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May 01, 1897 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-05-01

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'c U"
Voi.. VII. No. 158. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, SA'T'URDAY, MAY 1, 1897. Four. PAGES-3 CELTS.

Received a full line of Novel
ties for Spring Suits
and Trouserings


MICHIGAN VS. CHICAGO. jSummer French Course.in Paris. Today's Baseball Game.
-Notice bas been received from Tiele oitliwestern Civersity ath-
tailed Report of the Debate abroadti hat the National Soieof letie authorities refused to lprohibit
11With Chicao. Franee for the propagationi o" the Sitckles fromn playing in the game ori-
trench tongue amnong the citiatoL's t gittally scheduled 'w-ith _Michigan for
-cctutiiig to all retisrts, thett Mici- lrance aont foreigners, will hold, thits todayr and becauise of tis the Board
a (C'isrgo dletbate excited mnore itt- suier, a vacation course especially, of Control, at its utottidug Thulrsdaty
est than is tustally Ireoil? by inte:- for straingets. The course is uut9.cr the miglht, decided to cancel theo clte.
tilt cotesitt.,. 'Tie tieatlr oas patroiio of a c,, hittlet coilip~oserlI itoitievititetice itathe p sssion iiof

NO, 2 E. WASHINGTON ST. NEAR MAIN. (1'toicut altti titirit e1ttittiisiia t-isof itemibers of thoe trench Aeatdeii t hteboardtitootitwoc sem lott 111 rcis
li's1.11 c d 'fie ('iiago scam-)let Itic otitil Instittote, ant othter toromlinlen tno dlout httinduter the rclies adopoted
+ to lidlsle, 'heorge B. !Witson olteiog toe iten of letters iteirestd in ecloico ItO, littill' Chicago confe'rence Mr. Sickle:,
liTHAT TIRED FEELING 0'ic'siloll J. S. Lthler-s, liii'etactict.i ts for its obtject the flti otillioto' istatiafesslootal iplayer, atihou fre
1 Io. alit lliogn'sthaml, foliowtoil to-tilt::'it to sitranlgers cttoof llt ortuity !t) cull-notoqualiifiedt to tplayin aiii tler-eollo-
# will disappear if you take our oxl'u5isO t' hut'lleof argltelit. _I. a.Vl~t' filelt' uttcetioc ti rtotty ac-quiore-tI intlecontest.
Beef, Iron and Wine tor
a cerise bolec. OWe makest. 5.ititiosii of Ciicgo, rt'ito'0 1 ) It t- ill teh.,01ow11collitry. ot too' lotogiotfu - As sooni as ts dtc'cioo as Inade
tiiid hnow it's toodi. it cones pl t.Iewsfloe y1.X :.e l"ato- <lo. i 1111coostotl oif tFrnttet'iatooot -c tokiusoi tlegraphedcitoisthe
iin it. lereslitfabootilettys". N
-_-. 0 trootisiy, soho inth' a fort-ible spoichci. 'thoe co os ill to' divittdool ti~t ot'fetrit?-thletic 01011 10,and -tanoil
P'AMI~ER'SllsR sari~ csmtol eettitoc tile ltulli''cet't'1iteies, te first iinng ailtl thesetond or ca galie for toltoy. Thte D. A. C.
46-S . STATE ST. ey;co iniorfThc arylo'o~eio 5010-s in Altril. 'T'he' teconuittooit's osill bhinli lggrc'gation is cooiltptselof slit coti'e
0 ito 'ott:oot rCtolica - o -yii. 13. 'Bthe r. ino ese' t reetitoot of the flrst. I;..cti lltyels antIotheors and is re arded ott
toilEN toolfor icligan 11y'«-. 01. 1 ituototlr. "'Ti"tt-s toill inicludo oul'clrs'-o itol tflo - vers-cls tos.
601LLEGE GIRLS ! CO'LIFEMEN ! Eatollspeterccwaos illotsetl 1. mii tLou. Laniogotege. ilti Isi.' ltotIt,- 1 icligatois ins-cor- ;ood shapte unit
loar Si Or, st ootyneos m~s s- diltsi iinothdirect locgtlonclit. tomiih- toont ioo~rv yLiteratulore,.md litllsi~i0 li il intrstinlgcotefstsoutlbe theo
Fousoty frlosodityoots madse x-
itrtessl011 01.01Yofngalesit to ear i.t'an 15.''. goti iven til intesilortsrcclit- ot act. 1ie=oolt. 0 eoi'l rltt'illg. game soll
tis or loase. fuels etlalts alt, utd
ab le 11100erli-uss price.. .....$300 to lttChic'aVs clotf, tieltolticrtelll Tle torice of adis~intiolt'heiii oitbt c'col(ti1at :-fl oclotch. Thte prohahle
Extreelst ylisti Laces Oiocs. (three tototo iinlthe oulilailot sideto' itt 0lilt' ototi. oteltntit 110 lortntret' itd tot tille -u 1,ill 101'asOfollols:
,Lylesi tsr Colleg elf01.-t.Every v- a l tooloI. .. .L te" a e Cit -i 1tli 3- 1tl1i'l M le, )
soity t y sou tul e ls_-1, ()-lioti . lisae1'il'i. ..s. ottt' ilrt'lii 0 0 tl reolsr s-l tt stc;0Coos-iii, e i Io, t
lily.. ......$350hui-oll11for 01i-l Iiig,111,. atl . :\I,'To tlstlns oft°tiitlotllas. clu'ullt''t'.tntt Dil-oulit ; HI t. ",aoi.so; OSul-
tSme Stlits inSOhoes foe Oiysotond
trts wio liac 'strcoal-'.it ilOociti 0' atogti','h atei 11001spoed o ri {tot ito-o t - :1.1 to olc' sol lbeit' givt'io i b tttls.12th:oo;c f
The_________ -' iii' joodco's os-reI' Ely l". 1t10r, ola lt'e stot ll tuir's M rlytii t1il itriO-f .
3.II illtapolltistD. K. hootss, tic l iii - d_1foi" hilit'st'h f tr stoo cotoe lt' u t '. D .C.-'Btooni'y, c; ttthaiti, p;
* A P " "1L olt .soouls aolitt iaonaotl. antlull A11inquirie's stihti ittbeItlirt' s'et. 1ftot-hua ii', ttb; til. 21); I 'lta'hotot)
13 WASHIN-DION ST., AN N ARBOR. 1.11 .1 tohnltsonl. p rtomine'no t htooheof i' to' ''.0 Iliotl 't 1 1111-' 5 hileti -Keseilt; Silmltiltol.If; Diuligatll,
\ll tos 011' . Alexalntd'r 11. lit-it 1)0'- C ouell, 'l'is. hlance,'' c I; hacono r. 1'.f.
('ttoct otlt.bit tsoch i o''og'c The Greok Students at Athens,_________
st ; gi 110it11h ltclllt t i- ll'tutost f\toos us , A. A.H. S. Defea' s the Englewtocds.
% tl ilot'titstota11tcof it o-ilo to t; I't-. 01itestit l tio thens.155t105 it :is ostios ua.c i-cntn ott
,ea ~ 011 t t eto ots lii'soilsfoot'-,ti aso buti ilts 'ot atic ontaool ntotrriltyttootth ou 05e~ ,'foihe 14011o itoo andtoAnn'st rb1- or i-
(tee 't ictut~sot'. so' e t de t~l ct r tt iter hlo ht's . o flett is 111itrsIuialr''00'015 iilit' t to loi l ; tOh1111 11'00io t o' Atop l a t f-hc iul0x's otooaoe
tootiosor'o itloiiin uts oo 1.0 otO l t> i s-lthei taihsiatiio ut io'lixs -011 1100 t 'tioleo t til)t' iotikci iiii) Y'ltnt.00e0.ootlit D s
dtLastitear was t Irtfirsshitog'itutc-tutori''lt1 toin ~l~ltlrinancoilluocy'strtlc' Ito' ori
d kott' ltthote hoos 'anow. let o 0 , t rno luootol, M 'o\''. rM. loo'ild l iiihad' tr 0011 ",saosto , i su' lot tilt' I tU t. s c,_ el ittil Ihe) tug}'c sotot
a i 1atio s r ium 5e 0 loie 0 soolo' O crtti o t Ai 1- 101 ut ui blt to' iOocto.u t t la t'5 f r h is. lul lu t -01110 . A
0 be p'ieta"ee nest 00
o u r-oy ,' 30 t:01s I bo tid iiullol 0011111oftt si x tilt' "!'0 il. tot httou'hegotiolt' OsICO tilt'. 1Oct10'a,
to' 0 nitNtotts'~Otottu100'ltt" u it ousust0 _t itt'l i o.1'het'0i _10t'ann coai t h it u' lu
t ltlit.. n iuoc't t . 1sin . -orth ii"m rl l nl th o i e r.u l '-l ttulue sh i'.
0 e hik vehae u~-edd.So 0 rtfAderlo Soci e Pr~ilo e ogram.n.1101 0tOtnt siot lut heos. Wotit e ocrl t outhed u the ilntoles o d r e ouu-
witsyou tci n you try t em. \\'h 0tal',t'yitlitiit tootern1n thou't ihlit-ttwth tootr clc, nttthe it lu'ean tusoiltoroforhou'its, ouhittoot 12 f tul.
-A T-rad -oryu.1 it f ull 10 t u g bu'.oll'would oa-t 'te t-s to' lgt'souotbllo tyoue 0l i toiitti:'Ofthi e r' so- asos futhoesor- 't
-- x --\ uicl~ tAo1tt secrn t ob w ite e u i-sooten i hut otusedt-ino aSI Otat-tot ,pt; pay01 4n rbor itheIit 0
A10 a SOR .towi ll fis u,'to'liiouaic (to'o'11 . ii i -'olotoriatitches in Ade-ihuas.1 Outo ' rT he mutuouring. the ild 01 1 cle7--fildin1g'
TLKN oS ,rot s 1 re bOoIctslhltppetuiuign(Ieandt. .0. Oh'- les- ou i'duoodut .10 tO i oh 0-2ssi1le

that fine U. of M. Monuogrtamn 0 'eoto ; d(utott, '"Rcsolvs'u'utha0111tt'e
Papor, tho popular sh-toi fuudouiuisth tifo w fst
l~lnu atd Whte; lso Nu t tug tituestiouts of puolitical ituerust,"
Stook of the cVariotis High ohio'iative, Carpt-er ant icte, nuega-
GradQ Correspondence Paper. ivo',h'o't is and Niesean; ustle, Kelt-
'Vlsitilig Cords Engraved, and nici-melee ('lolab; tarilalneolary Prac-
Plate,,Printing . tice (priv'ilegedt question) ; nusi', Tech-
_______________,uc Glee Club;' critic's report, J. Hi.
WAH y8iR'S BOOK STORE. 5yiti. .iAQ.. ptiotl xvi-1 ..-511

Anan Arbor Ladies Honored.
Do'. Eliza Otoshiet'.of tlth Vii'vroi0,
andot Otrs. IElizat Stulcehltt, of Amui
Ailtir, stilt act as judges oitblue Nortoot
e-uso Orotlsril-l cuuilest to be held
4l1 Ypsoitanti, Otott' 7.
S. L. A, Election.
Ini otlidi-a rtmtents nmeetinugs soill toe

Football Wuns.
'w ito'ro-tse tolittec' tuturuliions
anh teoeo'iiut societies yesterday r'c-
'olorlufti out rho, Bostick bull to tra-
tibit glove conteosts oait gamesot at-A
bath. Thee souuitte hots tamtendoedl the
bill bty strikitug out Senator lerri-
uawiuns amenenuutu prohitbhitng footbulll.

I heuldtfn'our eeeton uof dbuszts I

Up Tawn
Ass Arbor

Dews Town folrta dnl truck anti Bi'ld mter ito be Will be xl 1 p. nm. Everybody ltrn Mchigan v8. D. A. C. today
Opposite Court House'
Male st. ( held IatuLfayette, hod., en May 15 . eel, at 3:45 p. m.

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