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March 15, 1897 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-03-15

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GIkUCjATE CLUB Its o oiio, t Iwee' ('hsen from life and Reception by Noralites.
-I D )C legend. an l r oughit into 101p1anel oSanilf. Yelngth orn-ic
Adressed by Prof. eSey on1 10e,. If illars remained i onge- fu liiiit ida"rpa o
Reiieived a full line of lpovel1 "M ralventherveldt asntl.e 0tr11m0s ofh l I tN.(,]" hll 1.ooea
tisfor Sprig SuiS 11iDeoaon.
fleS Spri g - Thepilattiiaile N%1yle Hall.l1I cmcii
and Trouserings fiten . II r oa irltgof the flodno t roe onol aot o ilgeio ho awee
Il f 1 f1 'on 00tu o r 0 (Oe andtdi'lt ia) make mine li I ne igie whl eo o O-e
eb iuolc pla(e on0tlie ii In 0) '1'veilby the wholtClub of111 110i
'If 1 1 1 I f fOIth i .t~l hf T'o f o iu )) O li.)f a 1ifii')cfedf a0s 11ree 1l
NO .WASHINGTON ST. NEAR AIN. (o0 fi"' Icil "ag'0)0Prof lf'n' )(.1)li '))) '~'i) f' 10'!11,.'ILI'ei'ied l ai and thel
_____________________________ 11 1 fil le Ii' .1111 ill)ofiii 11.-0w.n i p 11 llfl' 0 t o f~ellto aprograa,
f.ljm's+ o lni 0 Dlel 11111 Ibn . aliisibt-Ific)esin. he l 1tf i'laIsio leaI- all befng at
S om etim ese 1111cllllclear,.llen, wail 'very soIfmiIiiei li culof Ili.01 or if) 1'1101fir sftudent at ff11
you favo a little he uaoel'. i n0 wh1o ih hi spfoke aso fled I 'h'1, 'If.' i1yI'igoupfr(,if. i orb glam(rce i elhorn )fyfal~r litl)Ii .f n -
001' p l utip 11little tlalet Iill _ t10 fll) 0 i l e ii 111ove'. ff1'L) .uci)
ie paekageo flat will us - '' in t lce I. yes li la).Inl'n lsL .N
ally relieve it. Metier fry 1 i 1110 11) i Utne hafoo btilh b'illi iIl)a;ehlC h aiiioo l'
fota. iox nest tume. fo tiiacct the SobiJilll lilt 1,0 1e, l 11.an oe fro hla inii ,iiif I fr.~
o orit hrwa h o n vPALMIER'S PHARITACY. Ii ihf' fI.l.Pro'f. NI f7 a 111 f iii tA .'losfo L, lfrorl ii
ifie no 'of' ili 1.deface frmLif l i ll un 11) r11)' oko go'ltIt it OiI'if 01
416 S. STATE ST. IIP ilve fig 111)0 .a tl 11)1fiel111011)z liii oeeiwfU ldlwere o .111i rif'
0 .1) ® ® g sc~e i o eentOle))). 1.0 ioi oi' theoar,±_ giiiThie iIaefe by memh1 ro of
i1)1i I ii1coo. 101)0 111 Iii1u'Ipte fii ' fcu ly I II( t'.,ii wfoiiishoetoailido
"THE SLEEPING FOX CATCHES 111101. )'11'' fal fi'i ila 1010 ofiiiii'ai to1l11.101 i 0)111)) ii f iOii1i'()1 tfl i ni
NO P ULTRY. 0 '01 i ltilced folsid of lIll.
iiitii il i/i iiif ii'0'the')Jacobsi 8il). I iiihiltldiF111e ullff) dol)!illtfin Nortito
ll~iounii liuleII~0'fl theJaeoloo & e'ioafoono anothere.' fieahylc i i linofh 'nii'oi,10cttnlben
Allmaundtistark, I sha~ll, for ftle iiext t7 ''1,0devlor d ill irl f 1)01 i f c)'')11ii'. el1 tll t1) o 11" hell of tile lorml on
tOdy.offer soomii'of'filhe (reate' X~t,0 feliiii'i ii')) I 1)" 0)t1 nooit nnliveirenfg'of oaebi
S hou'arainso 0t1'ekiiople of ogoiArm toofionofill'f01 f li' rm
cliii' '. a, 11111 )limne by the;I
Arbor have eveohr kinowin.liii i i of iii ii f llim lg r it fnohuc, fool'
11')'vv 'lL fl e t ii' andI i f lloi'of'l1O.0 iloi'i't~fo
9ilillltl 11)000'. If 1'oifi' goiii0 to ' A l O'lioioo i
tub ocuolilil, '0 oa'ein i.' i f lfpiyiu nif tu 1f i1ir n ooud _ I "'i' llif of Pr oo ui a. A.i
18 'AIuN ONii ShT,tlANNiiARBOR.. Ii s 1 at lf.tI'lei' tyo. Inliio t Bute o ton [ i 110Kil in io. ndI llo o~ lt r
.3 l ve of e ii piai' onf fi1 c 1.ii.i' ii 1 e I
a 'o11i o' redy fil' norn 'o h;, cin ''ii'oui'.'f. '1)1 I ion'n.Po, i nd.fis.t1 , Po1
® oioi o ab ut(bothi'n il'teern 1111 fill"'d .10 e1 Moiii) i als 00111.10.10 111 '.I'u0 ' flu Ben1111o 1li
n3 1 1 11s f1 ii i v l+'i n a101 11f l0 fit ta d I L r m ni 11 s l e c'
0 S°1 ricis 11:1)' loll 1115 e~ ii1Xh 000- ' 111een.... Of ..l
n m nii tii ~ e'en(I 0.3Ie ,Js efoii fueeillirfill ii 11110-iii' lii'. le 7Icr
Il 1 I of'on .iwioiuuie uiu '7' '' 'aifni . fulfillo.h ltth tl P u -
We sll C mera Lil theyear 0 Claw of tpee al1)110e rebilln
ad iii' '1. 'iieri0111 ye 1 e!I' herei'u n.,W. tm. .oorooto Oh a:cos
I uhiohi'oil,'uo1Ilnii end lite (sui and u. ) ile
Nf' t ok' 1 tapih novailbuy 1it . lii iii'' s of' iu nfeu, I. IRifveriltny1' fll 'l'il')Dr.' 11t1.1111''i f) en
Iu'uri I''11: tfil' _ fi_ ..)11) l)c l iu'oi . .. Ifiuu lo 'l a'ap ubar-i
Co uslt( t t.f;if 110',))0 -rX ii' fl u o to " ver' y. uuiil yai t if'1 b e d o or . ;h c a -o l y y e, T a llst uu t' I f fih r Ift~ 111 fu '
m t Y: tl 1101 1 4 uh ih iit c p' hufo .l , OiL; i'1Inice tr l c f Xi u _m fo a fif+ .ltl' I 1~' etllg lf'ut'IiO ii lflii
snt tye.Mil, "dins fufoulltthe ( el," I t'.c lu'I 'o 11 iuo oluAe.ittus ofi ll
'VJ ing A HR'r BOOcSTOB ,'fit' flurL oly e muo luu' uaonuItt ttuot t'rlofiii eulr 10toda y u
fuIt ut eprel'aiiy fuiuu Ite II ht hf eia a n tfsfinitu exlitinlo'. 'ut''ugoiunfu I tuiyat u
liclp hot ino Itllwitdd Towni 1A 1111
1.Sat nl OPHtARit' C Y . -lue oliuaI u Iue lro. ald hut I e .ilT th ondt taliig orielienbare arano'- cin souyl lfodua le Diepc
An rbo. Si t 'loola bhiieliio l l''uo lgr aufu lt wt rtetfteot. - 7lelu rleo toylfill. It _. t

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