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April 28, 1897 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-04-28

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We want the most particular student in the University to come in and try on a suit from Hammerslough Bros.' or from The
Stein, Block Co., and then he may go to his favorite tailor. Poor fellow! It'll he a cold spring day for the tailor. He can't
make such clothes at any price, unless he is one in a thousand. He knows how to charge for them though. Don't shoot
him! He means well enough; he does the hest he can. Do you know why your tailor charges double the price we do! Does
he say, ' Your money hack if you want it? " We do. Come in and see what H-ammasrsiough Bros.' anti The Stein Block
Co. have made for us for the spring season of 1897. You are under no obligations to huy, we simply want you to see our
magnificent selection of gentlemen's stylish clothing.
Of course you reed a new SpringHat and some fine furnishings. We want to supply you with all these at~the Closest Figures.


37 South Main Street.

Crad OeraHo~eI Slash In Prices., ~ HGNCNIN
T I H U A Y , A P R I L 2 ,T m a l R v s d e . ? l t i F e d o r a H a t s ( n e w s t o c k ) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - $ . 0 A S T .W E.Ev n n o f M s e y t h o l y$ 1 .5 S i r sa l a d x _ _ 3 4 7 N Y . p c a - - _A W
American Magician - - - - -- - -N-- -- - - - - I. 2 . S eil--45 al-------8
K E L L A R ~Other Hats -----------------------------------------------2 5c tasternEx_-105 0N. 5. Limted.925
New Stock Arriving Continually. ktiantic Mx-__731 a~i x l
Ansisted by DIRS. KELLAII. 3. N. Expressa...115155Chi.eNt. Ex --130
Carries ol before him,. theatre goers dazz'edlTNKRSHolconmb, Son & Co.BEpr G...lR1 . Ex M------ 55
and delighted at Kellar's noreitles Feats _) W. Rs'oLEes, B. W. AYES
never before performed--Queen o roses,T=NIE' OLD STAND--- - - - - AiIN STREET. I1O. P. & T. Age.. Chi.cago. Agt. Ann Arbor
Projection of the Astral Body, Weeder.
of Delhi, Blesh of Beauty. New Shrine,
Annihilation og Space. lyolerious Ilisap- Botanical Cardon. f 1 'S'l' EXCT SION 01' TE ,SEA- r
pearance. SN O OTEl-O
~~~~~~SNT OXD.Prices: 25c, 35c, 5c and 75c. T'lcioiprioidoir of botiany'111 lc Sohais 313'iitibIieAnA-lo
-un Aworhlii i l t'e oillicll a l in.Iiirill will open itie season witlih
otl h is Ito bE laid uoi lithiei'1)1110 111 ,T i lll lef I 711 ' l'Aol Jl ).atSio'ehd inL .
of rondoill( . ieoutiiil 1111east of tii(' wl ev nA-il t1:3l.i.RAILROAD.
/ -an' for the rlildipil el)oinly .S Celt,.I
't / l1 . i r iar. 'Tll'olijl ~-tof th1e I Time Tablre, an.31, 189T'.
C'liidii'niilinderirtwelve year1'of aTg1e, NORTH. 3soe1.
' ° hre 7 L-, 'i s lsa fl. I sila l i alf this raO'. 1.31k1'Eric Park and 7:310 a. in. TA5 0a, m
-. ~a ., X1125 a". m. 1:30 a a.
lbectter a ia for lteipursuit of 1)ii l lee C ' 1(''Al~l wich 113asafforided.-lsuchIi 4:10 p mg8:53 P. m.
I e ti'lt ii 111:1will rivethelis'tudentsilo eljayinei'ito lo 011' 111111110during 1117 5BnbewenAn rorod o Eon .
"Onlywhen can ,nt2110iE tin] li 10e. 0 tv 1110030, Awill hei'ol11'ile oil 11 liii Alltrains daily rxcept Sunday.
maeil. Iilllas e<l~iy t< dtei'on a 071110 of liallilli' ireevioir E. 8.G C l , .Aget
Nos Home Is Really Completnei iii)l. iirlya.i onlf Hv' 1BENNETT B. F. A. Toledo 0.
3Tilhont I new 1191 h~~~~~~~~~nds hbifor(equalilledtl113-a1113plce'of am uie ___________________________
Witouta1nw111110de 713' by thealit'llllliio of liii'1111111- 1 '1 it in thlis einilll"ll'3' Tiioaniilaof
G uitar, Mandolin, 111ous7100r11113:aidsriili. Whii'lie il oll irs has-c 110011 ned ile as 1THE INOERGRE !LAOHL
U UIII Banjo or Zither. "girdein 0is onle~Ilt i theiii'11111'of oasol l eX'llet nddi oiii-el -t--R~---- IAO AI
Prices hvb ee sca ~ledl idon as oresiil fel1lb 1i'xpesrimen'it, coosi deirille oxorb lst,1ti bj io vi7 01 r1e110''liiolllio~i 0 I H D y ppr r
'1Washiburni'isoeomous roe.ailyiii thtied "'lie ani1riirivs. Wll { L UR TC IOKET B
au a 10110asihe, dh.5e lii ia 1113been (donei. i'iiiir S-a
From $mane Upwa:rdScenic Thiater. 11lrsdi'iio Mystic Wholesl esale Cigars, Tobaccos at
The~ iieo X'oiios i 5n lanois a r10aeical e at urc e I o 111 1 livi-ri'lo- 11110 er-r' ii l f'a 1101 '1111 110'ilr ilii- 7 blO I gaet
fromii fornie siyles. Iti isilohenetest, iiaiii i tSd Iztldote trcin o un r ia ets
lightest .Siiiodsi liiainaciible, fnditSioni e l-lles 'the 0Staite i cutura'll (ollt';'ge i't- Ii- , o i liitlioni. Theii i i e cl Iii
bur re ioldSa fxedl ranhd ifoll rce es by oal irt-i' Vli foilb i1lli~g40 iiii 111illii lrilil11 ii ~ 0 C r an a dL b ry Ss
ce8 <Y thei here
-liohb n et h cc li 1rhlisledrod standad o te litalbs___lbe___ti___l__fir__t___ls____D__'
world. *'t eaeued ecisivm-ly by the 1t,111111 '11 0ill orl ign -il oici'. 1'o thise trill Iie ' 13 woill h' Src13 irtc o )i
Aru e'ists -Ieice oiian1d lee laub. Our n xi l ,- 00-111('l 1001 31 11111)11n ___i ___________
ilrc alc-111os cotisitoll'lcitiofovioieei)ArisfsI Z0llo el 11055 -e 0 prnna F N ST T IL R
indlfe1 iorm iiilii- prliicycce oiilleente. i'iiri.hl be ( -1, _ _ _THE FIES TALOIN
ntreeI'lnee-i)lt lpillsl li It -- i(i daee l1 . lt 10 onli a 1 theiigroun si 0re'aidy A. A. & VPSI. S1T. BRAIL AYO
c otliFll3ly u th0e iwill se's11d OOail-1burns C. O0 . f rI). 1.
sdilO rilile:e <t'ex l1iiii'n i, dirac fo m 10111 il e ~ ler. or1a71 11as5. T i 'il'1 Itl0 111 i-
l18 solsreeni anasBeyasehy ll' fagii'( ~l t allr'111 11 teslD( city tOF THE CITY t
A wa..sraraimproveso wit h age aezrn ak.esa TI-SIR TART' itta nrae nvlu sit er ob.me)fofArcluehsas o'rb
Bt io ceally wso-Ols Mooy timco ito costl. eaves Congresosstreet, Ypsilanii, at
LYON & HEBA LY, 1111.11 throag'h thii'chief of 11he 01111i -00Leav 9-4
-0.. B,; AVVO555 E S rlos G ar WCnAG iion-011. 1a formner studenit of the I 'niver- .1~.5 1011 ii
1 2 :3 ,_ 0, 2:20, 3:40, 3:00, 6.3O, 7:5,510 NS . S nUarCfTIe-lU,
oily,3-.0171specie'sof hll'ileeoil ll lnt. anil 10:20 jp. in.
LL A Iuimbor of trees; Tram l lapsil aiid Leave's court house at Ann Arborat 1 HURON ST,, OPPOSITE COURT HOUSE.
111, ilt aeioieeiIu cl i 7:40, 9:00, 30:20 and 11:30 a. in.,-.anti
1117 bi he iiIliill tis rrii.1:20, 3:00, 4:20, 101 7:10, 8:30, 9:30 ;i -Ladies Tailoring Annex.
il. lt ailni'1101101 l1lti'llg T ld 11:01) p. in. I______
SU PrS~elatedI AlliiiO l 1 iesdaranged 'ilon NECL Leavs co psilanti at 9:20 antI 10:470 1TROLEI
Spalding League Bail, M1ire, Masks etc Subscribe for 1110 Daily, 71,5:0ad9:50 p n '.C ot n
Managers ehould send for samiple aiid IPI.
special ratea Erery raise for Teenis, TLeaves Ann Arbor at 70:00 andill H oods.
Golf,Csricket, Teach and Fileld, Cymes-.3 1..hd123,230 :1) :0,C3,LEONr D,
slam Equipments and oatfit.. Camplee a .,adO2TRE2:0L:5,5:0L63, &1
Catalogoeof Spring asS StsmoierSparis 7:0,9:0nnd 0:0 . i. lbny N Y
fe."hNaeteaane"B'abylon Coal is THE BEST. V. Meail,''r, Measom -r
.A. G. SPALDING & BROS., All grades of hard and soft Caal., Doi't delay your photo sittings. Sit 45 E. IVilliam St.
New' Yorks Chiesgo, Pisladrlphia. Camel Coal aiid Cok~e. early-antI avoidl the rush f Lou-
nlcleilint Seiir 1110 I al tn RENTSe7HLrR,
ANDALL THlE PHOTOBRAPHER M. STAELBLER, toso'99 rso1. a aeioal'raePhtoal tyud F 0 CF, ,E
WAaShington Block, reiephoe No. . One diior East of Ameni- O5a ii'uBak NNABR IH
Ann Arbor. eanIHouses ~slntnBok N RO.M04

Books ~

The Green Book, by illauras Toata. The "Illaici Watch." lie tRecord of is Ills-
Ziska, by M~arie CooelliI. torie Regiment, by Arhibaid Forbes .
Ametica snd amneeicans, frao a Pretach The God-Idea of the Ancieatsor01'Se-aisi
Point of View. TRlgob lz 3r abe
A Trassatlasitic Chateaine,ily Helen Ieilsb lalasCsle
ChSoate Prince, "Glamoar," a Bomanuce, lby Slettll Ored.
A Checqae for Threee Thousand, by Arthlar A Deep d ater Voyageby Pastl3ccEve ee-
Hlenry Veysey.
Tne Witness of the Ranch, byFrdrik sou.
TlieckstamClark. 13Fedrh The Comileg of PCloe, by Thle Olehets.
The Pomp af the Lavilettes, by tilbert 'Matter Bella," by Mlargaret E. Sacipter.
.aster. Farthest Narth, by Fredtjof Nansen.
All the New Books 20 to 25 per cent off Publishers' Prices.

sOhS ha & Co..,.
0 3o S. State St.

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