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March 13, 1897 - Image 4

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-03-13

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Babyln Coa is THE BEST. A box of tat delicious Peanut Brittle at and get te best service.
Came Col sa Coe. 'S R ST RE. Office and Stable, 32 Forest
M.SA BE, LaIf pounds and wounuds, 10 and 20 cents. A few boxs of Bae.ffelephoalners106.mac
Telephone N. . One doos Est of Amei Velvet Molasses Candy oneait pound 10 cents. Bac fiea anes brnc
- Capitl Stck, ,0. Surplus, $10,000.
®8 esorce, 0,10,00.
Spring oodspeed s Or~~~~anie neth nrlanigaethis State,OReceives deposits, bysad
ellsExchagATS tareriGipalcitis af the
aeready. L1____1.1rIdnifcaio.'seyeostoxstorut
Absluel Fr&Cashier, I4. Frit Assistnti asher
an ptefr TRY RED STAR Ot dIL--NO SMOKEl I ZTsats ac7geeralis banigbsiess.
H t ii1.Chred WXick, No Ofensise Odo, 1o ittitlilog o litneys. icola so? reil,
CE.1). ilN ' l'eo 1ARRIOaN SOULE,
C.OR. WASHINGTON AND FOURTH AVE.I A 'Wite I igit-Bun lifre ely to the last dliop oh oil iii the lamplip Vice Pee',
AND 20 SOUTH S"TATE STREET. -liear oanspri xing ter-lt. per gallon-Deliverted inlurBile s swIcIdRSO, ahir
' iroinptlo'-Sohd only byV Iif<Zltan fik
SDEAN & COMPANY. I~~ hr isu
TEOEAHUEJWER 44 Soutb h inStreet. 0_________or___ c. Mai adnroStres.
THE PER HOU E JWELE , - --- - ('sCpital 0 50,0. ilas $050,00.Tasc
Ca i:t oiats'a a', fir tela'olson t" I, lt ___II ea r et'.e.C . E G E, Vice re
Pean '. tn tod Bing parin sc ialty.- -F E.1.ELE C hir
----* f 1C2AG ALL. oo ,s ~ S Lo mbari ",i 'tIV't' , tti 'lit pna Il'icot'0( 011 a prety dfay- Fte, i.itoto Csher
PiHOTOGRAPHS 'lhei Forty ell)gI . t atiiiltttiI 4i s 'I'l I .-~S ilee
0 t ii( ra e's bed~oilirti %V'okt'from20 S. STATE STREET
---Steeilrataqtaloi ~to 1e ~'.Iterlliing etlsill 1heSel', tiSolid Cl U tai'nat s 0
ist.I it t",('ltltts
s 'it te' ratlrtb Bse
H n Street iNot 'Sae ioots uo c stnd pwartd.
E, Huron itlili~lt l srei 'c. Fil-ii t o) th'c'tllt' . 51ctUta li l Nyoul ii ______________________,r_______
u h~~I otli lit t ii th)t I ctia" Lowne }1 S sChocolates.
IN THE EQUIPMENT O0 A I M fcils, f (l11oa1celt l~t', it'l is itC ittiitHot Lunches.
t is I; S~TUDENT'S ROOM, h :1, -111011 t atte t",o'tiithe 5 aiO t ' Ii o'.i t i ihi ;is1I' ty il ln utc
s et a oe rI os d ti t0' ti, t trimot l it i lt il 1111 ''ti-it'}U
staen~ lu t,,rltrrctyTltlVadtit' i p't' 'as il l ino t (i till lit'uil te nw!U TLE'S 4S,Sat i
'e,t're st the ',ir.iso toetit iItti tthe-
E prltt 110t 11,1 5ot rIt 'Ott , y'. liill 1FrI Pl p 'i ' ) h g la tIn o i o i
"tt'tAte ct t e 1 n, ot it ii i t i Ii ittii 't'tiithtllli t'" il' ' 1(. iii'c . 111111 R eduction(ii1
01. s' 'o1t0,(,i Ic 1 i n I llittl le at 'tilt I hailMlll
It 011 10, t''' andimti l s llt en',lcO' tts(- A / Oou' ricere iaftet'
BAY STPA1TE $10.00® i ip ti atii nna ti.111,0 . 11 I'lii Itii o lInii I n(io Rite ~ iley1fo' 1'. ot M buttons
_B A N i t ill b lt' i nill iilit,'.C.S . i 0' n oftill 11 1111 1 sitet ll 'atterns, 'oill be 50 Cent.
oo'otalolotti icll tidi~ nepltlso'ttt~rai, ' WM. AHNOLD, LEADING3 JEWELER.
the[ ir ttat etotciit' .i. ,'' tire ti tt O'
otml wt i. NoswLiterary Cluobs. n1c" .Kktic i. 1 tel 11.UNIVERSITY SCHOOL
Ottti roteillot'tr 7 ttl,'tO ,<, -- Itlcit MiI o iti oli t low c isOF D A CIN G
jy tSCeu. t ~tO'S' & to ut.t., . \it ltte tot' titt5g i i'eio 'li lla1 tt i ' O(lu} It 11 1 AI.01l~
L' ,0 1 s et' e V thlal. Il-' Ntottecthtfs , -- -Ste t
2 ~OT . "" lt", I iitlclo' tohiotiti t' ~t htittCl:it "0t\ mlticlt 27 'ThonmpsonSte.
+ it ' ttkttitt'"Litli Il i t I I tti c 1 I ii ts
[oitt 'oIlr il '''oi 'lsp n , o, i i ,i iOlly1.h o i
TA (1'0. OA il uti ti lolt 'o.i illF o-1 f. ' eI10II otl odoiylf "'i on y L oaned
FT. O tiot. l Vf <-"A f 7f3r'. <, ho'iti', te it Vtlt, 1S lht1\:; 11111t i' I i'tliiitl
ic Otir oeooltwu uol't- l ton i 'cct1ta ii' ltoil li' all Aiitt 10. 1 111t iits ' t l(' s l. eotxlRtii a Ia od l~c ao te
ttair T t'r'i itt '.l 1o'i'toieoSio' itl t'imtt0 t'ot 11 h111)a.c 1 h t beyt,An roro leto, 'uc.All ti-ti
o~~ ,,, ~am~ o~ i I. .. f1 sai. c l1iss cltc tnos ttitiettttti it otit t a oot I e d
"3 'Ol'aa N'tti''i'' itlii' Sl-of liiie it v p. .. . . o tt't . Wal'' a rotits
o N 7 oi 4''t t-Iti1mv , M ssNa ite. ' ' ' r'° ' tcLU 'i t i 11til 'tiil~lslao i' e hr ll i ecostb-Ilto tti tOtdes oand h itands.
~X~i~5c 9~ Ia 1 Do. AStt,u''onotiDri. I 'tillottiit't ti Ilai Ito n th i ti 1 ( Xcli ittlooat
0.1 St' sitiiet',. r' lc i u Go l t' . a e isJ s R 'cised 'tLatge anotd Eleat
' 5e 0 ttttiti _ttiit'- - ith toa iii 1111 toy an o t ' 1-:111' Of the r' Lt''t OottsioiiaotIto', i Pt iet cTi
S' ot'ltiic ttipi', .Oi t,; lcl Itoh OS 1 htil t or Itc of .ait'iioi',titaee o t i 0d C o tuce sSa t ltiati, )t
- 'I SeOa i' ra Xi~ti. a-111hi11111 iiol ol lght thjtoi1 'h to \ic.1r f u l tod\Vlim n d p eufelt C.
)lin j eoi by I t n iii jo t tlttoh ItalChocitti t o a101 ~ , tec: Bon eol'ls . io ts
eta <>4 a~~~ . th~titi iii ttt~o o o i ii'e't 10 tii ith liii' Ito lin lahn lee Vo ae
_____I__1_ 1t._]n___i_ J I ~iiI Who'rol o t l P,001s' llll 0 lhhhtO S d &d 0 0otdh
\S i dua1 .1 aV tt 1liot 0.'1 t ioto itc oa oo .,liioteio °.ANS '1iaLe S d',Ster l .k
Ia' ~ ooS. ti 11010l iii' iii't'ai . 010'100 t l oit r fil It iii dl o i htan I .shtttt'i' t'1e seltt tl Vso s Iletii os etoty tto
.P ,j Iirf22 i nl and t 11 I till \ f ' Ir~ s een oin oe n d v rti c lQ~ a E?3 r ts
il itt h lo 01 t stuit i nsitioti 10t1101n1he E1l S l al~e 9 Drss S it Cae
ptltoii liotrono tal in Ooutl ifidll ltistirl at s'r t il
. i i As histlouled oialout hariilc' tililool ts' ploy ts ite tog e ast l~' thi Dtll CEAN A NI1 RE PAIRIFN .
l~mts oi o'eiti- i ~i'is'st' loos6010 b os o s-c i l i tleOo'd r'eO' t s rai ,Stowlut it. aireNey' l a d em
iii d 1 0 Oss tis au t ol y tull es ioo'o, lwot." ~tlOli,1111112ihz ii ll
WAGNE CO.,AGEN stemlalOhio inoo irgolVof Iooinu BooliteR
2SMANS 0 hlhoisdlltteb fon, Sbcibe fr ls alEart lh i isershr

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