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March 12, 1897 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-03-12

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MIC H IGAN CENTRL \r / tb.w x '' Fs ' s" + yr 5 r
Time Table (Rtevlsed) IFeb. 7 87 'i yk/a
:Mailland Ex- 347 N.Y.SpeCial---7r30 ,;r'I° S ry
NY~oiii ~ Nb.Limited. 842
itlantlc Ex____755 PacificEx---125
_. R Eapress---1110 Chi. Nt. E --t - ll 1S ' 1,i" r. \.9 . r
G P &T Aptth a pI.Aaa'b1 . a g9 3.gn ii ii a">a
/ i _ _ _ _ _ _PITT!
G. Y.O& g.loopingChiraLion goolAnnnAroo
ho lou and Colambot
RAILROA . , f4c T e jnig Slopi, mo Drwi n ERom ar
¢,anic t'.. .5 1 .., .L inV t ilmono oom oand
41(51 p , fmr rtOo1 Th DroSeeing Gro CrDine b tweno
11 2ti c.1.10W i r 11trax e *. t ed T a nd ,Columbus.n hololo
Ilen T abe,'a 2119L ineo beo weo n oleon Colombus and
W . 3 pBNNTm 0.PA 5Tl35 A p. V im.lipeilisii HE oleLo, Colubus oaandCartleston
F.. AgTHE ONLY LONE ila 4btraineath opydaily~
lI By RoectN. Toal i i l .)of Cliictano lledliiitl Clleaeijust issed, s he Pindlay. n
latkfhrIi MicalStuodet.a Ctalogue. iod cirlarssed o yaplict. TR IOLY LINEwithtristealo howa y dail
btenTldandaPlestnat, W. V
We cotaifew specilneptoentoittieithteehliaee lbotis poton ria,BucyrtsGrnillO eanNewark.
Cigrs T ba~o si experiecd lbookl men should writ usattto , tting;ip111.1experietce. tollpIe tPb n
W\holesale CgasITbccPan IFll nform'alion relative o atnes, limeofa
( ~~~~~RAND, MceNALLY &CO .Chicago.tans t.,ewilbe inelfnse b n
Cigarettes. ,Aeto h hoCnrlLns
Cor. ain ad Librty Ss. iMOULETON HtOCJK, G. P. A.
Co.Mi n iet t.. Amontg the Colleges, ! U. O M.CALENDAR. TOLEDO, OHIO
Cran'7:d. Opera H ou.se liii tI_''iierily if tAlsetiisiti swill Fid11y1.Al~ilt tisO-~Sconiii 1111or to,
-------liSed s i iii ofIt(,. 11e:..ItraiklniWO i It111 il5 I'iIil5 3 P Mark Hannall Would only
ATI~fAVi'st I lie epin to ' i aIiclilt Mottii I'r1idla3 .Malrcht.12 SciaolJuii'ior8- II. back us
SM ui u ;, ii t it a101.5.i~ii;,yj 11,Thrcn 12 Iilitjiill Quartet would besustrprised at
E MIL.Y BANOKER aIllti, attussi rcvort lIron, iii l1I't'tit il i.Ilo. .lourse. 10 I
In Victorien Sardou 's I v Itierol C llltiti I ln' t'l'l sh'owis ! I'I cily lr aich ii -in) looar generosity b l
Comuedy, 1tt i 'iiliditl rea '(>iceil(i i liii'vt' iil l i l it i C li you
A Divorce 'Cu re i.It 1182t1 aisonin S. .,. Glst' wehave to hutstle fot E
GI Icyte l ± helt ~lii rliday. bltt'' It 53 toil IIil t1ri Iourselves, s
ers. 212Hours jticss~it Laligli- L111si illl 11,] 1'0('11'('(1The I i ot. t iiWitol il t I}'ll11111 V 1111
tsr. Positively not)Atvace in I111 $I:-)(%00, tishliexi'ip'iliel initheeol.! Irlilay. A rdi 2L.. I1 lulL i I
Prices. t i ....t Pr becomes necessary to slash'

(- ilitofit Ibuilingtil iIt ho cl leiter .i'stui te. l 12 . 1 1 5 - rg tad ef
PRICES: 350, 5O ' 750 AND I$~I~ iblie cxt1'cisi's.e i sliit l t li Ils . i. lleitt _iroc.llail ih adlf
all iideitthid pii llt 'lil ls 'ty il hI t S I) U'i".ordCer to kedp o011 isp. Con-
' ¢?beti devoted 1to t1' Iittlllt[ iolli(,1' a 11 113 1licls stI ____I N sq eil
II ful ill N-ale ('o~le-e. tleii urlilll'lii sei L SS N I ItI O
01111 ich is tleilii\t ptoftssosl~ipls eltiis lIN DAN -5
(,reek. l~tti lt lllIl liteial' ldll I)i15Ic.tcic t1 ~ tE Huron is crossed and
livolls;-6elisa baltatercrymoisinThe
vvvI11)1 1 litsrili. 3)'iir Ii7 ft. l -1 li d Satllli' 9. eveningfor-OoEwDiL
Out On fat thoou lit( )' tli cig Ittiilillt lt'il ii lit te 1t ill 0Joilthelic(litasts. (al 1515' 3
"Whyl-do yaaaplaiy?" gtle iltbti> L 111aL"a LAR 11for rest
No Home in Really Colte11)0 liiut flie a ut fone . 100.1 Aet oft ate7' I istllns t )ores. J
Witobt a new I897 OlMol i)1) fiitc-~~ iii a )1'x"l~s 1)1o l~ l lr of year
i l cetii onioi11llfine it1i tt's-are lii ts- a t ek o ti
' d . Guitar, Mandolin , at)))let andslt anyiti7 tre lii r 't i 1 ' il- Any lOis dlilnt e1t',o ika fc. ' nn ti
a S cetigsurn Bno rZithe f rt.while it lasts. 'It ~sIl-o- f fenicing lesosfroilCatE.B1aseaio
Prie hvbenale4dwnasta r esull 0 lt ' 1of 0111110151 i site nottl, aiply'to I trit7) 5 1 i and nmakingogusit would-be
bo eaiei imune vrytes ealli ~ ot~ li so ,e alue. I 100. 12 IGriswold S. 01. ssns 1~ l competitors fa. el
'rm a.onUpmard. ~ti ililte lie etIll e i ld \i ll e11 1 n
Tenw W ooburn adliits a radiicalope iia'- Boarid at Prettymsan'S, on N. U11-I '\cotl'' diuctdaiy adh 1i d lllll-{ io r buit business is busiuess.
Crom Iorerepstyles. It S is n te t'l~, daintiet'li aiynd i iit A a
ligh itest 1 iitliiain oi able, tand itsitine'iiii t lt i sversify gave. Yoll saill find heis y ipo l: V11 ._b r flcl. ro.
burnsiar itsold ia dti and iott etriees by-IiErst- thetre Is grect yo thslsdayswithiall mt''ls,. 7_1r.0{)
Wa ]burnspa ae heiackoledgaedI sCtad te i telatcst college incwv. , Sld ah an1cties1
: cid I h ey ae used pelusively1)'ylti'lu A f'o1iiatlias-lill li
baonc t51'lo elcota'iingliortuu.itsCciiioveri.oo)11aiu'iiislieu ':ln t ,a f It brui t ' ihi. l'lictlillilet
1111 fc 11 lliformain, piueps, enoiua t eii ilei e ciirnhaute. stalble fa or s ii'oir,, ' i tilBe)usptt sli'ii t tr ta-i es s Maonager.
leas faeree ie t ap l til lps ni. ir t' 50 II a]1dilletrlly. A tres 'hast'. Ii5 i leftil', in, lt 1117 )1111 is 1cr __________ry____Val-____________
_mo u hvyuw ill eWsilll hipeil ) D ag a ly d rss, lols "c1- tel{ec
A: 1> te oe t wna il, ihecn fromd eial't a a. t ). hi'ua'le l' 111') tlte1)'Dalyof ii" (ND LL THEPH TO RA HE
initht tnreiso in value a teyears go ty. 1 ( [ ALEI' CIIEAT A oN. 201 lut a t - iiu ' 1)11THEIt'll 7 outil
itIiie lo ur.. any timeos its 00th
I N 1;AE<' Y, Vi allolilt laoniet: Iitaris. bululi eis hr )l1'l)[ip t7'and lii i)i i 'o f it s; ltWashinogton:Blloh,
CO=> :sc:. ADA S S., -inrth3 13, ailnotce.AllotArbor.
E llI gll r i Weenrave visiting chards fotr ladies and1) gentleinlen ill their respective sizes ill correct styles. Engraved
"1t11'Plate will b kept biy us for our patroinslunless we alerequlesteto etr srIe
W e,--Cdding 1Invita-tions It Ilittl[3 tngravell to order in short
Prices quoted 111 lld-inles155fiurnished 11opnictta
SHEEHAN pl&aio.00.

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