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March 17, 1897 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-03-17

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VOL. VII. No. 128.


!Clot 10#



W I DIt t1sosofe to osoy that thle Initrsrity
fi. ml~ tace o Spin(Fooballoraori d ontet. ri~ay lot will he Plans for Work in History and
88Vdaf 13 n +3t Practice. tte'1loolsto ll'ontest evertheteh:ittEooy
( cnm.ties rfor Spring Suits ____ tte Ul'ooi-t'ooO White tto pasot.00 ______-- _
and.A.Tr ouser'ings I1V ttt((t"1t1a.totto'1lbOt''ttoo to e x e 't oto''lt'to fare ro tgoh oeo
f -tlo;[ offittotrolrmtioot. It itoto teth Oeyr tore tlt'I O oto roto h to t i sgoof thete toortetootond gradotae tif-
1 8 7tfol' ht ro l ro i O. w t toi 1(} Ote'ilt 'J 01 rttottwoh ovre titcled bt'iltO clS i to' do tt otelt o f his' tiotry
oltottoetatd 0tt t is0ttt(ot impt~t'ot t olo'tt 0 e' ttlly asthe Ot to Md olticaor ti tttonty 00N.tOisth ld tO b t
NO. 2 E. WASHINGTON STS E AR MAIN, t l~tallileito ortotidO too foot'neoxoreroot r ot. 'Ohito roarit to inrtstotoe t ~t(;! iht i itt aoltlooo tt]1t. trof . Taylt,'
V a s e l i n e"__ __ _ __ _ __ _ _ __ _ __ _ __ _ __ t to o oto!oo tt tof th e ol e t o l o I :i toot tO.t "toti t'1 1 0 o i lo ot ttth e o t tly t E) - l ott11 oill t herOOt O i t w i ndt 1wttlo t
0' '"111,1v 1rit( )i 1 lp (2 Itt.Otil1 0j~ iolO' o OttlootthetIollersttot(0 Otto tloot of(
In colapibe !ube0fr 0el 0 ;Iomfo' tlle'toot. totar'0'ei. to t ol0000 t Oto' omakist ertto lot 00ep intotlt'ttll 00ottltturrentt00 otlolIoto
toilet lpreparationso te lhave. 0 00I Oooo 0 otIt ootol i i tllhto :ottO' foortht il0l t' o tottthe 0000ilic. IPoor trooto Or I>.'J al ld t is t trial l tature'. Thet' tiltte
We lhtoo' tovery foote cold I. 00 toT. 1o a e r coe to o e to't'otto a.oo numberooo'of tooteo
waty for fifteetn cents.t 0 1 tto oot 00too')" ao t o ot ototoot tog'. o o Ioto '.iv roitlo nt (" ' ' t oO14 'OOltioo~t tot byor toorootor ooo'oooioo't
X - -- .1oo( oo'' Ica'rrttO tO ogoo 300'ool ottoc0 00000 ,to 'boo t h Otto' io tohe 0Ebhol olsu jtsOo'o' nec'ttedr'oo witit
S PA.ILMYEIIOS PH.A.RIACY Oo t o 00013'rly o'000'..'e: ';o1s0s i '_ ito'e tis rea.4,1Sotrec eiv'o'olyetlo' twhe twoo 00 oo'ortoooo'oo andotool'to 1Ott" eoool-
006 S. STATE ST. to tot oo'ndi oto' oolototo1)0 o latr~'(0'00n te rseniot' lreltoot 'oto r oi '.1toO tO stlsotoooo of 0000000'set pltteto
THE SLEEP!NG FOX CATCHE 000 O tt'003 00'til_ to b.' Iol otl. 'o'lto000 oo ot o 0 0to't: ooiO 0 ooooo'000 0ttoto
NO POLJLTH't5 t'ttois 300' wttli000000100.00 twe toto c tooeoo 00000ldol 00t 00000'tolitt0 theIo' toi, .islieo t t 00000d'to ol 0ottttOl
It) da no, to ,Iet h0000' ftoo te(iro' t t il 0t'lltO lo 0'mio t'O 0tot A Otooto 011:itf Oe ltto 3 ' wtt' l00000 1(00 111 t 1 e,, oo' Otoo'o'tttorilooO l 0itatu '.
8100 ao'ays itofe ort:t 10001oof Aoot"0h0e ttoto00.0a0ototto'0 't' to'tooo.'o0,0000to00u13 000sototo ' tO 0002' 10000:' ot t tvo ~e 00001Dr

Arboot' avto v er kn' ~town.te'tt (1 t ot . 000. 00001 too'r o ' t o'' oo ltoo 000' linal 000o 0to~1ot i l000000 rO Mo 00 'tuo 000 ttoo'ot 003' Ott'_ to Orlttott 0.0e003
00000 of ilt1 1t'' s L t A( ' 00000 .00 00'latie wll t t.'' 000rs, 0. Annoot toro. ntaOlkedl entertaininog-
to Otoill(, 00 "' 1to ttloo oo'too'o t. ol o f 000 00Ottoof It o s, i er . tolabtit an 01000100
1S WASHINGTON ST., ANN ARBOR. to ooootooil. to e~iyl u rtol(00'a'0000 0 1)00,0 i too !0000' wiitot t t0' to:oh. oO 00000 0f the ' O io~t.IOoeg'oof irootoog to,
0wnm 0aaanaaaaamamaa~nn
0g too o)o 00 00..«- 00-;too .00itto( t' ot' rl f t oi(1g t at >00.00 0000000. o'o llO~oot t he '0' 0 .'lotoo ' t o
0 i8i 0 '..0 O r o'0'ooatn 0o1 oo 'o ll( lb,0,0 t0.ttoo 'r bo o t' loloot to ioo t I :lt-ot ~to t o o tottttllo t
9 0.
00willleo Ot''ad '.t olltOl 0fe0000 ot 000 000 t 0' 'ttt'0 o Oot0 '. v''i00.1 ttoUi to (t ti o I ,#to
0 ' '(UIuohes'' Randtoq , Wont 0Play 'Witho Nortloovostoro.0 lto oto.00'000tt'tot''oo
(Oa d.- o Iowoo' too Novok ths W F1 t 0 toe ' Iltko' 'o003 of o'''ooo' '.' too" of ooooto't 'otinto'. ' o'erO.Oliooeo
Fi rt l' th.S^ltol.''0 oo 'otttof a-,.Id too' 000000. too othOtto ,:ilo l t t il t-Oto Ntoottooo'o oto.i00 t the to. 000 na'.tu of3' tot t o' 'othee o'..4ofoo
totni ht 'Ostoo. ,0'oopriill ti) os t ''''000000 O il lli o,o'o'oooro ot 0000000 t 'to 0000000'tOc.1 to weiot 0.00000'theo Otto'
100ih 0 l'SlSI. ( 1'lrlahr at t e h i ~~bllwt olt etr 'tv,-tu ollay..1dteswi1 (ass
0 i~Cloit t.O t(o'rltltat isolo' t IL'00' tttythisttson toott sof Otlt11tO rITheo' 01000 ots 00I tl said.t(ol tto.il'01.03'
A ! gonnn n nn n n~n n nn n nl ' to ot 00resuts llo,00 shire0to o .If N o ollootoot110(0'0' o'ooo1otCt'ooit.I Oti it 'to tO''000003' tito
0000 Otto 0100. Htoonano 01 cooior.lto Ooo'to0.0 '( ttl'o're ifrorol ' 0thse w' lol
0 ( h e I I - 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 o t t ooi ll o o t t o . . 0 . 0 0 0 0 0 t o f t ol l h l v o t ( O to o ttto t o o t " ,',("
fo u . 'ooVo-o'o bot ll o)trotro lolltoto'( o t 'tolb' t totlottiE'to. 't Ott'e0 tt t't' ' tt- to tolot'eed O 1tto' stot ralo fOt 00 o tr ow et lt
vbootto 21( till to'to b'foot' Oto' lw fortotoe H ltot Measur. e.ooootot Io' tootooot ' 'l oooo to' boo' obooto 00a0
Siewoon-loSo nHad B T exho t-hot '' seat o n 00.''1 toOtto 003 ~ tt t~to ''Oltt' oto to rt tl tootlotot t-ot.ets '30(hto'fioot o ltwe'otr
00 tOtttttO 000 00 ob oba. tot 0t'ol to'r hoot to o 1oet-too liot.to to-
100001or't00100.epa'tments.'Orde'soMus tBe P a d So- bo ' int o rlttO l the t' .too it )I'a d 01 i o b- t'ttigttlt xc' t o a o re;'ltte. 1
"NI2 A.HR'stBOckOK S)TOREfoot t o ttioottttott b'toor-cooldtoonoortoeitlototbed wo'iithoo of
olhocap ,yttrl o. o« o lite hotbotoo blt'uilaeon o .niA a,10- do.ntisoz ben ot edel tbin 'epend tnt. t11-
AD r h 2 w lS.i t m o he 1h S aeond -11 Otooo se Co utori ous , t o ut.e"l44 Ib t i reos., vfrot y t 2 tor.iog for edi oay el tl l f irst oeo oe br tot ot ro'to botoioo*f.t'Ibs
andneAor blnbn0. to o.anz113kt tlt to.leey)t.. o I'trr'd010 f be olt trt oocor otout n tabh e obotou ie rstesio.imr

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