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April 01, 1897 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-04-01

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,Moab, Amow

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VOL. VII. No. 141.



IlRS'f 1)AY'S SESSIONS.-~ Alpha Nu Ladies' Program. SCHOOLMASTERS' CLUB.
W 1 LJ J J it The cotmplete progranm for the At-
Recive a illlin ofNovl-Yesterday's Doinq's of the M 1i-hi- pUtzit ldies trigiarn Saturday niglht Program of the Different Ses-
tis forprnaSis n~ Acadiemy of Science. is05Itllowos: sions for Tomorrow.
tiefr___ig__itIiaito Sottit.......... ... Miso Wvhite,
and " UE'Y17C SAtltlrt's, "Dotty 'oise itt P'tllic
an.hresrng firht s50-i if thte -Mittltt:1t1 Spitiitig," ...,.... Dr. Moshter.The'8h nei fthelMielilgan
Si I tetof t fet'ct'ttOO W hOabOd ttztvocal Solo......M.liss Beach i S'lioolttaster.' CPitts Will leo teld-
18 97D .0 itterntoot iniithe imitseumttlec ttre Aittliti NttProphtecy_'. M..Ais,' Eart here oiiiFriday oaoilSatturday.
room.Thtt'te lirot tart of thenticig VottaltSolot...Mirs. IBetryman ittThce etriottoiteetitiosNvill be held .at
Na. 2 E. WASHINGTON ST, NEAR MAIN. it.-s devotetd to bsniess which conistt-I~tilootte'. 's r. (tiskell dtid not 3ttte U'itsrity School of Mttoic utless
tote tt cook.''
f ,d "it iefly ilthttoelectiton ittelesenu totsH'tiAC:T , , ftS.ofllerise tioted. The tprogrant for tiri-
O'NI'- ntieitheis to the Aleiorny. Alits. lask;ell. . .lis Nishi Otay eptptt's b lelow:

Whetithliiibhsiness o'aso oiitl-tckl I Swes ii1'til'tiead ....isAustin IFIII7ISA- f'ONFIIDNPDg.
see. iWe see give yea a ombh that Prof. Victtor P. Ytsspt'tianof tie 1Pit.Altf-t' . .F fPtilactin antd Itreek--Dtitit B, Pniversity
isewarnedOto isear 12 etonthsi 4 Iiss Perkinis.......iss Gardnter ai
ordinary usnsos We're get hig sitnsity, rettd aitlitterettig haper tio ittlf
coaths antititlecemsh, corecss 'teB ti'.'le i sit'1 'ftc regrai is toai Ititbiie ottt ' OttO i11:00 a. itt., Character tend Pr''seta-
andechstteapc b,el'ed alais i'titd. toni of First Year Latin. Miss Lit.
P L R itthetly is ts storical asctits, niehies lii tdIi'it?"ttei t te -i O-tsioa-rt i Doe
P-- AC.s-tei.lttot-isttsle-i h Lucius Hills on S. L. A. Course. lie -1. Slisto', Btay City'.
46 S. STATE Sr.I.- hligl, hcao Prf
sltteid the scopue of mtoder in tts'sttgtt denits' LetuireAssootatn ousO~ti 5eill F 'igiiia- ' 'ieae rf
titns tieto ttii'ecauist'e ttlit eL hoof g ivettomtotrtoss'night by the 101 'p eIoetf-tePtitcii o re
.the latgut'. 1ittittititist. Ltucis Perry' Hils. Fritit 'Prof. ,>. J. Axtell, Dalatitazcia Pol-
Before you select that tpair of "Notes ant Ohserstatioti regarhiritiatll ereetitts M~r. tHilsstill 'onitinie to loge.
shoes for Spring; upoliis y00 in-tie iabtits adClaairsiso toketptego tili-o h :0p l.,Ai n ehdo ie
sps toiroe eiit VebliourPttr eersie f to etistsitingeisttiltuWeftts'2:0telievettiaidSttitio De
to securing oinly the Latest Styles of - -- ticeettity IGreek Stutdy, oeed by
roods each season and early einoughi'- P..hrof. Icittilteit if tig, Olivts'ttol-
to permait of careful inspection aiitl ' loge.
decisioin before actual needl to hero.--
-Dsuso lf .S odihOur lin.' of Spring Shsoes atnd Oxfords ~Dstsiu-'o.F5 iore, A!-
in flhe new shade of Bottle Glreeni x bion ('llege.
and Chocolate is ntow in stock. 'lTe Dates of Pieere'o fetters of the year
prettiest effects in footwear you 5 B. C. Mr. JattieII. tHarris.
MiliatMilitary Acadeinty.
t Xergtl tis a Poet, Mr. Ddwi'n L. Mil.
W . J. PRIL lt', ilg lessod igh School.
IS8 WASHINGTON ST., ANN ARBOR.'IDtlstttt'rtyisl lot I
ata$ aocaaaos ama~aatrgaoa$®eamD %M ':00 ti. it),,E'due 'ittferitee still be
0 gI ooteedelby P'rof. F. N. Scett, of the
a P Uiversity, wtith a patter esntitled
'° 0 Dotty Porreet~ag-Cans it bei' ttce
a II ' Am 'Tofy Forev'er?"
IV e ~Hisisre'- l':ititieftll, IRtons 7.Vv a161M01a
0y hit ittetll coutrses ini the tHighs
0 You have seen it advertised ~'..t~ - ~ ettt
iu foe Mtgtsitie at 3.66f/f ~s is s'' S . ' Discussiott-I et by- f'riot. 1A. P. Me-
S and $750. 'We sell tem forto i' 7I
a week at $1.50 anzd $6.75. ~ifet:tglsPi-ri~;Piaia "
Theta is offeretd as a prensi- t/ .~/ .Bts eri;Sht .W
urn on bnyirtg early in tse .aN/ /1 'Irtwser, KMlaitr; 'rincpal 5. 0
seasotn. 'They are wortht ~"I fiti-l.Kistioo iniolD
°e the full prices. Cots'satid ~ ~u'n' ahis-.S
se ttta.I LUCIUS PERRY HILLS. 'rhoetis' thigisScttoel letluureuitenus
- -___________________________________________________ itt Histors' with referentte tet
---MI ttt 1 nake dutrig Cativi'ty,''"stastotuot's, its'lit'conites theraledh as oute attriltioutof theIt li--h Schootiand
AKIN - -HAMO Hisubject ot sanosel patpe'brch oy IofI thie greatest poets atiultltttorisst II Uiverscicty Work, Prof. Ilieha.rd
0l..tlos so reillet Mu. Scots Ite';o tu. Iis ettt't,tui 'it isutiu-
___________________________________________________ for settle titit'h lot iadtt fotew'of this-Os' 'tuciiiithat litt'is '.ne t a p tc'feOsotti B ihtttii' ''uculto, ttii1
SI ttdso ws eva'ry t'outltttho seak ahhuhlttithor tiot.whitiels ittititwn tiittiIt.>. oiiiis, Aeasloiiiy of
W @' K~ u t utol tilhe in tattet'. ;A1sery itoly (is- soiets tuith rtads hues05511 po(sinis iiutrutniesi , ±,vis
ctsstoiu Ifollowe'td tie reattinug oitiiohis itsut say.Hs '(trepetirt'o oita-_MayJstr i tl nthrltIf_ Iay .' te
thta ieU. of M. Monograno papie"..'Ifit' sessiont usas closedti iti .at tius ttovers asittde tintd varttie it'ie, looth, Stgtiasr, E. S.: Stupt. h.IB
thaaltter euntitletd "Nessttiu's'Third Latw hndttis -anhuoiun'ed itas coensistitig i uurofNttsle
Paper, thoe popular sheades \icrsNsvle
I hia aud Whie; aso a etv as a Factor tit Orgttuie Dtltia'a," bitlit at-ttiuehtiutg' ii ltiuchht hrotokIittig 2:00 11. Ili., Businet's Stootut.
Stckoc thkarotsPiraincipySleeS. . o Jofin. IteC'ontinuitt'trty, ti hnt o hrisstleo PnIdaitMis LdaL
Gt'ad Corospotlenc Pitor. Today thuBotany sectitns will tnicerthIle ttuuisiier, oatires Ott1he.flthd
rudeorr~ponenc Pt~er.Dioctussiout 'Sr. B. G. S;thu, Flint.
'V'hsitinag Cards Engraved, ant Iin thet' unusetuit lecture reslt, the coo- tnuitbhltes of thit'raltil5' uinig stories Quadratsute of the Pircle, Prof. P. B.
PaePitnlogy seetiont in Itoomis12, unortht wings, tOf hituSitui~l exhierieliet' suit tiluieuseti. Willianis, alaitaoooCollege.
Plate Prnting. tniveritly Ball, and the section of tiuons ot quieer chuaraicters. thuyis-Phiysical Laboratory.
sanitary science in the hygienic luther-1 10:00 ti. II., Extibitions of twuo syn-
'Wp AH 'BO KThir Piniveroity Ouartet uill furnishi ebritousleottnst.intrtn
ST B tr o i nvesl.'thoeeugthe niusic at the anunal -address of 'the synupathetic vibratione, Prof. ft. ;S.
Up Tows Pews Tows t.President and Sre. Angell andt other S. P,. A. in University iMail Sunday Carbart, University.
"93 S. State st Opposite Court HoUse-"
Ass Arbors Mats a. Ij (Continued en Second Page.) evening. (Continued 0n Third Page.)

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