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April 03, 1897 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-04-03

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Are You Getting Them? Paying the Price Don't Always Get 'Em. We sell
better clothes than ever before and confine ourselves to three of the very best makes; viz: Ham-
mersiough Bros.' and The Stein Block Co.'s which bear the labels of the makers, and
Michaels, Stern & Co.'s Clothing which specially made for use and bear our name-Linden-
schmitt & Apfel. All these makes bear their respective labels under the coat collar which is a
positive guarantee that they are absolutely correct and first class in every respect. When a
merchant tells you he sells Hammerslough Bros.' or the Stein Block Co. s Clothing and can't show
the label don't believe a word ofit Be Careful.


37 South Main Street.

i I

CranX Opera Zoune 1 Prcposed Bicycle Track.
ONE NIGIIT ONLY. Plan1s 1f1rilhe 1)1;'1 1001plankktr1ck0k
rid y, ril '1 11 00 i 0(11
TH'BOM~A.S W . 1,11 te tck ('ill ihe 1.11(11' c11e
ofy 1.4'1The 1t(=t1c1 of t1.1' 11100-
Accompaeod by Charles B. Ha-" I ) 10 .11Olb ljI1.
ford. lrserling Richard il. j o". iho011t is 11he 11r110 1110er1in t1he
rices, - $1.00, 76c and 50C l(afairl and1 1h1a111he h1111"'iu(,f t1he 121"-
iiw s 11('11 2111,11 'y (' le rso (:fAnn
"111'doo( til" g11lll 21m
!AroeisRalyCopet'or.111 Il 1)ti1i o t11 -u o f(' 11.
withutXanI oe
E t11(:1100 1(11sisolod1101 1 000i111111ifnlbs -Ill(1(01o1l.
'OX ~ ~ ~ tll front I0ne0(11(1 l(llityllI%-l611coa
l-rm $z~o p sr.10.? 111 A be ('11 11 i} 1( 11(.'111 1 (1 '
'lbsr '0(0 l/'1b1a(v0ill 1111 Io I<1 '"'j'Fiool 110 ;0illl0
" 1 eoooyo.01011 0115,11i1i( cd "11011 11 ( 11(1(1 11111 ; 'i w~i to l' :^1i.11
000 1(11 o 110 1( 1 1(10 111CO oool~il(1.'00111 (p 111,'foo1) 10 111 1 01 1 t 0 0l1111k.ti tlY-
Guitar, andolin do;0000(1be
A is,'0.110011 Ban1j0.Olo o 'Zit e.11 ('remtil. 1x.( I2a1 ( fr10ia
(1IIlibur'seomo us popuolrity oso hato ousicabo
10111genin Ooololol b(1 (1 prlo teier01y 100llatet e 'gn I d. C.1 A.tl -waill b SIl; lftdents
F0r11(10100 (10111111(tl~ll, diooo)tlimfrbercliita,1f2(,1010wil0.)
Ah e Washb rn ir owisagerad a k ares a 11101 !j 10'(1r0111 b Il.1((1
Gls floi at ers e is vale u e yast y
Whi r alymre themacnotiesdiedston. d (11e0,crll110 ll~oi ll 01 1(10111111101 ( (0.1
AtssTecesadGeCholls.fOur1newo1as1010the 111101'
zinc] ful inf1rmaton, price, endorse enisletcowil110
cants 'uPp o ewlI sedWShburns C. O. lft0011D011
wihpvldg Leo exami atio , d 'etfrm 1th 0,00e factory.ly l, l (1'. iO~~'d
A MWasbrge poee it g dmks 11a10510 11 11111 111 11-Il o oc'Oef' 11 ib 011 ' 1 fOlTio
Gif taticreasoes nve astee ars o'(1b1, .
It 110Fibs rea f Ol]dytm sfscos. Coloalllltoell te tolfelo
y 9t!, llIOl o fo S1o(og('.011 t o itso'ori'l5(1a n0l 22 -
fooe "IbeN m 110O2'_01100"I evcillt4, w 'l N -(' rry 11(If c111
A. G. PALDI G & B i:> 211.00 11011 ell andli afle 1''Obhl to
Nen' Y ork, Cloinagsmal 5stloo~lpIoloo. f ((1 bill'-111111 111l 1 1111111', Af1'o 11oingI (t ll
WasitgL 1,lok,0 1lie Fi layid l a vtheellyatb
Ann Arbor. A. ly11(' tTher. M Saturday

i'iollhl3, Aplil I Acool laddess ter01f Tioe1111010 (RevoiseOd)Flob. 7, 0811.
S1. C. ..t110. AVX. D. 1.Afnlel1Oi, 01 EAST. I WE00.
(bilige. 11 soad Mo a 51. At
47N. Y. Special--__ 710o
'ile fly ( 111 J(. K. 1400100 11 Yipll ai 4 18 Mal 54
?stro Ex-----l10 5N. S.OLimoited.---.012
,i. 10A as. A. M010.5. P.M.
____Atlantic Fo 7 55 PafictExPl---12 15
D. NMoo ress-050 Westeronha 100
OtANOGib'S CLASSIS. .. .EFxpress -01 10 )10N. .x.---91 0
Glasses 10 11n00101-me111001 o Ma11111G0' , Rm I . E x --....---- 5o55
?. 1V I UG1.1<, 01. 0W. HAYSo
1s1. Special rate to those wislig og c . (h01 &T. 0g'1..,'hicago Agt. Aoo Arbor
joiin 011'. Progelam for' Tuesdalya100(1
Sllbtardaoy 01'e0111g claoses 11111 11000 .
11f10r otart 11t 5:10 o'clock.' ' 7 --gic
('('011100 di-nission1000c er1couple. Of-)0
11ce Academe and1011residloene 1411' 1 o 0 / ' 0
1b~.0011011 a 101000(1OOll~id IRAILROAD.
('1,10000. 00111T5ble. .1. --.'1 , 1 7.

111:f0'('lbO I 1D 1I Ill bLO i.'A'S
l1'be1(o.1 by 1111'Ann111rbor(0Rail1110111t1
1:1 April 151 6) 1( I , god1fr1r.t 1
1(111an10.1 01iilflll(Apri 27th, to all
"1. 0.. il otr. iPa VI c ioho" '
1Va., .A;1(lnid, 111' '(1n1 0Coll '-lollO
Vi Mi10 1 '11).
1. 1. S.tlIOOIE'tll'1 A0.,
i- i .(l~li11( 0 f 1111'110111 ('.o1111(0c01(1
'lli ' a (Sp'ial'0 1111leeh'of lforh

71.. * 01 ., m
125ao. 51. 11:2 a. m.
4:11( 0 1 01 3p.m.
'Run 001(1e00 AnnsArbb ad Toledo 00117.
AllI tralinsodolly 'exet OSunhay.
F. W. GIIGRIF. Agent
IV. 1 III V:'T 01. G.11 '.A. Toledo O .
X Whole sale Cigars, 't'oba1ccos 11010
Cor. Main and Liberty Sts..

tIoposiciotfo (operating elhair, u1(00i01urh01.d
45 .ioltliesh1 1$01.0,cs$7.0 sont(cabos. Crr~llfi & 1loom, HURON ST., OPPOSITE COURT HOUSE.
D Iruggoss Ypsilauti.
b.1~o 1111 (011 100-1(111 soil l0'Ladies Tailoring Annex.
sh~eath1, 11.1111ontl ini hi lt111. Les~t he- ___________________
tl5'(1iPresbyt'er1ian0 0. 10lurIlanbi orest INTERCOLLEGIATE
1000'. P11' i '0'1010'11 11 01o(11' 1(11ff0ce (o'
~~18; Forest mire. 1010do'ee~ee'10.(01l. BUREAU FOR
lOS,.T Ciuioopil .1111011owl siilei, 1a so. Gownsanmd
1 ' - Heods.
('1111101100 ;.11.1' l"i i('(f le1I1Ii 00111 1101'COTRE L & LEOVARD,,
Daiol, olde. Albany, N. Y,
______V.'. 11 0 101 110.,.,ilesouror.
Reomembcer that'Ore lire s0 li111l0441(Wll1111.
')11"T'goods at l(100er prices 100 order to fZEENT 'C-TO
reduce oour stock before M1stylt. P OZO 5 P E
tTAT.LE'5 S1 1111N1'I'tl: S0ORll1. ANN ARBOR. MICH.

We egravoe visitng ca.rd: for ladies aond gentlemoenl in their respee-tioc sizes in correct styles. I{ngravetl
grvngPatswill be Itept by 00s forouora patronls:ounles we ore o'equestedtlto retulrnlclme.
Wedding InvitationIs Elg ilyt engraved to ordler in short
Prices quoted and101 amples fournishled on applie-'tionG.

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20 S. State Street. Ann Arbor, Rich-.

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