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March 31, 1897 - Image 4

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-03-31

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u and get the hest service.
'PALO ~U. of M. G CUITA S. Office andi Stable, 32 Forest
Latest Novelties in Gents Sultings. , Ave. Telephone 106.-inW s r a do SBncOfcefieatPlr'Phmcy,
_______ X~ihbrn an oln rachOsic a PrmrorParac
l10. Washington t. -,w11p Stairs.1, ANOD OTHERS. THE ANJ i ARBOR SAVINGS BANK
WASHSURNS-15.00 AND UPWARDS. Cpital lok,$5000. Srplns,s50,00.
i-f OTHERS--- $ 1.8 AND UPWARDS. ~ eo riOtO
Ogasled undethe Geeral Bakiga
of this State. Receives deosits, bys and
y s @ 'pells e. ct ae or the pricpal cities of the
TI Idf Rf SAEfi{ J q pqrtet itotios. Sfty tepoit boos to ret.
THE__________ 0OUSEasend 23 Fasst WoshlsgtSee e Oeot o:11111 ll htssiosnasllaekFerr.;IW. T
Casn tn k yoswtha fir'[ v.y Vs sn in _______________Cashier________T.__J.____ritz____Ass itatC sh is c
Pen , a sad ti n is a rsitit, 5''t speily
Stop ! t top ! , top ! Ji.l~v REi9 14"pialPU Ol'T. StsthisssandiProts, $40,000
Stp!So!!So! RYRDS ROIL--NO iG L, .t t -el isakig bsns
-AT- Lo Chatred Wicks, So Offensive flido, No Folingr of Cliirn.sy. rig ab-- hgh n ds. Sl Frish
ff4 l t aim.'.x ad a A Wite Light-BusrnsoFrely ts the lst croiof oil iii tholmp E t. II.IsNsE, les IAltl5OlN OIILE,
di a 2. e 3 ( t sf h C . ssesVice Prs.
STATE S7. AND N. UNI-VRSITY AVE . -Cler as sprinig .ater-I0o pet g-lln-D-liveiecl ina oecns, S NV . IOISON, Ca'shier.
ores ta o e s(and y o .antril ttin sto. psl tl-Sold only y
Ctr01sad ouwelcllagin i S HEp DEAN & COMPANY. I ya3 it~a hdlt IY Oj" a
IN T Q W IUPE T O' A H 44 SothtlXai Street. tobsod
STW ET' RU 'UNIVERSITY NOTES. f1l1 it.vl ssstig ril CaitalE0,000o.Surplu s s, T-asPts
Ill i s e sally -s'ss .ss'tha ttt a trio::etin 1)I. Ilia lrt m AVs Il.t IsoosFRE . I. ESses,Ctaser.
stras tit oamosotsti l'sslso ' sncessiy . T' i ~ C tsls.bl oo. lit. 1:, T icsd at iblt ida .
soesset'te gseatlo'i t toyrsest romt ie I l.( s.1 1 vii iednor
psrctsss.eetshUrtt outss-stnsysrtitsl ' 'lilt lita'Issos. stilllesittis(,sl'555oxs. l T g
xeasr losos'sme r ssssnossss'so ts' 1505'.r elstt-t t-til te- aoititt,-slabls tr.N .. J. ae lntu~Gllhe[nati-1IColdC U-etrt xs aotti( olaltio
'Ao excllent'ttt t 5 555 is5 the55f5(s. r1t1the 0n1xt tomot55 iso cti0 101 il .55 i 'cos is to20 S. STATE STREET
0. i 1 Ii'llsO lcs' 'liltrbns-ittellti ti s oisaOsitOiitsasstsira 1
BAY STtEs10. 0ttflt ii i I' t issis stll. iTes Iottaok sssi sostBudN tn adupassd.
L; ( lle fo 1;;a: 1 i la.' i 7. a. oULo ll. Seeos n s d trtt "es s ls. Lis-
BAY T TE $J OO 1 5 1 1OttoWs'itts'e st~':11 b I tIlit r tere eidently ttmoi't cafrossto ttnPssst frr s0 criss.
is BIAs N JOitk ~ .'ss f,.sssto t'Itl lipo slot f -it'sust s- -silt'epo t - - I' ' ti to I tei,0. ti,.t Ns t eBos5cn-aduwr .
t-s's ist lsIis--, ,k i -onr banjo ocs i seia :a~e:u ;(1Pmm tIits si tts bCrikts'u. lit Lowney Chocolates.
l 11.tof .i l, :/44r' ysI 1 ~n~ ,alow tsoItti 0, o it'S'. t, i nc ilWV1 Q J A7° n islun tman rtrdc
itjl t t r o N is olislt' 05s'fi l,sntOttsIL si Itt 0 1 :ls:Iktt A''-S.H ot Lunches.
.Ot5Ol5 'v . 5I SF'F5or5515.. iss isio t' itscoiti'ions r it'e't'tt(" it.'or 5ti tt Easher .. tu i otssickt~ s,s-, 11l lii gg
4o03-55y51 Xin Aror1sa5h'dtosf, tnS.5,it St
4'3-7e 5 ii r> . .e n 0t e io Si.1r taru o 1 It For'cittb u tsti t t5OiettilO' Iprptir'0UTTIr'r 4XS.3Stte St
Tucker 0 /y' 11 ( ri' ssstt ~. to stas-noi in1luditt ssttsb 1. t alRedulction !
BIitC1YCLE-Osss (i ti' sitlt.L'ItVttsl 5155u5r es'price heeaftes'
~ L LIV . A II)SA .~ 1 iI C I loi~btt .ss-ttii tts-it Nis' Y.s.s osisist'tthu , . -' la, for I. of l. htttoss
18 North Fourth Ave. ' i. 51 N' tresrsy ltsli bbetn.iis'osag Pa.ll pstterss.will e SO Cents.
wVe carry i sll linsit of 5t I c-te 'i5514 tsst i t '- t eR.or ast l t, '. stire c'ss ne tsotbfo A L EDIG JW ER
Bicyci(sunditsirio ss I spatsto itsnstlotisy titli res1o il tt i' present . lt i '. ss' 'lO M R O D EBIG JW LR
wheels.h'sit' (.'o s it 1 n ] ol t li it- I-I. S.(1f1 ,11 Itt .y ill
Also Repair S iseels tt lisittt'lsiees istoic itovl: st is b o ilI ly%- sls'i 0ssrO-ct 15H OO
Giveis a colif its saed of ali'}th i ;i l;i cus-t l ahrt iritss- -lic- I titill- ~v1 ottriti tty ieis goig tat t rei cd i ie.O F DANCING
in otlisso. 1101. o'I lurloet tipe'od - 0500 it:s 1 zN I 011-pro itla. Oppste Lwseilding.tet .0ttOO aIs st
TT 01p 5. SHAINSL 1,0ttatdl athil Isel __________any________two_.s ~aclasses ofise,
U. room,. Alt 'ppssltrtrns i e-I cisats. t e t
lmpode l isslslososeit o1os.-n--ls'' tets- 1 ____ .l 7 T ' s 'r .'
lie. hai siesisso ou itttitsO s[,si-.,Thompso________St_____e___.
WeI in11e151 l i clIs n of tl ist stine of Spring Julst Icevedt aLtre and Eegsaet
AT O N m m Suitings, Overcoattngs andi Trouserings thatt fioeltoss Line of Now Pipes Y
t'herO [soon tblo t pace ts0151'r ttIsies O r l ' ettltloilfor -L 110tsststd ld Lun ist tasaltnes.Afonet'
1 fIsi nsyes .ssl ilttia s ansd ttctiit-o's
p~i l ieig oly tht e st st-wos-Itwill 1) 1161lilelilt' Chcoltelot;s iti
No waiting o Colombia nd Hlarford ________ ~B O L'~Co.
bicyles. No delay sod conseqre ss ay.0 tt 1.ts ~o
ac.All smodels and paters now re.dy, A gI 20. ttqt ge130k
foe immsediate delivery, 1897 ae
1IbtOPTbIlNI TAILOcRSi. A.--iton'.re'ufel,
is cles ' -soor.ss u'h luks aises Dress Suit Cass
STANDARD OF THE WORLD Truns ItadIVaisey. eais redI Natlsyi an5.
I k ,y- TTes its's ae l VstseN o li-.i-1 t a tly st
at' Il xl sivsooely o 5 per cet Ntchkel -- t - K 2
Sod l'ltitisg, he entirecpro- X T0 O ALL tt f tI F L E I t
dutof sowthick see control. ALIKE Ax'tt r Or Pie. bt ao- t
Hlartford E5tycles are at prices ASa~i3 cs o hr
withins reach of everyone
$75, $60, $50, $4 4 3 : N RS SUITS FOR 25GENT'
C tac°sucfae Iso Icosanyt Cola mho R S F R LJ LIt
dvr ost ulces for oer-sent CLEANING AND REPAIRNG.
22 SSttstsI Os-i's hasy's Billiard Iotilt
Hartford, Cnn.,
s7 oAresof loirSp.ac. A y N 4 ,
IIssnchshousesralrItc 6I olapeson nerrts Issumsaoe mat
osloyrnooyn Ill pli titict tsr opy of thle, ALIt
ton.ANO i ii heor'.anssof t-.-Socty Irads
.,, i t itt e to its I I ssy I tresigreding, Its
coostinso I ie atsuthls and unsu r ot sms
21 S. MAIN ST- 910-t411 Beted Chrtiss tin' New York

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