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April 10, 1897 - Image 4

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-04-10

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Jos. W. Kollauf, WHY ]DON'T YOU T RY ThelInland Press
A boa of that delicous Peanut Brittle at DOES WORK WITH
TIAILOR T BROWN'S DRUGSTO R°fw oefNeatness and Dispatch
Latest Novelties in Gents Suitings. 1l onsadpuds 0ad2 ot.AGle them acall.
_________ ~~~~Velvet Molasses Candy, onehalaf potnd 10 cents. CR UO TADFORHAE
1001N. Washington St. - Up stairs.]K O THE ANN ARBOR SAVINGS ANK
'p y y p p j prng ods1e .19 s Capital Stock, 5,. Surplus, 81lit0.
PHOTOGRAPHSuceod tander he Geseral ankc faw
~flh~fl~ sfthis ceSetill, Ceceles deoits, by and
---Speial ratesitoSeniiors at 15 e y " . l1 Y SL.t.reses chanieon the pric ipal cities of the
are)ready. a7 United States. nraft cashed upon proper
HA~mmp a1 aenihsoatio. 5'afety deposit boes to rent.
Berry an F H AT are eady Gre ( bieloia Mach Pres.;SW. 1D.
'ir iean At ehrfee.Chas E. Hisoch,
E. Huron Street n'esh r: Atl. rrite seli.at CO iher.
Biyl7 na eig 25fco +t otSE IS ATO L Kranie 186a
B ic J c e E am elng 20 ittburgstoies or ------------- 5 cets 6og ead Cigr or _- - ----- :3rcents( uset 1I, 0.O I rlirs sd Pfegts, 840,0
Pli ," 1beied6n clr rlLa frince gies or _ .? en is ProdiyGC-ars oe.------- 25 Cent Transnact a gneral backnglscbusiness.
i~lan orRlabeuzd_ A y clor r orel . echangeo incoht udold. Furnish
1tl. Al6-rsg aaned iFirst National. o Ifr -- - 5cns S60 lardl~ i ars for - --_t cns fctrs oh credit.
stlAl i urate. 6Yu'uioo Sogis for---235cets5 La.a liosoO igar or c- ---'25 cts OIN.fr li~t~tN5Gg
A. CAN/I OO 11lAlfonooG'iarofur----------- Icnto llorclMays fro-------- IcenosXvice fes
16 Star igiec for_ -------- 23 ('uts 4OOwlc ursfor - - - 03cects I .5. H OAtSON. Cshier
With Tuckser & Co., 18 N. Fourthi ave Record Breakers for - --____ 25 cnts 3ioysi Bansenrfo ----------- 2 ct
3BlrunuswicksCig.ars for.------Sit__5 eto
p gg144 Sout Mai Stret.Co.iMaun anO luron streets.
ST UDENTS ROOM, 4 ot ai tet Ca8pitl$50,000. Surplus FW,0.ii. Transact
Church Service o murorrow:' I r":.,Iitle rciiio i :001I), II_ ltlio.- general bning buines.
I t is generally co scanddthat a stringed i'Bn-r.fes .RGone iefe
strumeit is almot ans absolute necessity. To _L ~da r :01"t. eirEdao;R tmF rs .EGENVc rs
secure the greatst erijoyment from the i-t. Alnd s1'ssssliti'c I. t s'se. icis y .scP c 07)i.ii. c)mE csu; ' Pm.B BseCsir
pxrchasetet uhhooet your msonry will aford. 78)) .,ii."Anl tisloricsil Vii-w of
E pereejudgaent ipronouces thse "Boy Tssblock.rccior; tRsv. HIdcniy . H-ortcin
Statr" instruments thecfinest in le eord rs Iatt~0a nIll '~tn i 's 'stii'isi front111Ii hoik's ('ull." -F . J . 1iU~leede,
An excellent.8(1instrumetnty i'siiheiiii- :".(i ' 5P* S U ierit av.
Anre lsi istr t sc c i 0:0 i-3.I. iliiorsil Ig ll ,I'fll 1I O.' iiscii- O55 20 S. STATE STREET
]B Y m S ATE a$1 . 0 55nds dug 2 t.. atl.sli 1_ ' i i .. lW. 7 B. i -i o Sell.aSolid Gold Fountain en .at $10
BAY~ 1000Bookss Bound d entsand pad
1 1 _T . .lid Bilc Chl~s1 ;-- . ii- 1131iitl1i ---11ofk: Scees.andPro-esors 3 ci' ocn-inol., v,"Jut-foriFof) d .u(Scenes3 andunfaofuePocrrsook Iso.s Lent
Sch s is soh ciae ha s o ls lat iiGe 'd e lls i Fsters: -t( ' 'ic-. ii iilsy0 2ii. >nss' Note Boasu 5 cots nd upard.
ian sthi5 ss t for a ubstantilscris'- s lt)'i--'01+.i-sl5. 1. .i.C . 1;(:8
ohioe isstruenst at a lose pri©, no ui% .. mesii.'iiiig is l'Gnoleliloso f - oryQ ney's hoc l t s
other hisirssent imanufacturd con.n I s is[il Ispb}its'.A. Sic Lo'vr cooates.
I'm pare with it. St81. .ndrs',;r:3) is s. 's''ve iig lpa I-esraisss
Send fee illustrated atlogue. s s'riiis.i;icissiintl. 0.,sw-io lhs recntil y 1- H t L n h s
JOHN( SN t; ilx s &C co1~ lir'.'tI555c15is'- ..'1..Sislc Hec sifrom I 1t sir ennoil the Word. - -
41-53Wpiltsisetisiii miiii'pin :8'He twuill isiS'scii ani ss up gealt UTTLE'Se 4 8 . S tate St.
rocenoofI 131IaTn11 A N S T FRF'IifRS 1i 51' -lsilu-iiiiiss eds nl, li 'iiui-50aReduction!
Is ctorhp 2 in. ' nto tslgiit ohera s -ills ha's'r Our price hreafter
/S j9C G E M SO A. lsy lolsC 1sjrt-c- at -I i i;3:81)p.Ii, 1V . C Is, 7:30" forUIT of PT. buttons
G1,0r; algiii P'ili5 sMen i..Vssi3Sii's dimn1 all patterns, will be 0 Cents.
SHal wn ctosStrawberries 'us en s ryth arioss othe15r fosmeilfS rsi t icisli(i 1'c..ascl t nijicine.l ' toheI P111121 Housea." A f RN L LEADhING JEWELER.
T n eCream Ifsiiili 1' i.,Sundasis csoii lsnilSu - s io-r ii i it.,ii N L
g n s'i'Blsc(i s;(:8)I)72 .Al i o 1 . siocki.s , . 5A1PI T os
~g Fruit loA It usl oCVisig:ot''sisoa11012), in Ui :0.. s tioitlI.5 ~ NIVERSITY CHOOL
is'ing'aato'osng.Peoise'sit'nimlIstndi-- OF DANCING
B _____________jc(!'P."Whlin h h u "ilc il I 5'' i 10ltP '-scs '- Iii Rin li oti 1i 2 is Susss
t! mac. 1i( psie Lssw iiuildng. $ta00 until loy st
R Cit. [OURCiIC 1 WSINGION STS 3115 i-i-pll AL ('C-11t ;E7.0 p. i., song 1 ~ti s- e l'-. i 0 a) 7'1 .,11 or ust a y tooclosse. OGfie,
t1-ris's',_s_-ilii(lisa' ipithh e 1Sicn g~ ii raI I. i.caoe 7:'0 pt. i snn s u5.p' ~ Th mp o S re t
Ile isiyl P~li1-lchurch- 111:a.311 5 5 5olditli OsS'ns7ho psnrtret
UT Oh' 1. 515 'Nt P AIILORIanil tl-
eso srooms, 'All ointmrnis ist clsro '1 le l'cii a atoofTe ingdom' -1 Sbcrite for ue Daily Just iRecied a Lrge.ind lgnt
Imported nod dmcoi cigoec. iadis' srts-
sc hair iso o1 sando S iolilsgpprlors up~ *
tales. [S!IRirsssnu!seiois 05. tusct. L -g® MLne) of New rgq S
-1c -FS v UI 1ia'9 orI ht usd Cols Inches at 11ll hiussr. gens
- ~ .0.5..for liyiers adniliamrsOd eues CIss
Chocoate on tBos
toIsvat map be properly ail of 11 clo wears Jlilwase idFR ~. ..JL..I. Y icO.
r' ,"cuts '(" el 'Suited" iii pricOanswq i t iy of wori. Call '0 'ieu SseBic
and sec the sprinig sotck of latet desins.
/ ,'' ' rak adV lississisili eat
_________________________Toay p son in stereted ie hsin.er o
mati'e. orswhisos im a~ lssscoswilsndfre
2'NR"th organssof iii'. Society t seadcA-
WANR y O. GET, rt,.tois.nenel>ntrstn redigt
2 S.MAIN ST os L ecie iy ele pper Address p
$ Tf E DILV will e debivered$
_-_until Commenement (or_ 4- 1-11 Unitd Charities Iuldin , New Yorh.

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