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April 07, 1897 - Image 4

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-04-07

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-Jos. W. Kollauf, Some New Music The Iland Press
rA LO R Isle of Cuba Waltzes.( DOES WORK WiThr
g' TLa Gracile. Neatness and Dispatch
Latest Novelties in Gents Suitings. Joly Friend, Two Step. Give te acall,
-- Five Bells, Two Step. COB HURON SST AND FOURTH AVE.
10 E" Washington St. - Up Stairs. I Wisbh I'd Never been a Soldier. (HE ANN ARDOR SAVINGS BANK
The Old Rope Swing. CptlSok,000 upu,$5,M
"I Thought You Didn't Care. Resces, 51,00,e.
-'7- S ,eOgaied cder the General Banking Laws
I'll Take Care of You Grandma, af this State. Receives deposits, buys and
~~----s M AND nited Stat es. lvfI. ah, acspse
o.OVtt FA3I )NST dentilctona Safety dposit bess to rent.
THE PERAHOUE JEELE, .A n A.rbo I~tiU~O ~.O.,WAOFFICERONST.Chistia lack tes.; W. D.
Cas furis a ith a ferst-class peciata ____________Harrim_______________________ a, Vi -c-tes. Chas . isock,
+ten crein and tiag eparing a secilty. Csshier: .'vi 7 rit AssisanstC-shier.
Stop ! I top4I1IStop I T 21 P'ittbseg stoges for _ ceno5 5 iog hedIRlSeT oe---5 ta o Ktrgaiedie863
10 La Pincess Stoies oe _- 5 cents0 lotliy Ciars foe -----------2icents "intsl.tl . Genrlusbani g te e s s.dee
-lii (6iFist ational Sieges frt _.- __25 ets 0 Paadie Ciaers forsie Cicets +r i ro e c ne b ought:nd sod. Fbrnsha
y fi ~~ 5Ycsan Stogies fIre- - -S__cents 5 La uioso ICias fo------- 2 cestaletters of cseeit.
Parker's Cormer Store, ilAlfoasoCigasfoe.-- --------5cens 4 arraeVClays foe ---------- 5cents F. 1. INS,Ples.HARSNOUE
STATE ST. AND N-. UNIVERSITY AVE ' Staeara11'oe.--- 25 cents d Owl Gsiqelas r---- 23----P cents Vice Pes.
Freshrmsise Cntdies constantly itr stock. 6 eoesl reakers oe---_25 cnaIBy ane o- -5cno S. Vt..0ISAS ORON, Cashier.
C-tloiice andyou wilcall asils. I 4lBeunwick Cigas foe_------------------- 25cnt
T ucker& C O, 44 south Main Street.
Ce. Sain a lron bSeet.
oIYLLIEYAND ALSU OM Activity at Last I Good Government Club Capital '5000.Suplut~s giW00eTsac
18 North Fourth Ave it is hus etitey Ithitthii (hii rT'eirtlisclni ofstheOl_1 601- R. - . te Pes. C. P Got a ,VicePles
We tarry a. fall line 01f eptso-date s.ogs arnivlsal galles sill les h i. ttsit luIlSlilc Ilie5electionll oh Ie-
Bicycle Suiidrieos ndIartslo Isimany Tles lilcag Ahlei Assiociaiitin usi 'shyer°lcs will bIseltist il lisirs-F.SJ. S li.leedle,
wheels. giielnu) thit iilsllintlltlite ieA.;si-snighit IilssiomC. Pot . Tylsit 20 . STATE STREET
Also Repair Wheels at liviihg iprice,-- A. LI., reglr airyofficers, athitIlSIi ll alslcss thsi'eting, tking fst Slsa a Solid Gsld Foistainien at 510
-hive its amaillif ini ieeid of as i ng IlioiFisioglet-aetaetti iiig li~t"he-ls~na otr" n Uosik.'o B soi d25 ndcii s ssed wessd.lb Ii
in Gitlitle. ensire for 50 cets
-ilihands. Agtio kt s i ens-t sci t ;;as 21 tiiisiiItot li sti Messrs. Atess Note Boo s 5 cnii. d uparcds
IN THE EQUIPM ENT OF A Ii1t' ill t the I loaing- i-sath ts o issandstihleilssiisisils ant lipllats Lv e'S Chocolates.
lyg ' ~~ ~ 1' i s-.ansI tlsertil e. Thseititl 5a's-uh siclss i
Sdta .sa TUDENS ROOM, .il is t it tsechldlOthe stck ot Mug uISestlnglsht iati oh si ttiig Hot Lunches.
Les< esIc-sssedli I i
stra tnt aslast asi-ssluite e.ceessty ol i teI goodstsl u to adrss t e hi t s l t -it-s-
etaure the reatrt est jo "mcSSSSit tfrom the i_______-g "
purchse l the C t )rlr lt nt wi11t3losu1 1w ligl." ( do ttscil sbjsc ei R' U 5Ls' i d ' s 48 S. State St.
SxtatISst r e itshpi fini-Iiest iii n the "wosrld I - is Ii t i ls niersity sltted eli-s - - - - I 1-s eel lg ese
An tocclenlt isiteisent is te N irt erColee il-s i* b 1 thatIni sffsrtIss-madesito Isavsasevterial ese u ti n
i ire ls'r9 itus-ge lii_,wsdefeate113-ddsss ivnFeduction i CllI
BAY STATE $10.00 ss--sl s I iitsi dl t'iitl sscvssgst )- iti1(1d ii Ouir price Isereafter
1 is-1105htackfo lill . - t 9. ill i h slur7 and Iletl Roostee-sitfor I. f 3. bttton
'B A N.~TJ 0. eens intiuitsigconilest. IV liithin-r t 111such o cull st Cirtiiil all pattens,sill e 50 Cents.
11n nfor ubt tt-essal sen- III A L LAI E EER
lust.r r t.ata lowpid p 'e hO Vhs Iiis'cumadeltby Ptterof 2sti s'it ed trosine, but Ills'good is b th- vii R O D EDN JW LR
co nr ihi.itesel-ilgin uiliitiro l0 uus dshtsh re -isisIfrohtssi e iiaiig Sh 1110 n s k
en for ilutratel atolou, 1iisolou 'sei ittSlo-ci; sll3 ss' ;iltpeis'led-i. All aces UN IVE IYcSHO
JIAN 5. IAES &(t,.It - ivtisito ultlcis1baeii-uitiig1RTT
43-463 Wsat otpteS t, ilostn. i51L 111215 Ois 41-i Sits iis i etS:Si i ll iioseinlti' 1 i hbrt F ~ ±~jL U
T T" OFS.fOAVN I 1.0-5. icL ~~ a s rtsiouu3 iannouncediiI. thll i nar y interest.11111O-IlGiissiltesaw Bilding 3N ut liiMa~y 1tt
1.. 00oms. Alt appointmuentit css . -Oiny twocle .Ost' ibc,
Impoted and doimes.iccigaro Jailes';res
ie hair dressing astdbsthising Saror, pLl 'Ulnln3U'InuULsft nrrtflj-flt,?n 2~'nrrr~cz~cNttavtrr;7 t, Thtn.o
tales.~~~ I.TTelnampsoin5 tst2 Street. Stet
"fGi.$ prii'.g i.nt lngs I ust ReCied a Largeniii Elegnt
x ire -Oof ewPiped'
sc vcty pispstit'SirEli'resenisfond liit aod Luhestuallieiurs. Agent
lieSoth is t rsioliy anti styl e L, Cooate],oni hes
No n-iing on Columbia sod IHartford 1luchor i e. & Co
bicyles. No delay nd consqfn annoy --_____. f'. ...(:n)L...X
ante. All models and patterns now redy °oS Sae tSaecBok
for iuediate delivery. 1897 X W G N E & Co., no -e fl
i Iii1 .d J t' W uvtRt~WVlt'~l Tutth c-Its Anton Teufels : o
i.i~~i~~j cj I.rLL~r 'Lii f if fiiFi'L11' iiwu'u^.it' ' Trunk s, ttIiuuu, L ESS Suit C aSQs
icces 4 AND ISV IES
STANDARD OF THE WORLD t4. Yj r Trna d i 'eis Rlpicerd Netlyatn d
t e K rM1 - r (1 uepl . RNiu; S. Sisiti St.
ae de exc clusively o S pee tent Nttel £r- "I f 1 _ x
dith of hoichesecontrot. ALIKE. . x,:AXON' I 31
Hlartford Iiycles are at prices '7A aI 1 5 rics nForeashor
writhi, reach of everyone UTSiOuc on L } 9 l ~
$75. $60,$50, pr.
- C tlogue he e omuainyCo nie A "t
deaer; frolee us fo one .ceni 'CLEANING AND REPAIRING.
sxamp_ 52 .ittost . Over toey'o Iilliard Ioom.
Haertford, Con. _-
' sesfige ai
ay AtresI ohFleet Spe.
Brnc s leeds t ee r A It Tan'sygpeon iteested is humsne nmat-
in alost very ity nd kr4 r T tters rwho loves a nials we ilsed free
hoeleretiu 5 enee aplicatis, a stopy of thee "ALi-
sale. fr, A CPS thin tue h-n of this Society In a d-
j W r2 ~ Bfc tains of th eslu le and u nsa prem -
WAGN R d C01 AGNTS0 usI is en hhepaper Addess
21 S.MAIN TIt1-ll United Charities Bldin, New or.

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