 eil ioitr t O .
TMi I'io ilt:lel oth,11001' 1 lb' fl lipupils'Jiioio 011,o5 bp. ivfoenr!I t 1ltler,11as1188'.n to t so 08,01;.0 80
Jutrcevlamohrlo f ils.tlr 1'' 1g01 111 81 ( ' ft. Soemo rlea). ili hene t o tltler lofso of ow n
Blcan hierls Nw 101o ni ,d onlaefoolt londtl eit)Diutleritexlostr, (olee) ing to D t i nt:d iieolo. iii' aton-;
Stc!fth aius Hg '?ltlorhos on rs eor. 311111- S ovtndayt ne 02, 4:30 p. c nceto.- 'enS.i onsndni1(feO l'. 11. t. t(1'Alo
Grad> E YrepodnPL ieSr ('oi thou)1ll oteler who thrlew oaid-cll;'Juiet.ol. th(s101111). ar 18110 alolo tandof('000of ;lW 011ii4It
VisllogCods ngnfod an :s'e 1lto eclltei ut.Ind otm As to let lurday, nriieof125 ce.tsIiUll NpiMly, lof tatr, iloliicf esoo fo
D OZ N 1 1ta~st- .l11f 11 rer\itn id , (lf(iolic.+11rte).( hal t ill . t. I . l ' a t i trs inodit. F.--
PltoPrnin l; hrssge lat i Oud11010' oday Tune1414:30p. m.In-cthysJlnoi8'0 ielfo .'sat
S ;Oe l tothirdand Sl'biP lv 'to lsecn.Secvoi) ofllp-sor ltr tiviti ther salay o
I case8lotsoKST covrE eentilitfrtoaes (eo'in ondaJne1, .m.Gnero$2OO
Sn! 11er inda, Sullivan Aflsr1 nl 410e ve t I ugo(pianoforle).t in-adtillon o ;;ese alare tnuleber
S. Saer.OpoieCur'os (0 tuiou lco tlid01 i- Teday, June 3, p. .in.-otadn frhhpitlen nr md hc
Ao Abotai 1e. I Cot n d on thr p a le.) stving OTIa itS 01l00 to111 ofesrn ofn eo usndls-


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