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March 29, 1897 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-03-29

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NDAYx, MARCH 29, 1897. Foupn PAGES-3 CENTS.

VOL.. VII. No. 138.


IX V lOR MET. fell. In the prceliminary middle +Comedy Club at Ypsilanti,
W IL DI wightborng btwen t riht alid It to safe to say that not a person
Miciin'an's Annual Indoor Mect Porter, the former unfortluately w ,atne h PiaeSceay
R eidaflllnofNvl. b take his wrist ini the first round. hbot S i-itsit rgrssd the price of Ils
ties for Spring Suits aE atSuces. gaiety hasisl oul'tthe bot a ildi -e. rnsbgnngtenth
and T ouer gsAli 5tlen. s of osver sxhundred ieefciv spi.Ti'tjl leformiance wao tihoroughily first class
' )rouserainnddgheanua'idor cratlyls- ladis lppesd ill], liossvee,
I ' ~ltslii 011-Il ie inlul itiso ~ ~ d 'isiot jand wsas givecn in a manner that mwould
I" t T( aItthe gylna-itum S 'a t urday1'lint many rofesootonl '1companies to
'I ise tim' 1iuliddlle weight boxing is--
lillisht rwitnes-ed the mast setinlilic - shame. "The Lae ae, which was
weOl 2 E.i WA ,ludNPotN was.iNeEAR1M1 ° s It., t co evuts cs-cc held tihere. 'file givenIlasis curtain laiser, sWas moot
NO, E. ASHNGTO ST. NEA MIi, m siticiiied of alt till' estliol 11511
i.'.t:'-t.___________wasii15an ulllulifihedisucces i l OIlItc itisi-cs-rcdo s icc-esfitlty carriedl out by 1Messrs.
-t gve t Prtr )na er Cos t iiprmnessswithich-i elall of thse - A. f. Siil ansi Karl iL. tfarrtlnau,
c'i iu-u.
- t-- gilt'~ss-eri-alledis toa souirceof1much11bots of 5w1h1 o-cwre leaiting characters
A itiii'tarycof ecs-Iilllolooro -
V c, ,.il ditida 111 to thse ol~iiltO illn in '-Tile Prts-alt- Secreary.' Mlr. J. S.
tha 1Itiill wtear sixmonthis ascootdAFPrty a- d iihli-eaallmis
is a sntdto Iwisar 12 moniht)8.firoestime 44- sicnis; '?di ht -
oraryissoy 11 0- Oeve got bile i rlid.ifu th eii.411 yarsicd ril. iitlllense; setlt tt'e lsake-u ndamsissork
cosmbs asd little coabs, coars lcW.frtoice .,isco d;:"(
-- - - oe;4hIe , lad 9,frt i eIliu s K i l l t h ill thce- 111d1 clever. Stiss Pilipsit s a MSrs.
45 S. ,STPATE ST.A ova-- teond;e5clhetecoyc! '1),Stead.,'Mirs.htsdy is 'tisAshiford,
46 t.uTAEh'. et1 4-5sSceonds;Olth t,
~i the1eveingsi- foutrths man11 litugldstallItse othser chasra'-crso-eoe -ery
oV-'tec. 1)11 S, i, lrsi, Itime c r secondis;
___________________ iittidtlheaes siiisat, Lutna, 1-9Lirstictlull'4:- , oselt o tIhfna ,bl o ate ail nc lledot a good'lseiefaudieance
-t-15scn sith i liiiotgsssciindi amnong hmthere wsoe c ltna numn-
?Meanao douhle tile wear Semi-lmitse51 -ardsitulollthtrd.ii bor from ___________r__r.
fore a saving iii 100 per censt, lost toSeital10yr;uI1ts ct
moentions the comnfurt and appestrane i 4ll sits- iif l ttsir lt- luistilt-Tter'e lst int''tssso sicttiiea.tlim tug In tee-Society Debates.
whsich in tisessoselvs a sre eaf iousmall f:.i 1 ' iiil i t hel i "Ii'1sigis lll)s. lnlithc~ . esli~ s sa. lsc' s-
importanice. We give speciai attes-- c~ns d la.Jyefrt
tout to tis feature oh fit-isn facts- we 511 li ctiiti s-i-ii wisil seisisiItim ise 44-5 ss tuis-Issisosoeis olaott
irefer to lose solos cattier thasallw si i~e~ lI t -hg,10. 1itt jusiI 41 l os P~ i ylthe lteiary societics of ise laws'sand
improperly lifted fooatir to leaye ,I' u' i)yrsdll- le i -,
our store. iI c515rd fom i iem. thu wind tFltr- I ~ nJyetid il 1 li try ilt'ttasrtssscsl orcc olsininsg tsetr-
---- --- .)y.'00 M, wit) ied , eno f'or ir t tsusitits -t-t-titttt. iel-illicitrtSstilt-
cro- luod li j ll d s' t'isi-ss feelt 6 :Y1.r 1 1 1 ial oitA'ithet ' N I, ili.Th e f
iti) e Ott tlt het hti.l, Iiitie-r 5101(sic
IS WASHIN :TON ST., ANN ARBOR. itlciii siii 1ltI t- o- Atiii it
iSvi., iisecond, ittyte..JI-ti ls s i -
r 0 '-B + I -itsas-ut- 'ts 1=uscity c - ls- 'ff - ssssssstAi-itsre

Yssts have tecessit advertise-d
iii the Mtsgozities at; $3.00
and $7.50- We oell thsenofor
a week at $4.50 and $6.75.
This is uttered as a premni-
um10 on busyisog earlyiniithoe
season. 't'lhey ace ovortho

-llyar hurds stit, 'hg. i nd 1 sot tt5 isI,1Tsrsy tllS. iesd T-tt .
s-isis ti-s-s's stisissit. t st----- - bits-c
o''> by ty (gist Isis '97. i sn 51:)sois coed-s-,-isi T t
fist Mitt-itts.fitrss,,ItF 7tir o , sills1'. 51eco s';tIIi?;-.
intto sht it To c1-0l . ,t'Jirsi. I Wtsoci ii t lto. 11
Ii's-itoh osistl 11th ust'lFtstellyard;ii-. ttiule 1s-t . I " I si-A lsi,
lilt otis oc-iss i:, Tsyss. t~l, :toci r s , i s t -5 .1th: ad,,s; _d ls t.
Atisi -t 1111 os-ils a s-sssll f 1 lst T sit firts tes i me )

-t >isi th ilepcht sellaio-s Stotur-
llS lii, sss ndth ie i Itil' ts-I)twoeo
lst' slio tltLIt--toill Droitol )y lit htold a
so -is > t1~ Is-e st S ill .sjsslst - lT
qstt shllstu I to itebatediis Is'losotooli,
lili t5 1T'Mi ll lsrcgo 1.0 slllteir-'
C Noi."Til"AhoIlphstN1smith Webster so-
I cills-stillillllot host their sdebate sssstii
lt eol tirosit s ikt[°tle -lrli ti Shltoli.
w iill tlsitthe lsstteio li te-

th loo fs iu e. (5omsottamid Th., s l iis-' sssu il 11111 itos Is-e .. S'.<wo- I tt. li 1i s-5 fItg-1tomi
a.9 ,1h0, >{1 h'l ju( s o j ld'C t" hol
000 thaem. 1<' I il 5i 11su--1a is as tlmst t-u l use t~ilsssI-s Tll Isi ill .1ti'5-D1 - t.-. 1 mtl -11tin cx- stl."
A hooiitilOtsi tj- Hs-is- it. sm i aiio cIst--hI. tsi s1 ,l i' _f l1I n ioeio
® Po stillt It'acy-litoi1Y111 ,1, '01) 11)-. ; t~ lS
SIl lullp- tlme cresIts 11 e11r ",5I' II(, hdti' o-igs ~ i-hh
Mid le Nvigh , rs lil ol o t. 1 'ii T .I . - S. ltt su i.i itttn('Ilts
Fs. s M ,Z a.a c 1.;'ii s-ltl lieti sim so-I-sI-lisll't- i 2ss { .rjfss .l' s E2umrtiuglou1ti.st o --kul it t0 u ge-s-msl
-ss 15 suullt ti-s 5) it i ll ii; Ni"lT. it . s. 1,011i0, - -iu-t It lii -I sts mssistes t
- A T- 11:u(' tilisi 1 l 11ll1 li it tl'aihoIEctid I
(ftil 11'e l' '1d v t f)l by lt i tli iilmi. .5 i i hsii rli ig lu--si-u theus. zt'T A l mm
mutiir . 9 ~lrIt l y 1.-thu. i . .i ilg btT ii ttii tmicsiue
AH; OK T RE. i"' -t.1118.)'0a111lIto
- -t in , 1\"-titisttitslit rtisuis,-hue m- I tstuit ht yisameusmito
tti tfisem'LT. of M. Monsagrarn lii tdi' llii Of four mienm uatdlt-e sice.53Lt-Vs. Shulouc00titS, 5515 ly host ct11 Tul e scull to,11st sif-toss-u mlum-
Papem-, theopopular Sicades Iestlt-siillIs sictricy foe thue fucchsiusris -t llt ii>~inuusi .seill aunsui it is exupectedtihast timesittel-
Blue 01111White; also a Ness' ililimhe good flume of 54 4-5 siecoisn ihtdeg-i msslmm s.m1laIrst-ill lie suusuaslly tas-gi-.
Stock of the Vatrioiasill T 'hie finatls to sit-chle uponiams asmpiionm- 5.tLuul.tlT. so tush Oby limit. 11t i hi U. ofSi. M asonYiC Banquet.
Grade Correspomndenco Pssper. shipttteauss ovini ibet r us tissue iisth ti Pd.iti0ltusi0011, ,os.fltslhs, 'ti'semitauqmtoth'i fI
Visitiitg Cirds Rngrstved. antfi it ehs.in' ,10scd lueofteUof'.
PlateaPiinting.o!Teti tissue and ilelissll'we40voe.- Mtssomuie Climb for the scool iyear ovas
Plao Pi~ti~l. Ihuebaxs osmih ici-tiiig Otb 555 imits. hldti 0 trettiissm's Ssotsmuday evsening.
oti oespecially so the finahl i-s thus' crre~twrsln-Fr,1
9 ' R liliddie -weighst basing ansite is-uelimn- I' , arsge nonober ofsnemubers overe
W L AHW~~sacy muddle oweighst wrestlisig be- s-s.N It iclamdsoo '99 L, -'ord Swan, present. After the bamqoet a smoother
Up Tows Oows Tows tweeon Eolsont and Dunmn, svhoswrest- .tisse 1 minuiste 315 secondis; Webster, of toasts wvere respooded to Sby student
2S.atestAr psite CuHs. lod fourm boots without eithmer gaining (Continued en Tid Page.) assd faculty ososu-bora

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