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March 29, 1897 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-03-29

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Stein, 106k n amislug io ine Pig u
olatorstore. Golf Suits in Great Variety.


The leaders in New York as well as in Ann Arboor are only sold by uis and are the host hats ever produced for the money. All
the new and leading shapes. We also make suits to order. guarantee a pecrfect fit antf a Savling of 25 per cent. Wec have
the largecst aud finest line of GOLF SUITS and GOLF HOSE IN THE CITY.

37 South Main Street. 1-4 10l2
Grand Opera House. I )000RNI II'
A 17 sut3.ted 11r10 111t 117.1
2 0 Sll 0 . "Y'1 M A11R1CH,
Prs,25c, 3i , 0c and '75c.. Llo.'0 . ~ 1' 7l~l . 10,

0. OF M. O ALENDAR. ! A~( ~
1E-11.Sa00. WEST.
111(1111 April.2' rL. 1V. h b 11 Jhiii .L al and li'x.--_ 347 N. Y. Sps 1,1.... 7130
A.('.,00 Y. specil---- .4108 1011 --. ---8 43
A. Couv,, o'. "aten.011--, u 1Liied11 2 - 7 dy l i AIln l ndd1 re1s00117.Atlantic"EX---_7 5.5 PaIcif i E- 1- 10M
5. C. A. 17o'o. 0V. 1). llle owItof11 D .N Fxpress.... 5059 00'osro h.. 5
3. R. Fxprss -.11 109 ("hi . 0 S. 0.-915
177 .1. 7. 1 1;x'"'0.5 G . 0'. 11,___0 _50 5
7' .f t .w0 '. Agtl.~,0,1.wso. At. Ai1m --or
SL1 .Curs. 'Vr 11111Apil1110 0130110. ~ alioui i

o" c ''re
(Guitar, slao
412111 ~il aj 'Zh
5" e.I sr111c11010 1110d1intic,
1 1 1f11 '10e~er~ h re
%1',: , 11'."ti 00t 11 '0.1100 ld 1,x stamird c
r1 c 1..' 'y 1-- 1"y esi it0eybythe1
Gloe C hz1s0 Our nev.,
l.. :t c 10f1~_:7'51. 7.vrALAMsofoe lT..0co2
Iloao.s 00111ss.,01111'-, and1Ml
Splldig League Bal,1101 his, 1!, Os
(llatalgesold send for Oo'o 13Spo

I jj"G:!. 11 lilil1, 1 '01't i11, l'iliti,""o11, i (,r-

ter -won.
I _ "
lam , I+mil d ll '00 1I, :11.i(i
vc1l the Twin i 11 1,iw 11l't3 y l r3f'I s Byi11t with cl ;1sI C' iCl.('
s 31-1WIL 1110 ) llitn1Li 1t'l, iit lwxlil,, ill ]acsci the I1C t.'
fi1,f.L't.i1'f'It' I} : tI, IiII3, !>,'II 11. 'til:. c.InII(I oI)ell hall', to-
I tl i l(_' old llrl 1<re I I - I1 'IItl
c Ill Hill ""I"o.li.ilt;; -up f3i poill " )
I;,it t't)lllllr; for 1?I; "t 111 t.<; II_ vill
t',1(I , N0111 I f po1 .
ti i . Jl) zillte )5 it : _f, t .
It; I li ('tl'i('t that my olle v, Ilo
I "xAl i"iill _ I1, lilies, ':i: CIlTi'tI l' 11',1 (} i 1,.2 151; l.]t.: ;tt':' OI 1:'1111(: 111 tlll:ti
lir_*Li' I:. ll it f I?._121t f', 11 1 ti: II2 F ,,.
(111411 :111 1.11 111110
j r it w t 1 -,12'i ( I?0
"r t. 1 . . C.?=£' {r _xC'Ell ci
21211 . I311iiis. 1, 1w
1 ,_I: , C.I I I i t I tI y o o I
of t}<< t'1. e1tl 1.1}: i, _ 1r(' 1il('t'i_ .,;'t'. 1.1 I1 EIi ,"
-11 Call
.bk1 {'lerk () Ctli'b( ....1. A. Lela : ,. >c: i <. I EtI.1 I ) . "
t laic IllFr; _ } .tr i.
«Pl e.. R. s I 1 i t I? I, W. Ii }it"1£'( (;ll ,I t <licl tII:I ' il ; 111
. vtclltS .- u{l-, E'S 11 Itll+'-I-11. A I'IJi t i l , Ii C
iSt' rr ii1E 'S, lllit 1 Sti 1°i t1 <Ii1II£ 1o k II NN'
I first- I>.. St13.111 I tI' ;'It1121.
11 til"- ,rt (4 131111 , till nit ill., (111 1
of t1:e VV. I l,,
i.; a ( c11' 1 1 1i 01 1111 i i'1'l.<lr
tlc I 0. L Z lF 11i. <IIl('t flIIIIt t, ('i3111) 011 !v I(il iIJ1":'I
will he
. CI C.i:el -1. to1 t l t?( -s. .?'. (.':1"t't'1. lJ)()uui1., I. , Iit3f n. rllis,? :" o
3cto:y, ' fis111r(F'r I h- it:! =t. .51 .i; ll_'1'7 of
tkes a f rt " ?-
l W t 1 ., i ? 1 . 1I J til
,> N17. ,Iit i t'ti j .()t lit IIC ai
,.. .., j 7 z ". i " -i i tl'1
.,f i t I ;II d iLt al llloril I
t 111 1 ty 131) lwlp to 1llllzt' t1-(
i S i 'ooNil"! -,I]I CC'I, DiliI" -T i
1 C t f J i X31{*i f' 1, i E' -f 1 lit, r« t:iS 1111
XalIii 1i £1 F' zlilu, D'_. _1:,: -A'(I],I. Wit. j1 ceiz.t III(,( 11'i tI'1' ck N Il c-
" l ) ' Sl
Z1"ortl3 of ti t?:. 'II llwlitioil,
- 1
r 1'til1:I I3Y(', 4'ilt and . lt(1t1t tl much ti) tiio-' f_'_<IssC'S in Ci2:I1C'illg I13E'.E',I tl}) t0 -AFtt}' 1
of th lllt'et Ili" I11t' 1'eil(IIIIt3:I 1st. i't'121 rate i0 those t1"1SI1111 t{3
of 4('1 er;Il IlI(Iill3t~; I3('fol't 8II£I i11Ir71I Johi 111-o', IIitI for Tuesday F111(I I
i Iic' t (3lztrl All o f11e 11-m 111( I.t Inl y evellill ," CI asses Ne'iII
Ift('I start at 8::30 o'clock. sill"le j
4 PLC +ili)!t((I til.f' rosillt of crlreflll t"' it llil
s and evening adnnl sloii 00(3 per couple, 0# -
( 111115, mJ pe isfCnt I'Lt;t''tli k' alid Svcr- I11:)-4
jinn a- 1wo jI.cI1.{Iem FT and residence G M_,_y,
i t Ilfilix sl; ti{ aII 111)i)iat((I<,(I. ~ ~ r~ ., .f- r) ,.," .,., s, 1 , z, ter. ..,


'11,7 o a 1,:.o0an_
-,11 l I.I T,"to T (311 . ' . A. o 0o (.
C7orn itain and Liberty Ste.
~.7I T T!OR
Ole N T,, 4PSITE COURT I; 1155;


ci Caps. Gowns and
0 M ' E.11 1011101S

fre hNm ieGaate" FRA. . 0PALDIN G & B OS., I 110 ,11 inI's 07000rath ig air', 11.012six
New Yora.k. IChicago, I'll imdIPIs..1111007110 1(6.50, (Cot $5.00. A1lso
ANDALL THE PHOTOORAPHE 11 medica1l bok Ys.ilo1li bed ;oe
Ann Arbor. Subscribe for 10e Daily.

17111Gr0011100thours0n0t,110 0111110 11
1o111good0s10tOlower5100r1'e011ill orde.
reduce our s11tc'eforeT''lay1 rIst1.

'We eigraroe XisitillOcar111(1 for hadfeio entl(-in101 in t heir rep I- tioc sizes iln correct styirs. Ej)ngraved.
.t g ia vi"Ptcs will lie ept IItcy 110f01r(our1pllt ar(1..111( les '010 0are 141quest'(]to return samne.
Weddhig Initato1 2cv( 10011tI reeri
Prices quoted 'Md -rimples furnished (In }plilt017
Leading Booksellers. - - - - -- - - - 20 S. State Street. Ann Arbor, Mich..


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