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October 20, 1896 - Image 4

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U. of M. Daily, 1896-10-20

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Ho . LMo 4Rtr .1'1iks Fo te unTh re s !GRNDOPENING
0 o h u h r si t R N o ro k Yon shonld'devote some time to Music. O
SWe are servinghbetter Cold Fo the Profit FlThere IS.- I.t4
tiSoda now than we did last ~I
spring. That is because we 0 You should devote some time to Music.C1 LE[TX BOK
ar~e not satisfied with "good : It ;1Ives uPicaure. It -es yes Ensw)I ige and Recreanosn.
Senough." 0 A Guitar, Mandolin or Banjo is the shortest route to the greatest gain. AT THE
WVe are now trying just as- Ask Ahout Them --- STUDENTS' BOOKSTORE, STATE STREET.
Ou()r limits are not as good iJANN A130IR VMU SIC CO...
001 as the average-they are AN
of t Cofee, 0i 21 AD28 EAST 5AVASHIENDTS)N iRiEs. We hove a large stock of New
v itCfeHot Chocolates, r WeWilsandcc ° Se'on h i Law, Medical,
Hot0ClamJuiceQEc.a. sample 0o'French, Gcrnsttn, Greek and Latin



<p p
p p
msm mam' .amdmmaaamn®a .mawamaaaaamaaam aa

y SUP.KUG, 59 utoat students t lower prices ttn 13l'eer.
Onlyi dm o iiqiyi ote. DoakandLeicture Paper


Y BS4 ~by the pound 15,. 200 and 25-
TEO PEL~l R3 o ia OUstJEl ER unai # t ran s Ideal Fountain fPnio
ee.'nants illt reai ingaialt y
CALL. 9uHI$1.00AGentleman's Kid Glove,,ttyn artve rnoe
PH O TO G R A PH S B AvT ' 1 7 D I ' efindoId. r vn 'o Imn eyru
---Special rate,; to Sn irsat VV t ns ad traii Bord.
- heh E.HurononSre.o«

A.nton 'Teufel,
I unk ValiiesDress Suit Cases
'Trunk s adVaises oitrestNeattyatd
Cheapll. No. S. listit.
our Tailor !
-Lisve yen seen those nsbby
witsi Milward is turningotit.
MILWARD 40 State St.
OA Best Grades ordand
adtC.at Order ot
i(e.it11 W. Waslitoust-.'t'lose Na.8
Yardsat MC.R.R. ,Itiasoe 97.
li itE Ati Acn Arbore t last Ims a ftnt
Mme Portland Cafe
'S M5 iStceet. Asythiss, ins -eason
as:chart f n sbe tiardsiniscity, 'in
r We erk. ttr nasrsls 25,. COts itAT
i UNis rre. V..5-Dos't target-A sper-
i ityaof undiay tDinner~s, :tot::39 i,. m
Itretytlitnafat the hiss-cr - Jackets,
Sltoea, Stockiss, Jerseys. SisntGuacd,
1tc. Spatdinss ofaiial intereatisgiste
Fot astlt, officiatty atiopted by the inter-
-esitegiate Assortation. (Complte Cats-
tzae s at l ndt Witter Sports tree. 'The
' ;asie the Guarantee."
New rk i C(hicago, I'niicdetptsia.
A. Al., CtNCtNNATt, 01110,
OCTOBER 20-22.,
Agents of 'Ohio Central Lunes will sell
ikckets October 19 and 20 at one fare
.for round trip from all pints in Ohio,
goodw returning until October 23.
The Ohio Central Lines are rnnning
.olid vestibuled trains from Detroit
and Toledo to Cincinnati, without
-C , ge. 17
'subscribe for the Daily.

'J FE.C L N A . iiaal i i t i i ileiiii STATE STREET, ANN APIBOR.
Oct - Roo I i _ 21, sa i -li i - 1,1.'11 r9'0 e d o lit s-soII la NV0 Is O ~ ,
Sli-ilias tii rei ri 5io'ililorslpIitiu i 'iisl-t-ii ~tl l , ii 1 -sll st ila-is i-ri-
ritil. sit-- [ Elice'casri-ia -- e)l- weetii niht ; Buy 1all yosu eats affoi-d for
lu N- Otiu tut 23,u S lie- 11i ittuiti iii in it ) liii as'i-ll a t o ui a- c >ii iltis present antifuiture use at ouir
lu ' 111' cll ti il 1 ttiliiI114it elif-llirr tsri L w e t P o s
tnuriIuva i. c t2.. i.ai tt tl l. tis ee- i wr- 11i<i-a i,ll nlIuitusi r aI to We shall be hire for a few
JN IVEHIITaNOTS, Iat--hu I cctli itlIs-be"-- it-, LAW PUBLISHERS, CHICAGO.
_______r i nd -iitill- Il 1) iii i ~ i s 111:t BAt Scleede7%, 50 Sciath State st-
I elitiustui~i tilll-ti'. l for 1. F iil T ri-oitali .,,,i tli - - , CH FN DS ES
sis 1i' alo vrrs,'rsl ir. llullaw 11
Ctolullsibiaisil u-li Cr-ais lliieikissi ii -rIsis 11 iil oWM AH L. ArNS JE ELR
lii'llturt. iiat ii r Ii Its i s -ll lii' is I n 'u^i> "
T'hil')tl j tea i\Nlsioitf'-i)s 5tit 1, theiii--ii ir e ttil s U IV RS T BOO K N ERY.ES
o lnti t-. ltiilisa-l e i as-i is-i-a -ill
lltI l ir_ i issir i i r is-i%)-i,-s i ti -%h:; i is- l l t:' t,-- i iiii21, ed Bo A hi5, it-,sso - i a nd
ntlii' es iI I c iss l lissl. y los-i I northt-i iiw ilt< s--ii threi-s-atlar- l- Is' - in Potita OCht .
iiteri lii iiilils. 50 S. STA.TAREST.
'1 t5 i ittiililt' 1 , lii la ,te 1 - Wis ll sil tiI~, l--i- i - tM S IC- T D O
t~illi of il lsi-~lilt, li-'s-seretiiNis1s-il-i- (,ia ii' etiil l- ofa le i
lite lupiiie I -it-i-c 11o 1lieii' fas-i -l .-515 si It' ig irIiitisoiiil -- PAN AD O OST N
i'lla' I ti rls i- I highs Silh ,ii 51 1-s iill, v- il, lli R
-iislisnI ts-- hohietl 'li-t;,hilluitsisi l l i t he ittln tih lii si-i-fill- cIt1161R1 s ' UVERSIY \OOK B 1N
lile uutjoIIii uti'ssns olit 0 , uiii t irsitiy ns'1 t:,1c-> l, ill [tsel-,Sildttt tg ttosseresseal t 10,and
tel ell a s lit-si-i-oo-l lo ii liiisailiskasoflii- s-st-its-u- a2 5uDIIfor0cnts.
Thti-ri' arise a -Iss-ib liti lii' it his
Wiihoiit shi 50dL ati. Srlrsil- er K H QUPETOFAS.
ansi fisstiuint Ici-stia p ir at- e i El iftt ntudbt,1T1~iS R
this- Ii, ll iril fof ltne itti- it h oithl t'- sO i:'s tial{t
i~o ona coti ple t l eave otisrein . 'P c vie 1o alcltr< t cti'beItes f M U__________ isgte~ S - YeSe tsit trT eD I -
coats ilor aht u ent-toih l yri toe -n hs t~hiliuilartsltisis i iott cest.T
si llteeofrisihiIiieneoyiiieiiitlt-ssathis
sped heItia il ee vis IAN A ND heh rsi as-oe tioiyih ahsi
tcgass titersfr ll dteliii e ;ioun oii r11 th s i rit a t o 15. l tsti s 1 i- siet tiiiri.rneirs Ls i
eti :l Ap'n tese ine ily 1,i1 4 ate'' ents atthET1er tiu-at iser a at
have perfect co ation and dsnot Asi eacriheat lnsestet<ttsa th
theokshorlssnerttaBAY STATEa$10.00
Thehre New. c Rochl es iejter he YaleTeV -Ne RoalrTI-icePerec- H E UPM N O
tiooor nStues an, TediPriness argSt udeneheampress Sandebtit, l5 lehv sstc hae ia
nickepr hlpthneihlbldates3impr0vee0ttS. Wegsllwat.w dSta hihTUEestNT'SaO, re
lag O~l 1011 ay 11©1fl~nR. (ire t s'l itis entrnededthat stw riue no
vets n urn ult y fgos n}r>nvrudesl. icae vtthe sbest urmoniyfilltse d.a
St ate s metwithe i et i h >ol
smoeernsel:tAY llSTA'TEr$10.00
4 S u th ion S u et h rn es t d nT e E p es reet.nt, a al eu hae i tcktre e b antie s

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