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March 05, 1897 - Image 4

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-03-05

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Babylon Coal is TBlE BEST. J 0 E R
All grades of hard and soft Coal.
Came Col ad Coe. J U. of M.]/ GUITARS. SToREi
11. STAEBLER, W asJhurn Ma dol s46 s. mai Street.
T"lephone No 8 One door East af Amer-
can [louse AND OTHERS. PAT
IF. J. Schl~eeude, OTHERS------ $ 1.98 AND UPWARDS and gt the best servie.
20 S. STATE STREET I ro Office and Stable, 32 Forest
Books hose d la5 cents and upwardC . Ae.±apuoe-u
C. of . Sceroes and Professors li,, lsLn______21__ and 231 5ast I slsngtsu Street, Branclh Office at Palmers' Pharmafy
ea Prue or o cest-s.
Note Boo.slccos andsupwards. O S8."' S O E THE ANN ARDOR SAVINGS DANK
DOES YOU LAMPSM KE Capital Stock, $50,00. Surplus, 10,00.
SIN HE EUIPMNT O Aesorceex.S,110,00.
IN THREUPMN OO M TRY' RED STAR OIL--NO SMOKE, Oranled sdethe General Baking Laws
STUONT' ROM N CisiodWieo, o Ofensve clo. N Folingot ilionex- -ells exchange on the pruisl cities of the
No CandN~i ksNo ffesiveOdo, N Fouingof l~ineys nited States Dra fo ecashed upon proper
It i eneallyconededthata srin~d in /detification. S.fey deposit oes to rent.
it t. eealosee itas sds A Whbile Lighlt-Busrnis freely to tite last drop of oil its the 1101015 0 enuosa Christian sMck tes.; W. D.
strumrettisxalot anabso~lutnneesitt. To IOulrrimu, VcePes.; Cha. E. HIcock,
secture tise greatest enjoyet frow the d-C--(lear as sprinig swater-10c iper gal loi-)elivered its oar Cais, l Casier: N ., rite Assistat Cashier
p rc Isose tite test yotr money wilt aford.
E xpert *idgwest pronocotee the "Bay' ,romtlyst -Sold only by
Stt."i FIRSTte ies n h wrdof Ass Arbor
tiDhEANi Ciserii & CO VPANY.IRTNATIONAL BANKOrganiedl1863
As ecestlitet tstuoe~t is thet' If44 oth Ntata Street. DE NCa.ptal, $.O,00.Surptus and lPrfits, $d0,0
____________________________________ Ts.ctagerlbnsagsiness.
BAY STATE $10.00 I~ill ~kDO~bA10 B Foegsexelange bought ad sold. Furnish
As-ong the Colleges.
I''he nlillll eVice Prs.
we tse sttcki cie It -it itia -'slt'ol ts~i'l 't is ~ ~ - ttl'is's at S. W CLARKSON Cashier.
'°fs thatis, lb t foasusttatal. stves- tit iiJitsttislp ti.V'.I. t is i- ass's siitlih I ist 'i.i n l ep is,' st
it ale instrumentt, at a low isten', uo-
cowpiste twii ttliitli istA:ii"t, rttslO' l-i'sl'ci.Is lot iii t-ill si'ts lil' lt-s is. ' st
Bead for IllostratesI otlogu, IDousgasi.' a i n i. lushg 1 ,e- i-lrb tt ll - tlsit ti si iiis noi cp i 51>glat -
JOHN (C. It tINFs & (C0.. tt'e ' o',s'1s1li-'ni. lt'liiover.. h~~tt.Iis sasy cossslsiolisI of lt'u t(,r. Msisn allio urons:steets.
4533 W1-1ssll tnStss 10 r, ite,>issi slts 1od i. Isllisis i c ~s'xlllx'itso pital Osto . srlusts$30000. Tassact
tI r cnet hro. I lt,-ttltl 5 . 11 eeral banklinglbsiness.
apptite dlet i tlinist i td b, hi' I. K'Iextre.les. C. E OGEEe, Vice Prs
KChEcYgoEUS . ssir sit t ktoutolli h 5-iC imlii- qsi u s InNnrsc 'tIs t vi Fs,,D. stHIiBeLSsn, Cahe.
THhPRoOS EWLR tl ld ist s Ishoslt'net'5l l.15con5dillis. sll ilti so stf osl.lt l5OutLowney's Chocolates.
u(ssis N.'srSsl tt-la'is'lti tillscr f h d("pth i ilt-tnc lt sise.dI- Hot iLun~i'ces.
Can tornsh cYtttwtth ba hf tirs elss Foutass Iis-(- - lsiiss a li itt.iosf M ltiito lc.i t
Pen. etsanduti lltsgrepatrttg asspectlalty. yidilth' athltite's sftinit' Isl i ts'stssil ;l it t't'seatipItbeIt's-lls~ 1) h
--GIVE HIMO A CALL. )s)ilt t. ltn'wt') illflslkca, P;tt- ilit'itts' stitiasl ftr the TU L°TTLE'S, 48 . State St.
PHOTOGRAPHS isstst ss 5~Isl i'tttl'
-Specissitates toSenisrs t tatal. i' a-stslst t (sstiCsiT he '' i.; ol Ilali'ts had 1 oRedctio
13 eroyiaar's 05consisliltsi' s'stPtsiltus r l of __ Our price lhereafter
Bevr a ,r (n ad i~tiaton e a llw,' Itttnnlttt((t.'hWitisoducedIl t ti"l & for U. of M. buttons
E. Huron Street,5511 "ti'5' tt s lstltIssisn t 'cit'lt 'II.['l'lstlts'a'll ptterns, will e 50 Cents.
1JN'I'~E'k S TY SCHO IllIi . ht is('ttstitsss tisis-.' Its lli ~iiSstyl siss tie tartilt'a]- WM.ARNOL, EAMING JEWELER.
titiIVE-.tctos BtlTx0310Ststsi 5-. ~ tIl ~ls' 5 t plslt inao tit t I ilt toattlils.. itii '. iIau
any twoscla-sssOffic'e, (till t i i I ts l' iofi lt t'o ss .ttl tt' i't'tilsls-tttt's liaa fI i
c Ou V at hem Os itmonsotswIheels or othet
27y 1 Thonmpson Street. Iil(,tt lis ofx e 1 t't l' tin pst t I \l iia 1s\' dt s'thit,,til t esoaltPopty itchtets and Jto
-__io__sThe__piec__,_ttt5sill golloss 1. Rpired Offows at resdente ash'.
s.its tlIa tiots inillit Is lllo itts c-~ilt Liest 5.Axn sbor. IMich. Allbs-
0, ANOALL THE PHOTOGRAPHER t tssi...attoulion 1.,11111sItssget. IsIt st itsItconfidentialtHoursits totista..m. and
Was in tonBlck, 1,~k~fel t l't" te oato1the I stital l ts tt isVerti'iiill'. a,[ht s 1: in Scont-htl '\telensad Diaods.
Annaiu t Aubo . Ill fist 1 1 v'lit'o is I ts ssStas' l t ( l ~t' lt' i sswli pls'ssd'l tllit wht
An -ro. IIs ltl ls'. isscietttlli is n tt a d I~s's' l Vein-ts' ' ooJ s t Receved a L'rgc 'nd lgant
litt 1 ' i t si tel s s t o lt l~ 51
ti'ot o'~na lrthIllit'ttitts's i al 'rl~t'tis"of5'in ~ 9of 1NeGw'Pipes!I
I 1.1515 1 iIs il sts t~tthe t st' titols ti i bsi11' is. ti- tot and Csld ttnLam es it ol horsAent
s-s( ! ills t ill[l i-Isi s ~h ills'It atitn p (f'rmt i- o' lnyle'sasituWilliasosa td I etisxCo'
A T OL w I'>'511NS INtDANCING. CocoloteeBoBons.t
f utr loic ti au o ssre'favored'd' inc'tilsg till' tttt', tt RTB . J L 'Y O
No waiing for Coumobia ansIllartford n0011 .x' Il slh'mi ' 5ttirdtInoitlili heaipeetu i m sed 1111.
biyle. . No delay silcoecqnt annoy, ls lallsc i-~s. Ah'~hit, 15s.lt' iSteamliat sttts'eanlaIls' 'st- 20. State St, aer Bock
once. All todsoiand patetns nose ready Ins i tl t'lh'5l't lt - Itlt 'iptlttl 'l ti't itti ii-o e,-'--ri'
lot- rtaioldihicy 5~5 itush Sa0 e tn;, ou 'rol r 'isis. 'lis'ud5155'teltin151la', Groceries Provisions
ti". n. bss - ile Pti gi's l, anants's' lssi s i n t
tiolu'iii olins heilis s'isss's ranlgt -" and tll kinds of Sanitaiunl
At'adieiti-. GII Sssst s'siand .sits' solicktstl i t rt' (cokessit l u vit'n t'oliiIFoods fon' sale by
I isi ii' N~slis' sO. sssis's.'51ltttsItsty. Stills -s-i'lb- ati ull and'i (~
siss oe ci 's'' lt als'futcs (yiis'(il- Stiflzsori& Co.
ls'rI to il laret'e, ii'sil 1i'sss'~issl( -hsls." "AI osisaississor s'oos i lhl- I 24 S. STATE ST.
STSRHDIRD OF THE WORLD nstlli'n seil ssiis'uitilabli soi i srtit l O s'is'" is- til lt' srigisial New Yoitt l st
are tmdesicotlusiviely of 5 pet cent Nielot ui ot an l'til'.Addlrs'e llsss,'ot '. 'ii'' c i nertt'h' oes-sts' ltheli st I"ustopllrill .A n.r~tonr' rj7e3 .. 'el,
lsiiccl'uPsilithie entie pro- 6fllTO ALL o 1(' ie -' Is.l. 1,0 ''SO 5' - 't\ If' - 1.9
ducot of thich wicontrtol. $IU ALIKcE. __________________________________________nsApsoARttxtS FOR
Haretford Bicycles are at prices
wtrrecsof every-e--L-R- A--CUFED- I r~Uks, YIiSpis, Drss Sit Cass
$75. '60, $5, $45 i r na I -AND ITL,ESC>P ES.
ii 5 1 5Tussasnd Valisex iepairedl Neatly stnd
dc~si i leeioso ois-ebt our IFancy Shirts cannot be cx- l A Chealy.No578. 10anS.
don-celled in style antI beauty. in p ris. P or lN d
for f Jjtitme w ionilh
79crs 89coo Sace98c; ) 'PRESS SUITS FOR 25 CENTS
Brnh/~serdae are the prices this week. 1. 1II CLEANING AND REPAIRING.
ineow o sond4 22 iS State st - Oser osey's Billiard Ioom.
W A NE1 C . M1ATN Funeral Director, Cth
0.ad Metallic Casets and Fine Grade
1 THEl'DAtLY wil be delivered!L 21 South Main Street '-. Cfins Embalming a Specialty. No. 1
.until Commencement fr-. Fourth ae

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