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June 01, 1897 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-06-01

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The Coast Line to MACKINAC
New Steel Passenger Steamers
The Greatest Perfection yet attained In
Boot Construction-Luxurious Equipment,
Artistic Furnishing, Decoration and Effic-
iet Service, isuing the lhighestdegreerof
Toledo, 'Detroit and Mackinac
LOW DATESto Pictreque Mackinacan~d
Return, inctuding Bteals and Bierths. Fromo
Cleveland, $j8; from Toledo, $35; tronm
[Detroit, $13.50"
Between Detroit and Cleveland
Coneclting ot Cieeland eithe Earlijee
Train fr all pointsEasDtSouth and South-
westanodat Detroit for ali points North and
Sunday Trips Jone, Joly, Augost and Sept. Only
-edfir illustratedl Pamphlet. Addres
fop BMW i & 1, lvela'{d SteIaVi R. W.
Time Table (Revised) Seb. 7, l897.
Mail Bed Exa--3l47 N. 5Y. Sptciali--_ 7300
N. Y. Special---- 4,US Mail ------ 8 43'
Eaotero Ea---10 t0 N. S. Limited.... B51
Atlantic Ex -755 Parifc E---it1
Di N.Expreass ---- 5 59 Westero Ex..___15.5
G. R. Express ---1l1B10 Chi. Nt. Ex-B--910
GREx - BOB---55

work. He truck ot six men. Millerm
was very steady, not one boiler beiog'
glven aB baon 00baiioby ihi. He
wao hfit harder ihan Clarke, but be %& a r
m-anargeel to ecatier themi. Tiiree
stike-onts are credited to him. M k
With the exception of an exculsable
error by Heard, Miehigan lalyed an
perfect flidiiig gaise. b
Ch1icago calnicto bat flret andB[l irk'f~ li."h
the firet 111i,1 up hit safely. aolt stole aWfate Plume froma
second. tlerscliberger stiruck ouot. Crow's Tal, toora good
CliUoner sngelCat soil tFlynoo Castings.
k i-ld lreteo(..t iosoll, the iiixt 11a11tip, i.lht a lia'td Oa'Itronl
Th ouneder to BHeard. wh ielle'I i. c-IsgodW9 hou
fectly, toselillyCadrder betsr- he,
Z et rahsecord lilti threwato irset
catchling Atkinsis id eopli 1152 a
Ill thiesecondilSawyer silOgde'1d " \d1;t(7
Ii slittoissecond oii Aiells s :ciltlcc r
Xc-o sruelk ou~t ainilthinliS - i1.1r
Nais iteiswn sell byCLiil '1 iyug t110om1
stealh Iirdi. Irehir d ttuChic-ia n)11ent
slit illoriler ollfilys. They iddedlail-51
otetf-r runiniithe fouiiiiii 010 ii clers
secosin lgle. Atkillonl's d111111 m(11111antbri;9s
Hear1d',-;eacisabli- errsr. i'oolddo prsiesoo S
madell a fiie stopiof ieatowniebaill rpiiit
ill ithc itili aftir Vernionlhad ('Xlireii oCalg.
at firstOagey singlted 11n1al AN-i id- end COPT/ tab ttie.
v a 0 'iilto 5(coiid so o r lriliotteltl ,iI. t A 3ONA H~sRf C L rt FG.I CO.
1ic la3 htiit3tcilraeco New ork London.
11:<~ l it,afiie stillItire s' Mcri ci ,l o w r.
'at:stecond.ti-iig In lf iithro".t 11 5 - . tio~i.O~0

0. W. ROuLES, H. XW. HASe, lust. Uerelitcigee isle 5 0a olen'ill
1G. P. &'T. Azt., Chleaeei. Agt. Ann Arbor lithe sixthe, biuel«at's lilodiui locwec
- scosoil ooil tiirilteataid ce oil eoici iii 1511 10 lii ti') )till A. A& 'St. 8'T. FB
,e(g71TlEi5l1,'i iliO il and t id ,lo {ice ii'oohadi rll
O\ 5 101 11Aiils'sI i i 1 ii itiitd " t TISB22t -I-A::
o-1 1 is_ i i l i lt' -11 OloillO e) So.t10Ae'-C1 1e sAT sLeco._
ho Pltag ii1t ii tscoi ioly l . l0 II 5:2). 9:111.I l
firithti ll(TeC tocatols'it wet i ouVit i tcl i,2:01 11
RAyLROAD lulling as l elac1lath osti- cillof I' 1i {iI0it10. Aii
T;ee:Aic S o n , Nie 0, 1 0. ini Ic ly over l i ea e ( ci ti e t'_io' i 5_ .itls
> > .in 73 . n P'o M c il o i. tcte i t il 000 ii i l ' I o ? . .. . . .. . itiooo0 oii121 0 . I 2 ), ,5:40),
lOcllaa fletOeeorToledolaed ilsoseli.eTioi
Teae TSablSd y ay. ieiou lii3.89im.1-itlce rocio' Ii t a ..ii .......4 t 0I" 01 iii L a nsCti 11. 1:500'
N .ORTH. I OUT. LulwEt. Ageol y. 5 st.. "01a0otl39:300p
W-0 BEN ETT 0.P. A. f.e.a.0....i.d011 ii"1e0esiantI ;moss7io4o, Silt0tatoo20I
8:3aMe.*:3 .M +o ll l i- a Ioi ctiit etooutd liii a i Xio , 1ii......5..t...Ba-es Anti''1 Arbor:20 5 ii
THE :1 KIDa RTEN BLLIa.rD hA LLle t sote0 00right1colier. C iess Aeiita ld 12:59 .........3 0 I , , 210
4:5'e0cp.o'ni8:t0ot-.imutod--o--hi-- 1,110,1 i 1it) 10 1a.ill010 p
RAILROADm.TICKET BROKE R Xa~lii it. ttoi . aglc andedropr, wealh Totl.. .35 4 Old 14 1
WholbtwaegAn Ars,o bao and Toeoo lto Enti on Tifhe til '' htolo crio" 1t, teiii .2 5 I( 0510(0(0.
eceteSnay ti olit o hiecn.re l rrolih' i( lt I Iiors ~!- .1...4 0 U 1 U0 0 15 12 nd 1 1. I 4
W. or.ENNTainP.AdTliertyO. S ts. ellrcon se rrodrbae. Twonntse riilui-i dtoiotaooo t'a.loi. 0 'i2it 1 is 0lo
te liltrt f..... t.....4 0 t0 0o Le velAniarbota
o. otuh lii iero r l l) C ake hiauo Xfolty I liiitAbe el yes 11it..I....teat...4 0 1t.-1
TI'HE K INDE G RE N i I R f hI11U ~i t hitie i ;- h etir. a ei ,ii 'llVernigo, 55 ............ 3 0 0k 2 2Syi.it ., .>o 1e- 0,e-2:3l.,
Wh lsae Cias ''bacsan hidoniBulr n 1n Uos t idhnl ...Um ee ldc'....3 es0 2 hi0o0 s0ot I0reed5
OFi THEeCITY.! theiptMe.hilgall eieo te.iteartoi. chicittite-ot..e F:0 Use-se-cot-
ad ste ilsinth onth nt E ar d CALENDA(Rt~o . Triof, baseieliltso-i
ZElr£eadedoeiatthe tenrd onhuBite 1AdA'15oUs, ,. ~it -nn AIo. "oe f a e-c.'hsN eieG
S.W s eh ieIwe idsrbii. Mcia a unvalE It' t 'tbte nteraohls GSPA DIN
HRNS.OPST CUR HO Sectid h itteovsoy'Cwienderites tulvrday, Junetb 3-AT.sShe A.y C l Bicyclersteg
__________gaie. N wtdr rc eonets r(ItCltuLeag 1 - L
n2,01) slilsoerLs bcaildoouIporari y i l Suatiti iey , n 3e.-'A' rt y th reyeht itllbaeeeeayOc
Annex.;sane.'SMterhyrseeiere noilidr ieddfrtcou('one-en, 11ldilv rsilyhallBplices
__________________ _ e csh ini . e hned(iedani spo T esday, June 5 - 1ichigan vs. si ~i' 'W nre Jand W
'TTheOLEIAF senteh da h nd thehle gie Wishoh consat AnA bo .f8eN. FOUT'h ale.th -
-Lde aribA n.snyNheoses wand uirthedsfaousCoaeCem s.: 0.s easo sebe.Sir:
theMucoach. Moatgeauled'tWateamr. hopsh Tes ad Jue -'Mihingan in. C olles. .F j.aW 1
44 ~la e re tt. ,an th suenspule cigatMi rbr

'eysilaitti. at
1:0 a. Ill., 'a11h
11:00)a.i tn.,an
9:35 atud 10:20i
1:50, 5:1), 6:,0,
ticid, Gveor,ite
arTitM'c"s eo
I 'Foil, Gvmn:-
dpreOn ptle-dee.
ies at rooet Aoteom
)n Block,
Ann Arbor,
*a iWipptor, Cleeh
os asd Floe Grtde
teehaley. Ne. 13 S.

... .. . ..Y. ...,,.. .., ... . .. ... v+. w via + va av"

f r ourthav"e.

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